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1 48 AM SAT JAN 12 NYC 2013

Lofty in promise as keen in practice be each
——————————-next day O Apollo

——————————-Jacek Luzar Gulla

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5 07 AM WED JAN 9 NYC 2013

Evil does it exist no is the correct answer as long
As the entity is considered independent self-propelled
Absence of Virtue Matter’s shadow
What the Great Philosophers Are Asking Us About
Offers a line of attempts at definition who heeds them
Where argument calls to action
————————————-of choices
Take this road now that one here are two outcomes
Always the worse seems the course of progress
But the problem eludes comprehencion
As in darkness that full of content dwarfs candlelight
————————————-of Confucius

Say an artist of brush takes the matter for canvas
Evil be small and large simultaneous
Paint a spider the way a spider measures a house
But large as life-length experience paint a mirror
Which reflects what remains transparent around it
Evil needs prey to show true colors
Second-hand dentures into glass of water
The glass that on one of Vincent’s holds
A twig of cherry blossoms the dentures to tear
At the stem the everyday natura morte
Blossoms triumphant dentures persistant
——————————- Truth for short
Say envy on NYC art stage
Not Evil per se strive than after Truth
Fear of madness drives the search the Nail of Pain
Vanity of the blossoming of the song-scream
Olympians’ curse on a mortal be you of beauty
Extends the spell for any truth-seeker today
But sorry this is madness exactly
Say une follie divine to expect dentures
Smile learn better for the portrait Amen

6 58 AM

Colas Breugnion of the small novel by R Rolland
I must have mentioned him before in this Reign
The farmer over whom kings and armies fought
Safe happy for his predicament and belly-round
The Prussian and the French monarch sharing
Back-to-back the same frame on the wall
The day’s victor to face the lamp-light of eve

These days are gone when warrior fought a warrior
Good jolly old Colas at the bottle hillsides
Now he is a hostage grove house and flesh a myriad
Humanity caught a pawn of Military Monstrum Intl
Millions of billions spent on arms last year
Against the lacking 172 necessary to end
——————————-hunger world-wide
Tanks extra ordnance rank&file assured to survive
Whatever happens Amen
How the Predator inventor adds a fire extinguisher
———————-to his ark of Noah suburban Amen

8 46 AM

Whatever blessings here amount to eventually
Believed today to be the village in Bulgaria
Where Orpheus has been born there the Fountain
Of Gratitude abjectly dismissed from Polonia Greenpoint
——————————-shall find home Amen

10 09 AM

Job market shrinking due to progress tech inevitable
Dolcefarniente not as luxury but dream replanted
Enjoyed achievable mass-scale
——————————-is the energency of the hour
Pity the leisure that derives pleasure from sweat
Of others Amen happy be the farmer of heart
Open to guest barn-like in Autumn when barns
Aren’t space enough to hold harvest O to live free
Of hunger-terror makes hunger a side show
——————————-to larger noble adventure Amen

10 37 AM

So little is known of man most dread-cast
Perhaps whatever precious little shines
Above the surface is only the tip of wonder Amen

THURSDAY 5 04 AM JAN 10 NYC 2013

This 2013 here and now yes I’ve experienced
Numbers emptied no value-difference in cyphers
——————————-on the telephone dial
Gray wind nowhere-to-nowhere blowing through
Native American Church communion peyote
No way to call 911 or any body from the edge
The reality ahead casting moment to momemt
For any connections any logic some hinges
—————————————–now a sequence
Of elbows at the bar running off infinite now the
Cracks licks of paint smudges bruises on vinyl furni
A net the Void casts on the familiar
——————————-heart to the farthest star
When the same piercing cry of loss
Belongs with two throats a cat’s and a dead baby’s
Now millennia a thought takes longer to form
The answers from outside slower still
——————————-than Stone Age in coming
This 2013 now belonging then with another
Calendar altogether the way a one-day insect
Dwells ignorant inside alarm-clock of human time
March ’68 2013 as distant into future
Say only the Human Rights’ Decla back then
————– will take longer to root in practice

Only night-dreams now prove I have been there
The gnarly pear-tree the Copernicus Street takes
Gentle downward turn where it blossomed
Now a choice of forwards
————————-either the rail-road viaduct
Krystyna Luzar Gulla bidding last see-you-later
Palm on forehead the train overhead taking echoes
On voyage South towards the ice-scate ring of Olsza
The Vistula brigde the gates the far-flung gography
Mists across industry smoke my dream and prayer
——————————————not full eight yet
Her boy tought mere tomorrow too far for heart-beat
This way I go in night-dream’s recurrence
——————-or the old bell tower of St Nicoulaus’
To the right my Cracow-returns linger here
Either the train off to NYC eventually
NYC standing in Polish for Nothingness
NYCosc for Void Vanity Waste of Will
Or the dream-abode where future
—————————– my day-to-day future
I believed would get stored like books on shelves
Up to the roof of wood-beam red-clay dachowka
If never to be read or of use this would not
————————–let my steel-tip dry or rust idle
That much I could promise Bell Tower for granted

2013 far larger than the reality-set
Where from it was sensed forwards these days
Lo this year’s numericals back Oct ’56 out of the
————————————-register altogether
To envision happening for real impossible
Too many causes and reasons why
At hand to fear the worse many an instant over

Already then past mother’s last see-you-later
I must have started working in mind on lives parallel
Survival instinct compassion as a way out
Of claustro personal for alpine gear if my own
Adventure failed the dearest peak grotto or abyss
Dear Grzegorzki alone hold a number of Jaceks
My age today one a clock repair on Blich Street
Lifts fading irises on youth au passant
Another a grave in the Rakowiecki’s
Solidarity on the Cross otherwise anonymous
Still another Jacek parallel secluded pensive
Behind a window inside the Bujwida’s
Glad a bulldogder drives the mound of hospital
Outfit centuries of pain out of the panorama
The same tech here in NYC today out of my chest
Clearing away dear precious contents
————————-the riddle-toys of my early summer
One Jacek prays Yes the other No the impossible
2013 at the construction site Amen
————————————-the Jagiellonian U
Hush-hush planning onslaught green to bring
Residence of melodious silence Bot G
—————————the ax and crane of Profit
Just the other day honoris causa bestowed
On another parallel poet in Cracow
————————————-of one youth Ours
A one mind perhaps back home to read
My NYC English for music
————————–no answer so far to e-mails
Solidarity of solitary souls his laurels and mine
Two sets of wreath Parnassian in roots
Of so different a design and weight
As wedding say and funeral functions
—————————ask yourself did I find
In Am Lit one character I wish to change
Shoes with ask same about the Polish Lit
And here we are each holding dear to his own
—————be the lot the tip of sinking Titanic
Whatever Titanic stands for with each
Born outfitted for this not any other necessity
Necessity 2013 won personal by
———————and in relentless effort Amen

11 54 PM

Minimum for myself maximum from myself
———————————-or homo bonsai Amen

8 10 AM FRI JAN 11 NYC 2013

Say every Florentine carries another David
————————————-mind’s piazza
How only natural to take young the statue
For own essence victory sworn
Life-time later how does this mental marble stand
What trimph in death brings beauty
A mars sworn to sling in dismay now
Many having missed Goliath face death forward
————————————-others run Amen

Say so far a foe of yours to the marrow
Tells you a secret not his own there exists
Undeclared agreement Israel Poland
Should you believe it’s true the pact and the
Change of hearts of parties signing
Should war come to war in the Middle East
Poland takes 3 000 000 Jews home
He winks the loot must go somewhere
Like Jews were to bring the rest of the planet
In satchels in account-numbers to Warsaw
Invest Palestinian-experience rich

Say Assad of Syria he will take no orders
Welcomes advice 80 000 dead into uprising
Russia US at the table this morn siding
With opposition each the unpredictability any
Which way goes the conflict in tune with
————————————-Sphinx’s enigma
Two Syrias’ competition perhaps
The way post WW II Germanies competed

Say Pakistan India populations exploding
Count on nuclear arsenal peace or war the same
Both resourceful to afford superior gear
Osama’s curse
——————-market hot for biz Amen

Say on ideological plane of battle for humanity’s
Soul wins our day the stronger argument the ads
Ideal as in I-deal say it’s up to tomorrow to prove
If ideas of Lenin are Eternal but as far as Budwiser
Goes say the king of beers usurps the title
——————-against palate’s best advice Amen

Say crime big C goes on strike global tomorrow
Both sides of Temida’s blindfold
How this most desirable end can be achieved
Logistics to start communication unity in will
And timing say I float the idea www today Amen
I must once I carry what’s to fear at hand
Festival of Justicia be it day-long a day is better
———————————— than never Amen

Say such a strike would wreck the status quo
If for joy-ride sheer held past weekend
Homer Hommmer Hoooommmmerrrr the domes
To fill the firmament with shout of final triumph
Or would No-Crime-Today backfire
The System needs crime to stand function earn
Sentences strikers building more prisons
A chain-evolution to sweeten the defeat
Chains would glow now for a halo
———————as far as radars sense Amen

Say Depardieu god-sent indeed as in de-par-Dieu
On theatre personal journey to Russia
What’s there to the name if not destiny’s call
Most names call for anonymous passage
——————————–few obligde Amen

Dolcefarniente again and again practice-perfect
Breughel’s August the dream and the land are one
Translated daily interrelation stranger to stranger
His dream mine what matters my own
————————-has failed or vice versa Amen

img140 bl

SUNDAY JAN 6 7 21 AM NYC 2013

Say Life begins with first sensual experience as far
Back as first biological organism than memory must be
Present with each humanus today at the bottom
————————of the steaming mound of thinking
I say humanus tipping New Year tops to America
Words that end with “us” “us” as in We
Form the proud core of patriotic landmark here

The moment to which consciousness sprung
To selfhood must have been that of utter bottomless
Loneliness wolves of Alaska the first one
————————————-apart from the pack
New realms open how did it feel
London’s arctic tales convey the ones devoid of men
————————————-but full of human passion
Feeling of We haven’t been registered on senses
Until another one wolf replayed in kind from distance
Than the two then three huddled at rest from hunt
For the warmth of one another odor caress
The howl now a whimper of pleasure please go on
——————– stopping tongue short of thank you

We as in together we are safe as in a lone wolve
Starves double as in the winter bear’s claws hurt
A loner bone deep and that wisdom stayed
Growing stronger with each dying generation
Soon the loner for old scares took to house keep
While others went out chase an antelope
——————–a one fast moving trap together

We of our day performs still as then it is blind
Sees its own interest first and everything around
A prey or profit or loss the Human Rights Declaration
Remains a potent cry against the tyranic We
Of drafts forced hospitalization slavery rasism
Exploitive economics ideology mass order
Yes We brought out human in wolves now though
On the strenght of solidarity one solitary soul
——————————————– to another
The individual adventure calls stronger
One can be grateful to one’s neighbor only if
The two manage to assist separate satisfactory
——————————————– self hoods
Each in cave of wonders and grief alone
Homo Verboten so far now at the outset of no-return
——————————————– self-exploration

Dressed for the solemn occasion academic
I like to see myself now at the lectern in the Grzegorzki
AM Prosectorium next to a corpus morte
————————————-Rembrandt’s fashion
Lecturing isn’t the word addressing
Auditorium of students in improvisa manner
How in due time from a learner one turns into
A teacher and than to the object exposition
Windows are wide open and outside the old
Chestnut trees stand in sun blossoming abuzz
——————————————– with bees
This Enlightement-day Prosectorium edifice
Stands in my night dreams to life the way
The resonance box of a cello delivers melody
Of strings the iron fence along the Grzegorzecka
Delineates pillar to pillar Virtues human lumini
A mind-play for kids back and forth to school
A daily remainder of ethical duty to him
And her who carry along the tools of survival
Envelope factory Zielinski Steel Works Spiritus

For all I know next to sharpening diamond-shape
Envelope-knives my father may have held
A night-time with section-scalpels here
Alone under roof and never one cut on his fingers
Not that he worked in silence the Dog Tower
Next door held countless experimentals
Healing for next session and not a throat
Rested there from shouting until dead
Virtues what should dad do drop the extra pay check
In defense of own sanity or continue to put
Stone to metal sakes of learning post war Poland
————————————needed surgeon first
And psychiatrist next raved I a niner
Is this entire Grzegorzki deaf or am I a dog too
That it tears heart out of me to hear them

Take just this one fragmentary insight into my
Formative years and as far as Virtues go one leads
—————————them all openness of heart
To experience TimeSpace from each pair
Of eyes engaged my dad’s mine and dog’s
—————————as one’s life narrative permits
Experience maturing in intellectual nurture
Into reality far larger then one’s own story in it
Reality of a solitary generous heart beat
Be it as poets say a dream still
———————————- a mere delusion
what else what more there is to being human
is here in these remains on display to view
———————————- say
the initial anatomy lessons went to prove
perfect transparency of the soul
———————————- as Hannah Arendt notes
bare bone and muscle anatomies differ little
animal to human Einstain’s brain proved
nothing of consequence how statistical brain
———————————-  differs from genius

the ephemeral sows difference into pattern
as in imperfections in glass work
a finger print an air bubble at the rim
that gain venecian goblet beauty

ephemeral as in fleeting momentary akin
to thought on matters of no body else’s record
perfectly expandable say no obvious necessity
to view TimeSpace dog eye perspective
Chaosmos equally unpredictable with
———————————- as without it
solitary as in that first howl at solitude
of the wolf apart from the pack buried deep
under the steamy mound of thinking
———————————- there
where the other half of the visible Universe
collects itself under each cranium
——————–unlike any other in  content

just as in the refracting telescope light bends
into focus so through the set of senses
a would be homo sapiens refracts into his mind
the circumstance of human predicament
his personal character preferences will talent
giving perception shape particular
these to be stored like stage sets in memory
———————————- open to revisits

Conscience is the lantern only innocents take
For light even if they are to discover
Innocence blind so far to own trail of trespass
Say once ago a class-mate finds fault today
With your what he calls self love
As in pathological or bloated
Correct the friend love of the self though it
Sounds near the same implies partaking
A conscious role in how your memory stands
When the world outside gets small and random
Revisits may be compulsory as in serial murder
Or lived for as in a fable where yourself
To yourself are the best companion

Of the ephemeral in his letters to Fanny poet Keats
Talks soul how he suspects and believes a soul
Is a sole responsibility of each individual human
To give it existence otherwise death and void
———————————- —–reign supreme
two pages only out of a pocket book edition
I looked shelve after shelf the entire enormity
Of the barn a landmark in Emmaus Penn
After the volume what not’s of family heir loom
Of historic significance lost to mold
The book nowhere to be found imagine the reader
Furious for the two pages lost
———————————- sorry now my gain

I was no longer alone with the idea we were two
Of us now on to break fresh on Homo Verboten
Arguably it is the very nature of the matter
———————————- to crave self-conscience
And in this humble manner each soul
Makes the meaning for TimeSpace entire
In dreams reponsibilities begin
He signed the letter from Rome days into agony
I have to avoid his English the way Daphne
Eluded Apollo not to surrender entire lose traces
———————————- of self in his verse
But say it rings in my ear for poetic conscience
Birth to soul your passage rites Homo Verboten
Where as they say angels fear to thread
Angels do carry a separate soul each still angelic
Souls are of the self-same divinity
———–but mine yours is as no other Amen

MON JAN 7 NYC 10 18 AM 2013

Last guest to the Ought-Be table comes Weariness
ThorndikeBarnard Dictionary as in causing tiredness
Having your patience tolerance liking exhausted
But not a word how it feels being worn-out
———————————- ——-how happens
My own practical search for Fairness’ opposite
Finds Evil passionate active
And Weariness the graveyard of Virtues of talent
Of joys carnal and intellectual in her shadow
Weariness functional on the empty

Worn-out take guilt easier be the guilt earned
———————————- by no trespass
No other but yourself to blame
Like no one ever had stolen last penny from you
———————————-  in bread-line

Outside the Black Widow Shelter’s courtyard
Sounds gratitude hammers necessary at the well
Piping bent and sawed one heart beat
With pleasure worth the day and effort
My last guest remains deaf to music

Even if any edibles stayed left on the Ought-Be table
Weariness too weak to lift bone to lips
Would sit by as she does now sunken devoid of will
A guest to outsit the host eventually Amen

TUESDAY JAN 8 2012 NYC 5 15 AM

Spare-parts-biz how it answers alchemist in client
Display offers all possible remedies to malfunction
A car a wash-dry portable a light switch fail to ignite
Be the reason hardest to trace hours to see it
———————————- the lighter to carry
Is the screw the complex mechanism depends on

Consider We the mechanism and I the spare part
The kind of spare part which has to find on its own
Where it fits where to fit best the choice
Not to fit anywhere either a verdict of the We
—————————–as in Homo Verboten’s case
Or a choice self-imposed as in Tompkins Sq punk-trash
Youth-waste in self-defence not to be used employed
Exploited engaged death here and now
————————installment plans are for slaves

Say an alchemist finds the golden formulae
But is the king his employer worth the secret
You put the missing screw in place start the car drive
Crash the joy-ride ends in Court sentence and injury
—————–for a break pedal forgotten behind

Banks address alchemist Save is the art
The date of my NYC arrival
Gold $38. 00 an ounce 1300 today
Land inlands to go next same in proportion
Though to salaries $400 000 a week
———————of perfect TV nobodies who cares
uncertainities odds effort turn to hard currency
just as they do in alchemist lore the value
to be decided by fare of investments
war brings good news if your bets are steel

to be the spare part badly missing
to figure out on own initiative where from
will to shape one self for necessity of choice
demonstrating perseverance in self execution
in a way dear to heart let us assume each one
you I any next subway shoulder is the secret
Thirteenth Man of Oriental wisdom
Be one perfectly unaware the mysterious
Workings of Universe depend on one’s
———————————- very heart-beat
the meaning of the heart-beat and TimeSpace
one’s practice a duty of choice and peril
Gratitude suffered solo
An atheist may smile but of course God too
———————-needs faith to exist Amen

8 43 AM

Two question marks tied into Eternity signature
The eye-glasses on the table when I take them off
$1. 78 99 Cents Made in China in Greenpoint
———————————- $4. 50 East 14 EV
Next to Iliad add three millennia of perspective
On the tale just as the black portable radio WQXR
A wire cloth hunger for antenna stands
For universal enigma across the skies of Velazuez
The album beneath opened on two saints
Conference of Vision and Method
The radio-black raven delivering sustenance
Wooden dry-line clippers scattered
Into the grand intitial harmony of Creation

The thick rusty nail next to the Crown the Nail
Of Pain nothing else holds dream real Amen



A gem in ornate panoramic frames of neogothic UPS
The night of New Year Met Museum across 5 Ave
Lucid once inside the Ukrainian Institute that’s how
A fire fly may feel caught in the glow of amber clay
I didn’t recognize Marina breezing in she stood
The centerpiece in the vestinbule a silhouette
Cut-out in black a round hat a perfect shoulder
We were only the second couple in line for passes
Once upstairs I felt mirrors surround us which
—————————exlude us two from reflection
Such are NYC nights mirrors reflecting sparkles at best
Nothing at all winds wiping them crystal clear
Starless of azure depth the ink in the well
Of Fin de Siecle calligraphy
—————————perfectly transparent empty night sky
shouldering inside chunks of dark matter
the MET Neo-Classic edifice an ark afloat in the void
way past the roaring generation
Who thrusted this ark on cityflow
what’s a few walls to pass through licentia poetica
Sons daughters blood of the MET benefactors
I saw our duo crash the party past midnight
We left a scarf behind or something
Paint her white and Marina next to Canovas
Still triumphant such fury in her beauty
Aphrodite cast on desolate isle
A crab life for witness
—————————too proud to complain
A bottle of red later the dancing floor prevails
Marina is off to put senses in the parquet underfoot
Alone inapproachable
A fable of intensity casting the real for mariginal
Our own table a random gathering of compatriots
Descends on me how do I know her
How old is she is she really my girlfiend no can’t be
The woman must be blind evidently
If Gulla doesn’t pull legs on this one
———————-O how I like them my natives
Does it hurt when they see me sober
They think beauty blind first but never themselves
A movie maker hair-do dye for Oscars
Protective of his pride social a vintage paramour
Solitude next to her worn aura a sister of Mercy
Stay on blind friends another guy a Cracovian
Car-repair his buck at service to an
————————————-ass-cheek pen
Pal from the days at the Daily News
The gal in turn damn finger-happy with my eve attire
I told you you should have had lied she instructs
Her two-times date of three years back
————————————-when sick to marrow
She has been given medical exam plus prescriptions
At the Presbiterian on assurance I am
————————————-her pay-day dad
Now again pushes her grinning yap into
My so rare a venture outside these days mercy
————————————-you molest
A senior citizen miss please hands off my tops
Knee inflamed weeks now I was Watteau
For the party in my folly apart from
Revelries of midnight the MET bash a day dream
Open for entries fresh canvas under arm

Chunks of the elusive dark matter parting with sky
Tumbling in silent on our confetti celebrations
What’s the best continental edu humanistic
If it amounts to the lurid mouth-run
I see you go everywhere I go yelps the pen-pal
I read your FB haikus drop it my NYear wish
————————————-not haikus koams
Maximum tale minimum words as in tomorrow
And tomorrow and tomorrow which memory
Keeps broken off the stage narrative
For late nocturnal meditations old age
————————————-O Polonia
————————————-the inner cesspool
A crime on light if vivid in insistence
When the Goddess of Forest Springs uses her tongue
No more than to smooth midnight kiss with shampagne
————————————-aftertaste on mine
When mid-way to the subway she run ahead
Tipsy loosing shoe behind
the fable’s hold on the year’s outset she will say again
and again next two three phonecalls We
————–We this We that days into solitary winter
Whatever this We of hers means trust I do Marina

FRIDAY 6 43 AM JAN 4 2013 NYC

The Crown of the Dead now the Grace Graveyard’s
Water pan of rust-eaten age and Memorial Day’s
Oath taken together for hundred poems to come
Should the world subscribe in Crown’s reign a diagnosis
——————not an order or edict awaits the reader
the way medieval manuals of medicine often wrong
reading plage for cause and cure left posterity doc
exact record of scourge death-signs and numbers
————————————-that he betters the art

Son of Apollo a cripple Aesculap the MD of Olympians
Next to his father’s what anatomy dared
Look at my Alex now the Crown to him is no more
For almost a year of this verse than the pan it appears
————————————-to any random eye
A folly of aging senses pathetic reason
The Black Widow Shelter agonal delusions an AA dad
Grasping ill for grandeur in slow shameful passage
Crowns however humble the beginning of reign
————————————-crave succession

He goes by Excalibur name in circles of LES limbo
A giant of frame vinyl his lymph pushes
And pulls muscle brains of a golem towards
The glory read into the name since the Macedonian
The way value is read into profile on coins
Write under his FB entries Florence
Considers him for New David he whines
Dad shames him before down-town night life
The ground-meat generation held human shape
————————————–by mere fashion
O Crown of the Dead back where the weeds
Where grass grow tall and quiet there you must
Over Rufus King’s cranium to spill rain of grief
A sworn enemy of the reign would knock on door
Every weekend if he knew my address Alex knows
And once that he breezed by on his bike
He dared to heat up in my oven his spagniolini
——————————–a take out for himself alone
Amour the film I carry now for my future
Pressed words Thank You Alex for assisting
Your grand-ma to the urn recently
——————————–how was she last days
Altheziemer must have loosened old lady’s tongue
Polish though Kensington palace Polish
Of which you care not a word exactly
In this town every death among the well-to-do
Should be scrupulously investigated
Whatever Stella managed save from fortune
If there was ever any gives now a million dollar
Radiance to my boy’s Hot Property
Stage-sculpturing neither a voice ear or dance son
Of dance a caricature
A ground-meat act kin of go-go
On the line of blood ages mysterious in blossom
A skunk cabbage upstart bloat
Until it bursts stinking
—————————over ice trash
——————————————–O Apollo
Rust take the Crown back where it came from
Safe-keep from ground-meat grab
Thus Crown may one day emergency be recovered
Wherever this verse here is read or remembered
On a cementry say in Machu Pichu on Malta
——————————————Tibet Argentina
Hands deserving the water-pan of reason
Of dreams of old tales revived new reading
Bones great bones small underneath
Eager for the reign whatever duty ascribes

Good immortal tired Tiresias the Seer
Yours would be the last future son dad would wish
To hear from the oracle on the whole obvious
You already belong with the void crowded sticky
By club-loads years early for your gig
My ears are shells dry for heart when you talk
For anything at all only a father lives for
In detail it would kill before the Crown
Is delivered back with the Dead
————————————for fear
Of your shadow ever on the rusty laces
Take him NYC a garbage truck Manhattan size
But plead you America Apocaliptica
—————-save the Crown rust is kinder

JAN 4 NYC 2013

6 12 AM winter solstice the trouble past week
My knee a lead mountain in pain under Ought-Be table
Adds a heavy millennium to the age of diners
——————————what are you here for doc
here is the case-history this is the very leg
that split along the lower bone has proved I don’t
believe in God remember a Michael Jackson look-alike
miracle-worker pastor
——————–than years earlier in Cracow Poland
of my hippie summer together with the other leg
has been beaten up so badly for so long
by several bats simultainously in police vehicle
the medics had to cut along to take jeans off
so enormous the legs have swollen
they seemed their own existences
——————————to attend the injuries
than again in NYC drunk on course one
art gallery wine where is the next I would prepare
kick boxer in Jacek for the dance of life
throw my right limb over every next parking meter
kung-fu style lightnighg-bolt speed
——————————clockwork-precission intended
intended on one wine too many
translating once and once again to a miss
to a date with hard reality of metal meter casing
the inner tender workings of the knee hitting the fact
a coat could not be more ignorant of the pain
a holy idiot of the consequences
——————————next meter and the next
and the next at fifteen one Anna Schmutz had her
bedroom plastered pics of Jacek in dance of Creation
August 20 ’68 Duszniki Zdroj her bro took them
Warsaw Pact 1 000 000 strong invaded CRSS next night
——————————-through the very fountain plaza
Where no one else could exists with me
How fast I moved how outside the specter of others
Mercury’s way perhaps weaving in and out
Between two realms of existence

To top it all just the night before departing for Cracow
20 years past Durermatt’s the Elderly Lady’s Visit on mind
Love dread joy next eve inside my own very heart
————————-I do the sky dive a la Flying Tigers
Crosby Street SoHo just off Broadway
Leaping my right foot up and forward for a sign
Hung over sidewalk what I don’t see
Is the bar of sharp metal it sticks out half way
———————————–up towards the target
The blade cuts to bone just above the apple
Skin flesh sinew and nerve St Vincent’s ER
NYPD suspicious my companion faints
Cracow arrival cast and cane in hand Made in USA
AIDs on his last legs come to be buried home
———————————–on appearance
There was this night-club Tragic Magic
Where taxis took me
That’s why I thought restaurants where I dined
Gold Am Ex Card were but one client
—————————————-Mister I
And now it damned hurts doctor swells fresh
Summa summarum all the above is it
Sorry I am bothering about my knee but the radio
Have you heard anything worth mention this morn
—————————————-on the news

Veins on that leg are also bad next to my so-called
Uniform-phobia the varicose developed by 18
Under my right knee declared me incapable of service
With Army the two years earned of summer
Were certainly worth ten of wintry age I figured
While blessing the little bluish fellow in the mirror
Should the blessing turn fatal one distant day
———————————–as it does today
Say staring at it I share with father of History
Herodotus the vein meanders in knots in and out
Of my loin like the river Nile along Egypt
———————————–look doc
Few fingers thick in places missing most shelves
Since birth it fills with blood upon standing up
Bulges into existence millimeters short of burst
But flattens instantly hollows in when I stretch
My troubled lower limbs up on the sofa and worry
No wonder my pressure counts such extremes
As 240 over 180 and 36 over 28 Woodhull TR

The party is over Jacek enough leg still
To carry the Crown of the Dead yours shortly
Back where it belongs eternal

img128 bl

WED DEC 26 4 36 AM NYC 2012

Exactly forty years ago this morn I a glorious twenty five
Must have felt what expectant mother a week short
————————-of labor feels with child O America
MS Batory trans-Atlantic under Polish colors
Heading up the North Sea for Shtetlands
The unexpected German Scandinavian tourist
Deserves better than native immigrant labor New Year
Paris champagne Tangerines Copacabana
The Baltic snow-flurry turning on us a monster
Foam and snow tearing laces screaming panic
The thug-boat randez-vous at Ocean’s roaring mouth
——————————a bouncer again and again
The waves still nascent yet twice ship’s volume
Finally when our crane got hold of the orange load
The rope snaps and the gold swims catching snow fall
As far as waves carried fruit up and down into night
I an inlands boy medieval to marrow and dream
Uniform-wary still trusting captain’s like God’s
But the brigde champs four international on tour
All of a sudden America of our objective drowned
——————————with the Tititanic of the game

Good thirty years must have had passed before
I have learned no passanger cruises cross the Atlantic
Winter time seven to twelve of the cargoe fleet
That tries the trip way up under the Polar Circle drown
Each year such is the wraeth of the Ocean
Father of the happy Isle of which only the legend survives

I was unperturbed so what that I read nothing
To compare in the Odyssey of Homer the Galilean of Jesus
Too has been a Lake Placid in comparison with winter
On Batory course Conrad Korzeniowski a true
Sea wolf of the salty mentions not once as much
As a single snow flake in his perilous journeys
Myself fifteen a solitary audience to his floating stage
Under blossoming apple and cherry dripping
Sweat into Seven Seas of his epic how was I now
Under snow-laden skies decks skywards
Real storm is when you see sand between waves sir
Think our good captain does’t know what the hell
He is doing how was I to doubt for a sec
His skill the communications with the nearest
——————–satellite the nearest boat of rescue
Real storm is when you see sand between waves sir
Too late to tell I answer I figure the captain
Might have gotten orders to sail boat for lost
———————————–happens in Hamlet
Here even tables fly midnight New Year
One mighty wave and
Burning melba ice-cream all levitating ghosts
The waltzing sextet a jamble of outsized insects
Squashed along with instruments into ballroom’s farthest
Polish immigrant labor a holy mass on knees
———————————————forgive us

Next morn Jan 1 ’73 the Atlantic calm and sunny blue
Passangers are invited to step onto the outside deck
First time into the stormy journey
——————–twice I have seen Nature up close
Like my face in mirror nose in touch with the glass
The same Element in different Time speed
Up on topmost peak of Tatra Mountains
January clouds below me sunlight my face
Snowstorms in lightening bolt crisscross aswirl
Ravine to ravine monumentality immobile enigmatic
Visited upon by a boysterous pretense
————————-soon to drop off the cliff a dead fly
And there a-deck the Batory on the wintry Atlantic
What are the gothic cathedrals of Cracow
What is the mount of stone in Coln medieaval
The ravages of WW II added for chapels of our dead
Compared with a wave on Christmas Atlantic
A model at best where to pray one never faces
————————————one in real measure
And what’s one wave what’s a hundred
When each nautical mile is a mother to a myriad
And the wind is a dad furious demanding
Orders impossible taken to the screaming letter
Waves each opens countless eyes
But eyes carry no irises are blind aeons of TimeSpace
To go before fish the guy who for TimeSpace
Uses Chaosmos makes best of the surprise
———————————————called fish
Body of each wave crashed on the Batory
Weight of the Solar system to survive survival
Alerts was art my trust in the captain radar system
Mankind impregnable
——————————I rested elbow on the rail
For tete-a-tete with the Ocean at peace
I survived the Rage Week will Ocean survive reply
I didn’t quite know what I had in store
An elderly couple XIX Century grannies wedding best
Crams out into blinding sunlight hand in arm
——————————heads west faster to get NYC
This moment out far in distance a dark water wall
Arises along the horizon it runs towards MS Batory
Speed hard for me to determine
——————————today I know a tsunami
The furious Atlantic’s last treachery failed short
Managed to smash luxury class windows
Broke a couple of leg and arm foreign and patriot
Mangled the epitome marriage
So much so PA NYC received the Red Pole
At Manhattan’s Holland’s Pier emergency since WW II
Ambulances on light in the wait
Than the ship proved so badly damaged
—————PA could not legally let it back on waters

The same Element in two different Time speeds
Up close like myself grand impenetrable multi polar
When I touch nose on the mirror
—————————————-O America


O America Apollo’s are mornings eves go Halloween
The youngest continent his bride of destiny in design
Greek Revival how happens today not Homer
Choirs from Oedipus Re or Sappho greet
Aurora-guided dawn in from the mount of Atlantic
Incantations of experience as-is on lips America
But rental domes hysterical on TV
——————————Coca Cola miracles fake
Make manifold a dubious deity of man
The perfect guest you say at your Christmas table

Sappho of As for him who finds fault may silliness
And sorrow tak him one morning a marble
Head of eternal perfection perhaps then the next
Daybreak Dear bride I shall never come back to you
Never playing the pathetic cripple
From Whatever Happened To Baby Jane
America you are too dangerous to remember Achilles
His rousing military speeches but forget Troy ruined
Beauty in scares gods desecrated
——————————returns a grave of salt
The world outside your sacred boundries
Is smaller today crumblier than the mythic fortress
Two men with one mind of Homer the ideal
Military a myriad men with one mind tonight

Mornings belong to lute dusk to looting funerals weils
As soon as Dawn’s rose fingers touched the sky
He drove the he-goats and the rams outside
To pasture in the fold O Homer the unmilked dams
Their udders bursting bleated our escapes short sighted
America you are not much but escapes of late
The same one pastor now blesses a soldier off
To do duty and now receives him or his victim
——————————for televised certified miracolo

Tiresias’ answer to Oedipus for morning go
When a block-long office lines are the one choice
Remaining Even if you are king the right to answer
Should be free to all of that I too am king
I live not as your slave but as Apollo’s
Here the concept of slavery gains nobility
Entirely absent from the Christian realm America
Unemployed goes Greek raisin not bean ascerbic
Beauty at work does smash a parade Icarus or two
Against mid-town but man they do survive
———————————————Icarus didn’t

Soros Niarcos Onassis sires a TV outlet in English
Apollo Now NYC your responsibility above any
Talent of Hellen antiquity meaning be creative sun-like
Obole in silver the coin placed on dead tongue
———————————————a Lethe token
Morn is Apollo’s dusks are Medusa’s
Next to no cost at all owing to the financial limbo
The New School of Athens gentleman
Say two hours of it live daily philosophy sculpture
Frescoe music poems of the golden verse
——————————mixed with the hour at hand
Dolcefarniente the host under skies Mediterreanian
As tempting as no human-made object or Idea
———————————————can match

Gods are incomparable what they have in common
Is beyond human and what is human in them
Is also ours deeply ours terribly irretrivably ours
But one cannot forget joy or let joy be erased
Into thin halo the way Moon eclipses sun-dial
Serving astronomer and evil doer same hand
A halo by no means brighter or nobler than Sun in full
The sun shines on the battle-field even
—————the halo justifies it for the victor
If anybody in the realm of deities deserves
Emergency attention now or never gentlemen
Apollo Now is of apocalyptic frame
A pastor going into fits over a paralitic vet
Prefigures the Kingdom outside the Earth’s
Makes death inflicted here rewarded there
——————————lute makes no music of lying

Apollo’s is lute of morn Medusa’s are salts of tears
Blind now folks help along blind beauty
Not the Faith Festivals let’s proclaim
Remember the French film Balthasar Something sires
Have me such a donkey in Greece come Spring
Posters my design printed for distribution
Town to town foot-throdden path of choice mythic
Collecting along student for said New School
Free of charge roof board chisel marble paints etc
—————————————-English a must
Is it far fetched to think great Russia owes Apollo
Kniaz Igor his influence the essence of sunlight
As it penetrates daily towards the Polar Night
America’s best the Greek Revival ca 1910 upstate
Confronts the Atlantic in the East expectant of armada
To return home with Tennyson’s immortal thousand
Sails set on high seas for one face of beauty in the lap
I offer to narrate the show a Diogenes if you will
The philosopher of the search insulting initially
Who by now has found what he was after
—————————————-in himself
Festive for the find a la Zorba the Greek
My sleeve pregnant with Ought-Be’s
If I were to die say a few months into the production
Forget David’s Socrates nothing like it ever
Live on-camera one thing I assure you NYC Cracow
Poland Greece Bulgaria glued to TVs
——————————one big catastrophic nose

America Apocaliptica of miracle pastors and profit
Or America et Apollo bring the melody grief
———————————————his lute never lies

8 26 AM SAT DEC 29 2012 NYC

To hear a human voice of scale of tone outside WQXR
I listen to myself a few words from the shell
Of this Reign sung recited meanings discovered
For pebbles under palate out towards ears
——————————be the ears nonexistent
Even yesterday’s BBC News made dear Earth sound
A second lo a third hand goods on consignment
——————–with a Jewish shop keeper in Brooklyn
What a pathetic exercise try to figure
What Buddha would do on the bus as a local
Clockwork Orange gang rapes a student
Beating her dead throwing
——————–still alive someplace in today’s India

US dream barren in limbo Putin of Russia says Niet
To American adoptions say a trafficking in orphans
Next to kidneys from China liver from Nicaragua
Whatever Mad Ave can be refitted with for another
———————————————Tiffany breakfast
Makes retrospect Apollo Belvedere of Mikolayska Str
The one of the artificial limb and eye
Prophecy of III Millenium Consumerism
———————————————minus himself
Minus his graces lute laurels gradually
While implants dentures wig et al
Eliminate beauty to the last sinew

Say the long empty intervals in history scrolls
Of ancient China are left there for happy periods and
Others tell you no the ruler was sword on historian
Still others claim peoples awed of history’s judge
——————————dared no trespass to spoil his acta
the TV set still itself bigger the novelty
incomprehensible XXVII Century to the news viewer
——————————than the actual captions
Means way above the content
Across from the Black Widow Christmas Tree
Alone in the library my last beauty bride in wait

BBC again land of Greece no point of time reference
Rusty mist for sunlight underfoot the same nondescript
Stretch of dry dirt today as day Oedipus slayed father
Running from the murder in Passolini’s
The chase catching up one warrior at time
Until the imperious unrelenting stranger in golden chariot
—————————————-was left alone and last
There I would go hobbling donkey under my palm
A Diogenes happy this time around calling
To arms whatever of myth remains in youth unemployed
Where nothing casts shadow on the TV screen

Out of the blue last night we went out
Marinae the Goddess of Forest Springs if anything
Thickens like an artery under turbulent pressure
But holds firm fingertips perhaps a bit steamy
Amour Jean Luis Trantignian and Emannuelle Rivas
Of early ’60 I thought some film I missed so long
Turns to be this year’s Palm d’Or at Cannes
Romeo and Juliette past 80 slow motion
When Life visits unwelcomed and avoided
Death breaths in from the other side of lips
The pathetic damage to Rivas’ first film beauty
O how different the content be embrace the same
And a Shumann arpeggio a brush stroke for a glance
Passing over turbulent landscape are existence’s
——————————-one true act and meaning

Now 9 27 am last day 2012 I have a neighbor
Up nailing moving heavies one floor above me
Age the same with the Amour dying couple
Noise industrious 24/7 in fits and starts
——————————-first I though the super
Overtime is fixing the place for next tenant
Now I don’t want to know the neighbor
Should I employ a voodoo queen local supermarket
——————————-death-spell the fellow

One doesn’t watch one participates transparent
Inside the lavish Paris flat in agony’s intimacies
Leaves the theater sighing that’s enough
I’ve seen it once now why again myself this time
—————————–the slow grinding departure
Nature doesn’t reapet itself it’s against economy
Hope economy wins this once
Than went Mexican in the Village Don Quichote
My dad I announced over the menu
Seated next to errand knight’s sculpture
Marinae a-struggle with lobster claws
Throwing me inspecting caucious gazes
———————————————O Apollo

WED JAN 2 2013 7 35 PM NYC

My first discovery New World this eve forty years ago
A NYC garbage truck seen 12 floors down at the bottom
Lex Ave trans Manhattan stretch UES
Noise heavenwards beyond scale with slow crawling insect
Tones of trash no trace left for blocks to no end
How does it all possibly fit inside the corpus
What went trash here NYC in Poland would make one rich
——————————————————-an eye blink
On black market tons of sesame stuff unbelievable
Exactly this eve to the minute how safe I feel
For my work forty years randes vous illuminated
Now given the hero account in Cracow O world of 2013
——————————————————-don’t rush
img124 bl

SUNDAY 6 45 DEC 23 NYC 2012

I am not going to ask Tiresias about world’s
Tomorrow all the less about my own
Shall there twinkle light at the bottom
Of his wrinkle tangles I would if the old seer
For Ought-Be sakes didn’t say why first himself
———————————–if my trip Manhattan
Yesterday is any prediction dear Crown subsriber
Read my words now for all they mean in dictionary
———————————–of your personal experience

Exactly where this Reign swept me off feet
For flight of verse in pulse with Moloch May Day
The first chapter here heady unsuspecting
Union Sq and University Pl now the ugliest
Loud mouth the centerpiece of humanity
Forces Christmas wreaths $10 a piece on the thick
Shopping gloom nothing holday to the cold
Towering inferno poverty tired of hopeless
Decorations the rich are gone suburbs
Students home Wisconsin tourists an open deck
Bus load heading for Ground Zero
———————————–the Newtown
School carnage for under-the-tree present
On the one hand opens lots of career in security
The very guys who sell arms best credentials
And on the other makes each equal under Law
A bit more suspicious of our selves share guilt
In fear of the option tremble at thought
How near we come God forbid
And how often to go Rambo
——————————-on unsuspecting neighbor
Retirement is for sissies declares Schwartzenegger
And goes full blast on the silent night
———————————–de-rusting olden barrel

Letters of Bonaparte when I read them long ago
These from Russian front to Maria Theresa of Austria
Caused me to doubt the proverbial genius
Of the Emperor he dictated eleven different
Correspondences simultaneously played
As many chees games no wonder I aired superior
They read one and the same for the lack
Of telling detail ground information
Same few courtly phrasings about King of Rome
Took years to understand why the apparent
————————-triviality formality of his pen

Say Tiresias decided to illuminate me
As to my future should Mister Cheat hear the oracle
He is in no position either to help or impede it
But if I decided now to let words
Carry urbi et orbi what I hold in plans
In humble uncertain plans until Spring day for myself
They my dear last plans would turn impossible
———————————–with first rhyme down
No one to entrust plans towards realization
Where angels dread to thread
Such sharks as Mister Cheat as the Identity Thief
As the Lawyer Skelet as the Editor Falsifier
———————————–of Truth Deserving
As the social worker who did not call 911
Full damned sure he is right
As the Beauty Salon Polonia witch lodge
As the crook and wretch unmentioned countless
Of whose evil my heart bears wounds annonymous
Are dozen a chance wherever one turns
And they spring to service
Best intentions written into smile and palm
So I better seal still lips of poetry for poetry’s good
Nurse plans where plans belong Spring dearest

As far as this Sunday goes well there is a car
Departing for a secluded farm near Emmaus Penn
If I call before say 11 am we are there by 2 pm
Why not a vigil Polish architects perfect strangers all
Cold would keep us all inside the main house
Now that I am say wealthy independent
Of a status secretive if I choose how does it feel
How will it shape my manner a chance to find out
———————————–what sooner or later I must
But here seven empty canvases wait if the choice
Be brush my fridge full actually I can cook another
Ought-Be serving – remember feeling guilty once ago
Having an apt searching NYC after a worthwhile
Homeless a poet painter philosopher
Like myself years in McCarren finding no one near
The description – on easel red-blue trois-en-cadre
Numismatics serie Silence silence of the blue
July sky over the golden wheat-fields
Harvest gratitude of what remains let’s hope my life

SUN 12 59 PM DEC 23 NYC

Day nearing to put Crown of the Dead back in silence
I moved my writing gear from the Ought-Be room
Next door where the Crown resides Black Widow Shelter
And in the nearness of dear Regalia prepare heart
———————————————for title parting
Clay pot and glass jar with angel wings abundant
Stand in view the true heart’s birthday’s present
If I have ever gotten one in NYC the dots on leaves
Are tears’ pale shadows and the millennial blade
Deep brown now with oils but still at odds and ends
With the rest of sword-set cuts through the air no pain
I would have to get up from the chair to see
What else sits there on the small drawer
———————————–and I must eventually
I have to in order to behold the Crown
But first I permit myself reach for one Picasso album
The Ganz Collection let us examine
Master himself cigarette in hand woman easeled
Picasso Master again diagonal shadow across eyes
Brush in fingers the viewer and he in sight-touch
Subhead Will Be Placed Here
Verecundus syrtes imputat lascivius matrimonii
Et gulosus fiducia suis senesceret pessimus
Saetosus agricolae simper zothecas imputat Pompeii
Umbraculi vocificat catelli et chirographi adquiret
Plane tremulus zothecas ut perspicax umraculi
Pessimus frugaltier amputat plane gulosus syrtes
Utcuque verecundus oratori fermentet concubine
Utilitas syrtes insectat apparatus bellis

Ten full page reproductions follow 1914 – 1956
Female nudes mostly even the WW II
Still Life With Sausage resembles one
The half-open drawer grabing out for meal
The last a mourning peace-time nocturn
Studio 1956 the canvas white and empty
In the center O the world of beauty has ended
No new beginning no hope in sight
Art deco canary cage for St. Tropez atelier
———————————–all that’s left to art

The album has been printed twenty years ago
For Sotheby’s auction of Ganz’s entire art estate
The Ganz widow judging for one album photo
A cry of high society hearts in NYC
When at twenty presented as wife
————————-of one aging mega mogul
Lived with these paintings entire married life
Several photos show the residence interiors
There was this death sheen to the furnishings
This restless comfort to unassuming pillows
In objective to footage and picassos did not
Make the living room any livlier then say mine here
In the Black Widow Shelter do my own
———————————–say Numizmata
Studies in red three portraits the way our personal
Fatums reflect in what we chose our worship
My space even when I am out on errands
Is busy between the ladder of authenticity
Unmatched by most Louis XV’s and XVI’s
———————————–Manhattan collection
And my $189. 99 easel true to name
The space sizzles WQXR musica morte viva est
And the kitchen roach Prussack in Polish
Enjoys meal in serenity not entirely an endangered
————————-specie with the senior tenant

Albums they were two came my way
Via the pharmacist of Ganz widow
$129 million richer she is since Picasso auction
The MD of our Ought-Be Symposium the doc
Figured if I the last lost brush of bohemian kind
Sent the woman an example of my work
She still in biz galleries NYC Hollywood Las Vegas
May choose to put good word for me where counts
Me seventh heaven with opportunity
Not that the minimum forty years difference
Between mega mogul and teen bride
Gave now a poet edge not that the pic in the album
Present her worthy ten say any number
Of carnal sinning as Poland says of pleasure
Not that the widow sans her Picasso company
Must long for someone something of the kind now
No it was sheer joy of being certain here it is
Impossible to miss
————————-next to the few printed pages
The albums run on empty hundreds of sheets
Best to mount next to Latin text and repros
My own tale and illusts brush and pen
Simultaniously in turns a pas de deux
Color caligraphy across the blanks
Along the rhymes of my Enchanted Well fable
A story as new as it sounds old familiar
—————————————-and dear

Next to the photo of the mega couple
Few interior takes with Picassos that other album
Carried the painterly tradition on the American
Scene early ’60 Raushenberg Johns de Koenig
With about twenty best from Ganz collection
So mounting myself next in line held my brush
——————–suspended for long meditation
To equal museum must-see to compete
With masters such ambition belongs with market
Career residency at Dorfman Project
Here nothing of the sort played much role
The individual to receive my gift
I envisioned her outside her skins to live now
Her long lost youth and beauty a life
When the real escapes touch time running out
Of all doors open simulataniously
When there is nothing but nothing to hold on to
No center to the out-flow of time
———————————–unless a pill is taken

Autheticity tell any would-be brush to surprise
Is the way of art tomorrow he will fucken’
Ask a cook-book too I am not by authenticity
Meaning cultivated naivete or fauve
Freshness of the unschooled witness
Young Forever talent of NYC demi-art-life
But the authenticity of life experience
As transferred onto canvas by brush
Equally expert in art of using the instrument
The eye-heart-brush-tip unity
Feet dancing beneath hand fencing
For life the void say 12×12 inches
Of the said Ganz album five stanzas
Of the Magic Well into the empties
The museum proper for all the trash in it
Started stinking dead real rotten dead
April sunlight the damage and likeness
And who can say April sunlight isn’t authentic
———————————–that’s just visuals
Collages newspaper subway map napkins
Blind find pleasure please my art
Brush akin to Japanese calligraphy fresh color
Arm-length to minutest detail at gesture
———————————–the fable in verse
Has had history before the widow read it
Numerous an envy-worm drilled libraries
To find out where from did I dig such a nice
Tale for my own signature and failed
Since it has been published in different forms
Various mags papers and lingos
and what let me ask what

Does this gift from a struggling artist deserve
An answer from super rich influential beneficiary
Yes it certainly does but say it’s over a year now
As I am waiting and the pharmacist
The rare occasions I fill Unitas prescriptions
Makes me feel I should best not exist at all
Shhhh he carries a lot too much meat to his mop
When he squizes gnarly index f to his lips shhhh
Won’t say why shhhhhhh best not to exist at all

10 19 AM MONDAY DEC 24 NYC 2012

King’s College Boys Choir Cambridge on WQXR
Not that my household lacks in New Testament
It holds two French and Polish
But next to the Crown of the Dead
Not the Joyous News occupies the drawer top
But the Iliad pocket book edition
WHD Rouse prose translation remarkable
For two things
——————A the so-called white-figured
Skyphos ca 490 BC on the cover
Priamus of Troy begging Achilles slayer of his son
To give him Hector’s body
——————————at first sight
Age old Homer himself taking look at Helen
Beauty the cause of war and verse
Medusa Triumphant in between them
And B
——the razor cut-out inside the volume
Pages 79 through 120 size the dollar bill
40×100 daily drug deals of the past decade
Brownsville of Mike Tyson’s kill or get killed
$1 last Spring when a town house
Around the corner changed hands
The story line ending with – let me bring
You some wine pour alit – to pick up
Again with – he Asopos and bore a friendly
————————-message to the Cadmelans

Just as the Ganz albums with empty pages
Just as Poems and Lyrics Percy Bysshe Shelley
Peter Pauper Press Mount Vernon
With as many printed as vacant sheets
Inside slim handsome volume
Poets are the true legislators of the world
So the Illiad cut-outs must be regarded
A necessity calling instant remedies
———————————–immediate action

In Hector’s dead body tradition sanctity
Fatherly heart have been insulted and trampled
Seven circles of dust and spite noontime
Around the walls of lamenting Troy
Priamuses NYC plenty at trash cans come night
Helen in turn though her life be saved from fire
Will leave her beauty with flames to carry out
Scares burns grotesque left lid gone altogether
————————-but Helen turns away antsy
From the white-beard poet of my misreading
When he warns beauty of the inevitable
Why would Greeks destroy their prize
Mad Ave masks funereal after a sport of fashion

Thus on the longest one of year’s nights
Shortest is declared to be Apollo’s birth festival
The Crown of the Dead shall prevail
Liken yourself O Western Civ to one or the other
Jesus eternal humility the other cheek forever
Or Apollo of the broken-heart perfection
Heart heals but cheeks don’t change the course
Of the hand that hits them or if they do
With one hand there are always two next in wait
———————————–to pick up the hitting
Parnassus or Golgotha
Mad Phoebus will dance tomorrow
Village girls weave flowers in the hair tonight
While God the Father tells his Son you are mad
When Son insists I redeem sin of all times
O let my people free from eternal damnation

Guillaume Apollainaire planted the festival seed
Medical opium in Verdum trenches WW I
Picasso the first disciple raging in slashes of paint
Against Art&War for Profit the visuals
Of a perfectly innocent camel trying to squize
In and out of the biblical needle’s eye are
A challenege the master draughtsman leaves
Posterity to measure up to forget the proverbial
———————————–wealthy attempt

Apollo Homo Verboten every male breast cage
Apollo Mikolayska Street Cracow PRL post WW II
Dentures belly belts an artificial limb
Apollo blissfully unaware of the Cross
And bliss is hardly a word for antics solo
Where one cheat assists another one
Against the rare and authentic
Raize alarum against his festival
If Apollo’s name has brough you rage and fury
Of god’s enemies and I will double in count
Your voice but don’t forget in the shadows of Faith
——————————innocent blood flows rivers

You want to talk miracles
Say Jesus and the seven loafs of bread
Seven fishes what did Apollo do
———————————–to match
On return the baskets contain more than they
Served at the outset how simple why a miracle
No one goes way out of town unprepared
Hearts open most irreverant hearts also
Want to Jesus must have had penetrating a tembre
Strong clear il voce bianco in operatic
And as to healing the blind
———————————–say blind as in
I don’t see how to fit myself into society
As in I am afraid to say what I see
I hope what I see is not what there is out there
My eye sight corrupts sunlight
———————————–well Jesus
Restored courage trust in the blind how to face
Human predicament if Jesus could do it
Anyone else also was able there was joy to it
———————————–believe me

And Apollo say giving Midas donkey’s ears
Is mediority’s curse still in evidence
Remember the king of consumer class
Asking whatever he touches turns gold
Granted the wish trapped dead for thirst
For starvation he’s lucky Apollo relieves him
From spell but when the god of lute
Touches on strings to a tune of occasion
The king catches pipes of Pan in distance
And in spur orders Apollo’s lute silent
Look well at NYC art life distinguished critics
Connoisseurs curators collectors patrons
How many donkey ears decked out for décor
On the collars how they debate the new
Against the fresh right as opposed to true
Ears nothing else here of dear mythology
——————ears not much else here ears

Apollo the warrior supreme so far in history
Of no actual battle experience he is our last hope
Humanity captive of army-industry complex
How in immortal footsteps to follow our feet
Dream we are too tired sleeping to feel
Green slopes to go breast pressing on arm
———————————–a Parnassus summer
Apollo at whose sight the soul of USA a barbed wire
Tangle in gold would melt human tears
Who would open the Lock-and-Key Museum
Salt Lake City the tricks that make scales lie
Heart-broken Apollo of solitary retreats
Raves against human vice however ignorant of facts
Whoever each of us couldn’t wouldn’t dare to be

Apollo of stolen identity
Laughing stock of global Greenpoint Free Market
No shame in record sunlight in place of shadow
Gifts to speech no guilt to conscience
Be lute broken a myriad again he will tune
The strings be dance banished there are always
————————-the Pleades the aeternal Aurora
And Jesus say in Sistina’s Last Judgement
Jesus turns face away from our kind
At ends with disgust and it is only 1512 AD
Still five centuries to go III Millennium

Twins in Tiresias’ third eye one of the shortest
One of the longest night of the year
———————————–in Joy sorrows drown
Apollo the god of our hour Olympians promise
Nothing post mortem if eternity isn’t enough
To bore them gods with the horn of earthly plenty
Why should mere mortals waste precious
Opportunity on activities cynical
———————————–of own best interest
Not what we should not do but what we should
Know Thyself
Apollo the guide towards Homo
———————————–so far Verboten
In me you every one we keep mum
On our skin’s secret sharer
Manhattan the brain-mound of Profit
Language-turned-numbers tale-suspicions
Processing the price of the globe
Bethlehems on street-level displays
Make an Afghan-front peace-warrior real hero
One fable to another tears the difference

Say God of religions doesn’t exist and praying
Amounts to no more then JS Bach’s cello epectatnt
Insistant in the winter morning a gratitude
To no answer still to live as if God existed
According with the Law of Tablets
Emulating Jesus st Francis of Assisi the saint
Of WW II and French proletariat
Through the cracks in understanding
The grace of God reaches heart she believed
The lover of Jesus in her nocturnal dreams

While the Temple may have crucified hot-head
For meddling in business today Wall Street
Needs Him to pacifie Ponzi victims
Their chances at the needle’s eye grow
In proportion to individual loss in $
While Madoff’s have gotten nil zero zilch

Apollo means adventure the ease not to know
What for one is setting out into city
Let Manhattan tell me duty use place
In the world today worth my skill time heart
And I am yours O festival island at pleasure

Make thinking a sin and Inferno brims with best
Minds of generation Apollo doesn’t
Know sin he didn’t steal one fig but then
No property law on Parnassus Mount his day
Madness inevitable McDonald thruway though
Pray the local quack is a Freudian freak

Apollo apportioning hours generous
With eternity at disposal when Phidias struck
In marble definite likeness of the divine
It proved beyond doubt god’s incredible gift
Of multiple presence men his age in various
Distant hamlets six or seven across Hellada
Resembled the model to the last hair lock
Same share-my-pensive-hour loners
Giving fresh insight into Apollo’s generous heart

Apollo not the conqueror but the explorer
A conqueror trembles still more after
The conquest and an explorer say at worse
Fears he finds himself alone no one worth
———————————–the final find

Apollo of harmony as opposed to competition
Apollo under the ceiling fresco
——————-at the Polish Consulate in NYC
A magnificent pastige of French rococo style
Time and Death in courtly attendance
———————————–Muses Furies Fates
Polish Romantic poetry eve myself at loss
Am I dead am I alive after Park Ave car collission
Apollo festivals to insist on tomorrow
You can’t sail mega Jesus into NYC
———————————–and expect Lady L
Blink but Apollo give or take few lenses few sails
Could give deserving Greece say a lift of lifeline
———————————————-O Apollo
Your coin is talent the other’s silver obole

TUESDAY 7 37 AM DEC 25 NYC 2012

Bits and pieces of the Sword’s hand-hold wrought
Iron wood and leather a dry leaf and memory stick
Made in China occupy space in between the Iliad
And my birthday’s Angel Wings the eye engaged
For nearness to a calligraphic message these are
Much younger then the blade
———————————–Saracen anvil
The blade carries wounds of many a triumph
Though down the History current
The hand that held it may have been cut off
Again and again on both sides of front line

The leather the topmost cap and strings binding
Palm holder are camel intestinies for endurance
Wrough iron is the cross bar for hand protection
Light in weight and proportion when set
———————————–on the blade
The wood must be oak and the dry burnt-out leaf
Helen of my misreading if she could
Would blow it out of drawer-top first breath
—————————–beauties her age do

These attend the Crown of the Dead proper
In sheer beauty the Crown doesn’t one bit decline
To match the magnificent Greek skyphos
—————————–rust the sculptor
Laces of metal eaten out of a watering pan
Dot for dot match the black background
To red-white figure-play on the Brygos pottery
Equally delicate and amusing
—————————–alive progressively sad
What is sun-gold on the skyphos
Is rust-gold on the sword and the Crown
Death has no boundries Beauty does

The nail is a story its own seperate
Almost invisible inside this Natura Morte
It doesn’t one inch belong with Apollo
Seems it fell out of some TimeSpace parallel
With a tale we have nothing to do with
———————————-but feel for

My daily theater stage for a year now
Poetry’s altar of all corners in NYC labirynth
The one agreeable Silence the angel
Resting her palm on the drawer’s edge
———————————-in my absence
The thick white winter curtain
Drawn to the side daylight of fresh shy hue
At entry
——————lit the table lamp welcomes daylight
Much the way reason at home greets
Vagrant wisdom
——————here on inside the electric glow
Stands on reasonable footing with natural
Lumini against the magnificent miraculous
Inexplicability of TimeSpace
—————————–shored up at arm’s reach
By function utility nececessity use
Shallow they be and instant
———————————any toilet paper thicker
Think though the last city-lamp-post at day-break
Eastwards the sky such as to bury the Bible
O what a sorry sight to stand there lost unnecesary
—————————————shinning for no one

But here Patience mom of Virtues stands tall grateful
A yellow pencil tip down deep in the soil
Supporting the Angel Wing towards daylight
The day this Reign ends to break out roots its own
—————————————perhaps perhaps

img120 bl

9 23 PM FRIDAY DEC 14 NYC 2012

Infernal Part With Hope Who Enters Here
Relocated to Brighton Beach’ playgrounds
How much does it amount to
———————–in insurance after Sandy
Billions Feds promise a no-show so long
Any expedition out of Black Widow Shelter
Starting subway Rockaway Ave
Feels a TV sit com produ these days
Melting-pot ground-meat humanoids
Straddle sheetrock stage set
—————————having to sign legal
The reason for afternoon outing
Is this for real or is it only a nightmare
Only as in now open your eyes and look
—————————the nightmare ends
Is it an insult to an attorney-at-law
If client asks transparency in legal matters
My Cracow-case lawyer up-start
Impatient to cash in on bi-polar hero
Chokes pale bony upset ballistic
When I refuse to sign off
To him rights of money transfer
A huge taxable headache on Hudson
——————————–let dough
Stay in the mill by the Vistula River
Now how much do I owe the office please
I am not signing anything else
Mister Cheat has been an expose enough
—————————in transfer matters

Dreadful I’ve been telling him this
Word for word from Court escrow sir
The sorry fortune goes straight
—————————my own account
No one else’s I have plans
Several lives parallel simultaneous
To balance I don’t need you
Nothing personal to sit on my piggy
I am in full possession of faculties
Advice Ok if advanced transparent
As we headed from his office
To Notary Public’s and still once I sat
Across the desk from the Notary proper
Lawyer throws me papers
———————bottom last page to sign
Nothing to do with transfers
For certain but check I put glasses on
———————-Made in China $ 2 .78
And there it is who is this legal eagle
He wants to be a trustee
——————–down my senior throat
The rights of transfer or
Offers to smuggle
Via his personal account
Monies from where they
Sit perfectly legal heroic to here where
They are taxable difficult to pass customs
Stand accountable for Black Widow Shelter
Punishable fines prison up to 7 years
Should the hero pen-and-brush
Liberating life-style of Poland
Overlook any fee due US
Money Manhattan I am too much
Of a loser for the mix
No first you are going to tell me
———————-what’s the damage
Confront yours with my numbers
For services rendered Pro Bono Publico
To start with asked pro forma signatures
To figures you promised to ignore
———————-when it comes down to $
And now
When it comes down to $ finally
You bring trust into word-play
——————————–what the google
I am not a felon that you learn
And keep secret my true crime
Excuses clausuli paragraphs loop holes
To win a day longer on death row
Neither am I a daring of Depression day
Throwing myself under luxury cars
For a Chrismas hand out
My case was won at register
Why would I waste my precious last
Or risk yours mister Law
——————————–if it weren’t

Don’t startle your star client
Name Maecenas of generous justice
In Greenpoint amounts to a suit hyena
A sight of poetry suffering verdict
Of patriotic neighbor under an oak tree of valor
Stirs scavenger in you to action
And not Law to Justice
The same careful tread may bring close hands
Of such varied intent as there are uses
For one and the same paragraph
Deciding innocene’s future
Yes you did come to me at my last
Yes you told me of the legal option
My case was won the moment of register

—————————enter Precaution
Don’t rush to jugdement Jacek
Not all is greed
The lawyer is loosing nerve ER fast
The client-vinyls cold for lack of client
And the ongoing facelift on the façade
Drains cash 24/7 professional leases
The Pennsylvania timeshares in the red
Rentals Ridgewood in oil-bills’ month
Polonia green card applications Zero
Wife and son pharsical at best
The suit of Court armor
On the sour chap long lost the shine
Of the Prince of Justice’s
—————————open your eyes see
The nightmare doesn’t stop

Than this the Elementary Newtown Conn
Peter Pan wears Rambo for the day
Winks Harry Potter ahead of carnage
Should have Sandy for name after floods
A storm of fire now Mommy dearest
Daddy dear executive execution style
Wholesale meet your maker everybody
Nothing personal kids bam booom
Why suffer death slow motion
Obama’s tears NYC Minute
—————————-O Apollo


He is the only dark fold in my all-seeing I Tiresias
Don’t look under nor dare to
—————————–weeping alone suffice
How ask Apollo why tears how happens
Lights of Parnassus despair
Tearing at tender root in helpless fits
I the witness keep myself safe from the mistery

I heard sheep-bells by heading uphill then the sudden
Silence of bells the way heart stops
For someone else’s solitude and to sheep
Sobbing Immortal or herdshand a dire sight the same

Behold fate of the best brush at Knossos
Tiresias takes our Ought-Be searching ancient
Amhoras fired ready for painting
Come Festival of Hiacynth the shop doors fly open
Wines of several imports to choose
Each reveler O youth mortal by Gods beloved
Asking the brush another scene mythological
—————————-for the sacrificial ornament
The brush-hand of no equal ease and detail
In execution a goblet of raisin red each motif
Short of fresh themes by the night of blind Eros
Handsome brush dared fancy Apollo in tears
And in this disposition he offered to render god
—————————-the next merry gobbler
Amhora broke apart wine spilled the moment
The brush-tip touched red terra cotta
The next try the same and the next again
Pottery shards mounting underfoot
When the brush-hand registered the curse
He wept the very tears he dare ascribe Apollo
Tears of gods are an Olympus of weeping
——————————–for a lad of talent
He earned forgivness a broom old years
Temple of Marinae the Godess of Forest Springs

Hard at words ever since Marinae was the messanger
To bring Emperor Julian of Rome last Pythian oracle
———————–the water of speech even is quenched


Marinae the Goddess of Forest Springs
——————————–blessed be Tiresias
If nothing else this is the gift of the Ought Be table
Finally finally the Stranger Marina true
How could I stay blind so long I shouted in joy
Love of winters three at first my grave-yard Muse
Jamaica Queens her tears how adamant
How abundant yet wishing rather not to flow
At the last flowering of Orpheic blood-line
Stumped over half dead Polack drunkard out of
His felon YMCA for ethnic dinner together
Her first Why Not bringing me back a breath
———————–rich in sustenance long denayed
In the vicious Greenpoint claustro conspira
Have a toke of crack on me the deal
For a corner quickie with dame on your arm
Radios blasting Whore Lords nights O no fuck off
The moment I found myself in love
Pity the heart so starved so willing in vain so long
Still to register to acknowledge her kindness
Twice the nececessity O how mind
Bathed in revelation of shy compassion
If a woman was ever a reason an atheist
Prayed to believe again she was the one
A jolt of electricity to fingertips and lips
Fervent and deep the kiss I pressed next to Muse
Soil of the Central Park under the star
————————of our tomorrow together
Together together together
Of mankind not all is horrid please
To bring life to a corpse any TR can
But to restore future capital F as in furious
Full flowering fortune to a mind
Mad with grief under backrupt NYC skies of gold
Heart beat to a heart buried under trash
Of infamy and evil spell
Such accomplishments come only
—————————where Muses are a circle
Orpheus back mute from the Nether-realm
The Parnassian gossip
His mud foot prints filling up with Muse’s tears
The future blind to consequences held to heart
For company while the felon hotel raved and raged
Behind partitions cocked a bullet bought razors
For the throat splitting nightly for quiet
Seniority of bitter age fallen for promise twenty-some
His heart a wound-lock unlocked
The way aging Shakespeare might have lost reason
——————————–for Julliette of Verona
Old arrogant wishes answered no one short of
Femme Fatale can hold corpse asking for more
More of the oldest torment imagination loose
For loose ends how to tie next date together
With hope not again not again the pain of parting
Not the loss inevitable ahead this time but what I gain
Novas of the moments now with her
——————————–be my lucky worry

Female Fatale drops the mission
Ill with fear for my life sanity storms of despair
Her own not the least declares herself
Lady Independence contacts of her own initiative
Grown sporadic tears abundant
Medusa for Jacek casualty left behind
Unexplained inexplicable her links between one
Personification and the next a Conn commuter soon
——————-8 pm twice a week at Grand Central
A stranger next day in a token line
NYC strangers form far apart from one another

——————————–O blessed be Tiresias
Now in her near-absence a dream is left me
Reccures with therapy weekly punctuality
————————–intervene Ya’ Oracle Supreme
Her destiny at your lips
May tomorrow bring her google the wishes
My heart pumped into dark temperamental lymph
Of her carnal beauty dear nights together
——————————–in Marina’s graces

When in that recurring summer of the dream
She happens near by say I am a grove of laurels
Poetic licence permitting she strolls by nude
A welling of tears incarnate translucent
Alphabet of old bones blooms in her wake
I hold lip-buds from sighing eyes from opening
In the leaf bark from groan we are not alone
——————————–dear Tiresias
Virtues in marble of exqisite chisel adorn
Parnassus of my nocturnal voyage here Patience
Seated should time take Eternity of waiting
There Pity a jug empty of water on shoulder
Courage a youth busy with a thorn in foot
While the grove above rustles alarum of mosquito
There again Constance and Honesty and Good Will
Practicality on terms with nails hammer and vinyl
Gratitude shy should it be taken disillusions
O Tiresias each night-dream Marinae the Goddess
——————————–of Forest Springs
Attends another statue each night her tears
Of bottomless source a child isn’t readier
Replenish the chosen Virtue until the figure
Much like myself when dead in Grace’s grave
Lifts her stony palm to her eyes and weeps also
——————————–O joy of life regained
O breath restored future the sunlight sense
For necessity’s sakes for sake of being of use
May the morning bring you google the wishes
Laurel leaves leave for Zephyrus to carry
Wherever your sweet innocent lost feet take you
Whatever Virtue Art Idea calls your heart
Tiresias help Marinae the forever of my final will



A crime that doesn’t pay the white crime
The not-for-profit crime
White gloves for crime’s sakes exclusiff
The way a printer of art invites
May choose afterhours to issue a blue Mauritius
Fed up with lull stirs a storm in tea cup
The way Basel Art Fair may find Basquites
Made in NYC ca 2011 forget Warhols Harrings
Fame-starved hacks sign names retrograde
To canvases they have never seen before
Operations need not be mercantile
But to bring real thing attention
Expertise if not price expected
————————hurts no one
According to capitalism’s hand book
Spent laundry money lives in shreds of the shirt
Mona Lisas 963 Mad Ave best on market
——————————————-an ad NYT
Last year a million today only two SAVE
Yes if art be business but what
About young Picasso in rage
The funeral of dear Amadeo
His love’s coffin next
And the procession turns auction
His Hellen deliricalia
Subtle delirum tremens each long-neck amphora
Each burial wreath in
————————an 0 gets added to the price tag

Paint worse that gravediggers don’t
That they don’t buy your brush
Young bull Picasso was furious
The sacred value buried under profits
That’s why my hammer struck
What my chisel kissed adds Michelangelo
Eyes that know no pity shall for pity
Look in my stone he the Master Slave
boils eternal
————————but to steal real thing
To steal merely to destroy say to steal
A proof of innocence from someone
Whom to accuse next of crime is reason
To rob a perfect stranger of tomorrow is a game
Each plays unawares takes long to understand
How right is Franz Kafka
Logic paranoid heartless
————————when he observes
How easy it’s to kill dangling out
Innocent little pinky
Everything is signs say the pinky of interest
One distant pinky in a crowd of pinkies
On a subway platform goes down on you
The Collisseum way of Imperial tummy
Man is casualty of own sensitivities
  ———————— but to steal from the next
Fellow adventurer into Third Millennium
What makes this Third Millennium
That little more certain
———————— if certainity is the word here
What’s certain about us save beast
No not the Third Millennium should the beast
Be the real parents
————————the end the same still one
Deliberates as if the way to go does matter

A fellow adventurer millennial the thief
——————————————why steal
Why from a neighbor of Mosaic tablets
First steal and now not return war diary
Of a young beautiful woman in love
A booklet washed with tears of eyes many
Eyes dear to one another for life
At the epicenter of short-sight tomorrow
Her own eyes of Love her suicide fiancé’s
Her mother’s father’s mine
My dad wept over phone in Cracow I in NYC
Polish Daily office ah the thief too must have
————————added vicious salts
To aristocratic slants of mom’s high school hand
After miss Elisabeth his vacuum cleaner
Has brought in the loot
————————O why doesn’t he return
Mother’s soul to son please why not
That her dear Jacek doesn’t drink two years
Has a two room apt at Black Widow Shelter
Mythology’s last for date
And questions why why why hurting ever dreadier
One page read should have made beast bring booklet
To the son dog-like grateful for the change of heart
O where is the diary please O learned consortium
————————the Ought-Be of ours help

Mister Cheat how surprising Socrates he goes on
Depended on students for posterity’s enlightment
——————————Jesus on disciples
Today neither philosophy nor religion
———————————–to stake bets
Who is left to trust to make Art History
Thieves the better thief
The better chance posterior
There is no such thing as bad art
To a well-connected investor
Mister Cheat likes to be obvious
Words are but the tip of experience

Who needs my tragedy
Don’t I suffer enough sans this one
Silence of the phone deafens the bookstore mama
————————how slow are metaphors
Kept turning face the Chrismas
The light of perverse murder hiding
under opulent shade
Death-throe thief no kids investments plenty
Now money found use everybody involved
On the part of conspiracy
Gets a pizza pie dollar-worth for hush-hush
The poet had two glasses too many alright
————————but no none on his nose
Even if only paranoid a logic
The barrel the Polonia crowd for me in NYC
Is spoiled rotten unlivabilibearlibile
————————one’s own kids seem Lear’s
Any witnesses the diary existed at all
————————yes I have
Americans some should case go courts
Brother in Cracow mom’s sister
CIA may have tapes
Me and dad before death I read him some

Having travelled full the scope
Of meanings contained each thing returns
Where it came from
————————say lips of Tiresias
If this should be any consolation
And as of the thief
If Tiresias could he would rather not
————————count for you his days

Quiet across Ought-Be size of mass revelation
Count death-throe days of the thief of souls
————————do Tiresias dear
And you bring old man that many
Frecious days closer the dawn
The Dawn of Liberty dear and true
Where no thief awaits the new born virtue
Innocence curiocity talent will
The not-for-profit thief the destroyer
————————count his days do
O you privy to the secrets of the future
We hope blind man does not need
To strain focus far deep in
They can’t be many
His shadow was more of a balast
Then his damned bone bag year past

————————his crime say Tiresias’ lips
Deserves few good summers broil to marrow
Winters thrice freeze to heart
Near death the wheel of seasons spins mad
Each night faster
Than the hours
————————the inhumanities
The inhumanities of his design to find
Than strike heel in every perfectly capable
Achilles candidate are plenty enough
To fill Inferno with victims for revenge
Corner to furious corner a coach to start with
With a gang of hoods playing soccer
————————grassroots Poland ‘50
They liked bottle much to go national titles
But eliminating personal talent at the outset
The coach invented the discipline
The in-game eliminations
Of opponent the war time survival instinct
Gone pathological clinical Party line
The jugde looks the other way
And the public are the village few
The coach has candies for them
————————candies Olympiad

Tiresias’ wrinkles reflect dire the snakes’ den
Which he peers behind the coach’s face
And quick promotion
————————years forth the coach watches over
Teams representing Poland abroad
ear and eye KGB denting every potential
star of Liverpool or Real Madrid
With a post card in coded initials
————————himself soon
To petition visa in good old generous USA
Business ground Chrismas ornaments his line
No faith-wise he doesn’t pray
Christmas Tree other than terms profitable

As they say back in Poland yes Johnnie left the village
But village lives still in Johnnie his first million
Goes Queens appt projects
The coach in him has to
He must like his tenant
And the coach doesn’t like to must anything
————————can’t stand to have to
Nothing personal ‘gainst Muslim
But sorry veils do make him suspicious
Veils in Queens sell wholsale still it seems
There are three carriers for each
Two home while the other shops
China is not one crooked character better
Communist Fifths Column yellow cockroach
Nor Mexico traffickers white death flesh slave
Nor Little Pakistan turbans of trotyl praying
————————death to all Jews

But why Tiresias why I am gasping
Yes law religion profit may provide reason
Artificial why post factum post mortem to deed
That but roots deeper then circumstance
————————————-in the heart
Of the beast way below the human fragile realm
Yes I can answer myself
See the thief tied for his last
Days to bed of conscience the way
Fables lay down worse
On beds of eternal torture
————————but why Tiresias why
What have I done to the coach
To deserve this grief
He could have helped as easily

I see fire fire as in hands
That receive back the light
The light given off earlier on
The thief doesn’t have a fire place home
————————answer Tiresias’ lips
The ancient seer carries lips for
The secrets of the future the way
Servants carry gloves
————————for a well appointed thief
Hands two palms up inwards shimmer aglow
Translucent talkative tips used to rest on lips
They are hands that wrote the diary Jacek
Word after word
—————Tiresias’ lips are slow
——————————-return to naugh
After each makes full the scope of meaning

2 54 PM SUN DEC 9 NYC 2012

————————Mister Cheat reels
Had to wait long
Now he unleashes common sense
You call inhumanities a conduct
Perfectly everyday neighbor to neighbor
Wherever you go Free Market
He throws his arms out the Brit evolutionist
His crown witness silent stiff
For unwelcomed familiarizing
And stares me down accusive
————–either nothing human is inhuman
Or words mean nothing from now on
————————Mister Versalite

I agree friend what’s human in us
and what’s not differs each in proportions
I am more of a human than you are perhaps
But say you are a good several
Years younger have time to pull up
Let me talk friend I press the issue
I was exactly six
——————-six moths old today
The day the Human Rights Declaration
Has been signed international Paris 1948
Dead yesterday
The smiling bundle of fetu wrinkles
Opens eyes tomorrow
——————as far as the Labor Room saw
No other smile Poland ruins terrible
Unexploded ordnance dead ends
What from distance may appear
A file of school on an outing with nuns
For many a holding hand is a last walk
In sunlight outside St. Ziza’s hospicium
Century-old misfit humanity up close
An insult next to Aushwitz injury
Elephant heads six-toed morphs
Anatomy communal in flux
Filling up separate outfits eye-on-tong
Under-arm-repro my mother’s palm
On my eyes for the length of passage
Why would Germans spare bullet mom

The Declaration leaves best part
Of term human out
For each concerned individual
To handle hands-on
As best desired fit or possible
The moment at hand options galore

The Articles stand in defence of said individual
Against exterior entities choices not own
I against the dictatorship of the We
I as in a Jew under Nazi sfastica of Reich
I as in a True New Man under Red Star Siberia
I as in a Black church mouse barred from Greek Revival Ga
I as in young multitude forced WWI & II front meat lament
I as in innocents of Nagasaki and Dresden
Patriotic God fearing defending sanity last bullet
Kill or be killed for profit overseas
US Army Negro in Paris that Christmas kickin’
New Year home brings kids school together with sarge’s

The Soviet Bloc didn’t sign the treaty but the news
Must have travelled church lines Notre Dame
To our St Nicolaus’ Cracow nothing easier
Imagine now this distant Christmas eve
————————that winter at my grandma’s
Theatre father used remarking has burned down
But the actors now that Rights are reality
See players are on their own
————————mom teases him than flees

Mom was one great beginning of never ending tales
Beginning with her heart beat and voice filling
The caverns of passionate pregnancy
————————I was DOA for parting
Took UNRA medi Buddha smile Paris Declaration
To make infant swallow globus histericus
————————open eyes on her the night
When cattle talks in Poland 6 months worth
Of smiling O human was war God was not
Sinning yes but sin was out with May Day March
Nothing is lost in Nature everything
Is chemical reaction claustro total
When Layka dead in Space
Proved the Merciful absent beyond doubt
The Aushwitz Hiroshima docu for home intros
————————what to do
Why not hold on to any first decision
I will turn every chosen next turn of path left
And see where the expedition takes me by say
————————midnight tomorrow

Nothing against schools daddy but please
When do I see everything else
Groping so far a gymnast out of grace with bars
I hear a magic lo a blessed formula
Me a lad alien to reality
A thirsty bird to drink from stage fountain
————————nothing human alien to me remain

The words came from the Past Immemorial
When only three kinds
Of tools were known to mankind tool of kill
Tool of home and tool of past time
————————O dolcefarniente
The sweetest of words in my adolescent Polish
Imprecise applications given
To dreaming in idle hands
To shadow casting next to winter fire
No one has ever heard Apollo hammer
And when Jesus did hew wood
It carried him high sorry

I as in I am not anybody’s property
Industry’s Progress’ or Flock’s
I existence shall not be a matter of trade
I as in I have a right to refuse killing
At no risk to my civil and personal liberties
I as in who knows what I shall turn out to be
Minimum ouside intervention
I as in an adventure pozhyiom uvidym

Not that my achievements
Would deserve a Louvre
A MET a page in Ency Britannia
But my jaw muscles
Solid frantic I swore each beat to share
Heart flesh and soul
Where humanness stands vital
The up-to-my-own-dream
Humanness of Mythology
The humanness Rights leave for ad hoc improviza
Electric road signs got Cracow XXI Century
My hands to host for life hands of Leonardo
Durer Picasso Apollo of the blind casualty
Was to hobble out of shop display
——————– if other pens borrow characters
Novel-to-novel epoch-to-epoch I lifted eye-glasses
War and Peace Pierre’s lorgnion from Borodino
To take a lunatic look at PRL of ‘70
The Great Red Commune a mausoleum of Future
I am not saying my Aborted Masterpiece
————————equals Tolstoy’s
If every authentic writer lives hell every title
I lived three for mine but who reads
————————few did fewer like

To experience failure yes be only the aims noble
Born crying strive to die laughing
————————the world of laughter

Nothing human alien to me remain
These words steal young curious mind
By what We the grand above-human We
Owe Pride&Glory to a mere handful
Individuals not much different

————————from you friend or I
Or any orange as far as DNA counts
Be they perfectly unaware of own generocity
The museum stuff the shocks of stage
Coinage of words that holds glow
———————— outside the stage context
Brighter night for each day gone from tomorrow

Proverbial Blue Moon of February ’68 in Poland
Reds sign the Declaration my 18 birthday
So late and so on time
We are to learn not to implement
Human true sense remains yet to be realized
————————tried contemplated
They these words of airs attract the fable
At the outset but lead delight on thin ice
The obcess when three huge Polar bears
Chasing me walk and I a few steps ahead have
Floors every last foothold crumble beneath foot
————————hell beneath a sinner
A sinner by compassion a reader too young
For Crime and Punishment
All Stone and Passion most solitary couragenius
But if I had to choose where
Where do I belong with that We of outer formation
The We one day welcomed another day scorned
Say a well situated mental institution
Was a reasonably necessitated and desirable
——————————————-first choice

Blind decides Kobierzyn facility
To deliver bric-a-brac Immortal for recovery
A well of madness is each human
Our cries this way God
Squeezed in and out for humanity His message
Through the mistic’s bleeding dentals
When tied to bed force-fed sugar and phrama
Hitler is my mother human hair gro’ o’ m’ dress
So-cia-lisim has CIA in it that’s why I am here
How was Apollo in me put Army hat on and parade
———————————-for sanity symptoms

Nothing human alien to me remains
When these words form on my lips I shiver today
Coin in my fingers glows with lifetime of fire
How lucky a fellow I am the way one Black Widow sighed
After safe survival of Katrina-Irene-Sandy-Cassandra
No we are not lucky we are blessed here blessed
————————no trouble as in next to non-existent
Homo Verboten your host at the Ought-Be table

9 56 AM MON DEC 10 NYC

Not a word on WQXR I go library downstrairs see how
The Capital of Capitalism celebrates the Anniversary
Barack Obama seated history bus Tara Banks
Took to school equal in racist America
Ginsberg flashing V for refusal to kill and Whitman
Wow it’s Hanukkah Lightighing of Manorah
————————Let My People Go of ‘70
On the strenght of this very Declaration
Forced ailing Soviet issue exit visas the tribes
Held hostage at Red nuclear industry labor
Next to NYC sky-high wait-rooms nothing else
Could have been expecting humanity next step
————————but Peace it seemed
Peace dearer for Apocalypisis just avoided
Still possible postponed the way an item
On auction gains price while bids stream in

Sorry to report on-line NYT carries not a mention
Monsier Artaud Plato Darwin sir Marx doctor Freud
Norwegians hostile to EU EU supportive of Palestine
One FB friend in Cracow laughs his laughter rattles
Visa Card replaced the Cart of Rights world-wide
The Polack sounds dry find the latter
————————sentimentalia stores tomorrow

Who’s to say what’s news anyway
We make the news we the capital W
Whether fit print or not NYT
————————Mister Cheat throws
His restless mortality at the mercy of Ought-Be
He alone is going to make day worth anniversary
Even if Human Rights were to be stricken out
Of city calendar for good yes a price tag does
Bury true value dead Mister Cheat agrees generous
With some earlier argument of ours
————————but the said Rights
Once given an inch of inner pasture
They moo for green acres more
Free Market Inferno
You work soul-to-sole to pay
————————or you work collecting
Say O illustrious table of Ought-Be
The last but not the least
Among this learned gathering
Mister Cheat of inexhaustible tolerance to insult
Humored by truth rather then raven
Say did one among you count how many laborers
Line the ESB crane on the famous pic
The Irish-Italian pub steady
Eleven sires eleven
Mister Cheat cocks ear to hear
The twelth one scream
crushing down as others smile
————————for the timeless frame
I cannot swear I am the guy fallen off
Sure I live the last one still alive of the crew
————————————forgive many
An inhumanity the innocent surviver
Mister Cheat offers his wretched anatomy
For say a scientificic experiment today
Be me gone to the last atom
To the last undelivered wish and folly
If indeed everything amounts to Cheat
Here and now this table my cataphalc
Each of you gentleman of jury
To deliver please an eulogy
Eulogy on behalf of the Occasion
————————will you we must

Mister Cheat throws himself across
Full length a self sacrifice pathetic solemn taxing
Ought-Be receives tribute honest
————————worse crave change
Nothing particular to Mister Cheat’s outfit
Sneakers worn for troubles outsmarted
Nondescript blazer to baffle witness
Shades hat Miami cottons
————————My Ami for starters
Don’t-Go-Home wear subway-ad NYC-nightlife
Here I deliver my burdens
Mister Cheat wants to die on this very table
Masters of Reason of Ethics of Philosophy
Do best eulogy and if I get up again
It should not be our old Mister Cheat
————————————-who gets up
Beg bury Mister Cheat under oratorial art
Paint life paradise without his cunning whereabouts
Prove his shadow rattles virtue out of innocene’s face
I can’t suffer myself to no end I can’t
Do your best gentlemen who’s first
————————————–Marx yes please

Did you ever work Mister Cheat
Worse Mister Cheat fires despair I never stop
Looking for work but just how to survive along
One opportunity next and opps come hard
Who cares you know as I mister Marx nobody
What was the worse you perpetuated on
The NYC working poor Mister Cheat I don’t know
Any working poor sir in America sir
I have a homeless non-working Food Stamp
—————————————recipient buy me
A pack of Marlboro on occasion twice the price
For favor much against conscience
A capitalist death $20 a pack but for the night bed
When my punk crack-head is whoring hotels
——————————————but that’s NYC
Most my winters tropical Carrabeanas
Nobody workin’ there girls yes for the boss me
————————and I for European client

Not exploiter a parasite
Carl Marx could pose this moment
For God the Creator
When God comes across the Serpent
On His path after the Expulssion
Looming over the prostrate Mister Cheat grand
Awesome for the whole rail-roaded perfection
Good the utensils are McDonald plastic here
————————————-Marx glad also
Turns enormous head of white ich nicht fershtain
Having a choice to put on clothes of a getleman
The manner and cares of one you go sneakers
A snake doesn’t have a choice
————————you make one every lace turn
Once a carnival it’s human
Twice for necessity cruel
On both the Cheat and the Cheated
As long as the Cheat’s old mother lives
The Cheated forgive tolerate punctuality
————————understand circumstance
When she dies and the Cheat continues out of bed
To wear sneakers shades Miami he makes choice
To live from one lucky strike to another off
Of neediest of the needy poorest of the neighbour
Serpents do it seldom strike once in blue moon
Digest for weeks in solitude Cheats go chances alone
Won’t let any go past untried
————————necessity no necessity habitual

Compared with exploiters of Carnegie Frick magnitude
Mister Cheat earns his soul in Hell a penance
In shape of a masqito furious at the balls of one
Or the other of two distingueshed baron robbers
Their torment a google their bloody profit
Karl Marx smiles at own metaphore twinkles moustashe
Over the presumed corpse of Mister Cheat
After all this is eulogy over a Pole and a Catholic

Let me continue on this note Confucius
Leaps for turn at the sacrificial table
——————————–the mists disperse
Courtly tai-chi brings focus to his fingertips
And the Emperor is baffled where is the Wall
The plans are checked the Wall indeed is there
In design and on the painting too
Done but past summer but now
Where the Court took stand to view the marvel
————————the Wall is nowhere to be seen

Mister Cheat breaks out giggling
Author of Das Capital was obviously not enough
To do him his last will far from it
Mister Cheat is splitting sides
The Chinese Wall gone first mistfall
Or the part wasn’t built at all to start with
But Marx the Old Red Beard
Is having troubles with few lousy Marlboros

It’s not the slabs Mister Cheat
Not Marlboros either
Confucius the candle lit inside mind
A day in Emperor’s life is millennium in stone’s
Stones perish something else at stake
———————————–Mister Cheat
Older than the Wall
A monster conceived so sleazy
It escapes ambodiments incarnations
No fixed describable anatomy fits purpose
Wearing generations for gloves
The Cheat impedes in coming
Something I cannot quite specifie what
The very reason it won’t materialize
For as long say
————————as Mister Cheats exist
Describe it best try by Cheat’s opposites
Be Cheat an old hat
What we loose to it is dawn
The dawn when doves of heart beat wings
Shall Innocence share in our Ought-Be fiesta
A true heartm would stammer
To offer company for fear
Of being not enough of a worldly gift
but Mister Cheat
She would go for your first smart twinkle
————————blushing innocence’s sin
If Cheat were the wind who Innocence be
The wind of pestilence years of scourge
Now fresh
————————O a fresh tomorrow
That’s air without Cheat you Mister Cheats
O the air without you

A breath of fresh air O man of fabled Orient
Be precise say an ocean of heavenly breathing
Denayed lungs for a glut of glue
—————————–not even the size
Of the head the poor roach just lucky
To escape tormentors
And you shall enlist my testimony
Michelangelo the Master Slave
Now takes eulogy to new heights
————————my years of final chisel
A cut separating necessity from excess wasted
Damned stuffy nose sinus noise each desperate
Pull to swallow in from the brain’s sagging mound
Matters of sickly sticky substance
The under cranium skies
————————jarr floor against floor
Music of spheres handed a saw for bow and string
While one pulls in hoping this last one pull
————————and no more pulling ever after
Soon enough two three careful breaths away
Nose bridge brow and where the spine
And scull-bone join
The cosmic nut-cracker is at it again
No end to snatching the head co-tenant in
Hide-and-seek barricades riots to marrow
Congestions mortales
————————temple to temple
Michelangelo’s fingers search his skull
For under-the-skin channels
Touchstone against artritic cranium
Drill for cavities choked with phleghm
But when one finally succeeds
When from inside last secretive nook and cranny
Of living scull an individual of nondescriptive
Fluid thick accommodative shape
Gets finally excavated
When it gets coughed out onto fingertips
And borne to light for inspection
————————a mere last next to nothing
Is being contemplated for cause of utter misery
Little sticky next to nothing in between
——————————–the fingertips
Impossible to get rid off Mister Cheat
Hear me well you snut of History
——————————–grown cold
A stranger’s corpse may taste the same
When one thirsts for dew
O the battlefields of lost kingdom
Die best death Mister Cheat yet all may be well

Doctor Sigmund Freud
Commences now a lecture
Mine are symphaties with Lot’s wifes sires
And these glasses here don’t call them mine
Have seen not just one Sodom
Not just one Gommorrah burn
I had Wieliczka salt crystals curved
Three weeping pillars for Muses
—————-while on my Discontents
One man I dare not call him a patient
I the medic financed to host on study sofa
A foreigner in Imperial Vienna
Say a poetic misery his last coat
Spine of pride that bows to others’ trouble
A Cracovian of all the capitols past present
In Austro-Hungary of the Danube Waltzes
If body be handsome still imagine
Motion adding grace angelic
As in throngs that in the shadow
Of a creepy elder given to tonges
—————-proceed to see prophecies told
Franz Joseph up 5 am off to his work-desk
The Cracovian it seemed slept
—————————-in between thoughts
And these came crashing wake-up
Every single deep next breath

—————————-crown after crown
The partitioned Kingdom of Poland
Clamors on his temples for supplications
—————————-on my couch
Bloodlines blacker
Than wells of Inferno his heart-beat
Go kneel for Emperor’s grace
—————————-your own brother
Pedantic ambition
A clock that ticks in blood-spill
Back Cracow buried you proxy twice already
Boils for what’s rightly yours
—————————- if Franz Joseph
Were to grant your gold leaf
Shred of land by Vistula
—————————-a crown status
Doctor Freud is a fabulist patients themes
My patient is considered dead
Dead in town of his heart
And such heart as his is not only his
——————chance or design be blessed
Day or two earlier he returned
From his own burial there
Young brother first behind the proxy casket
His own name on wreaths thrice the usual gothic
—————————-when he objected
Kain his blood had him arrested
Viennese papers medical appointments here
Saved mad imposter from ill

Mister Cheat prostrate faces down the Ought-Be table
Long he didn’t move sigh curse or laugh
O could he see the expression doctor Freud allows
His studious aspect to assume now
For the most unexpected angle on the XX Century
He Mister Cheat in the sacrificial fellow
—————————-would be dead no doubt

Pride also learns holds folds of dignity aside
Kneels if greater good demands giving birth
To psychiatry was 99% pain
———————–and it shows in the father
While Master Slave Michelangelo
Excercises still his most unbecoming
Inhales swallows throat
—————————-and scull dredging
Eye-globes at risk forehead skins cave deep
Ought-Be reverberating into dark morn outside
All this for Mister Cheat’s edification
———————-doctor Freud please do go on
Proxy-dead the pride pleads the cause
His Majesty sees no reason why Imperium
Shouldn’t grow
Vienna Prague Budapest Milan
Richer for one more capitol Cracow
———————–of say limited principality
Without a soldier dead or one border broken
His Majesty brings kneeling
———————-patient up equal to equal
Soon the gossip reaches Wawel Shoenburn must
Reconsider the goldprint on funereal wreaths
Shines fresh and large true man six feet under
The one of His Cares the Emperor’s
Obviously an imposter
—————and as such deserves Cracow trial

Now hold breath if you still breath Mister Cheat
Doctor Freud takes upon an appearnce
Of a venomous beetle
Armed for assault with surgeon toolery
Franz Joseph decided the game
—————————-not worth a candle
Turned to chess board big league what a loss
What an unimaginable loss to posterity ever since
Had the Emperor sided with my patient’s royal claim
Ferdinand the cause of WWI would head Cracow
Not Dubrovnik for ceremonienies
—————————-everything next is guess

6 58 PM WED DEC 12 NYC

———————————no Mister Cheat
Is not only un-dead eulogies recharge
The sneakers Marx of the Manifesto
Here religious sentimental sorry me a leach
—————————-off the poorest neighbor
No Herr Communist the penny I manage
My flambuoyant manner
Won’t break no piggy bank but yes ask
And it may restore sense of belonging
Of being uselful of being
Of last resort to a soul sinking
Right behind the sheetrock wall
—————————-try helping yourself
Out of impossible predicament and you fail
But try half heart the same
On the next in bread line
In priest’s eyes your hell sentence
Gets shorter for at least one tear

And you sir Chinese Tradition me a scum
Good two three numbers lost inside
My fatigue footwear
—————————-how to expect
Any good-for-nothing happy-go-lucky
Copper lincoln spend-drift
To behave any better than builders
Of Chinese Wall it took Americans
Moon to notice
The remains of the structure looting
—————–if these got ever built at all
But you dare invoking pestilence my likeness
Breath heaven if not for stench of my existence
Have Michelangelo cough up mucus
Like he were to fill with snut misses in alabaster
Then our archeologist of the mind when Vienna
Crumbled desperate for reasons Imperial
Has biblical first murder cast shadow upon my
By such lofty standarts perfectly tolerable
—————————-a sleeve of silly tricks
Connects my everyday loose ends
With apocaplyptics of the Century
Only a moron would want to call American

—————————-forget profession
Gentlemen dismiss authority grandeur
Don’t use despicable dreggs to aggrandize
———————–yourselves still grandier
Correctier forward-informed
Help a simple do-nothing-good be a bit lighter
On daylight rather
When he gets off this Ought-Be table
To his dayload East Village NYC

————————————–Monsieur Artaud
Do you sir please have to add perhaps an advice
For the betterment of our kind
—————————-starting with Mister Cheat please

Take a carrot as in carrot and stick
Innocence assumes carrots are best sliced wrong
Promises Mister Cheat the rewards an under-table
—————————-lost carrot expedition
Monsier Artaud fingers a carrot
For his erection lost to schizophrenia
Schizophrenia he holds is creative
Erection repetitive consumptive
—————————-Big Boy’s thummy’s sucking
Read same news-caption every day year long
Correct or not only schisophernics divine
Ever anew
How it informs connects with the street
And the TV screen at arm’s reach

My day Mister Cheat Montparnasse
Would be dead-weight traffic-bore
Sans elusive instanteous improviza of your kind
Such was often the absurd hour the milling crowds
Were all each you a Mister Cheat every body
Give or take a detail for misleading disclosure
And the stage at La Comedie mon Dieu
The Lord would have worn thorns for laughs
Theatre must be cruel
More real than war to have a say
——————————sway staying sense
Compare your person with fame of my day
One Alphonse Dreadieau a masterpiece mascara
Au mélange Patriotic Poetique Tragic
Existencialist Utopist Absynthe to five-tier
Ball room excess
You Mister Cheat come out an authentic
—————————-an exotic authentic
Small time next to nothing Michelangelo snut
Such fine fakery in Dreadieau’s art
Such delectable deception
If Alphonse applied for city engeener
He would win commission running a pinky
—————————-down his feline nose

————————————–in short
Mon Mistere Meastro Miser Cheat
The Theatre of Crueltie last act perhaps
—————————–declares pity on you
On you and your countless urbanite tribes
The one game you know how to play
———————————-Monde Casino
Gets tighter on the player while playing
As in machines of the Holy Inquisition as in
Claustrophobia a man one morn frightened
Shitless to put on usual shades sneakers Miami
They fucken’ shrunk way too small
Having no other go on squize in what you have
—————–I pity you Mister Cheat trust Artaud

Monsieur Artaud the ravaged hostage
Of WW II bedlam-to-bedlam odyssey
Resembles Voltaire of triumph at 100
Deserving of pity for Ought-Be
Old witch gone bankrupt on noble spells
You Mister Cheat pardon mon expression
The Crueliste in me wants to feast on
The inevitable moment when your face lifts up
Emergency SOS SOS SOS when no one answers
Up stiff neck breath flat but no not a stir
I see it already Mister Cheat
—————————–hope it indisposition

At this moment Mister Cheat does exactly that
He lifts his bold batter up from plams
———————————-turns to Artaud
Catches glare of the lamp pottery smashed
And smashed again glued pieced licked together
Countless times so far is up once again for face-lift
The shaky meatloaf chokes on tears
———————————-the last stupid
Wooden ladder holds more to her credit then I
Mister Cheat gives ladder the mother accent
—————–damned second rung broken fucken’
The ladder of light atatchables
Near the Ought-Be table the dear company
To my English dictionary solitaire of years EV
Mister Cheat a baby now heavy with remorse
Stares expectant at the worn service object
O mother ladder do your impossible brat Cheat
—————– same old goodie-goodie beg ya’

Unaware of facials this side of Ought-Be table
Plato mounts for oratorio how does Republic
Famous for exile poets stand in regard
To this after all not an undeserving specimen
Plato doesn’t have agenda but aware of gravity
Of problem due to sheer population numbers
He will consider suggestions in good faith
———————— first things first though
This one word alone Cheat
Ban it from dictionary
You blind citizen to vile practice
Teach it in school
The word calls experiment
Easy success tempts habit
At best you have virtuous claim guilt

To trust any blind bet’s surer
Not to trust a claustro terminal

You whose shadow they say is that
—————–of Socrates himself
O great Plato make this clear do you believe
Man as in every given human individual
Has for modus Vivendi
—————–to die best person one can

Much depends on courage to be alone
With own concept what’s best if necessary
Our Mister Cheat in the City Republic poses
If not fascinating lo intoxicating a problem
O Plato is the hardest nut a dessert
————————— for toothless Wisdom
Should such a city be realized in perfect fact
Would it work its harmonies into Mister Cheat’s
Aggressive blindness and civilize sneakers
Or would rather Mister Cheat who prevails
Upon Hellen School in designs worthy of his name
His sneaker-prints across math of Tales

Of Crrrou Crroueltie crows Monsieur Artaud
Experiment unpredictable irreversible on impact
Poets banned from the Perrrfect
Who’s to jugde perrrfect perrvert prefer’d or not
If a Cheat stands better chance to sit in the jury
Monsier Artaud foams bubbles at mouth
We part last hair of the problem four
For a stage bucket of crocodile weeping
My Dreadther needs Threactor no more
———————————Adieu everybody

Just allow me in Plato
This town Republic of Good Consuel
Mister Cheat an altar boy now
Perfectly innocent of the alm-box near by
———————————do Plato let me in
I promise all Virtues there remain virgins
Long as I keep my carrot stand humblest corner
Sneakers offend esthetics Michelangelo help
Tie my sneaker-laces some fancy ancient flower
That perfection be mine too if only one brief
———————————breath how tastes

Speaking of costiume Marx my good fellow
Next time on library errand
Please see Salvation Army
Take shades hat Miami bring back
What’s necessary for my remodeling
I close my eyes to your choice
Mister Cheat believes the longer
He hears his argument
I return every red lincoln home for Chrismas
———————————light is museum
It shows what is no longer in existence

———————————now myself
If I didn’t know our penitent Mister Cheat
Our all too willing a sacrifice
Our untiring gambler on bad credit
Issues press bitter but words hold back
I would by now be out on Salvation Army errand
For our dear old weary masses Marx
But given thirty years long cohabitation
Manhattan labirynth with miserly Mister Cheat
I let my tongue run the whole empty space
——————–of teeth gone into experience

Every red lincoln home for Chrismas
Mister Cheat and the Season’s cheer
First handful collected you hire hands
To shuffle city-wide below holiday minimum
————————-below age ya’ like ‘em
Reselling to Fed below minting cost
Profits a penny every dozen traded
Not quite the dynamicals you are after
Just think how make a dozen on every single
Street-idle lincoln twice the honor is yours
Make yourself a buck the size of 100 carat
————————plus NYC is free of shame
Face value ignored in gutter
For the next-to-O buying priviledges

Begging old tired ladder here for compassion
If dead wood heard and bowed
It wouldn’t be a ladder any longer
Yourself again Mister Cheat who rather
Hides in ladder’s shadow
Than takes challenge of ascending
————————-sneakers left below
A baby boy-toy skins of crime inflicted
Upon your sorry light-hearted innocence
Crime repeated at opportunities’ whim
————————-scale the difference
Deaths unresolved let’s call them several
My age poets speak only when they must
Skelets half way dust property in balance
Real estate gamble caualties all
Democratic Club here
Pre-war property recovered in Cracow
Lost to a Tomkins Park vodka transfer
Sweat of early America on to Las Vegas whoring
The travel agency Oriental pussy addict
Shoots himself three times to head jumps 5 floors
Avoids jail time for psychiatric
Myself a scare on the head my hair show pity
To stay cover an attempt on historian
And your Mister Cheat restless
Under-smile search
————————-for next kill
Shuffling inner files day’s ph numbers
E-mail address book Yahoo FB timeline
The way a serial goes fresh blood
Bathe himself clean brief from previous score
O Mister Cheat no misery doesn’t choose
Good bedfellows but dreams in sleep
We do and shall belive hence
The saving grace of dreams cannot
————————-must not be ruled out
Mindwise Mister Cheat we share one fable
Cracow of PRL no key no lock on the gates
Millennium closed
—————a Disneyland real shorted
Patron saint of your choice was Lila Veneda
A statue nondescript shaded by maples
Her fold a gang so solid in credentials
The flower bed lie waste for waterman amiss
Me a curiocity on feather-feet en passant
—————what is it about Lila so enticing

Let me continue Mister Cheat please you drain
For tender nerve you won’t today your wish
Another few words and you are free to jump
Back on your two friend whoever that shall be
To me Jacek your living-room vagrant of years
You stay Mister Cheat Despeakable period
Should you collapse kneel and beg
—————poetry goes soft on evidence
But see friend of all things on dear Earth
There comes the Crown of the Dead
And Jacek is a mere subject to the Crown
Only too willing to submit to wish of monarchy
—————————————–this said
You owe friend the Crown of the Dead
That I welcome you back now
Among our Ought-Be gathering
—————————–a fellow worth the trouble

img114 bl


How everything is perception how perception
Is everything we learn say know next breath two
Question marks rise high over your globes
Framing face long O of your mouth a black hole
Swallowing surety knowing 100% terra firma
Traceless O gaping starved
————————————dark ajar ahead
Grope in palm forward yes by touch
We are reassured yes the outside exists but just
What the outside is exactly remains a wish come true
And true again assumption stunned proven error
Next touch true again proven wrong next touch

Dealers of delusions sell not certainty but certain
Values these wear out fall out with fashion
One certainty though remains Nu-Value Open 24/7

Tiresias sees far better he sees what happens tomorrow
No matter what we do today while we negotiate
The moment towards trustworthy harbor
To find harbors dwindle longest in bay reflections
———————–and you don’t drop anchor in these

Laughter breaks out bright epic Eureka of joy
Constant Welcome bird cattle folk and beast
Of all the Ought-Be diners we owe Kniyaz Igor the salvo
Fare’s better finding don’t just look friends
Anything would suffice given his flair
Can’t find what yourself you need wait it comes
Needed most meanwhile find for others
Be what other waits for answer hopes surprise-surprise
Bye-bye blessings may suffice should your own needs
—————-dangle empty-handed long past patience

My everyday practice sighs the MD on board health first
Monsieur Artaud objects health’s merely instrumental
Towards ends unhealthy ends to say the least
Cruelty Theatre ran a show on casualties
Not a curtain but a coat of curtain-cloth splendid pregnant
For all the fabulous magic the curtains
————————————learn first hand
The coat is thrown loose across a chair for stage set
The chair’s monumental leg arm outside view big time
Enters earth-worm next to the imperial coat not even
An earth-worm in size half of the crawler and the shorter
Half at that the way a graveyard shovel cuts
————————-look the vermin booms just look
Only last summer I wore this coat for Coronation

One Cheat holds tears than what the Cheat inquires
Early XX Century red velvet clients line on eBay
That’s it Monsieur Artaud freezes his hand why more
Short the play one hoped up to ten full rooms daily
It didn’t last past opening night post-show scant Bis
Posters out to pay theatre rentals piece by piece
The stage-coat walks via tailor out au Paris naked in
Coated out they went aspiring chanteusseses ballerinas
Winter saw the curtain-red every lantern Pigalle
Held out to no sales the cloth gone entire we folded
The earth-worm sits among us now Mister Cheat
——————————–avec pleasiaire mon chere


Confucius bows out of Ought-Be first to seek sleep nook
Or cranny daylight distracts from dream-labor he calls it
Before tonight is over the Great Wall of China gets
Several boulders longer fitting stone to stone tight
Takes most sleep-effort says he off after a lair if I happen
To wake up before night’s job is done I worry day long
Rocks ten times this room in size how do they vanish how
Nobody to ask when I return next shift to set them

Plato quips he sleeps one eye at the time one must keep
Watch on both worlds simultaneously inside outside
Easy fatal to confuse one for the other stay true
Ideas Eternal as they beacon outside daylights
————————————melt my heart
But for this one dear obstinate gnarled artery rooting
Sentimental tears the tears wept shall old Plato choose
————————————let both eyelids fall final

Kniyaz Igor makes his exit a loss manifold in gains
The company he leaves seizes opportunity we need
To find now how each personal impression of the
Eternal Welcome Celebrity Wonder adds up
——————————————-do we agree
Even when Igor heads out for next reception
We the left-behind We our Ought-Be Symposium
Remain all the richer for brief passage for advice
Monsieur Artaud corrects not remain dear friends
————————————————- but find
Find ourselves as in

As in look hey the Kniyaz left his golden boots here
The Cheat volunteers for all we know Kniyaz may
Not be back before Christmas but sure he isn’t the kind
To leave us disappointment for presents
——————————————–let’s check
Darwin Marx Freud yawn ostentatiously
Christmas weeks away curiosity may die on patience
What’s Christmas to the Moderns anyway
Our on-board MD shakes finger what if Kniyaz
Rushes in having forgotten presents meant elsewhere
What is he finds shoes empty what if they are empty
What if he catches us digging the leathers
We say sorry Kniyaz Igor either/or deal it is
Ruin your Christmas surprise or close eyes boy
Then we stash in whatever what do you carry
————————gentlemen in pockets show me

Plato’s ring of keys pathetic Philosophy searching
Agora for them key-losers key after key after key
Nobody better to find ‘em keys locks than Kniyaz
The Cheat clasps his palms shakes hands left in right
But as not much else found way onto the Ought-Be table
The fellow nearly cuts head off the shadow behind him
When he slams the exit door out now
To catch Knyiaz Igor the golden boots in hand
————————————Polar snows are deep

Now that only two of us are left I say to old blind seer
Awe Tiresias if you are tired the privy to the secrets
Of the future deserves best bed under roof my own
Seated lying down little difference to the worry says he
If to call a worry to know not are you in sleep awake
Daydreaming perhaps whatever be the third eye
————————————stays wide open
Tell me than dreams you cannot dream can you
Say mind spins on free when you rest physique
In Morpheus’ arms can you predict what dream sleep
Brings next hour O if you could how prophecy
Be differentiated from actual fulfillment knowing
Equals living in the know Tiresias doesn’t it

Not necessarily nay rather than yeah say your fortune
Spells doom no matter what escape road you take
Take them delusions for hope last chance salvation
————————Destiny learns your ass-kickin’ heels

Or that royal daughter given to tongues
Tiresias has he fathered her O his fingers cracked
She tore the purple on her blushing innocence
Still the town folk went about daily business
Like there was no tomorrow like the tomorrow
Of sky-sent fire-acid-sulphur was say first menstruation
————————————with the pleading oracle

Lifetime opportunity opportunity not to be missed
Do I dare ask the prophet what ought be ought-be’s
Lay outside his scope what does happen tomorrow
This Tiresias knows this and no other
————————— no should-have’s no would-be’s
Ends appear many to each single beginning he sighs
To divine the one man in doubt takes once read palm
Happens to my mouth say I the medium eardrop
Eardrop on myself a perfect stranger when in trance
————————————each a fatum to many

Old man Tiresias please just turn your head no
If next question be better left dangling say though
Are secrets of the future dependent on timing
Timing as in before during or after
Say what’s prophecy when the deed at its heart
Has been with earth-worm years past
That’s when they come to me Tiresias O Tiresias
Trapped hopeless paying drahma tell ‘em more
Tell differently what they smell only too close
————————————without my service

Now the question sir turn your head no if mortals
Like I sir are too weak to bear the answer
Knowing for certain what so far I only dread paranoid
Dear Tiresias if it shall come to pass
————————————say this December 23
If Mayan calendar dials are correct if the Three Stars’
Alignment over the Pyramids scheduled same day
Is indeed a sign yet to come true and not a leftover
From earlier forgotten prophecies if the three or four
Postponements so far recently go bull’s eye next date
—————————————————–in short
Is there anything you the ultimate privy don’t know
Can’t divine won’t fathom about tomorrow
————————————that’s where hope is
Should oracle prove worse fear reality inevitable sir
Dear Tiresias blind man beg ya’ don’t stare at me
Your hollows hurt add two gaping mouths to silence
Of your lips you know Tiresias you stare me through
I don’t need to spell my inquiry word for word
——————————————-save me breath
As long as we stay mum on horror horror remains
Uncertain words tip the dread full action words
You damn well know old man what I carry for soul
Turn head No No beg ya’ but wink if I am sane correct
————————————to dread the unspeakable

Reality is best told in fables he eases his frame
The one and best at hand dear Tiresias opens up
Earned mankind a library of student homework so far
But little in the way of learning the actual learning
As in application applying yourself adequately
Not to the subject for grades but to the necessity actual

———————————— Erysichthon
A name as hard on teeth as necessary to remember
His daughter gifted for changing herself at whim
Foot-loose and Neptune’s beach trophy
————————————whatever she fancied
To catch a mountain antelope toddler
In fall down the ravine the girl flies in a threesome
Of eagles snatches the antie safe a gossip-carrier
Mourns not one ruin Dorian column or tree in sight
She turns into thatch holds the vagrant shaded content
She could as well have had been the very oak tree
Her dad Erysichton took pride falling in Ceres’ grove
The tree announced sacredness twice but the ax
Fell third time and the next reflecting in flight the green
Dense splendor the topmost leaf gone first

For all the harvests wasted to frivolous fury
For dancing Driyads’ circle scattered homeless
For the heart lacking in ear deaf to pleading bole
Ceres the Horn of Plenty her side
Has Starvation brought upon Erysichthon
Plants hunger at the source of his flesh
Hunger eternal insatiable ever hungier
More More And Ever More Incarnate
——————-of mighty demanding phisis
And bottomless gut soon the dad is
Trading his only child now an elephant
Now a single last caraway grain his meal
She at play eluding the client into endless
Lucky the poor charmer she might have
Been next to the last treat for daddy
Before Erysichthon set his jaws
On the one skelet still with meat on
————————————his own

Say no more lips sighs Tiresias words cease
But his lips remain a-gape as in gaping open
——————— as in Agape love divine I take
As in love for say whatever eye encounters
Whatever does the hand do caress don’t ax
If you don’t have to and Erysichthon’s trespass
Was entirely barren of necessity of use
Now the question arises taken for veiled prophecy
Conserve twice the consumption ten times the waste
How do we stand tonight midnight exactly
——————————————-Nov 29 2012
How do we stand Tiresias
The Tree did it already fall under the techno ax
Of insatiable Progress or is there time still left
To lay down the blade and reconsider sir beg ya’
Turn your fable-load-head if No wink if Yes do both
The Ought-Be Symposium in balance
————————————or is that too much to know


If I were to come up with exact opposite of the Eternal
Welcome Igor the Kniyaz one Anatole should show up
The hunch-back dwarf of otherworldly white mane
And hurt slant to his eye the way a key hole may try
Eluding the key the key be golden the lock would open
On predicament only he Anatole knows how to handle
Not that Anatole didn’t have a day in limelight he did
But for precisely the reasons he would rather spare
Himself the camera vicious make-up artist and mirror
———————————— the anatomy misfit
Wherever he tried fitting nights tired dirty dead
Into the last narrowest crevice Polonia Greenpoint
Two three others for bro’ plus the bottle
The winter past the same trap froze breath
On a number of refugee refuse amen but Anatole’s
Breath survives minus 0’s mint state undeserved
money let Anatole’s pockets speak and before
long they are empty looted made look full
with toilet paper from Starbuck’s traffic turns head
away from his misery inside bus-stop shell
the way Anatole too would like to do
when empty pint gets again full rain snow heat wave
sure a seat two blocks down Ave Polo
say at the Royal Table was an option
before the day downed the first vodka an option
left not unexplored in the past only to see
the traffic eyes now stare you in the face goo-goo
like they see tip the Tatra Mountains size
————————————in the unbearable client

Anatole isn’t here hungry his strong delicate fingers
Go for basket bread starved for use he will take
One two slices and absent minded for wait time
Mold bread into shapes miniatures
Of no definite specie another slice the fatter the table zoo
What Anatole’s eyes are lost for wondering after
Has nothing to do with his fingerwork
If Anatole could shape himself his own comical curse
Into a smallest of likenesses if with that likeness
In hands he would search library for mythology
The Shield of Peace his objective the bread figurine
Would fit not try and try again fit into any myth
Roomy enough still the Shield would refuse Anatole
Smallest of shelters within the golden dial
————————————bus-stops buses kneel
For misfits rain or shine better than them shields
Of no welcome

And here he walks in out of blue our Anatole
Anatole the dwarf orphan of his fable
Our Ought-Be table friend sit make home here
————————————the Cheat gone since
He left after Kniyaz golden boots to deliver
Has brought Anatole in from the element guys talk
Polish together kept ‘em warm comin’ from the Pole

To sleep to fall asleep next to another is trust
Tired you fall asleep among the last of trustworthy
To fear the neighbor sleeper so bad eyes won’t close
Still to have to sleep Anatole took his chair for sofa
Here though among you kind companions how can
Anatole sleep the hunch ache mountains ear cocks
To your what did you say the Ought-Be Symposium
—————————–go on don’t mind the dwarf

that’s conscience these days an insomniac dwarf
conscience used to be church-gigantic
one lived inside a focus of heavenly attention
now one growls when it doesn’t let sleep
knocking about rib cage loose cannon
pills ease conscience of uncommissioned performance
poor Anatole say how did you manage survive Sandy

She’s my girlfriend now forever Sandy Anatole declares
One kiss of her the first one did me the goods
I dragged hunch after without much success or ado
Sandy my jaw dropped when I saw the girl comin’
At the fucken’ Greenpoint Manhattan bust stop right on
Sandy dear gal Sandra drama no mercy date Cassandra
Get this whole fucken’ hood washed down the last drain
Fucken’ Royal Table first Polonia Travel Beauty Salons
Fucken’ real estate holy procession frenzy all to the last
——————————————–fucken’ good drop
Anatole gasped Italian hand turning circles at wrist
The one true prayer off my chest goes as I say
Jaw dropped Sandy blows in a kiss first so potent
My fucken’ hunch blew gas tank huge on wheels fucken’
If I blow up fucken’ set match to my bloods all goes
Than these feet here they dangled way up fucken’ church
And law office ice cream fucken’ juice $4 99 a glass
Like I was a giant plastic Thanksgiving mouse
Fucken’ strike rat rather and well and go Sandy go
Sandy goes blowing that kiss of hers down my throat
Intense to furious to words fly all else flying by scattered
Corridors to court appearance stairs up to suicide
Fucken’ passion my gal Sandy blew Anatole apart
Mind and hunch and pocket with one true kiss good bye
Misery good bye Polonia good bye ya’ keeling buses
Mister Cheat here when he stumbled on remnants
Kind to collect them hunch sells with fortune tellers
The frost did the rest to bring me back afoot
————————————————–so sorry


And though I am not a fucken’ poet fucken’ suicide
It fucken’ keeps me company as no other the fucken’ shadow
Gets lost from me under where I go but never ever ever
————————————Anatole holds next word
Back on breath his lips searching for another one
One kinder should the ear be pained
Like like like no other fucken’ the dwarf gives up
But why Anatole why do you say you are not even
A poet Mister Cheat throws in a wrinkle you don’t need
To write or read to learn knots I mean the one knot
Every true man studies and masters perfect
————————————a Sunday neck tie Anatole

A hungin’ dwarf fucken’ me of all fucken’ humanity
Look you fucken’ man Mister Cheat
You have all reasons far fitter than mine
————————————and look you fucken’
You advice me I the last fucken’ dwarf of the fable
Your fucken’ hunch of pockets
————————————how tie noose
Just curious why poets Anatole don’t get me wrong
As you said I too have reasons enough yes sir
But search my closets for ties eternity
What has poetry to do with it nothing personal

Why fucken’ poets Anatole looks at Mister Cheat
The way two noble key holes may stare at a wytrych
Burglar’s open-all hook of wire in Polish
Because no poet saw what I see fucken’ and how
Many do you know how many went and hell
Saw nothing like I see when I want to go fucken’
Death fucken’ skelet weeps fucken’ choking fucken’
On tears fucken’ no poet none a least not in our
———————————— fucken’ literature

Don’t count in these damned souls who left behind
Not a scribble they must be countless and you still
Have say twenty fucken’ accomplished exits
———————————— starting WW II fucken’
Ask Anatole if Anatole is a book worm and Anatole
Says sorry winters I collect reads for camp fucken’ fire
The Polish Vogue fucken’ of all the fucken’ beauty mags
The Polish Vogue should run a piece a scanty fucker
—————————————————— last page
explaining teen fucken’ subscriber why Polish letters
lack in volume due to early outings of talent
one dined excrements pervert another fucken’ grieved
he didn’t die in Aushwitz Peace fucken’ horror worse
still another pen aspiring took off the Five Year Plan
with his muses two drunk on fucken’ ammo
an esthete born dies last hermaphrodite in Fellini’s
helps his executioner fucken’ the guy who dares
asking God why why have You made me a Pole
heads for first Tatra avalanche of winter fucken’ Vogue
one would fucken’ think the beauty mag owes poetry
but reads fucken’ last page obituary
blame the dead why fucken’ not fucken’ say
how difficult it is to fucken’ tie last tie
the guy quite recent a bard of Solidarity youth
onward the singing mouth Freedom Democracy
Tomorrow what jobs didn’t he take
to survive his song tried hand at everything
gardens not fucken’ popular back Poland
he fucken’ hippie fucken’ puts on a dress next farm
cows don’t fucken’ sing like forest birds
they don’t curse either like woodcutter gangs do
——————————————–when milked

Anatole pains for having to go any further
What difference does it make to a cow what hands milk her
Poet’s hands should fucken’ be most fucken’ welcome
If that’s the poet’s way but man men refuse
Chase fucken’ applicant into barn fucken’ rape shits
Out of the fellow for his fucken’ flimsies
Next fucken’ rail road track fucken’ the guy lays down
His misery across the fucken’ cargo train slow endless
For all the noise terror superhuman endurance
Leaves behind a living death man poet his right arm
Pen hand fucken’ severed above the elbow
——————————–rolls down the grassy slope

Anatole collapses into his vinyls and scarves
————————————now fucken’
How fucken’ do you fucken’ tie that last knot
On the tie of endurance with just one fucken’ left hand
Why not the fucken’ Vogue a word of advice how
For teen fucken’ readership fucken’
———————————— die we all
How the choice is not necesserly one’s own fucken’

Ears out of freezin’ noise warm up curious
Anatole fed his hunch a train load of party tables
This gal last Sat fucken’ brightheads says look
The guys fucken’ dig dick lady patriotic
The Doll by Prus better than Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina
And no one reads the Doll she goes legal
————————————how fucken’ the Doll better
Warsaw fucken’ claustro Prus trapped fucken’
Write for the reader about the fucken’ very reader
Freud over the Tatra Mountains at his diagnosis
————————————but in claustro Warsaw
Mirror mirror on the wall fucken’ flies out
If it doesn’t rhyme with expectations so Prus did
His best to rhyme prose with patriotic modern positive
Duty not his heart in the ink
Like what did his pen reveal unique about Poles
He throws in a daydream Paris for comparison
—————————-to show claustro Warsaw why
But fucken’ thinking the Doll better then Anna
On the face of it Anna is life and her husband the law
Tolstoy fell 100% his young bio for the heroine
Himself the Imperial Court exile and Cerkiev excommu
The whole story is told in the opening sentence
All happy families are alike let us now see unhappy one
Here in US it would be find one happy family here
And get Library of Congress shelf the length
Of all languages in existence fucken’
————————————Latin fucken’ goldleaf
Why fucken’ poets Mister Cheat it’s Ougth-Be with them
Or the fucken’ last impossible tie evidently

Mister Cheat balks yes he reads he understands
Word for word every line but just what hell the words
Amount to is beyond his grasp elusive at best
Certainly nothing to make Kniyaz Igor’s golden boots
————————————any lighter to carry
Whatever happened to the boots Mister Cheat
Snows fucken’ up my nose I traded the balast
For sandals slades like to pull them on strings behind me
Sandals for sneakers these for clogs then slippers
Fucken’ Siberia Tibet North Pole Alaska
————————————no foot wear lasts that far

Myself I observe O how lucky I am Anatole friend I choose
Not to go out for days now at the Black Widow Shelter
——————————–CheeryCheese Pie corner bodega
Did you see Paint It Red Harry the ghost comes back
To do justice to the town of his murder a scientific crowd
To the holiday table and look lurk among the kind and curious
Faces of intent vile bad conscience the bookstore mama
Who carried mom’s dear diary out of my office
The fucken’ senior center Greenpoint social in charge
The one who refused 240 over 180 a 911
Are here nose for opps apples out after Chrismas barrel
Obvious the hubby knows not a shimmer about the diary
Shakes my hand bro’ and bro’
The social heads for kill corners the direttore
————————————sues for poet’s ouster
Chews moustache will he ever register
Failing job duty with senior under care carries sentence
Good still Soph the Doctor Worry his pal was no show
Pious smile to add wishing me hell hell merries
———————————————fucken’ fucken’
One Bulgarian knows what tears these are fucken’
That’s what my emergency prescription appoinment Friday
Must have meant saying strict pill diet will do me
———————————— help bear them calm fucken’


Not much light under roof still the shadow crashes in
Ominous deep in onto and across the Ought-Be table
Doctor Freud’s wrinkles for iron he is first to wake up
Totters in Gutten Morgen Herr Sigmund coffee serves
Sirens factory sirens he asks no sirens as yet and look see
Nightmare stalks up with the first lunatic tired laborer
Next one and the next droves groping for belts clogs keys
Cribs hungry tip and spill pillows are bit for quiet
Hear them out there do you but the factory sirens
————————————early for sirens still

Conscience won’t let Freud sleep while the true affliction
Of humanity gets up to the day unattended
Maria Bonaparte Klimt’s female fatales sat pretty for myth
Of Oediphus Narcisuss Medusa implants
But with them the mob of muscle forever tired and straining
The cannon caster or the cannon mouth their choice
The Church where to exercise false justice
I never took one on sofa it keeps me awake now not one

Service of money doctors for profit
————————————Marx too is up by now
And in spirits proletarian something far worse though
Mass sickness drives mad the doc first
And you couldn’t allow yourself to abandon mad
The handful of your deserving clients the new born science

Few exchanges into argument they find themselves
Beauty against Justice and Justice against Beauty
Myself in jugdment swayed now to Karl’s point
Justice of Beauty is hand and parcel
Now to Sigmut’s the psychiatrist acted in defence of human
Spirit planting on blue blood Olympian DNA
While Karl’s Red proletariat mounted for History’s end
A near miss alright school books and memorials atest
So far History has been written by victors Sigmunt
—————————————–is quick to laugh

look Karl I say your proletarians they keep smoking
their opium religion on ten TV channels simultaneously now
pizza coke beer more is more consumer class today
TV makes miracles real 24/7 even if the pastor
Learns transe divine Hollywood school the blind believes
Real time sick kidney heals big cancer gone from blood
———————————–witness multitude past biblical
or so one wants to believe Karl yes one wants to believe
in miracles look myself Karl one Greenpoint church
allows roof winter over my head as only Almighty God
would want I break leg bad jumping the gates
by the ER time leg’s too swollen for cast
the church’s trustee takes the invalid in
sofa chicken soup telephone TV miracles miracles
you don’t need any cast Jacek insist kind host
this miracle person is coming to New Jersey tomorrow

and there I am leg long stiff marrow ache in the aisle
Ramada Inn Conference Room miracle seeker congregation
And there she in on stage Michael Jackson in drag
————————————the miracle pastor person
the miracle seekers are here after real results
death madness are wrought into chairs where they sit
and she is Michael Jackson in drag the pastor person
still the spells seem to work someone is fainting
he can get up from wheel chair collapses back for joy
comes my turn I say God should know better
what I need most to get cured my host lends me her heart
faith resolve and prayer while the pastor person
contributes the necessary ritual
———————————all to no miracolo of course
my broken bone didn’t heal I hobbled out to the
parking lot earful of complains from my host
no miracle means Jacek has no faith
you don’t believe in God Jacek that’s all that it proves


Not that I want to push myself into spotlight
——————————————I continue
But the issue at the bottom the we
The oceanic schizophrenic We
Seem to be sharing this one issue in common
I and every one else
————————————the mark of the epoch
However brief the epoch may prove in our case
How victim turns in time into jugde is natural
Next step with religion was forgive
As in eliminate negative from your heart and the world
Gets better such cures though pay back twice the ill
But now today what doctor Freud
That’s precisely what we all need to become
————————————doctors your example
Doctors all home grown Freuds everybody
Attending global ills right where they take root

Say your conscience holds you guilty you did not take
To analyze proletariat on your sofa not that a cannon
Caster or cannon fodder don’t love parents
But is that what determines front lines everyday lifetime
For them masses sure no they don’t quite know
They are a-wake or a-nightmare tired scared meat
As they grind or go through the grinder
Now you have your chance to make up doctor Freud

Marx your best witness who should better believe
In the patient than Karl Marx it is off his red anvil
That such sparks into history flew as of pride is human
Made let’s wake up Darwin also any interesting dream sir
Determinism versus unpredictability doctor Freud
Should the humanity as of now Tuesday Dec 4 2012
Be rested for diagnosis across your famous pillows
—————————would you take the commission

I would have to Freud takes glasses off clears them
Stares at them at a distance do they the rims and lenses
Pose a problem to begin with it seems so doctor Freud
Holds his Zeiss’s like a tangle of question marks
Twirls them alive luminous in fingers
——————————————–I would have to
Having to in this case doesn’t at all mean the doctor
Will succeed quite the contrary good doc Siggy says yes
I would have to and I will if I have to attend
But for all I know for all my expertise and learning
Say I may prove not to be a doc enough with the case
—————————————————–that’s all

no one says diagnosis binds doctor Freud please
do put your glasses on and be kind to give our patient
examination say there is one mal terribilis
that comes first to mind decides doctor Freud
all other natural this man made
the problem is this very sickness holds the patient alive
————————————it’s called finance
cure the patient what you get is madhouse at best
sickness unto death as philosopher put it
————————————but please come up
with something better to replace money for social binds
and I become a doctor in true sense
I bring out of illness into health
as opposed to prenoucing the patient
——————————–say manageable hopeless

Freud’s throat cancerous jarrs ear expectant of Ought-Be
The Ought-Be looms across the table hurt for humanity
Just than somewhere deep inside the Symposium edifice
Equally grueling note is sounded on cello
———————–Marx Freud I Darwin freeze for wonder
No not a cello a voice singing cello old Johann Sebastian
Getting up to his wintry habit the slow insistent plea
Alarum of heart’s last accord for revelation Gratias
—————————-though the little to be grateful for
As if to be grateful gratitude in itself were of supreme

———- just how gratitude can be taught planted in young
Minds say who better to inform posterity then Confucius
If tradition his forte amounts to anything it is gratitude
Let the man take his time though Chinese Wall is sleep
————————————alarm clocks don’t fit
Why should a daisy be grateful it has hundred petals
The first homework elementary I chance out
But they would be false reasons replies Darwin
Imagination would be grateful to thrive counters Freud
Marx pulls a strain out of prodigious beard and runs white
Hair between knuckes why should daisy be grateful at all
The crown of petals heavy but the stem so thin
Himself sort of big too big a headpiece for his spindlers

Gratitude Monsieur Artaude is up coffee Ought-Be leaf
Be adviced by the chef de la Theatre d’Crueltie
L’Gratitude de la carte will say gratias under palate
Praize tongue teeth toothless gum bless cancerous throat
Acidic gut indignities of indigestion kiss labors of outing
Indiscriminate flush down the urban ceasepool take
That times google l’Gratitude remains mint state
Instinct supreme triumphant
————–bonnne apppetttitte madam mademoiselles

Mister Cheat makes his bis for posterity’s sakes why not
Why not why not he is not in possession of tongue
His will to be of use is quick but his habit
His habit searches options for good old keeps why not
Start teaching kids grateful is easy once you learn
Say I take your toy and run be grateful you had something
———————–I need more than you sort of why not

The hunging dwarf Anatole is laughing I am going to fucken’
Hung forever laughin’ fucken’ the fucken’ noose won’t tie

Laughter takes over the Ought-Be even Tiresias is roaring
Gratitude Triumphant let’s see what they say
————————————the secrets of the future
Should I bring them these two words for news
Tiresias helps himself to the table hungry like a man revived
To a lifetime feasting his fingers dancing about temples
Round imaginary wreath picking grapes berries
————————————chasing golden bees
Gratitude Triumphant
but isn’t it true I try rescue the idea from humor
given tightest fucken’ noose shortest fucken’ last
highiest fucken’ aria C one briefest glimpse at the world around
should suffice still to fill true heart brim full with thanks
but no body listens laughter gets the morn WQXR 10 25 AM

11 51 AM TUE DEC 4 NYC

Murderes behind bars are of little interest these outside
Innocent of intent these full of it still better let us look at these
What courage to enlist in the ranks every to the last soul
The humans one happens across in his life adventure
Stone even my beloved marble stood firm against Michelangelo
A Sysyphus wiser for chisel this time around
————————————chisel and hammer
To deal the obstinate boulder manageable

The master slave towers out of sleep shakes shoulders
Impatient for tasks monumental this instant
Snow of 1500 in Florence was Grace but didn’t last a night
Town fearsome of Final Judgement needed calming
—————————————————–he says
The snowfall a gift of heavens for the young sculptor
————————————declares the Soderini
Please bring the loads piazza centrale street-mouths curtailed
I at Dante’s head in clouds palm out into starlights
————————————the accursed exile son of Ponte Veccio
Not Jesus was the Jugde but he the poet Alighieri
Allotting Inferno Purgatorio Paradiso in la Commedia
Mostly Inferno
As Fiorentine neighbor deserved in his humble
——————————-Catholic tormented opinion
The Soderin had the curtains drawn at night fall wrong
Florence crowded torch in hand melting the poetry justice
In no time tears the size of snow balls
My Slaves are left half stage into that melting sort of
But there they stop marble refuses Michelangelo what snow
————————————did without strain

You mean to say Michelangelo Fiorentines lit torches
On purpose to melt down do away
—————————-symbolic ritualistic with witness
Of their secret crimes Dante the guy went Hell and back
They cried burning excommunique rhymes
————————-at the feet of the melting snow-ghost

—————————————————how simple
The master slave is slow but precise with vocabulary
Judgement carries verdict and verdict in matters
Of perfection is guilty no matter how skillful the chisel
But look at the same stone the way say a thief registers
The appearance and glad rewarded from the start
——————————you see only what profits risk
For once I thought I made a sculpture perfect
O it should have been stone and bronze Dante for Eternity
But I am afraid that’s precisely why Florence
Would have him gone even sooner
Even if it took all the city wood to burn furnaces to melt
The poet back to element and quiet conscience
——————–hold your horses Temida they trample

But what to do O giant of Pity about the ill-borne socials
Who salute the same functions I happen to attend
The kind most pervasive these who don’t do what duty
Or honor or meaning of human calls for
———————————— next to them
Who specialize in doing what is criminal under pretext
Of good intentions not to mention bold predator
Cage deserving near miss attempts
The fellow trembling fat sweat into his cowboy silvers
About to kick you kung fu off the cliffff frrruuu frrriend
Whateverrr his rreasonnn
————————-say Buonarotti didn’t you want to kill
At least once and feel you could confess innocent of evil
The blood if spilled you did no need shaking head yes man
The only crime you would commit you are not in reason
To make sure to kill the bad is better than give it a chance
————————————————————O Arti
A blow deadly in intent in heart refines into curve of beauty
But they the Fiorentines of the day here global
Will they let the chisel pen
————————name what hurts marble imperfect

caught inside the wind I let argument carry say if
indeed verse when it rhymes eternal deserves head lines
the expert pen may choose most unspeakable theme
for elaborations say a pest most ordinary
————————————a kitchen cock roach
a perfectly safe subject for any exercise of style
mister Darwin sir we need your learned assistance here
————————————with this litarary project
see this insect no different from any common nuisence
Poles call it a Prussack makes squashing one history
Capital H for the wars Poland have lost to Prussia so far
————————————past Millennium
You hold mister Darwin sir such as this organism
Embody pure survival force does anything everything
To surmount obstacle master impediment
Traverse gender specie itself to stay abreast
————————————of extinction
let’s prompt than the resourseful individual towards
self saving transmogrifications for the poetic record
how would you sir advice
———————- a scale biblical needle for starters
should stretch oblong armor-clad crawler
long enough for stitching a stigmata or two
———————————— a miracolous heal
in the way of survival entry level exam
educational traps next learn better or expire
say spike a circle of edibles Clorox ‘round the insect
the only chance out alive to subside on the front two limbs
crawling past the circle of death on remaining four
repeat the experiment next wider sphere
now the little guy deserves lo he needs real dinner meal
a two legged fellow by now our roachie is a man
given a beefstake Charlie isn’t he mister Darwin
o how does a roach rhyme with pearls sir how does it

take the fellow now on his back use the same needle
sharp end this time jerk it in deep under brown wing span
than wiggle think you are under a human eye lid no you
don’t want to hurt the globe don’t be a sissy though
roaches are tougher than meets the blow they will fucken’
fucken’ squeek not rather then complain when squeezed
though fucken’ given pain-speed-learning our human
Stop-it-hurts should have been long A’s with them bugs
Just see one such individual struggle up your nostril
Plant fit inside make do off ear wax

Turn the radio down should the roach decide to squeak
You don’t need Mozart over the first roach word ever
————————————mister Darwin do you
what does the roach know about the needle other
than the torment it causes just the way a cave man
before speech knew not what ails him
wiggle that needle heartily save the roach aeons of slowenly
evolution begs you his fucken’ brown armor and white
————————————fucken’ mush inside
look the puny eye the antennae
to the radio-resistant pest sir Darwin you appear
————————————no more cognizable say
then does bone dust pra pra History to science
o how does a pearl rhyme with a roach mister how does it

5 24 AM WED DEC 5 NYC 2012

Pest of minds and table Plato a beach bum patron saint
Could have been addressing a generous fig tree morn
A mountain of laughter goes history silent
———————————— for a mere roach in it
Instead of giving lungs to joy to joy that doesn’t return
Men trouble with insect O the education Nature
Anyway prepares cocked ready like a deadly trap
————————————why bother before time

Needle under bristling wing the experimental
Kitchen Prussack takes advantage of Plato’s cavaliere entry
Gets lost Darwin Michelangelo and I hands aching
————————————for re-employ
Grope the air for hey you never know just as
Just as WQXR sounds they
——————–always know hey Arturo de Markez’
Danza Numero Duo Gustavo Duhamel of Caracas
Leading Youth Orchestra of the Americas

Strings mostly veins nerves bare for fingertripping
Bows long articulate intense last if should be
Promisquous for melody’s optional happy pas de deux’s
If heart can be ordered to beat solemn
As in an oath as in an alarm bell made praizing
This is the music the pulse the tempo it isn’t even
The hand travels the partner’s anatomy different speed
————————————than foot does the floor
Still another beat governs breath unison
Strings tear apart in sections
Youth’s clothes grow into one another easily in embrace
Now they have to part split apart along seams
Tango will never be more painful tango will never be
———————————————more of desire no

Plato patron saint beach bum dances eyelids low
Geometry his partner what erotic angles turns she
With old chap one needs only to look Mister Cheat
In the eye to see what gal Geometry can kick up to be
————————when Philosophy’s smile’s at lips

Hey Michelangelo what are you marble damn’d block head
Dance forget the pest hands did you slavering enough
Now your feet let ‘em free man take that marble off chest
One damn thing your sculptures don’t won’t do
——————-do it for them dance Michelangelo dance

Dance Marx my man grab your Mosaic beard both hands
So far driven you did so little as stick moustache out
Of my Republic in your Manifesto do it foot forward now
You library mole do the same jumping now
That you did every morn on your way to the British
Over the sidewalk proletarian go on Carl
Or I have you jump in my arms a class of one fella

Wherever he is Pole to Pole his soles aren’t idling
Fancy be the Circumference goes day-glow hoola-hoop
For Kniyaz Igor the Welcome Forever guy
———————————————–oh Geometry
Why is your name absent from Parthenon’s glades
No Muse calls after Muse that name no Immortal
Yet yours is the multitude of black boards the night eternal
Into which new born Reason draws first angle point circle
Plato drools sentimental as Latino Danza strives basso
————————————aches for next return

Mister Darwin the apes they only ape dances
Given men do dance first
Monsieur Artaud
To dance true isn’t it cruelty to the floor
Floors cannot dance
Otherwise floor could think dancer worse off then wood
Doctor Freud
In frolic ills enjoy health of others for own
Dance doctor dance
Eye glasses mind the table doctor let us all dance now

9 34 AM SAT NOV 24 NYC 2012

Palestina jubilant minus 100 and some funerals
————————————-  plus hell-oven ruins fresh
Inside Gaza concert-ration strip the Wall the Wall
That Israel has had built on US tax payer’s account
Plus NYC rent monthlies adding say a-penny-per
The Wall switched sides this time
————————————- say pray stays that way
Allah willing the Wall has held not the sneak-in
Sneak-out suicide bomber barb-wired inside
But the Israeli foot-and-tank from barraging in
Issies smart they remain though say Tigers at ready still
Whatever EU says or Iran or the rest enemy of Blue Star
They the Israelis are according to Army speak-personnel
On their own Torah-chosen soil
————————————- do-whatever-does-it
But should they yield to international pressure
Should they accept whatever last inch of waste
————————————- inside borders
The Palestine State Independent they appear aggressor
War monger every time Peace-warrior unit must
Chase say a sling-wielding teen dirt
Wherever treat to Ja-hweh omnipresence takes root

10 O4 morn already where do hours go mamma mia
Michelangelo Tiresias Plato you philo addict
Ask the Cheat they smile resigned not knowing where
Time for breakfast please what’s serving today
The starved Ought-Be deliberators coffee bagels
Begin with clean table
————————————- given choice
I opt say for Bergson’s memory proposition
Memory personal aside as in personals of no particular
Significance as far as Ought-Be is concerned
These remain property untouchables in-grave or
Anywhere else under Sun a treasure to share
Or fatum secreted inside chest cage
What I mean is the memory objective
——————————  as in principia ideals virtues
Capital P I V pre-existent as far as per-person
Life-experience is regarded supreme these are
Property exclusively of search-find-submit intellect

The one person in our circle friends mr Darwin sir
I believe you will find mr Bergson’s theories a relief
A relief from say rather inhuman assertions of research
Galapagos Evolution Surrvival of the Strongest
Bergson does agree with your irrefutable discoveries
The way one agrees with the lowest denominator
Climber’s way and climber’s way is indeed all
That mr Bergson feels human left him since the Laws
Of Evolution of your pen found publisher in London
————————– Bergson’s is Evolution Creative
Climber’s way freedom to climb or not out of
Natural predicament the animal level of existence
How-to’s on the way up part and parcel of that freedom
The philosopher will accept scientific facts but
As far as truths no science has no tools whatsoever
Perhaps only authority for misuse when we talk truth

Truth animals don’t search for truth they don’t learn
Hunger and fear of hunger the rest is ears nose paws
Neither they are predators nor prey
Each kills feeds then gets killed and eaten period
—————————————– ———–  your
British poet Blake an Ant is a Dragon in her World
Ants don’t need memory when they see an ant eater
They see the predator last time no need to remember
Before this they eat if lucky hundreds of times
Their weigh each swallows too fast to care
————————————- should the next meal run
Actually diversity of species exists say solely
For the purpose of concealing from the consumer
The very dish consumed should life on Earth
Manifest itself in just one say few species
They would have to feed on their own
————————————-  tell us mr Darwin
Have you sir found such examples in your studies
I can’t come up with one do you know any sir

This though aside I relieved the scientist of answer
He gave my question long pause was grateful
I spared authority a stumble
————————————- the Cheat o what
opportunity the fellow leapt for chance
to get a bite off high learning opened his mouthpiece
uplifted palms widened sharp forward
he kind of balances his weight for catch on tip toes
but holds back hands shaking for words
his mouth grown full O teeth set tongue and throat cavern
all ears around cock expectant could they help
they would they hold tummies his luck
————————————- the Church
mister Darwin there is nothing God can’t do
o sure the Cheat believes that best
dress whatever skins you want on skeletons of prehistory
give them names in Latin Eras causes of extinction
what you really do is stealing God from mankind
throw us bones instead
———————— mister Darwin do you need
me neither a philosopher nor a student tell you
there was nothing to them bones than bone
no history no life no skin long ago lived in
———————————————– bones
this is how God created them bone-digs deep in soil
the day soil came into existence
ask others why God would do this

————————————-  I had to intervene
God’s sakes friend please do not betray God’s secrets
But I don’t believe in God or in secrets of Creation
Just occurred to me while I listened
Neither evolution convinces me nor the church
————————————-  just occurred

let’s stay with Bergson please God if he hears
doesn’t need to hear about God from men his toy
we remember time of Faith how civilization
took Faith for cornerstone of Law and Order
————————————- but God himself no
Mystics when they talk revelations divine
they confess them like sin regret beg mercy
presented with the highest of all beings they fear
senses for what they are must be distorting truth
belittle enigma insult wonders
———————– they cry on knees to be forgiven
god of their experience is so great the witness hurts
Taking space at all inside the all permeating Grace

Bach Johann Sebastian Bach ears alone so far
Regains the feel for gesture he runs fingers
In the air bow and cello for a moment then asks
Do you hear what I play you don’t
————————————- that’s God we the faithful
Keep playing does God exist or not that’s best myself
I do to keep His presence felt and heard
————————————- I keep away from town
Folks to see my doubt eaten misery
A foot dragging proof how my musical longings
Cello in hand return favor why listen

God is the non existing instrument genius makes heard
Monsier Artaud stammered out this remark
His tootles mouth unawares the way mental patients
Months into isolation utter thought and now he was sorry

Mine begged waited prayed soul out note for note
Johann Sebastian sent Artaud of Cruelty Theatre a bow
Celestial in harmony yes I made silence sing for God
The break between notes in melody short for joy
Of the next note connecting and long pensive laden
Silence chokes if you wish before the next note is heard
—————- distant impossible as solitary as the previous

I too am deep in debt to you Herr Bach but please
Sir Darwin a born actor in disgust with public strikes a pose
For sake of my own poor soul a soul oppressed by confines
Of reason Trap of Determinants let us return to Bergson
Climbing out of the predicament birth allots
Please restore hope to human animal let us go back Bergson

I am not an expert or a bergsonian affictionado
Second hand edu fellow traveler at best but his concept
Of creative evolution lies close to my heart
It isn’t even a concept take Herr Bach his silences
Sing only as long as he plays the cello

Putting it away Johann Sebastian picks up if you hear pain
In my counter-point much of it owes to the inevitable
Silence without music dies noise takes the corpse
A discourse as this one of ours here is impossible
No lute we would soon be talking why lamenting

My phone is ringing Medusa the Blind incognito now
Blind unto herself irregrettable past forgotten off to life
Of suburbs career convenience Connecticut NYC
The i inside the state-name
Reads in Polish – and – as in Connect-and-cut
————————————- is it an order
Sent me Bergson believes in Memory Pre-Existent
Each of us much a visitor to the castle museum
The will to add to beauty the joy indeed forever
The will to add virtue to trouble for virtue’s sake
She said no she will not get me fresh canvas
Nietzsche saw Eternal Return
———————— the number of atoms at play
Limited déjà-vu connect cut and run leap
Out of past predicament experience pain
The name for habits we inherit from tradition
————————————- after-shock reaction
She will return drawings of mine tomorrow illu
For Sonnets In Reply she kind of commissioned
Espresso Press in SoHo for instant circulation
Forgot about it as well I had to remind her of lost project
The book could have been out ten editions by now
She will return leave downstairs she will call
————————————- upon delivery bye


What doesn’t bring profit suffers extinction
This rule of survival under control of value-setters
Inevitably eliminates true worth virtue traditions
We couldn’t agree more with Confucius
Value-setters dictators of fashion desire-designers
Blow Confucian candle out and trade in the dark
————————— trash for art fortunes a pound
Monsier Artaud didn’t paint on principle
Anything sells a fart of cancer but does ass hole
Gets anything out of the deal yes toilet paper
————————————-  tranquilizers
Say your own old Caddy pressed into a cube
Tires gloves compartment engine back-garage-art-
————————————- modern collectibles
cost insurance the investor feels he is adding value
along mr Smith’s lines of capitalist thrift
pressing new shirt adds to price of shreds final
to the inevitable Sotheby’s bets on the one hand
and on the other when creditors knock
the collector as in to collect at the auction’s end
finds himself praying nocturnal a thief his god
of circumstance and his prayer to wake up
to lawn empty again insurance check in mailbox

Courteous man awe in motion to touch not
Eliminate excess gesture cut to figure by will
Along Dynasty lines Confucius lingered for attention
Speaking of mechanized transport he begun
Say in my parts of mainland not far from the Wall
Land was broken for mining coal I believe
Roads were soon built along Yangzig Yang
For so long the River served oar and load
Up down the currents ages of navigation handed
Father to son omens warnings manner of relating
To waves under Sun and Moon particular season
Now the motor traffic took over transport
The River tradition lost necessity to continue
————————————- oar dropped for wheel
River empty not at all happy for smoke noise birds gone
Other bays all was not lost though not lost for one
Solitary oar negotiating currents boat empty
Day in day out years one is tempted to say
————————————- past death of old oar hand

Hear this O Saintly Conservative you hear knocking
On your door you ask who is it Tradition you leap
To open welcome late arrival press the knob
Pull and there is no one out there No One
The court China statuesque looks at Artaud off pulse
A statue the moment red carpet underfoot ‘ve been pulled
Sorry for Theatre of Cruelty the void in which it performs
——————————————— nothing but the Void

why don’t we invent traditions forward better
these left out of the market past use to needs time future
the Cheat found himself a rescuer eleventh hour
sales in resume of TimeShares ten twenty vacations ahead
just what these traditions were to be how to develop
————————– construe dress them for initiation
well borrow and employ pros experts veterans
young brain for go adventurous what flies flies
what doesn’t doesn’t kind of the Cheat weighted words
business undertaking project initiative investment
of pooled finance for mutual safety but finally decided
experiment it sounded so Good Will honest on his lips
face it future itself is experiment yes tradition at risk
but of what novelties of what discoveries experience
man would never learn if he faced the other way
you would spare no extra income mission succeeds
whatever the end result or product somehow the
tradition of past failures grand they be Rome each
brings success closer to fact failure cannot continue
indefinitely the means of failures stage by stage
a ten centuries long car crash takin’ more disas-tech daily
bad streak has to end or we end the destiny’s masters

Solidarity in Poland of ’80 my red penny for this idea
Look how far it fares Europe is one today Russia
Free to choose camp Islam one organism grassroots
Islamabad to Cairo one NYC Solidarity with Israel demo
Face off vs Solidarity Palestinian march to shake
Hands indeed but at one another over NYPD divide
And at the same time never has been Homo Homini
Lupus graven deeper into individual breath
Stashed under tongue worldwide under smile
of convenience necessity thanks to catch next breath
before there is none left for you competition won

Solidarity look at them utopians each alone nursing fiasco
Greenpoint Australia Gdansk pathetic attempts
————————————- to self-convince
Conspiracies imaginetworks traps Masonic Free Market
Banking regime venomous remnants of Lost Red Order
One next failed attempt to blame for personal catastrophe
They sail the river of own tears much the way
————————————- of obstinate Chinese oarsman
tradition tradition and what about this one this eve
our illustrious and illustrative company
around cold turkey plate here
————————————- Thank You America
does anyone care mention notice
the Cheat sounds Liberty Bell patriotic
————————————- you Jacek remember
I’m still deciding about them the fountains of gratitude
Everyone must buy a casket sooner better than later
But how do you expect make client buy fountains
—————————————————  of gratitude
your part of the project Mister Sales Extraordinare
indeed years past I did publish in Polonia dailies
number of pieces feeling for response
let’s ask Brooklyn President for Avenue Polonia
instead Manhattan Ave Ave as in Ave Hail Saintly
Nue as in New together reading Ave Neu Polonia
Holy the New Poland in frame of ethnic mind
Nothing the way of Monsieur Artaud
————————————-   seeing no Tradition
After the knock-knock nothing not one e-mail in reply
Avenue Polonia where it touches on the East River
That’s where the model Fountain was meant for
Not much to deserve from Made in Greenpoint
Millionaires a carload of marble plumbing
A cast of human heart the size of father Popieluszko’s
Unfortunate head from local Memorial
————————————- a Solidarity martyr the priest
the heart water pulsing out of wounds heart beat tempo
no one interested sorry one big big silence the phone
would NYC agree to the project the Cheat saw
his futures one eve for International Gratitude Festival
if craze broke out no capital no hamlet could refuse
————————————- replica cast for price
upwards of $1 000 000 he the Cheat heaven-bound
in body lingo my manager now the guy made me
see myself off to future under control
————————————- a roof to gather head under
scattered as it was on accidental friendly adventurous
sofas across town way to Starrex City on the Atlantic
————————————- sofas and everything in between
the heart lit up from the water pool below
Park’s tradition to clasp arms around one self
should no other be sitting next
gratitude for the enigma of life experience
now tear sweet now bitter now pure heavy salt
————————————-  nothing knocking N capital
N letter pumping more and more capital
The longer Nothing knocks until it took
The Gratitude Fountain project under deep under
————————————- for burial

the project buried but not gratitude
gratitude survives somehow
any worse unbearable monster of daylight
breeds forth a tomorrow if only an ounce lighter for hope
even if expectations are only to add weight to dread
————————————- sorry NYC


My solitary venture outsiding UES back Brownsville
First snowflakes setting mind on pentagram
Music of winter come bury this town innocent of traces
To the last suicidal footprint labyrinth wide and high
The two gigantic housing projects vacant for decade
Loom immense window hollows dark floors into flurry
With first snowflake the structures towered the way
Multi-burial tenement stands above one tomb stone
Per soul acres of otherwise flat cemetery

Second Ave upper ’70 dread monumental solid expensive
Devoid of ornament for even the fleetest of distractions
Under skies laden with lead the slow drift of clouds
A lid being moved into place after funeral ceremony’s over
————————– M–anhattan under too heavy to run
While you friends Tiresias Plato Monsieur Artaud
Stay behind cast spells over turkey wish bone
Count on the charm for the next Ought-Be platter
Dead man Jacek walking into abyss left empty enormous
By Connect-and-cut headed U-haul this afternoon
The rental I have never been allowed to step into
Its light cargo of furnishings plus wardrobe
The whole walk-in of fashions I never saw my love wear
What for is love shopping more fabric
She who of the two to dress or to undress makes
———————–  endless impossibly even contest

Authentic is once in blue moon in the town of shadows
I fear for Love my corpse cold tomorrow
My eyes shall belong to her live eyes and heart
For services rendered Poetry
————————-  no ornament for distractions
Worry wrapped for snow storms fast coming
Worry wasted tired chewing on lips numb tongue
L to Lex Ex to bus-transfer down from East 44
Where as turned out an old friend I wanted to ask
Lend me some for Ought-Be next serving
Has left months now for hospital back in Warsaw
Tired of drinking alone his last here in NYC
————————————- back to L stop 1 Ave on E14

The telephone ring changes weather she
Femality Triumphant to learn herself my eyes calling
End for now to dread and gloom whatever comes
We We the Impossible We the Lost Lost Again
Abandoned Mourning we are to meet at Utrecht 2 pm
Hurry Jacek 12 25 pm this moment already gone
If future is experiment now is adventure go

——————– Liebe Verboten under penalty of life
Young again do come O breath of eternal May
But young and mad my age – fatality breaths ahead


Giambattista Tiepolo Classici Dell’Arte Rizzoli
Inside Amish Market rough brown satchel a
Bundle of worn warmers for homeless winter
Corner of First and Eleventh next to actual plane
Ticket to Venice Italy no better find in heaven
Pomp and circumstance square of google
Crashing down on mind with painter’s name
Tiepolo the Younger shares in regret and grief
With my own bitter case
———————- JP Sartre discovers
One more victim to curse that shadows History
Of Arts and Letters first brush first rhyme
Casualty Numero Uno in the archives Giambattista
Sartre pities the brush scorned by Venice
The brush hurried for dream dying virtuoso
Death of La Serenissima reflecting in the channels
Ahead of the burial Venice turning face away
From true mirror the Carnival wears agonal masks
Tint hue mascara corpses plague gutter young and old
Selling sold fresh tired moment-bound moments
Before the skies the overloaded floors coppolas
Arches celestial tip to collapse terminal
——————— eyes roving immediate gratification

The album opens on Venere E Vulcano O what delights
For the eye what tales to read for buduoire edification
Venera thrown en nude splendid luminous is Venice
She scorns mighty Vulcan at delicious toe
Cross-sword the second best of her ways
The blade bloody reflecting distant fire storm
Desire as in prison the sky behind bars
God Vulcan at ease far from submission or homage
Holds his long hammer counter to her weapon
Fire in features Venera scornful provocative
—————— Vulcan dense from anvil just wait
Opposite page repro Testa Di Orientale
Isn’t here accidental that’ how foreign emissary
Saw the reeling Republicca La Porta di Dormi
Disgust worry hurt his bearded gravity of features
The eyes under lose luxurious head wrap
Have seen worlds of novelty seas of learning
But to behold such abandon Lot’s face indeed
Venice of the day a worry marrow-deep a worry
Of magnitude far wider than the Mediterranean
Quite likely Gianbattista’s self-quickie the brush
————————————- now draws
Now paints in fluency the way violin bow
Does not go back on the fraze when playing
————————————-  for Venera
Tav LVIII Agony in mourning shrewd desperate
Advices Beauty puppy’s enough why carry child
Tav LX-LXV the Ship’s doomed crock panther cargo
Loose aboard blood too heavy to pump back
Into dreading crew terror frozen but no choice
Either sail terror deeper or sink Tieppolo A 1764

The panther cocks ears frightened curious
This one is for you mr Darwin sir
————————————- ca ‘83
Harlem NYC a tiger stares out of projects’ window
At NYFD ladders fire two floors up guys drop
NYC Minute gave the capture a caption how happens
Obvious threat playgrounds one leap below
The owner a Puertorico dad solo with a mouth a-cry
In the crib took the kitten in for toys years earlier
Fed it Chow Chow Tuna Beef Queen Sheeba
Food Stamps short he put ad out room for rent
One to take chances a babushka of Ukrainian family
Album ca 1890 finds the black-stripe co-tenant
No more threatening or in the way than say extra
Piece of furniture idling doors and corners
The news worth follow-ups left out next edition
Somewhat inconvenient Survival of the Strongest
Babushka’s PA checks still short of wild appetite
The beast full size near the bolder stick the ribs
————————————- why is the crib alive

How about this mr Darwin sir NYPD found
No tranquilizers in the household the tiger tenant
By statistics most deadly family how happened
————————————- nothing happened sire

Karl Marx acts obvious reddens a touch wild animals
Are no threat to humans say accidentally rather
Then by nature until scared look the Zoos
Of my day in London traveled the Imperium
On one and one mission beast be shackled
Wilderness civilized for tea time
Extinct made Brit Natural H Mus
————————————- we Homo Modern
Lording tops of Evolutionary Ladder
Must prove ourselves victorious Survival
Of the Strongest theorem for practice Search Subdue
Conquer Exploit Britannia Britannia Rules the Waves
Cannons salute blood spills tropical forest lumber
————————————-  Navy needs next destroyer

Doctor Freud reclusive so far into Ought-Be session
The rest of our boisterous party a patient at his sofa
He bites mustache scratches manicured chin
Looks for fragile joint to his lorgnion of psychanalisys
The beast subdued shackled made bear subservience
Put to extinction comes back into rights
Right in the master’s chest cage
————————————-  chase the last cat
Out of urban labyrinth fast is the cat  paws out
Tearing at ribs from inside rats safe helping
Vulture angling for pray
————————————- the vulture of Profit
Marx forces his hand before Eros gets credit
The only specie alive ours that does it just ask
We humans tops of the Evolutionary Climb
Thrive each draining others’ vein for own
The fellow who invented job poor slow Ireland
Of potato patches and stout gotten to cut down
Whatever tree was left home long deforested
A pence a week for Knightsborough fire place

Tiepolo album near me opened now Apollo E Dafne
Flesh delicious young tangled missing embrace
Why would she escape god’s fancy into a fig tree
Rather than say turn into a field mouse
Woman in love for you is heard over Ought-Be table
A tree for Apollo to snatch twigs in leaf
A wreath of shade for god in tears that’s why
————————————-  if the girl
Turned mouse mind you gods can what gods desire
Even if mouse turned next leap into
A mountain the cave to be found in foliage
Apollo’s persistence a somewhat puzzling aspect
————————————- to his aura was no secret
Louvre today the canvas must be Bonaparte’s looting
Cheesy execution as in execute exact not memory
Of living movement limbs in tangle flying past
But painted as in plaster figurine cast for model
The eternal pas de deux for old Time’s headache
Say a successful commission in painter’s otherwise
Uncommissioned oeuvre de vie
————————————- running the pages
One needs to stop read fine print most a sketchwork
Projects never bought versions in case versions
Fare better with church palazzo town house Venice
Cardboard quickies of piercing precision
The size of bathroom mirror heavens into it
Upwards of heavens’ topmost gold and blue
————————————- Louvre Philly MET
London Stoccolm Universitet Konsthistoriska
None in Venice the citta amore of scorned Gianbattista
————————————- wait let me check the Index


The Secrets of the Future They Are Yours can any other
Words’ set mean more Zeus granted these
Supernatural properties to Tiresias forgetting
—————————————————as gods too often do
To round the will what’s to know if you can’t do one dame
Of change necessarily the realization comes hard
A freshman to NYC psychic floor has it as hard to find
What the first Seer was blind to when he nodded
Awed grateful for the gift
———————————-how did he earn third eye
Aging impo he struck a sideway pair of snakes copulating
But missed killing found himself turned into a woman
Women are supposed to run not hit
Seven years later seven barren years of skin
To skin with stronger element tired of being the weaker
Tiresias when the same two snakes happen at it again
He does them the same blow hoping this time they
Return him to manhood Zeus wasn’t exaggerating
In argument with Juno as Tiresias has learned his seven
Female years in Corinth a female takes 9/10ths of pleasure
From the tangles of love fifty-fifty effort
Not that she necessarily wants to if she had a choice

Why snakes because snakes wear same skin both genders
Eloping feel appear a one body not two in union
———————————- as in she doesn’t
Love the partner she loves night-stands she chances
Partners willing while love Love in proper prosperity
Makes eros transport between two distant existences
Be they god and human man and a goat a woman
And serpents two the opposites the differences in harmony
Altruist curiosity to share one wine cup
Knew the future’s secrets all save the one
He was to learn on his own groping Hellada blind
How it feels to be in no position to alter one tress
———————————-on Muse’s sweet temple
One degree the course of sword a plague that the winds
Carry it by safe to dispose of at Neptun’s cleansing salts
Poets can only so much as to rhyme fresh ancient proverb
And Tiresias’ third eye made him hard of tongue say blessed
Blessed with stutter this much yes ancient Seer could do
Stutter for benefit of the fortune-seeker
Each to carry off the news the way gossip carries fact
Molding the stutter as fits the tongue
Right into the inevitable timeless trap of destiny

The Netherworld the only place under Sun where any seer
Finds haven from insistent stalker the dead for
All the knowledge final selves completed beyond change
Pittied the tired blind old mortal why his stay’s brief
Why does he need to go back into sunlight
———————————- weave again his weary feet
Into the tangle of paths and roads called Hellada
Here under the lid of dull Eternity no need to stutter

Whatever happened with the Shield of Peace
Classical Mythology Images & Insights Harris & Platzner
Is not in the Index still the tattered covers
Venus watering Cupid’s mouth must hold it if in footprint
Along mainline so the reader shares in Tiresias’ reply
If he or she I in this case won’t give up finding
———————————-no matter
How dry the rendition the subject rings dear strings
The reader belongs with this or that myth but does belong
Long before two perfect strangers shared effort
First night then whatever the future granted the three
To live ever after employed for battle no matter
What side of the front the Shield dearer then life both foes
Would by design have put swords to ring one grand
———————————-homage but of such
Victory Mythology History are mum the worse scenario
The Shield stolen melted for luxury trinkets the best
The golden dream of mankind intact remains survives
All other probabilities of fate mint state
Dark under lock and key with some or other
Enthusiast of antiquities the sheer solitary satisfaction
What everyone else desires I alone own at liberty 24/7
———————————- auction catalogs at hand for spice

Wherever the Shield is stored the security must cost
Leg and arm double the price for extras
The guards must not learn the secret nor that there is any
Under wraps bankruptcy knocks what’s the choice
Say have a trusted diamond cutter extract one the one
Least painful episode from the storied legend
For Sotheby’s next summer hammer
———————————-but should ardent
Connoisseurship prevail the guy may rent a storage
Space inlands Penn or Conn risks no larger no smaller
The Puertorico loot one silly crown for playground
Out of seventy three that they got hands on
Most famous break-in in the ‘hood
———————————-who would believe the luck
Seventy three crowns and crownlets in a one-bed street-level
Pounds of pure solid honey the Post left to wonder
If the legitimate owner a babushka with Polish aristocracy
WW I London connections if she herself was aware
What she put her boiling tins next to
———————————-the gang may have had chosen
Gates next for the loot babushka whatever happened since
Might have died next month next summer

Perhaps the Shield didn’t survive this long to begin with
Perhaps the extracting job has been carried ever since
The absence glares and whatever a museum-goer today
Is served for glory of hand-eye-skill Art History human
Has god of thunder true author be the plaque spelling
Names still in telephone book NYC Rome Athens Carthage
Gucci of the incomparable detail Sigismundus’ Chapel
The lost papal salt-and-pepper table-marvel Cellini
French-Empire Louis-Philippe Biedermeyer Art-Nouveau
Serve-the-lorgnion-pinces-nez old-farts-bow-for-micro
Hardware Canova
———————-Heph for tourist-friendly fake de Beers
The figurines two-three-and-more-plus-florals
Often finger size but of what a finger
Come up for bids since time immemorial the Shield
Above loss suffered above loss to come
As long as the oval held whole the shrinking narrative
Of Peace blasting beauty Hellen sunlight triumphant full
Until one last sorry figurine was left the glory gone markets

Offer the fire lost from the Shield the-fire-for-light fire
Stolen from the dream-design has not been lost at all
———————————-say quite the contrary
Say flame by stolen flame the fire has been carried off
Wide and far and burns on today as it shall tomorrow
Say incognito in form of art objects ascribed to hand
Of this or that mortal copied by student and cheat alike
Traveling the course from Hephaistos’ anvil
Down Art History to the tourist friendly side walk carpet
Stars overhead the witness and the Market Free

Ask Terisias in yourself granted all’s well that ends well
How do you see Trade Market in light of lost Shield
Does trade serve the purpose of design perfect or did greed
Take the Shield for joy-ride short the ride be for all
And the privy to secrets of the future allows ample silence
In answer as in allowing room for divine intervention
———————————- should humans fail free will


Of my teeth-state if I joke rather than seal up
Collosseum speaking I count it blessings
If one out of every party who cock ears laughs
Getting the joke not getting the message necessarily
Tooth-sets two in lost-and-found smile all we miss now
Is a guy to carry two to kiss three to chatter eternity away

Nothing against all American we-just-ate smiles but
Should such smiling go merely to show smile expenses please
Consider such smiling a crime scene
Start with victims lucky you victoms grope for words
Otherwise you too would be among them
Let’s call it table-talk say whatever but say it well
The trouble nothing personal victims all
Of the perfect better-then-real-better- yours-certainly
———————————————– platinum plastic
Melted for tomb monument not the art of dentistry
Six feet below such as kills elderly tongue
Don’t elderly have anything better to talk over
Shame showing off smiles expensive cheap second
Hand Salvation Army steals
———————————-no indeed we don’t
Look good on the outside of mouthpiece
The interior your side of eye glasses agrees the two
Are the inevitable retirement couple best fit
Below tomorrow prices still 20% off with coupon
Save as in saving who for who saving yourself others
How many from what
———————————-save-all messianic
There’s not much left but to smile anyway
The would-talk elderly nod light on lips
Vice versa from now on please set your set
On the dinner table your skins wrinkles
Pockets et al go on the chair behind
Make sure tongue doesn’t run
———————————- now order
The metaphore pales if one considers reality
At large TimeSpace mouth-like all-consuming
Eating-eaten mega syndrome one doesn’t
Talk collosseum-spoon-plastic-in-mouth savoir vivre
At best to say how much costs ya’ filling in freshest loss
We happen to enjoy the same item savings
Publicity no thanks
—————————-silence make no mistake
Carries different depending just on what exactly
Remains secret most lips see when lips part
As in parting for spills sudden out of blue confessional
The princess paranoid in you may scream poison
Poison garcon waiter a quickie of aqua vita please
May grope stumbling in-mouth for words
Stumbling outloud a tongue-struggle inside
The vocabulary voided words extracted
The language of profit barren for round simile bon mot
Echoe play opposite Parnasus’ green slopes

If tooth-loss by the way Toothless stands for sword
Which to crown a monarch under in Poland if tooth-loss
A natural inevitability with consumer statistic
Can be likened to Collosseum Ruins and hold
The loss of mythology the English suffers today wholesale
Adds still larger say the TimeSpace devoid of Apollo and Muses
Where-are-they-kind-of shadows we live in are theirs
Propose the numbers are all that’s left of language
Then wait a day or two now you are 100% $12 000 ahead
———————————- next question what will it be
What’s the sum total of all the numbers in existence
What number comes whole put two three to kiss
One best among numbers doesn’t exist choose one
Prove it and lo and behold count save smile
———————————-  no profit like profit

As in to carry graveyard under tongue
As in tongue given to everyday order coffee this coffee that
Gods what-not buried beneath a lunch martini
———————————————— in other words
If appears sounds looks must be the Free Market competition
Drives good old Olympus out of commission right
Under your nose mouthpiece smile for tomb stone

All in all this per order silence is not without graces
For one your dentists’ dependants cute snts Mary Magdalene
5 and 9 graders please laugh all the way to school dear
If it depends on my Lancaster smile smiles the lucky carrier

4  31 PM

The Ought-Be Symposium it’s only logical lo convenient
To seat ourselves to the holiday season table
———————————-starting 6 pm this eve
Beginning the Black Widow Shelter Thanksgiving feast
Stay put through Hanukkah Christmas past the midnight
Champagne New Year 2013 winter up to Easter breakfast
———————————-appetites enormous first
Whatever corner stone to turn whatever subject fits
The necessity scale 1 to 100 along the way of feast
In transit table to table at least two lo three seats vacant
The holiday guest unexpected unwelcomed elsewhere
To accept in dire need necessarily the core proper
Of guests including say A Tiresias for secrets of the future
B Plato for memory the old beach bum smarts
Has lost not one single word of his mentor Socrates
Lo Plato has had all the time necessary to fill in the gaps
Connect dots for the friend in legal hurry Soc yet
To learn lute O blessed with ears be mute tomorrow
Funereal pyre bright for philo’s forced cup o’poison
C Darwin Marx Freud trio erudite scandal the way
Years ago back in Dublin they waded the night together
Party drunks out of Shellbourne swing how streets
Took to them in droves how it feels to fail
In translation to practice the New Human curious
Compassionate rather than furious at the silly players
White black beard where applies bold where bold
D one Antoine Artaud so far into this Reign
Free of mention for Theater of Cruelty of his penship
The title to ring full the promise awaits still Artaud’s
Directions seems obvious only logical why
The beau-turned-poor-scared nut-house monster
Would leave the Cruelty of the address vacant for most
Vacant the-day-will-do-the-filling-better kind of
E who an MD of course casualties of reason and music
Translate to heart failure cramps seizures globus
Histericus rest assured dear doc you will have better
Things to do aplenty than feast turkey carrot apple
F whatever school of Athens thinks regarding faith aside
Faith by sheer follow numbers weights into the IO circle
Ten eleven twelve to take seats ‘round the festival goods
How many chairs left for disposing six taken so far
One just doesn’t change mind about guest invited
At least not before the guest arrives in person
The choice be careful give yourself a break don’t forget
To count yourself in Jacek Kniyaz Igor WQXR begins
Just now he Igor dear Igor of eternal welcome
————————-he needs no invitations forgive me
H Igor the Seventh best he opens mouth not at all
Hard to smile talking hard to talk eating
Most agreeable silence of all the fountains of silence
Dripping on world pearls of wisdom and fable and myth
Before aura of his own obliterates last shadow last trace
Of imperfection from our sorry paradise
I painters are so keen on looking they run short of time
To think what they see and paint let’s see
———————————-say Arts present
Bach or Michelangelo the solitary cellist of baroque winter
For daughter Anna Maddalena Bach or the giant
Of chisel and marble for advice regarding Moon coppolas
Should humanity start evacuating construction crew ahead
No time to elect J Confucius to sit representing cultures
From outside the Parnassus-Golgotha terra civilita
Of ours a choir of multitude one voice screaming tearing holes
Biting into harmonies choral it’s not his voice
———————————- that’s why the chair
Number 9 is his next guest please K of necessity sorry
A cheat of resume expertise experience
High five not pity welcomes nor scorn a show off compassion
———————————-to seethe feast through
Should Cheat be the last one to depend to hope lastly
Someone at all stands for the no-lock-gates challenge
Cracks opens to lead for lost out of the trap of today
The list proper of 10 ends here with the Cheat
Anonymous for obvious reasons
———————————-maximum three
Seats additional for the eleventh hour improvisa
The Crown of the Dead Sword Angel Wings Iliad rust
The Ought-Be Symposium these Ladies and Gentlemen
Declare it in session the Hundred Poems’ Reign over
Just ten numbers ahead serves the proverbial best for last

9 22 PM

Lo and behold of all heads here under festive garlands
The Cheat happens to open the Ought-Be Session
———————————-bold and safe first strike
No Plato is not mute-deaf  nor Kniyaz Igor plain starved
Or Artaud in total dementia together our consortium objects
Growls guests not quite seated settling down
The upper hand attitude choice of shoulder’s next
Left and right the Cheat seizing fortunes holds turkey wishbone
For attention high insistent
——————————–just as cold cut breast swam in
A platter generous in size somewhat short on content
The homeless’ usual Season’s hand-out the Cheat must have
Smuggled the bone in himself cold cuts carry no bones
Whatsoever the Cheat insults reason first word
For objective own financial tomorrow
Guilty pay upon proven
—————————mr Cheat triumphs acting disgrace
The difference please Justice Social and Justice Criminal

We cannot can not resist try to who the hell is Cheat
To prod seniority into treacherous terrain hold wishbone
High for sling for Y for a joke easily hidden in sleeve
For a little headless figurine to twirl wave arms
—————————————kind of Michelangelo
Should be held responsible where’s the scelet’s edibles
The rest of dinning company for famine draught hunger global
Any answer his crooked profit obviously
————————————–the guy is stars
Under the night of shame despair treachery not that
The Cheat deserves but the subject touches on strings sensitive
——————-say stands essential to any next theme debated

Justice Social everyone to share in festival bird equally
Needs desperate first offers Marx
Who gets the bone wishes the rest bon appetite
Adds Darwin under Galapagos shades
Or rebels for dear belly nods doc Freud as in the bird
Got itself served to the hungry for sex oral sex necessarily

Plato magnificent Justicia Criminae stands contradiction
Unto itself old philosopher avoids looking the Cheat
In the eye greatness needs be seen not as much to see
Please dear congregation quiet
———————————- how to serve Justice best
Temida blind or be Temida disembandaged
Michelangelo sire how would you cut her marbles
Master and slave of chisel towers among equals
The man of marble himself generous in gesture epic
Claims to his credit Temida both ways scarf-on scarf-off
Years of chiseling each both times to blow hammer
In the head next to final polish the remnants
For black market here is what remains of Rome Imperial
Some buy for warning some to marvel some
To console ambition and pride
———————————- come visit my shop
Thread gingerly the rubble underfoot that’s how
Temida of my chisel is nowhere in public forum

Say continues Plato Justice Criminae seizes wish bone
For proves of intent yes someone wants me dead obvious
Not just one suspect count nobody out the Cheat is ready
For mercies twirls the proof apparent
Punishment of extreme measure decries the Cheat
Lowering eyelids like he wanted to cover low sleazy
Lip under
——————————————————-  I panicky
Say loss of memory is easy a totally painless forgetting
Perhaps the patient walks now and then into rooms
Familiar but remote his other lives seemingly
As in life lived simultaneously along many separate
———————————-narratives short cuts occur
But to forget to lose a chunk of time Hellen
Time pregnant with argument time of fine music
I must have seen who played and what
Now even these tones sweet hang in wish realm
To have this tumble out of Ought-Be size of Parthenon
Due to a mere finger sleep tons of Freudian ones with it
———————————- as has just happened
the Cheat correct Justice is fast taking off her scarf
when counting she is blind for in take
never quite knowing what hand feeds the verdict
lo the Law how Law would view the matter
if Law was on our guest list
——————– sure the Cheat would necessitate
oratorio pros and contras of ancient lineage
and provenance blameless gesture imperious
pensive bronze to behold profile as in pro-vile
en face as in efface trois d’cadre as in true macabre
how does the innocent unsuspecting trail
loose footprints stands judgement innocent
up to what particular step guilty starting
with say the seventh away from actual crime scene
———————————- if Law was invited
but the Law the Law is slow self aggrandizing
in company of superiors contemptuous of dissent
before verdict brash small trespass small fee who cares
like the majesty of Law depends on conspiracies grand
still grander intentions still more inhuman aspect

Michelangelo dear the Cheat warms up paternal
I could have been ten twenty Michelangelos
If I took to stone early my best choice gems in the rough
Buy them for gravel weight add chisel sell for carat
Art of mine the Cheat salivates
His mop hangs by teeth skin
Innocence hurt ugly wet for caress
————————————-should I take you
Says Michelangelo to the Cheat my model for next alabaster
If I dropped the results on sidewalk no one
But no one would bow to pick the tear swell face cloth
I would if Michelangelo signs the Cheat joins his palms
Like the two just contracted a deal

Justice Social Justice Criminal who else please
———————————-dear guest listen
If you have taken already your stand on the issue
Please verbatim state again so much has gotten lost
———————————- me Jacek I don’t
Remember but the sheer size of loss
Significance of argument  applicability of the lofty
Say Plato went on comparing Justice Social to Harmony
As in music of numerous instruments not only does
In harmony each one violin brass string feels perfectly
Fitting and grateful for the part in the whole
———————————- equally essential each
The flute doesn’t complain it isn’t drums the basso continuum
Old clocks one is so used to the tempo one mistakes
Own pulse for it or hears registers no longer
Be the beat length longer then breath
————————————–slow solemn agreeable
the ticking holds all other sounds as in a unit en passant
be the sounds one total cacophony without the rhythm
catastrophe catharsis cataleptic catatonic Eternity

————————————————–Kniaz Igor
Did the other-wordly Prince Welcomed ever before
Hear of Justice the two face costume executions
How proverbial chains sound on trembling wrist
Don’t even dare if he Igor didn’t why should he ever have to
His fame days ahead of his arrival grounds
Every galley in perimeter drowns slave barge
Sin absolved crime amnestied en masse
Truly great is the Kniyaz bring knees lips gratitude and kneel
———————————-down for his splendor

Fathers of the Modern trio take no side on the issue
Huddle glad for cold cuts glad to learn develop further theories
For theories’ sake alone man of science true find it
Difficult to differ idea from fact matter from idea
Self preservation instinct granted a priori all forms of life
———————————-on appearance
Please repeat your earlier entries I know
Whatever is lost here remains to be found intact in TimeSpace
Come the next scientific break-through Nobel

Just how the theatre word came into play fell also
Out with the boulder missing out now from the Reign
The Reign teetering hope the corner stone
Don’t try size them up Michelangelo endure hold
Lend solid what remains
————————–I happen to remember the theatre
Lost part for poor Artaud of the Cruelty Manifesto
Dearest of stage when young here by the Ought-Be table
A skeleton mad chattering bewitching bewitched
Theatre Threate Theatre Threate Theatre Threate
———————————-the Cheat the wish bone
willing glad off the hook for now would glad have
Artaud walked out Michelangelo Security tee-shirt
If the bone carried wish fact Justice Social Justice Criminal
The Cheat plays boy next number holds a ring of keys up
———————————-proof of innocence
not that keys need to return to proper pocket
the Cheat would take it smiling for his own to start with
a property attached to the lost opener not vice versa
then expect country city street house apt numbers come
scribbled on anonymous table napkin scrapes
He’s lost much terribly more still poor orphan lost his house
The way back to it also friends panic call 911
Words lost words of gravity pull enormous on Ought-Be theme
Groping after them in memory scared for the world
For tomorrow say tomorrow a hunger strike
Turns deadly riots Utica Penitentiary upstate NY
—————————————————-if I only
Could manage to recall verbatim best for others
Who understand better then I do and in general
Should verbatim fail memory
The issue how the parties involved have voted
Did they express concern or lack of let student bother
Principium non mobile applicable measure exact
Did I hear he who invented work didn’t work day’s worth
Ever-ever tomorrow I may be held responsible
Didn’t sage Confucius say laws get altered fit needs this
Instant while tradition say no other but one on feeble foot
Me responsible in so far as pianist is responsible
For finger slips or the lack thereof any keyboard
Say twenty seven body bags up the prison chimney go
One plain cloth correction officer overtime
The others inmates studying years the wall from inside
————————the other side freedom happens
Life causing untold loss to principia of Justice
By particulars long or soon forgotten when I ponder
What we are from now on to miss terminally
The Ought-Be regarding Justice Social Justice Criminal
———————–Kniyaz Igor needs to lift eyebrow
If music be Social start with trouble solo
Say a voice disruptive say in the heavenly choir
One voice dissents the hymn’s ruined listeners faint
What does the plaintiff claim the singer points into
His mouth look the wisdom tooth hell hurts hell
Plus his home town downstairs folk pee on his casket
All these and the loss still gathering volume
Could have been averted never ever conceivable
Sans the slip of my damn pinky have mercy
Here’s my self incriminating Thanksgiving entry
Am I in need of legal defense representative
Plato must have dwelled on prison side of Justice both
Criminal and Social say the exact one and the same
Gray brick wall what it holds viewed from outside
And what when viewed inside out the difference
Might have prevented the inevitable fatalities tomorrow
War outside got mentioned Justice our Ought-Be Justice
Begins when conscript weights pros and contras
———————————-myself to face Ought-Be
Ought-Be in trauma suspect Pentagon Iran Commie crypto
Blind Justice ET booby trap ruins scared to rebuild ever
Issues this volatile the opening session real time sabotage
One bloody luck our MD of choice isn’t missing
Where is he doc the Prescript sir
As opposed to the conscript vet Joe his patient

Justice is Justice when plaintiff accepts the verdict
Matters little what Plato says did or did not say over
The cold cut first serving the session please Ought-Be
Continue over my corpse if necessary the issues at hand
Principia to be upheld construed anew
——————- far out weight any loss be the loss
Sheer accident a said slip of tongue unfortunate
And not conspiracy elementary say cables of TimeSpace
Joints live ends spark when made to spark push-button
Not everyone on the net wishes us to continue
TimeSpace TimeSpace peri apx hrs1600 1574 today
Do read do you read over recover anything around
Justice Social Justice Criminal do you read
—————————–code Fire in the Dictionary over
—————————–code Fire in the Dictionary over
Justice blind disrobed disbarred made to contemplate
Her sword next to the one-sided scales look Justice see
For once see and see twice for self edification what blind do
———————————-when they try best see any better


Fire in the Dictionary Fire in the Dictionary do you read
The sequence TimeSpace prmtr apr 1600 to 1574 hours
Recovered mailing over mailing over do you read me


———————————-….uiegh Hotrw…ghagh
Is crook’s profit ob …viously the guy’s sta…aarrrs
Under the night of shame despair treachery not that
The Cheat deserves but the subject indeed touches on strings
Sensitive say stands essential to any next theme debated

Justice Social everyone to share in festival bird equally
Needs desperate first offers Marx
Who gets the bone wishes the rest bon appetite
Adds Darwin under Galapagos shades
Or rebels for dear belly nods doc Freud could the bird have
Gotten itself served to the hungry for sex oral sex necessarily

And Justice Criminal say there was no wish bone in cold cuts
To start with now a guest of no suspicion at entry
Holds one for exam is he accusing our dining party
Of murderous design or the cold cut industry his life
At stake of misappropriation on the strength of which to sue
For personal benefit no way to prove the Cheat must be let go
———————————-permitted to continue
The Cheat gets choices considers laughter support
Than trap while jubilant dinner guests put palms to eyes
Hold temples gasp between choking salvos
As in jubilation out to find itself causes glad for any
And every pretext lucky we the Law was not on guest list
The Cheat would necessitate oratorio pros and contras
Of oldest provenance circumstance in light of end results
Thumb up thumb down now profile now en face now
Trois-en-cadre Tom the doubter Ham the provocateur
———————————-others cocked spine stiff

Say Justice Criminal is contradiction unto itself
Or is it Justice’s full name the real one the Law would wait
For Cheat’s answer it would have to if Law was invited
Yes there are three vacant seats to the round table of ours
But the Law please how slow how self aggrandizing
Among superiors how pompous when given attention
The Cheat stands chance help him dig up his second
Turkey he finds a ring of keys not that he wishes
To return lo asks where exactly they fit the city
Street house apt numbers say we the majority senior
———————————-are merely Cheat’s lackey

Some venture Plato’s shadow is really his mentor’s
The shadow didn’t quite got rid of facials there he is
A tangle of wrinkles cranium down on brains
Pressing habitual ugly for thought vocal and fresh
Who knew this much but well not knowing look again
As in learning learn not necessarily to profit to gain
Pre-set objective but as in learning adventure
One word so many POVs inside the meaning
One dazzling unpredictability house of oracles
Give heart to Virtues life of your blood and marrow
Pity Soc had to do gods in for trash in his adventure

Justice Social Plato gets up grand waves laughter away
Justice Social say doesn’t Harmony sound better
As in harmony not necessarily that harmonies need to please
Octaves dysfunctional jarring to the ear but coherent
Inside any given composition the term Prisoner
At Queen’s Pleasure rendered democratic homely a parakeet
In the cage in any crowded household how dearly puzzling
Bird’s twitter out of such small breast so loud
All other louder voices are quieter be they louder still
———————————- Plato takes breath
Ears he sighs harmony is a matter of hearing
One cannot possibly in a single voiceline produce
Harmonies one must listen out notes to harmonize with
For behind above for choices Justice Social a concern
Unifying in harmony all instruments simultaneous
How in harmony no voice amounts no more no less
Be it a thunder of gongs or violin’s tinniest whine
They remain of equal importance each essential
Glad for essence be it the basso continuum a threat
For ear of superior sensitivity and patience low
Slow in beat often ten twenty measures apart
———————————-still the living pulse even
For what otherwise may be regarded anarchy
Anarchy of sound as in cacophony catastrophe catharsis
How one gets used to clock’s ticking
The solemn tip toe of Time Eternity to Eternity
While melody steals ear for wonders
No equals each flute strings brass given war outside
Is over grown silent if war must be it in means and ways
Totally silent we the victims practically don’t realise
Good as sleep we are dead way back before war
———————————-got declared

Ought-Be ears cock to Ought-Be as in laughter dead
Where it begins as in What Ought Be Won’t
Just as to who exactly brought out the loaded term
No one particularly keen to bother as in Justice Criminal
Ought Temida stay blind or be she disbandaged
Michelangelo how would you cut her marbles
———————————-groping in the dark scales
Of Justice handy say the Cheat shakes head ominous
Leaps for shadows on white-wash walls and ceilings
Should he have tried the Cheat would be ten
Twenty Michelangelos today Justice is blind for bribe
Takes wraps off her visors counting
Justice would hate to find out she got penny-shorted
———————————- who wouldn’t

Michelangelo a born skeptic tremendous faith and passion
I did Justice both ways says he with and without the scarf
Shattered them both a hammer blow next to the final polish
Remains sold black market for what remains of Rome Ancient
Some buy to warn some to marvel someone else yet
To console sorry erratic ambition or pride
———————————-why no Justice
Of my chisel in public forum there it lays in plain sight
Visit but thread gingerly the damn rubble inside my shop
Both Justices’ remains remain with vengeance beware

A giant of a man in any social set the sculptor
Stares upstart Cheat face true to face weak
Knees wobbly the Cheat holds his mop hanging
On teeth skin Justice blind or not just look mine’s still
Face human try in alabaster master and if you do succeed
Michelangelo sir satisfaction be yours yours alone
Any other pair of eyes would see the result
———————————- for tear-load linen
Theater’s lost-and-found post-performance sweep
Try the cloth on own teary eyelids
To discover what great an artist MA is and how humble
With model of choice how just in rendition
———————————-O what a chisel sire
Theater Threater Theater Threater gigles Artaud
Of the Cruelty Manifesto the nut-head investigates teeth
On turkey cold cuts who where to borrow a set
Himself  toothless a skeleton the Justice question given rest
For time being but not forgotten no quite the contrary
Simme err ring ghghd… under …’over next sssnneerve…
Over overrre do you read m…
——————–…irrrae inn …e …ictionaire do yuou read
Orverrrerr errraddo do yoauuurrr…


May Day May Day MD speaking MD May Day May Day
Be quiet alarming fuck who what shit where the hell
———————————- fires antsy Monsieur Artaud
Prefers the medic attends his elbow neighbor rather than
Apocalyptic future mumbles to begin a-new real time
Reel-time leave to Hollywood expertise future capital F
Whatever magnitude in TimeSpace begins no sooner
Until hurting Past Present is given necessary attention

Confucius couldn’t agree better a mouth-to-mouth each
Otherwise Future would have to open eyes on the world
Without good old trustworthy Virtues Patience Patience
Patience Again the trains airbuses air force their fastest
Patience indeed the mother of the brood the brood lost
From the Post-Future landscape for Eternity if not
Taken care of now now now Monsieur Artaud insists
Angling about for spare teeth set perhaps-perchance
If the set talked for Past Present straight off the table cloth
Face to face with the Doc if it would fail convince
All is not lost one more set of teeth would have to be
Borrowed from this or that turkey lover the rest
Leave History do-now-or-never Doc don’t cause nonsense
Monsieur Artaud and stately Confucius need not look
At one another to see more in common than meets the eye
———————————-  the eye say of Kniyaz Igor
Kniyaz’s off to mingle with musicians
Enough that Igor strikes singing poses to delight in song
The Eternal Welcome longs in sensuous long-breath tenor
After Virtues how they used to be first greeting his arrival
Pity Compassion Sobriety Curiocity after hymen transplant
Hopes-Three-In-One even the one calling herself Nameless
Secretive the Nameless Virtue will familiarize Igor
With names given her so far each fitting occasion
Each shed as soon as next opportunity need desire arise

Igor grows conspiratorial Lost-Soul what does it mean
Or Good-With-Any-And-Every-God-Forbid or Kind-But
Or If-Only and blushes for sweet vocabulary of mouth-
To-ear illuminations while the plastic fork his hand draws
Alphabet letter over a letter inside the plate whatever
Remains of turkey-apple-sweet-potato tradition

May Day May Day MD here MD May Day May Day
Lets inquire with the blind halo hallo Tiresias to-go-after-
Life-and-back no other mortal did say O you ancient witness
To secrets still unheard of where does light come from
Out there in Netherworlds
———————————-from nowhere nowhere as in
Lumini before its source was invented an earthly
Simile a fountain in alabaster chiseled each drop each
Droplet would have come nearest the sourceless glare
———————————-ask Michelangelo
The master and slave of marble hammer chisel
Tiresias the Seer has reservations MA seems a muscle
A sinew too say too brutal for fountains this sensitive
Even considering MA’s superhuman achievement
The irises two to make them stare out through
Lowered eyelids as in Pieta alabaster

The old nobility bisex experience Future his library
Yes but Tiresias cannot read into the minds of
His elbow table company does Michelangelo keeps mum
On purpose say the Madonna eyes miracle chisel
What’s more to say about the lamenting stare
Some Hungarian avant-garde crank ca ’50 got it gone
For all times with a heavy object blow to her temple
Whats more to say May Day May Day MD here MD
Tiresias would like Michelangelo to elaborate
On the deep black eye holes in the head of the Day
From the Medici Chapel they pierce deeper
Then stare of Medusa any even blind tourist
As one enters the hollows burn darker then black
In whiter than the white Carrara  marble female
As she lifts her head empty of tears towards
The intruder at the door why are we here
Outside the calendar daylight grieving eternal
Need no other witness please help bear with loss
Of Il Magnifico quiet the condition as in silence
Silence prolongs Hope no one dares open mouth
Unless the dead permits and now for all world to decide
There he is Lorenzo en corpse below tears of the Day
Below the alabaster lid of eternal rest
———————————-only too often
A case Tiresias is the only one who keeps believing
His own insights that’s how he knows the black holes
Of the weeping Day are his own holes he puts
———————————-index finger in
The concave round and hard to touch
The hollows two where dear Universe up highest star
And deepest atom low others take in one glance
Not thinking just taking granted not learning
Come tomorrow one shall
—————————-May Day May Day MD MD Virtues
They for one sure deserve can use medical attention
Won’t ask though keep quiet not quite certain
If day welcomes Truth for one if Truth had her wish
She prefers other noble trait for core
Not necessarily Lie the Lie whatever is expected paid
Wished demanded that she is welcomed
———————————-welcomed Kniyaz Igor style
Rather than shunned told to keep mouth shut
Threatened man-handled kept out of doors
Out now please else there you meet your kind
Say some dick after peeing lends ear unwelcomed confession
Permits good deed says sorry instant gratification
Truth’s forte is not
———————–Virtues Confucius Artaud Tiresias
Darwin-Marx-Freud the Knyiaz somehow the Cheat
To himself keeping under pretext of turkey consumption
Gets Time Present on one and the same telephone dial with MD
And into Doc’s SOS SOS sms-es manages to punch
————————-a number or a letter the luck never misses
The doc is May Day May Day lost to notice mischief
So the message medic is sending out reads let’s say
The receiving end puzzles should O’s be read
Or counted if read the doc transmits Soeilo bastard
Sun in Italian-French and if O’s are taken one cipher
And one an alphabet character Zeroeightoften
The choice decipherer faces reads either zero-eight-o-ten
A code quite likely with tax-free banking last will
Or zero-eight-often quite likely amiss-and-back for short
The eight standing for Infinity sign here vertical
Back and forth back and forth no end to back and forth
———————————- Zero-Eight-Often
Eternity or Nothing blanc zilch flat vertical horizontal
Minus or plus notwithstanding from rags to riches
And back in the end the spinning head has no time
To see what end what Pole of the endless swing
Neither return nor go ahead exactly has one gotten
———————————-himself herself into
The real trouble when both 0’s are counted zeros
The opening O stands for the hardest nut
Of Virtues all which one to crack the code Faith even
Or especially in case she couldn’t Piety to advice won’t hurt
And what one gets for debriefing goes astronomic
S as in Sanity sanity sure given Zero to go for
For vertical Infinity Aphortroph amounting to comma
As in numbers afterwards run endless small l for One
Zero again for closure summa summarum amounts to
Must to amount hey Virtues in question which among you
Will try one must what are Virtues good for

May Day May Day MD MD Silence’s sakes be quiet Doc quiet
Just then as the sum of the code message still awaited
Debrief Plato took to introducing next Thanksgiving platter
Sounds better than any math equations could bring
Cold cuts cleared wine turns water in mouth deserving
Craving dying for aqua vita spirits
———————————-Plato dear guest
Virtues they are longings mere longings on empty
On credit unless the longing soul dwells in between
Two willing palms remember the doors gates windows
You happened to knock on so far on the way
Towards perfect City-Republic how many did welcome
With open arms warm kind palms Virtues All
Initial-only each inside lifelines’ net
———————————-as opposed to no-virtue
Palm-tangles deserving or deserving not
Only Patience lacking sorely could untangle
———————————-such headache
In acceptable read say you ancient beard dreamer say
But how long you had to knock before knuckles hurt
Before you would leave one doorstep for the next
And the next and the next asking palm readers
To fix blisters in yours pull splinters out blow on raw flesh
—————-say nothing if you have to we understand

1 38 PM

O what pleasures it affords to do good
———————————-the doubting tom
Better tries this when his sink takes wash water
Throat clogged throat that doesn’t want to drink
As in water-boarding or eat as in hunger strike
Penitent force-fed by guards
———————————-when one’s heart wells up
For tongue to secrets but the table manners choke
When globus histericus feels exactly the size
Of the planet Earth swells hard inside air-pipe
The air-pipe shrinking tight stiff narrow
Everyone at the table looks nothing’s happening
———————————-to start with
Your bathroom-friendly Clorox
Serve it the obstinate unwilling drain-mouth
Instant rewards 100% an eye-blink away
Goin’ goin’ go a one damn easy pleasure
The kind one wishes wet dreams along
Then the black hole’s final Oooooohhhhsshhlllshsss
Ah what else is man born for please
———————————-if not to help assist
The victim chokes we the good helpin’ buddies
The table chatter Virtues for questioning
Wondering about
————————–so far so good
————————–not one guest at the Ought-Be
Festival table ER cold cuts carry no bones
Apple cider sure does wha’ever one insists honest
One goes perishables drowns inside a stupid gulp
Misappropriated to air-pipes
———————————-and we are not yet
Given Thanksgiving-Hanukkah-Christmas-New-Year-
Easter perspective on our Ought-Be calendar
Talking the ultimate faux pas the all-dreaded mishap
———————————-a tooth set
The more expensive the dentist the dreadier
Happens say on a leaf of organic salad-walnut-black-bean
Lodge accidental deep down the swallowing corridor
And stays there tough cookie tougher each single breath
Mouth speechless polite your table smile still holds
———————————-barely but does
Lock the restroom behind forever
Encounter the said half-gallon of toxic all-goes-down
The choice the impossible choice will a sip of Clorox
Save or kill killing considered more say inconvenient
For long painful agony save trauma room the pain
———————————-isn’t it better
To let off breathing right here and now
Yes no maybe yes no maybe yes no maybe
The mirror your confessor to the last of lung labor
If I were you bro’

———————————-all these permitted
Our kind ancient oracle Tiredias warns
The concerned party of imminent end to lung effort
Whatever’s her name grace may-may-not intervene
Be she quick he sure would he would the old Tiredias
Ask why say your prayer before late
———————————- do or don’t Clorox-wise
The risk your last advice do-don’t do-don’t
Fingers on the bottle’s blue cap itching this-way
That-way screw-in screw-off screw-in screw-off
———————————-eventualities of mean
Character discouraged from our Ought-Be dinner
Permitted anyway who-would-such-harm-but
Why trouble the platter sailing this very moment in
Towards the table what is it what’s cookin’ smells
Best I ever smelled please no rush let’s wait
Whatever the treat a take-out or home-bake
Kill-or-enhance the taste
———————————-monsieur Artaud
Has a question let’s hear quiet everyone
What is the name of Virtue who rather dies
Ladies’ room man’s room no difference
Then troubles the table with indisposition
———————————-Politeness naturalmonde
She senses herself entirely dispensable
WQXR do you know Betho was not universal love
———————————-as in hey now he is
Fact is she chokes on dentals for nothing else than
The Cheat leaps to reassure frog-snail mumble
Had he the Cheat saw Politeness in throes
She could all but trick the trickster
Help administered forced applied post mortem
Clinical death no big deal himself say clinical stiff
Many times over I the Cheat am still here
———————————-of Virtues truest companion
Emergency shadow last rest night consort good advice
Take heart friends I won’t let one expire unnecessarily
You’d have to kill best friend sakes of yours do not

Forget night vision goggles google glue-all glasses
That’s the next big break
————————to the classic frame Dior Max Jacob
Greta Garbo Greats add micro tech ha-ha the first step
On the way towards dream-life-for-all now affordable
With shade-adjusting visors Sun-Moon radius of sharp-
To-blurry-to-whatever-any-buyer-cares deciding his
Or her viewing pleasure
———————————- please anybody lend me a sec
Your wires fuck thanks doc here look well the Cheat
A marketing gene could sell his own shadow
Certainly a buck or two above pathetic Death Salesman
How our table companion to illustrate lecture trades
His own weary skins-sperm-et-al for nuns-nightly-
———————————-takes Einsteins no doubt
To come up with detail but then just look see
Picture for your viewing pleasure a micro turn-on-off
Device side of the glass-frame choose left-or-right gratis
And every customer sophist or fresh to the market
Gets his or her vision imagine say bin Laden
———————————- a turn-coat CIA
Why bother 707’s real time how the terror monster
Managed to find select train 20 willing executioners
Must have been a turban of headache
———————————-now Osama’s innocent
Victim witness rescue-duty-heroic just imagine
All the above entirely unnecessary plain waste of skill
Faith energy finance given this near-invisible invent’
Here on the eye-glasses’ side
———————-here Ladies and Gentlemen here
The Cheat one great triumph to behold cross-hair-to-
The guy lifts high overheads not the turkey wish-bone-
Sentimental-fable this time but the everyday
———————————-plain regular see-betters
For see-whatever-the-desire device ingenuous
Osama anyone else in the wide round world
Of our Third Millennium democratic ha-ha
Given free hand inside the specter of vision
———————————-to turn the knob
The evil master-mind to contemplate on whim
His success tenfold the ruin twentyfold just as victim
His victim switches on pink hue right here see this little
———————————-knob here say the last exact
Moment before impact the in-for-crash seconds from
The target-tower but rather to erase eradicate erradictate
Erra-as-in-era-diate-new-era thanks a short
Lo imperceptible finger-walk this or that side
———————————-of the frames of choice
To view the land-and-sea world-wide below his
Or her floor of doom now-to-forever serene
Free of imminent catastrophe
———————————-the dream-buy on sale
To jump-start orders’ torrent mail-ins’ mos’o ‘em
Ought-Be trade mark legal protectnation
Why bother reasoning re-zoning re-gretting to no-end
If one silly turn – short sight blind lazy service-spoiled
Customer given an extra pair special for focus perfect –
Who to say no to object drag so-simple an invention courts
Dare claim better shit or other in the make-as-we-speak
Competition off the Earth no trace no protest
———————————-the Cheat outdoes his best past campaign
Standing lo levitating above the touchy subject matter
Plato Darwin-Marx-Freud-trio Bach-or-Michelangelo-alter
———————————-myself naturally
Monsieur Artaud’s theater-threater theater-threater
One Tiresias unconvinced ostracizing his own
Future-privy person kind of patience terra incognita
This break-through kind of eye-glasses the blind prophet
Rewarded at last oracle apocalyptic utopian unheard of so far
Noli Me Tangere the condition
———————————- desire-turns-fact
Granted this table here of our symposium never flat
Empty never given the glasses put’em-on in between
This zero-horizontal-wood-oval and dream
———————————-whatever the vision
Does not matter much to anyone else but the
Undertaker say Osama opts for more of 9/11
These glasses on and there we go
He is the one-and-only solitary exclusive
Knowing this give big hand for the Cheat everybody
This optical invent here in my hand
He she you is more likely
Than not to change master-mind for optional
The-plus-side of the eye-visor’s dial
See no particularly outstanding Virtue in action here
Just the all-American how-to know-how-plus
And any-and-every-body Christian Muslim Jew
Stands bound to hear hau-hau hau-hau-hau
—————————–jingle-bells-jingle-bells optional
Wherever dogs reindeers still fur-bone-real to touch


Mention Golden Age in Poland and even the last
Internationalist among sworn patriots will give sentiment
The dues a one decent century in tear-sow-saw Millennium
Tapestries’ arrival from Arras in Cracow’s Wawel
Rooting young dynasty 365 days back into the Week of Creation
For the Sforza wedding few hangings ca 1500 AD remain today
On the Castle’s marbled walls the said internationalist
Will pause by the wrought gates to the Sigismund Chapel
Try gates against lock then stare in at the Throne
One dream come true six centuries late
————————————–United Europe in heart

One dream late better then never the Internationalist
Is glad to agree than in mind given easily to follies
————————————–fancies himself inside
Not kneeling but listening to Holy Mass listening as in
Giving attention free to choose homage or not
At ease with Scripture but attentive as no other
Rather than following the exercise the Church invented
To keep good tired peasant fold from sleeping in aisles
In short King Sigismund the Old Jagiellonian himself

Not that the internationalist wishes to revisit Renaissance
Hear happy trumpet’s call to duty rewarded tenfold
From the Tower of Keys watch Vistula barges carry wheat
Off to Low Countries England Italy Spain
While Europe’s fields wasted barren shortage of hands
Hands at oar at conquering sword ‘round the
Out of blue round Earth gold streaming gold same barges
From Baltic harbors Vistula upstream to Wawel treasury
Not that the giddy internationalist head envies
Any head the weight of gems on cranium or laurels
No if anything he hopes it possible be it blind chance
Somehow his pitiable existence can somehow add
To glories past be of use under History’s yolk
Well in advance of his own day in short to alter
What to alter as he well knows even gods would fail

————————–no leave the Throne as is vacant
In marble magnificence under the Eagle golden dial
Marble is tear-resistant yes but imagination isn’t
What’s easier to issue edicts decree Kingdom
Milk and honey or to bear in mind Sigismunt the Old
Weeping last Gratias Sigismunt Augustus his heir weep
Anna his spinster sister interred under the sill of stone
The next monarch and next to rest elbows or brow
Barges on Vistula River will bring no wheat back to
Mother soil 365 tapestries attest that’s how many
Days are in the year now imagine next year returns
Only half the length and still the next with less
To return in the end from exhausting tour d’world 86
Or 87 side pieces mostly ornamental to the main story
To hang inside the window bay Polish winters
For Sforza blood for de Valoise comfort Eden vine
For d’Anjou to weep after Hapsburg exile
Forget these of the main richly woven treasure
Lost Arrases they are called in Cracow today
————————————–the most precious one
Remains in Royal quarters the scene can’t be more
Appropriate ominous the country a war ruin below
WW III A bomb instructions plastered on brick turrets
It presents the moment in humanity’s history glad
For God’s short last visit in person mind boggling though
In consequence poor Noah getting advice from Creator
How on him alone depends life past Deluge
The Deluge Imminent first time boy cosmopolitan
Cast eyes on the tapestry seven or eight the night in ‘57
Arrases back from Canada he got seized
His mind kidnapped one day soon he will hide behind
The woven Eden wait ‘til the Museum closes
His fancy owning Wawel shell to the last nook and cranny
For all the nights of solitary hide-and-seek to come
Of the significance to his resolution the boy inferred
From following fact while old Noah turns away from God
Warned not to look but listen he smarts of no necessity
Is at liberty to stare the Almighty in the face his lifetime

Be circles perfect the boy now man of respected seniority
Still applies wits to improve on perfection
Only to suffer a one shortcoming today spells doom tomorrow
This much certain the choice of solitary hide-and-seek
Was it seemed of least consequence for the stakes at hand
But somehow postponing eve to eve lad lost interest
————————————– in hermits and museums
Be all circles perfect still one more perfect exists
It’s deceivingly simple to imagine the golden Shield of Peace
That the god of thunderbolt readied Achilles with for Troy
Hephaistos must have had used ice for chisel
To tame live fire into oval scene unlike any before and after
The Shield’s what boy would have for sun while he slept
The museum day under one or other royal bed
Sunray by sunray imagination would eventually have to
Take or give three lifetimes amount to best any sane human
Can come up with in absence of gods as I said deceivingly
Simple tasks take what they require and more still
The results are nowhere near to find anywhere one looks

EU that much for starters see it for crowning fact
The European historic final dearly desired unity
————————————–and I say let’s start
From here rather to the cheering if disoriented reveler
There must have been present within the golden Shield
Three Graces say they are Portugal Denmark Monte Carlo
Keep apples from Paris he be choosing one forever
They are grown Graces today in no ancient mood to run nails
Into one another no matter how Paris picks

Portugal holds not just one new world in promise worlds
Of fresh wonder 24/7 of the trio she has experience
The way home leopard acquires civility taste manner
Easy to shed spots at whim back the creature
Of bare mortal pleasure seen as she faces Atlantic
Nude disappointed guarding secret of her lips
Against fish goat or man bare back easily taken for alabaster
If not that it moves arches for breeze breaths
Black hair her sensuous hand ties into pensive tangle
Over shoulder and thick tresses seem to stare back
At the witness a snake when one sneaks by so opens lids
On sunlight before shadows swallow or the snake
————————————–swallows the shadows

One should be tempted to shout Portugal my choice
Portugal Grace we will travel for the city of golden ruins
Crowded for the marvelous disrepair not one ounce
Of metal missing bricks of sunlight under camel’s hoof
Portugal my veiled love let of your laces eyes begging
You are all too familiar with ruins well why not
Karamboul Karamboul of no inside/outside divisions
Name suggesting in French opposite of harmony
Which it in fact most lovely embodies say
The town gets erected by time we get there
So far it is for the long journeying the planet together
And so near the heart it hurts to think Portugal
—————–could have other better plans to pursue

One should be tempted to shout joy for discovery
Portugal you are the one but one bites lip for two Graces
Still to examine Monte Carlo is just irresistible
Find her drunk raped wasted am place
Under last lost black street light and lo and behold
No casino win comes close with Monte Carlo
You rest assured your pumps would get all the exercise
It can carry in forgiving in compassion in pity
In pumping sorry for dear wasted gambler
Be a million her hands make you beggar still
Not for lost fortune not for seedy future
But the smile her Who Cares the way young feel
They have eternity at disposal no planning on kids
With Monte Carlo born precocious darlings
Mother stakes the lives against next win
If she loses all the more reason place next bet
Else get up from roulette dead beat felon

Monte Carlo would never risk jail time not that bars
In any significant manner alter her predicament
Her ex made her kiss bars lips ass and pussy
For the cage they were her cage of sanity and health
And reasonable outlook on tomorrow but just
How easy her kisses are the cage learns today
It swings little bejeweled entry open for the kisser
After such captive suffice will no other game
————————————–keep the welcome forever

All is not lost lo with Monte Carlo gone
It’s the winning streak beginning forget heart
Now imagination wearing emergency red cross
Stalks compassionate scenes of disasters hurricanes
Terrorized casinos Medittereanian to Yellow to Crimea shores
011 style dismantling threats global ahead of SY know-about
One step short to carry Monte Carlo to safety her scarf
Still her rich odor where exit handle caught wool
No Monte Carlo in sights what remains is hardly worth
Her presence a street table by a glass of wine
Day’s special plate to linger perhaps the score
Scouting for games shows up under trees across
Even if to recognize not the onlooker on itch
————————————–a lost game to avoid

Denmark to the rescue to Denmark the heart twice
Shattered for healing patching up now whole how
After Portugal’s bewildering sensuality after Monte Carlo’s
Risqué hand the North Grace’s calm palm reliefs burns
Scratch and cut if statistical feminity experiences
————————————————–herself a hole
An empty for gas neck too big to feel herself at home
Then snow and frost and long Polar nights and lights
And winds and sheltering igloos make that cavern
Feel warm inside warm and soft and cozy not much
Room left for bear penguin or gull to keep party
If Denmark appears cold ice pillar if she feels like one
Keep kissing whispering nasty little niceties
Breathing close deep long press lips hard and long
Go on as it takes her heart is yours as soon
As the pillar whole melts under caress yours
At your feet pumping for lucky the guy who found me

I got afraid this Reign’s subscribers may think Hephaistos
the smith god held chisel against women and the Shield
Of Peace just shows but no nothing farther from fact
Hammer fire torch were his dear tools no flesh
Bears long passion such as of his rhythmic magnitude
Why one on whom volcanoes wait for dipping would care
About Monte Carlo this much or for Portugal or Denmark
Three Graces and Paris a hardly decipherable episode
In the Shield’s tremendous delicate dense design
The Graces of Olympian gossip were hardly a cut more
Then the next exquisite miniature within the fabled dial
To recover the Shield from eternal loss still boy’s of Wawel
One true royal dream go where loses go
———————————back with it on it or not at all

FRIDAY 6 21 AM NOV 16 NYC 2012 PM

PM for Post Mortem the Shield of Peace the sum total
Of Homeric Mediterranean as in the-world-in-your-soul
Madame Medusa two phones ringing under wraps away
From my ears dead have it hard to register long into afterlife
They answer or decide not to
———————– she will not hear the ditty this time
Just exactly what has happened how exactly did the Shield
Vanish where when 9 am I am at it in the lib downstairs
————————————–google in the facts
6 36 am just now let’s devote remaining hours
Way of Hephaistos’ hammer and into the magnificence lost
Add a detail or two so much beyond round golden frame
Has happened since the god-smith rested content his tools
Surely something of modern provenance deserves inclusion
If perfection rounder cannot be thicker perchance it may
————————————–Faust’s first to add
A myth unheard of when Muses roamed Parnassus
Mad after foot-loose lyricist what if the old alchemist
Royal College Jagiellonian class ca early 1300 AD
Having signed the pact first wish demanded of Mephisto
Let humanity off the hook this would be pittance
Given extreme option go to Hell never return dematerialize
Yourself for all days to come say Mephisto puts up a show
A show for real tries to wrestle his anatomy out
Of star-atom orbit but has to admit limit to Hell magic
Doctor an MD of degree is moved his second wish
Say he offers the Prince of Darkness does good for penance
Next visit Mephisto returns in a hat wasted with
Futile effort lo he had to steal in kind when his own
Legendary head gear got swiped
—————————lo Hell sure needs better locks
Before new arrivals not that men grew this worse in fact
They have gotten so much better at the trade of choice
So sophisticated Hell locks need advance techno
To stay in place when day’s smarts arrive
————————————–locks won’t
Be needed at all smiles Faust if you succeed this third
Mine desire you must if our pact binds
Dense in immortal detail the Shield of Peace deserves
————————————–still this one
Just as Medusa could take at glance no matter how long
How burning the insistence she could not give life
Still less to return life to handsome victim
You Mephisto go find her severed parts put the woman
————————————–back together
Sans her fatal stare this time
Making her blind would be too simple a task for arsenal
Of your pride in short make her see let her watch
Daylights again for the humble beauty life shores up
Daily against whatever may transpire but no mirror ever
Ever shall return the reflection empties bright perfect
Empties wall after wall after wall
Have others on the way if she asks tell her
Who she is how she looks whatever amounts to the
Mouth-to-mouth picture of the person in search of identity
————————————–herself namely
Medusa now sans fatum sans memory incognito
Just another female to the traffic
Fishnets socks mended train hand at weaving
————————————–  make loom her shelter
Why would Inferno need lock no more inquires Mephisto
No one dies twice or many times for the record
————————————–doctor strikes philosophic
These already under your rule prefer whims of eternal whip
Than her gaze again and these still in wait line
Sunlight of the going troubled day blinding say
At best Medusa is mythology forgotten please still better
Together with infernal lock and key why care kind of
Surprised perhaps why a nymphet green of shade
Alien to the parts should be calling other bank
————————————–for a boat across


The day at hand shores trouble up way ahead of nightfall
Israeli missiles on Gaza this hour at 120 Palestinians
Go Haifa pathetic 11 or 12 no reports Assad of Syria
Legitimate again kind of should sworn enemy
Of David’s Star get hold of Damas’ MMDs if he be toppled
Iran quick to burrow deeper for nuclear development
Fires new air defense systems Iraq on verge since
Peace warrior left for next battle the battle yielding
Battleground Afghanistan sporadic
1 of  XXVIII to 100 of XVII Cent ratio
————————————–for Predator inspection
Egypt sands hot for revenge Pyramids weight in
Return the gold stolen under Moses the else
Of biblical patience making tomorrow NYT history
Before they print Libya still choking on Quaddaffy
Ladders of rescue reach no heaven
————————————–dropped hellwise dangle
Lebanon ready too many just won’t forget Casablanca
Before Israeli carpet bombing ca ‘80ties
Enough to go along never not an option distant Pakistan
Looming world apocalyptic player has all reasons
To hold wild hand but the hand itches
————————————– true colors Allah willing
China farther East busy with Japan Navy
Over the isle size of NYC daily refuse pumps conservative
Blood into Party elects new Secretary
How much has changed behind the Great Wall
Since previous US envoy departed for DC
Emergency NYC Minute and he still the best source
————————————–EU on sparking fuse
Let the White House-Kremlin connection ring red
Let all connections ring all cables transmit bells tolling
Alarum turns to Gratias same belling one right
Phone call away anyone six degrees the number start
Dialing start any number now the six degrees are fact
A fact certain and deserving a finger
————————————– beg it be yours beg please


There must have and certainly have existed a myriad man
Worth switching my life with they weren’t artists though
So that what in Polish is called the viola key
——————————should make available
Their soul touch breath for living experience moments earlier
WQXR played piano concert of JSB the slow second movement
Set on that inimitable gratitude that makes ear drift
In bitter grace this time question urged on delight
How was such gratitude possible not one movement
Not two a life time of counterpoint except his landscape music
Age of Reason Brandenburg sunny bustle
When the Church stood empty like the Ark
Again on solid ground while wild life flocked out for joy
Much of his funereal oeuvre to be played by remaining
Family orchestra over fresh graves of kin

When I think myself his old years I see myself twice mine
And I am his Madame Medusa reminds me every chance
Little else of the Baroque musician serves talk
We share in solitude of early hour I envy him cello
He would drop it I laugh for the electric curve should he
Take to my instrument and I to his
——————————Bach’s was faith scorned
Aware of general doubt and troubled by his own
Much gratitude for nothing still Gratias kept flowing
From under his bow at dawn winter stone in resonance
Monologues of such persuasion question marks
Are gentler on heart of worry I feel old cellist most
When he exhausts patience and vocabulary sets the cello
Against stone and walks to the window
——————————————glass is cosmos
Frozen into colorless Eden breathing on ice he thinks
Of the One he hopes one morn to welcome from the road
How it must have felt to blow soul into matter
Small transparent hole opens out on snowfall forest
The road Bach waits at in his heart remains empty

This eve under sound the music spoke gratitude begins
When one forgives as in to forgive God Bach is the first and only
One on record to do this as in forgiving absence
—————————————————- existence
When it stands an enigma transparent to the last empty end
Of all the roads in sight to the last star to rise

For still another eve another hour how self deceiving
Of my heart how long does Madame Medusa hand me
One insistent I-will-read-your-stuff-when-you-die
For answer talk Bach Liberty what term Stranger allows
—————————— when I am not here
And only this night I get what she presses for
So far I was self congratulating here’s one devoted reader
Shall the world find no time for Reign when I am gone
Shall she ever get lost she will find herself at home here
———————————————–loved awesome
But here come tears again the tired tears
She recycles them for my edification
Impatient bored to repeat when are going to die
Die tonight I’ll help if necessary
Make love for me perfect
Look the sooner you die the sooner I get to read
—————————————–for proverbial carrot
Trains of Conn commute are party her age
A tear or two in helpless fury why none of banana hunks
Honks for ride home yours or mine
Like they saw through her and see mad boyfriend oldie
——————————me for sorry spoils

Sweet bitter surprise remains surprise
By virtue frankness is welcomed
Novelty not so necessarily there are secrets to health
Better left secret to the patient says one Sigmunt
Doctor was in for noose or poison himself
A young father at psychiatry’s crib patients lie
Can’t but have to they lie even when they admit
How can science of benefit rest on lies
Madame Medusa puts her iPhone in between us
Then pulls blanket on and stiffens under

Green behind sheetrock for Saturday ahead
Madame Medusa sleeps now the door in between us shut
Does mythology mention the deadly legend sleeping
Must have been stare of her eyes not sight of hers’ that killed
Otherwise she would have long awaken to the world
Dead at her bedside no not even her intense stare
That makes all faces next flat dull disheartening
But when Medusa turned eyes away from pray
That’s what did the kill there must have been many
To survive first inspection keep her gaze for day
Two three and what are days what years no difference
—————————— in death’s imminence
Many must have lived well into winter age
On knees that they kneel one day longer

Of pathetic don Quichote in me best I like when hour came
How the Errant Cause last breath spells true
Definite name for its misfortune the Good he whispered
——————————Don Quichote the Good
Good as in resignation this is one moment of light
To see folly for folly moment lasts only a moment
And one is glad only glad next breath to think it folly also
——————————shall next breath come shall not

6 19 AM SUNDAY NOV 11 2012 NYC

One of the free press that puts Art Matters face
On what goes when Fame walks at liberty to pick night stands
Sounds two grand bells in one alarum headline Can Theatre
Be Democratic theatre on the one hand
—————————— suggests America of wagons
Of vagabonds traveling elitist schedule
Serving old money aqua vita under casual mask smuggling
The Stone of Knowledge campus to campus professors only
While Democratic hangs big question mark overhead

What prompts the problem urgent the American
Theatre sports fabulous pregnant historic fronts
But the show behind amounts to how much the stage day
Seedy rush auditions plus strategies to sell house
Empty shell structures for rent critics included
Far beyond reach of any even semi accomplished aspirant
His second third fifth play under arm carried by traffic
——————————Broadway Times Square
Names tele numbers of rentals on his lips
There goes Democracy and as for the troupes of players
——————————theatre proper
They roam America like orphans in search of play
Only in fantasy of the playwrite

Theatre proper a family of actors each separate a troupe
Of the Bread And Puppet of the Living Theatre Era ‘60
Of innumerable families traveling world wheels or no wheels
For the Cause New Beauty Tomorrow No War
A solitary bus is left today parked for weeks on stretch
Around McCarren’s Park Brooklyn dated psychedelic
Empty against local homeless summer winter long

Of the spectacle that set vibrant traveling stage
In between TV screen and Broad street
——————————the last in memory took place
In Tomkins Park back in early ’90 the concert shell
Turned open house survival of the weakest for viewing
Actors only play such authenticity but in comparison
They are only actors and as far as contents went
Quintessential Beckett no way to comprehend
——————————ring of keys under nowhere
Trash smelled for trash fire burnt for hand out soup
Taken as a legitimate show the problem would deserve
Would require sensible handling onstage
——————————the winter near for real
But for authentic urban refuse say the concrete shell
Has been razed one December morn razed carted out
And smoothed after to no trace maybe this
Or that EV doggie barked into cold air for echoes

As for the playwrite on the park bench say theatre
Of his longings survives now under his cranium
He wears hats to hold the troupe one and warm against winter
Not that the roofless souls have been given there
American dream to measure and now go on
In manner of all boring flat deadly living room drama
Of American Stage what suits authentic needs of the street
Doesn’t necessarily do any good the theatre

Greeks in amphitheatre they were the third party
Say to Antygona in the actors-choir-audience triad
Tradition or Law to divide the city live there in the seats
Tradition takes heart Law speaks to reason
Broadway actor depends on acting team has to
Keep and carry in tight joint the story line
Not for him ample liberties stage granted true artist
To play one king different characters each eve
Mistake plays altogether Lear to traveling salesman
Vent day’s worry no desolate isle for born again Cruzoe
A Sandra-vandalized tree a crime scene
The proverbial silence inviting hands to cast shadows
Shadows on the curtain say a rabbit tonight
But a bat tomorrow scared ominous bats
——————————for pensive pose

Under Hellen skies no Antygona ended twice the same
What Euripides wrote stood for bones of tragedy
Audience to throw to hung to drape on them
Whatever they’ve put on for the outing the trial
Would be interrupted say by a naked citizen
A burning reed for quiet that his own opinion
May weight on conscience of the verdict
So that the verdict could be decided by vote or action
Each staging anew once-only experimental revolutionary
Traditionist philosophical fantastic
Polis of tomorrow decided on stage tonight
——————————that’s why you would go
See same play every time it played in town
You know what Antygone stands for the rest was as much
In your own hands as it was
——————————say in any next ticket holder’s

Of the issue plays in the library one to put to test today
To see how it survives live reception is Coriolanus
The man insults humanity a brave great disappointed
With scoundrel true in argument merciless of himself
More than of others his blood in proud principle
Take world for stage and the stage today hangs frail
On spacecraft web connections crowded full
With the last of would-be audience I-and-the-rest divide
Across the global board am I solitary principle-bound hero
Despicable as reason be and outcome
—————————— or am I the rest among
The sleek of tongue devoid of integrity swayed scene to scene
By blows of opportune lungs deserving of loathing
Twice for learning better and doing the same old

Freedom Tower patriotic feet from completion two cranes
Atop for IreneKatrinaSandy good bye fits perfect
The space missing so sorely in NYC stage set
I say to Madame Medusa don’t drown in tears
Your own death nothing else is real in sheetrock set up
Death plus whatever you treasure yours alone
——————————be it excruciating folly
Medusa in you to die one dear wish impossible
It is not so in Rome there ruins stand timeless
They grow precious with each new spill of sunlight
Marina underwater clings to rock and ruin
Hours Medusa must have spent alone in despair
Any true man’s call to see and survive
——————————  her beauty’s curse upon her
Every time her head pops up dozens die on shore

A 24/7 staging Coriolanus Democratic the onstage conflict
Open for visitor participation the viewer to sit minimum
One full turn of play before he or she could join in
Onstage episode on own invention reflection pov
This would lift NYC Freedom’s above all other towers
In stage geography history a floor given to 24/7 Coriolanus

O no! Swallow more! Human or divine authority
Something one may trust shall stamp my speech!
Let this monologue thunder for Freedom NYC
I used to explain I translate Shakespeare from Polish
Back to English for living no I do not consult
The original the results never without gain
I would put vernissage white wine to my eye for glass
See sir madam on the personal hand an exam
If you pass of great use and honor and as far
As art of translation an event without precedence

See I am talking here issue theatre the questions eternal
How they fare today 24/7 stage is emergency
But there is this other theatre say theatre vagrant personal
Say I find players for lead characters under my cranium
Have them execute detail to the minutest
Say an hour long performance the limelight for Alladin’s
For Diogenes’ for Winky-Blinky’s solemn magic
Troupes to stage inner worlds of lottery Newyorkers
Under guide and principle of each winner
Professionals to assist every recommendation
Week long runs for each staging intimate
For your eyes only the no-hands-on experience
—————————— lady Silence to usher

What option on the map of city adventures
Soul strip not that anyone has much against lap ballet
Shinning pole bears the same juicy fruit each session
But with souls what can be known in advance about souls
No other way but learning visiting one two
Be they talking tongues there is acting lights sets
Action however incomprehensible how each soul bares
Content to last nook and cranny look one is a visitor
A mere insect glowing at the bottom of starry cave
When it comes to knowing one’s own private realm
Cave and cave are two as opposed to one three or more
Soul of theatre a solitary confession witnessed
Made the first tenant in the Freedom edifice this little given
Nobody guarantees relevant interesting results
Were we to believe TS Eliot what souls the Hollow Men
May offer the curious reader of Dante for meditation
How do hollow men differ from one another
How do they decide who is who on I-or-He everyday bases
Say you enter one person the Poetry Project loo
And come out another one the switch imperceptible
Worth no mention 0 loss keys to no address for gain

Surprise surprise as in one surprise to surprise another one
Mexico setting house by the NYC Liberty Bell
St Mark’s Church grave yard for temporary foothold
El Dio des los Todos early bird danceables sad danceables
Bones to dance will only with feet sensitive overground
Sorry in occasion danceable for the joy everlasting
Clay-cast Mayan dials the double-headed Serpent
Peyote stripes for mates and curtains how tradition
Immemorial has surrendered to horse-god of galleons
——————————gale gallant gallery as in slave trade
And how the tradition struggles to survive Free Market
Cocaine and flesh traffic the conqueror’s bones underfoot
US VP first Gouvernour of New Amsterdam others

O most welcome arrival I didn’t stay to dance pray eat taco
Festivities truer they be the merrier bones to join


Trauma room they ask do you hear voices in the head
It’s serious if you do dare ask why silence what is silence for
Dare complain how difficult silence is in NYC the dear silence
If not to hear under cranium and consider yourself admitted
At worse doctor indeed a bedlam choir begging arguing
———————————————————-ear to ear
Demanding pleading threatening riot be quiet please
Quiet when say landlord sends on unruly tenement
His construction gang 24/7 power tools they do not know
What they’re doing but guys at it they be tortured in kind
Cursing out best in the air not just one week not two
That’s how fucken’ hammers sounded in Jesus’ ears
——————————for God’s sake
My outpatient therapist heard this story
Many times over before and has little to add
Whose voices are these yours mine no never ever my own
I must have grown deaf to true tongue of mine
Mine yours his hers in one ongoing squabble
Words are cheap thieves leave them out take only tongue
Tongue best swallowed with champagne cold turkey
Onion for tears am I to worry doctor
I never hear myself talk under cranium
Do voices say what to do do voices demand or order
————————————– question rather
Actually a one big question mark for pulse
Throw it at the street NYC empties all the way subways go
Worse why would I be here tonight
Searching for good in this town start with ER
Mad Ave nightlife closing shop I swipe last table cloth for cover
Heading for my Oriental gazebo in CP ask the duo
Distributing morning NYT is it NYC for real or nightmare
That’s how I got trauma doctor but ask under cranium
——————————there you are safe
Freedom of thought my affliction if any doctor
Loud loose mouth rest between temples
And the sealed ones the otherwise hard of tongue take passion
To words to vicious persistent mis-articulations
Willful miscarriage of vocabulary for most
To do what one wishes one could do
——————————to with for any earth mate deserving
I did away with the entire kind not once not twice
Between the temples humans are too much too often
But without them much more is missing from TimeSpace
Can’t put finger exactly on what’s amiss it hurts bad
No please no operation with pills too please be considerate
Hear them voices once doctor and never again switch on TV
——————————winter saving time near


In his oval Medusa Caravaggio paints the subject full face
Her eyes though the deadly stare is turned sideway
Away from the viewer else he or she would have died
First sight of the portrait – it will take another two hours
Before I see the blood of decapitation –
——————————now we have time to examine
Serpents round her head are torment not her pride
She stares her victim a one more to the countless
Still pained on hard rubble the young beauty is caught
The moment it dawns on her this is to be her forever
Fact is with books under dust this painting alone
Brought death to few a connoisseur of antiquity
While they waited on bulging globes to turn gaze
From the dead to the living
——————————my own brush shall do
A different take the see-and-survive call to manhood
Under Hellen skies her face still an oval in angles
Pulls inside her frame full profile away from the mirror
Mirror on the wall each sweet skin inch
Each lip never kissed everything that human face is
——————————but for gaze alone
Medusa can’t won’t tear it away from her likeness
Medusa must go the way of her victims
Medusa dies here and now kind of
Orange gold against sunlight lemon torn features
Blue Mediterranean shadow
——————————mythology stands me corrected
Medusa’s wasn’t a mirror she saw herself in the so called
Shield of Peace Hephaistos the god of lightning bolt
Hammered it out for Achilles originally
But after arrow managed to snatch glorious bearer
By mere heel the Shield found way into one Perseus’ hands
Survived centuries unscratched escaped robbers
Melting into small-time jewel the art of chisel in the dial
——————————————————-true triumph
That’s though way beyond my brush skill sorry
To paint face and Peace Ideal simultaneously
I-deal for Ideal my best shot I bargain
One within the other on one canvas
No matter how many hours Madame Medusa spared
Out of her tight commute schedule
Peace of the exquisite air when shields to country girl
Send sunlit smile Autumn’s sun for warm night bed
——————————and her raw nerve face in it
Face of beauty furious in rage want desire
Caravaggio helps I’ll try die if only to succeed die
Die rather than fail die but try again my brushes dearest

Say I manage say not only is the Peace Ideal
Rendered equal with legend descriptions
Your aspect too Madame Medusa shines through it
If shadows can shine brighter through light
Perfectly your eyebrow lifts a question high insistent
Nose of distinction lower lip hanged disappointed
Exactly what fixes true man for trying
Jaw full protrudes for inevitable tears
Rendering the golden Peace Ideal the second lining
Lining of pure dread Death takes all
——————————should Carvaggio have painted
Such your likeness Madame Medusa I bet
The painting would soon vanish from view never to be
Seen again no matter what impossible trick it took
——————————to lay hands on truth

The story doesn’t end there what would you do
My Madame Medusa would you feed paint to fire
Watch last brush touch burn ash
Curse the painter paralyzed hands minimum
Or would you keep canvas stashed out of sight what now
Returning it your glance is deadly or is it
Good question to open the closet with Madame Medusa
We are each alone in confessional of the self
If nothing else do something for the Reign here
——————————————needs abound

Fine a snake can’t turn out human
But human can help snake shed skins
Take Wasteland the XX Century poem title
It has been translated to Polish the Barren Land
Plough or no plough rustic while what Eliot intends
Is Land Decay a junk yard history and tradition
Adjusting the title different with time flow
While retaining Milosz’s body translation intact
Let’s say today the title should read Lost Foothold
Tomorrow Land To Recultivate next decade Land’s End
Land No More Land of Ours the Only
The way lighting tunes one stage set for different effect
From beet-red hearty to green pensive to blue the palest shade
——————————say what lights next enter the same
Ancient terrible beauty Medusa what next Madame than next
And next what’s next


Marina specimen of octopus family meaning adaption
My American architectural dream come reality NYC New Venice
Street level Manhattan under water high to eliminate from view
Tenements of Roaring Twenties exploitation Wall Street crash
Office towers leaping now for sky twice high for water reflection
Labor-traffic in and out by subway and tunnel system
Way from behind the flooded horizon
—————————————–the deeper
Into the disaster zone the crowded the train
Africa on Brooklyn lines Orient on Queens’ Latinos throughout
And how long is the line out downstairs
Knees buckle when I saw another several blocks
To go for next place lucky me see my appointment here
9 am got me into the building ahead three deep
And no end in sight blame Sandy
————————————any reader unfamiliar
With NYC PA scene assumes last hopeless rags
Dregs of merciless labyrinth widows with three to breast
Make the line here unload utter destitution into chairs
Stink scratch obcess harass deliric spit
——————————————but no
The hundred or so petitioners waiting to be called by name
Look one wants to say even better off rested better
Then the subway cargo this morning give or take a beggar
A cargo any line anytime anywhere NYC
Better off than the everyday street traffic of strangers
The Hasidim young couple familiars from week ago
At the DeKalb PA she easily Miss Diamond District
He a husband at loss about family tomorrow
But collected his black hat sitting flat on scull wraps
While he leans over the infant stroller
We are seniority here privilege the pre-IreneKatrinaSandy
Appointments victims of ills much more serious older
———————————than the caprice of clime
When the President declared NYC federal disaster
Does it mean our applications are going to be covered still
By the city but the applicants starting this Monday
Waiting outside F 47 to register for number will get checks
From Treasury Dept Washington DC
——————————— if so the City Hall
Should pray dearly Sandra impact keeps momentum
Seeping in slow and irreversible for unforeseen future
At least on NYC Minute say Sandy may still turn a blessing
Here the PA PCs out of commission one week after
But out there the shuttle system through the disaster zone
Operates a fleet of brand new buses
Assembly-line-to-street emergency transport
Post-trauma B62 to keep schedule from Williamsburg
To Greenpoint to Court Square and back from now on
  ———————————on time hope even better

Asians shake heads in solemn witness
The final decline of Order Eternal world-wide
They the proverbial extra mouth today a multitude
Bread any which way is blessing
Africa surprisingly scarce here a fresh hospital cane
There a toddler cell dial checked should better appointments
Call in before the number comes up
———————————papers praising
The city-wide coat-and-blanket alarm for the freezing poor
National Guard Marines serve meals to hysterical Rockaways
And yes loose boon over Columbus Circle has been secured
Say just your ordinary ER in-take
Shot in the arm your private arm to help our ill
———————————paralyzed Moloch recuperate
It took night then day then night hours into morning
In line for gas and I didn’t even get full
Goes exchange behind my back
———————————I cock ear to name calls
Aphrodeity next chair heard hers’ 10 minutes ago
How do I know how long her wait
Of all Virtues overburdened Patience gets most exercise
Wherever one dares disaster zone
———————————if the Walker Str office
Downtown sits still in the dark together with PCs
Here at Schermerhorn’s weeks may elapse
Before new Benefit cards get issued Brownsville FoodMart
Must cancel deliveries Astoria Pioneer also Bed-Stuy too
The freeze there lost juice the first wind-blast

IreneKatrinaSandy Afrodeity past prime offers recordings
Of her best $1 a tape the damage to NYC still in assessment
A di Caprio type filling his form connects Atlantic fury
To WTC collapse of 10 years back and thinks of Manhattan
Titanic II soon to sink into the Ocean of Third Millennium
At Millennium’s first storm he gets up heads back to his clerk
———————————will he be dead weight or rescue
He’s as deep in the waters as the next petition
Nobody to depend on his luck at 20 a dice throw
————————————————– let’s see
As long as sunlight shines on outside the windows
We are still afloat what’s next A030 window 7 mine’s A039
Random pick starts19 into 700s or the next number or the next
Marina specimen of octopus family for emergency adapting
———————————pray the next number or next


Why would a nuclear scientist and sworn atheist build
His dream family house on Noah’s design for the Ark
The way he pronounces nuclear nyu-clear no-clear
As head of the industry he tended New Flood in the source
Not that dear world will drown is his worry
But does world deserve to or not his heart struggles nights
—————————each night ten twenty times his last

Why would a painter of call insist first word on the phone
He is too busy to talk he works capital W his tenor
Then goes how are you surviving Sandy we all work
His or her tool of profession substrata rescue
Cleaning after strangers artists paint not work
If working means 9 to 5 plus insurance
——————-each canvas ten twenty times the best

Why would an actor Julius Cesar his forte abandon life’s stage
Red throne volumes in Latin rocking horse of childhood
Hindi from eateries below water the plants
Or dry precious Balkan rugs in his absence
It feels TimeSpace rests interred in his kitchen
The wall-size age-old precious chest alone behind glass face
————————-holds eternity size of New England

Why would a crook acting blaze dandy go pale blue
In his chops he looked at himself with my eyes
He never saw himself clearer
A serial on the run asks a psychic what’s my tomorrow like
The psychic reads the palm for each blood drop it spilled
She may be his next if he squeezes truth out
—————————each night ten twenty times his last

Who else why would champ satyr insist we visit his farm
For nude pics in 2013 calendar of his orgasms
He calls himself name that has phony for echo but lacks
Ear for echoes to beat Tibet drum help sitter let
His or her animal out like he doesn’t care risk
Like he never tried music on the beast in his rib cage
—————— each night ten twenty times his member

Words shrink from extremes the way a bag of bones
Turns to a bag of medications the way Lady Herod
Of her day survives progressive amputations tomorrow
Smaller lighter for luggage the way countless drunks
Fail to show up for communal bottle one night
Having succeeded at last getting out of habit no trace
   ——————each bottle ten twenty times the last

Friends of word from envy rooms where news get written
Of word meaning double a as in every pen pal is friends
With vocabulary and b as in word empty of deed
Meaning devoid of living substance a mere sound
On which to fancy castles of tomorrow they’ve sunk
Into ads-only word-free tabloids and avoid whatever of poetry
———————–survives the night ten twenty times the last

Of women once one flesh with mine only three are on FB
Madsen of ’70 -sen reading dream-in-sleep in Polish
How one is careful not to hurt faithful heart mistaking it
For someone else’s and how one is moved dearly
To think this is the heart one’s own beats for years and years now
Forgetting from whom it took the beat
———————————each night ten twenty times the last

Of priests of rabbis of mullahs true believers see Sandy
For proof of God the rest must learn to teach flocks rejoice
Even if themselves guilty of the sin of doubt
One cleric in mind answers yes an atheist can be saint
Who else the one who drives white Lincoln
Or the one in black Mercedes Benz 200
———————————each motel about 60 a night

How Caribbean’s return to NYC washouts in bread line
Cracow Alma Mater sacred boulder Copernicus globe in hand
To a born Cracovian here in disaster zone capitol of capitalism
Marx’s proletariat turned patriotic consumers
How Chinese at night under day’s collect of glass and cans
Resemble turn-of-the-century rice-paper print-pauper
—————-each bag ten twenty times the day back home

Why would a nuclear scientist and atheist to the marrow
Enter church nearest his Ark the Flood is NYC Minute tonight
No God to forgive sciences his neighbor churchgoer may
Why would stranger leave soul for safety with another stranger
Why son doesn’t call father why daughter must be wiser
Than mom bite tongue every time true dad enters
————————visits dear far and few in between

Why would Miss Innocent tremble when told each
Who partook remembers her innocence different today
Dear memories knock for revisits a rifle left cocked
Fires again and again until mind exhausts possible reasons
None bearable for long just not to stick in one nightmare
One wakes up then goes to sleep again
——————-each night ten twenty times the last

What’s poetry if not a resort on the Fantasy Isle
It used to be now other vacationers there advice
Why poetry can’t afford so far to beach bum in Hamptons
Options let slip return scorn look even Chopin
Wrote dedications still these didn’t help enough
Why don’t you rhyme life with hive
———————for once ten twenty times the last

Why would atheist scientist go Noah for his home design
Why would painter of call insist on working first word
Why actor abandons stage good old Eternity to strangers
Why crook goes transparent to his last horrid cranny
Why else then to spoil love satyr invites to his orgasms
Why does poetry remain on the Fantasy Isle see
———————-each night ten twenty times the last


IreneKatrinaSandy the biggest vote this Election Day USA
Voting boots out with drowned coastals poor districts mostly
Where Obama holds sway in his last radio address
Keen on principles he reserves embarrassing exit
From White House should he have to explain or defend
Executive decisions to no end rather than sign and carry
No actor could play the attitude clearer
———————————Obama and Clinton
Together for green photo opps the white-head seniority
In tune with executive reservations follows his bitter
Heir in the Office a figure of speech himself keep this one
In mind Barack if he were fitter then you OK drop out
Winning isn’t what America needs most next term
But sorry Romney isn’t I too was much like him
Start of first race but guess what I your buddy Bill
Admire best about myself today see I have been able
To lend myself to such epic transformation from a sport
Of ambition why not my key to the doors along
Ovary Oval Global into the presidential adviser
———————————right here and now
I am right behind you Barack if nothing else
Should keep you steady remember Mitt isn’t any fitter
See I wasn’t even like mics or no mics in the mattress
Best nights of my career and you poor guy you must think
Twice every damn time you open mouth for First Lady
Homeland Sec on your lips should the terrorist in all of us
Claim them frank in the pillows take it from friend Bubba
——————————— stay solid who else but you gonzo


The gravity the Crown of the Dead exerts on living daylights
Be manifold on this one issue the key word for foreign policy
Next term be Russia the best of tsarist Empire were
Black Caucasians runaway slave-seed Pushkin for one
———————————poetry executed in cold blood
Over his wife Tzar’s-to-be darling bedmate and Kutuzov
The Russian winter General who bled l’Grand Armee shadows
The two dead greats voting Obama for the task

You first General Kutuzov sir why should USA look
Over North Pole for alliance General remains epic where did
Young human race came from to Americas
They seem having lost a notch or two down the development
Ladder over the Siberia-Alaska traverse and now
———————————better late than never
They better regain the level down there around Las Vegas

We lost a notch or two down the development ladder
What do you General mean nothing personal the ice cap
Conditions to live through practicality took over sleeping
Not to mention dances the way USA radios progress
Stress progress record player to boom box to head gear
To disco helmet Mars and all but the music
—————————-the music remains old same

Worse much worse General Kutuzov meet two elders
Pushkin holds breath one invented God God the Almighty
The Omnipresent the Inscrutable all Good and Just if you will
———————————and the other the other believes
Plain believes which one to choose for friend
Famous strategist spares poetry laughter circumstance
Pushkin mon ami as circumstance decides
I am not talking allies General but friends a friend as in

———————–poetry shall speak when cannons cease
Your nation General sir got demonized by modern history
The ideas that pushed you into red Oct 1917 We the People
Suspect it’s in your blood now Social Justice
No matter every bloody attempt at it fails again and worse
Wouldn’t you General sir want to paint White House
Your best color seems easy US military victories provide more
Then necessary paint for such project but no Russia is not
———————————into face-lifts into mascara

What is Russia into tell us how does Russia see USA today
Now that you’ve learnt the dollar lesson your US
Needs us more then we need US Siberia alone holds three
Americas worth of natural resource just were we throw
Our weight awaits decision Orient EU Iran Stars&Stripes
It’s up to your next Presidency to come up with best offer

Kutuzov doesn’t wear uniform for occasion
Having lost on home front the Great Red Cause
We Russians will only be glad for State Dept welcome
Russians need to feel necessary pride at level
With History Global in the make and as to who should be
Suspicious of the other between the two say
Our Kursk has been torpedoed by your nuclear fleet
And we didn’t take out NYC as we could
———————————some insist should have

Would Texaco be free to buy into Siberian oil gold diamond
Kutuzov laughs Texaco won’t have nearly enough
———————————to register for bidding
Assisting us towards gain most needy first
Yes Da two thumbs up but buying Russia out a no go
Free Market black market finance market market remains
A market mercy forgive us Russia wants Siberia much the way
The magnificent unfortunate Cherry Orchard was sacred
To hapless family of nobles space to dream into not bargain

What would be the gain number one General sir
Should our two great nations tie knot the unified military
Russia-EU-US together covering Christendom for defense
Should Islam threaten the all-out each of the three Allies
Free to use its command force at home front
—————————-where local laws decide action

Poetry takes to the wheel next poetry Pushkin grows
Impatient let young talk old Kutuzov bends ear
Please monsieur Pushkin did you mon ami say poetry
And I repeat for clarity just look at my Evgeny Oniegin
The lucky decadent Parisian exile couldn’t believe the young
Innocent Natasha here at home could love him true
Her letter alone to gain trust yes it broke his heart
But did little to do away with doubts duels unnecessary fought
Paris exile again then second time back in St Petersburgh
Upon cruel chance he learns the worth of Natasha’s word
Now insane Oniegin – Don’tyoudie in Russian – roams manic
The capitol after happiness he’s lost to reason the Russian
British coproduction leaves him leaning over Neva
—————————– from the bridge to nowhere
Where trust is not what little remains soon crumbles
International foundations to start with

Logic unlike any America gets from our own Laureate
Seemingly nothing simpler in application who then
Could in poet’s opinion stand in the way of such our knot
Whoever sells ordnance for living needs times uncertain
Volatile scared the pistols used in Oniegin’s duel
Might have cost villages each for ivory silver inlays
Had the two fought cheaper rapier first blood would do
For satisfaction and Oniegin might have learned his lesson
With sentimental reader in mind the poem
Would exist be complete one or another finale rest assured
Whoever thinks poetry needs mad blood to hold

None of you two gentlemen I assume is experts on Koran
But say how do you see the Islam hostility to Western Civ
Can it get defused before explosion both your military
And ours taking hard lesson on Afghani soil past 20 years
Who’s first Pushkin leaps ahead what does Islam
Fight for Allah all over the planet the fight has been won
Complements of Google no civilized household denied
Great teachings General Kutuzov raises hand for attention
But win more we won’t allow we learn gladly yes but
As far as submitting wholesale to the teachings please
Read encyclopedia Free Will before using holy sword
Against our XXVII Century know-how
———————————Pushkin seizes pause
No I didn’t read Holy Koran no but would be hard
Pressed to say anything against it quite the contrary
Anybody interested please take good look at brush holder
Curved exclusively for the instrument with which
To write sacred text they are perfect halves erotic
Wooden hollow phallus and hollow vagina
It’s not death what they want to breed sorry but not death

The gravity the Crown of the Dead exerts on living daylights
Be manifold on this one issue Russia for the key word
  ———————————in foreign policy next term


Noontime choice on WQXR Beethoven’s Three Sonatas
Humanity’s oldest dream Athens’ three day festival
For the lad of ours Hyacinth beloved of two Immortals
The marathon winner carrying into stadium news
Of victories ahead do-or-die for most but for once this once
What the stadium lives for gathers 4 summers apart
Since the day Olympian
———————————humanity’s dream of the turn
Of the Third Millennium clouding claustro horizon
For necessary breath these last from generation
To generation inheritance claimed before we learn the will
Having read Diary of Madman the teen carries the shock
———————————on into all the days of destiny
How logic misses reality how clouds are taken for kingdoms
But has no recourse has to act on it or not
When opportunity in flight rolls out next red carpet

With Obama reelected all other posts in the White House
Are technically speaking vacancies this morning
4 years past and who knows who NSAdv is I don’t
With this Reign’s hundredth poem only 13 away
Any one in my capacity of equal experience would
Consider applying the 6-degrees-apart number
Starting any from my cell
————————-but I will not at liberty to accept
If indeed these poems here as I believe
Help make correct assessments towards Tomorrow Global
I will be only honored take responsibilities
Twice as serious should the Administration ask expressly
I carry on meditations past titular 100
—————————-permanent president kind of

Wawel is the second best choice on my calendar Wawel
As Clinton puts it to Barack no other fits the shoes better
Bare foot I must have had been a boy of four
The post WW II Cracow a ghost town living fresh nightmare
The enormous Royal edifice on the Rock one empty shell
Romanesque Gothic Renaissance Baroque
Not one nook not one cranny left out of childhood’s daily fable
As my solitary adventures would inevitably take
Steps down into heart of Poland the Royal Necropolis

We lived right across the street parents still too young
To tolerate nosy witness to tete-a-tete’s and our proverbial
Hole in the wall tighter then the biblical needle’s eye
Look I caress my lifelong longings tender
———————————over quarter of a century now
Past reprivatization of PRL property and Wawel
Looms over Cracow empty empty for one single person
Good the ornate gates to the Sigismund Chapel stay locked
My quarters would cohabit the Castle with Museum
The way of a fable told unsuspecting ear when the listener
Balks baffled bow or draw forehead circles

Not that I am entirely unfamiliar with my would-be circles
Carl Gustaf across the Baltic generous waits for Nobel next
Juan Carlos’ son my Bud missed Bourbon cranium
Ruined his suit a bit when it fell on the Dancing Snake
In Boston Harbor the Portsmouth Transatlantic 2000
Prince of Wales wasn’t he the surprise entry
At my poetry eve on his soil sat facing fire stood poetry beer
I wouldn’t say for sure but why did everyone else tremble
Principessa of Rome must be grey today still she is Canova
Above age why a king in Poland now say to see
Whatever happened to the teen of Wawel dreaming
How he would recover how carry on the tradition
—————————————-if the nation helps

Share my dream if this should be your choice Poland
But rest easy if you nurture a better one on your own
EU at heart I am entitled fancy myself pancontinental shelf
White ravens they call them in Polish the so called Consular
Passports of the Cold War mine carries one
Or two official visas but entry and exit stamps hand
Inscriptions German Dutch French attest to my record
I am First Citizen of EU twenty something
————————when Iron Curtain parted for my passage

I believe I can always attach en corpus to Vatican
Proverbial church mouse a book worm in the Library
Drilling for light at the tunnel’s end a roach
Of Kafkesque specie fed up with terminals of NYC
Should the Swiss Guard threaten pray they read first
Mann’s The Chosen a repentant bug on desolate rock
Turned Pope Pius Something when brought to Rome
There is no one undeserving of Grace among us

Even if Holy See stood firm against book worms
I could swim the Tiber down into open Mediterranean
Navigate for Apollo’s birthplace Delos
Poetry’s last breath returned where the air came from
Say I could as well fly Palestinian and sail into Haifa
There from Golgotha walk back Jesus’ foot path
How he had to run from multitude mad for miracles
How mother told the lad God must be the father
Every step back under the Bethlehem thatch
—————————————-peace be my star

Rest easy twice Poland Europe Vatican America Israel
Miss Stranger marina specie of octopus family
Bound for Madame Medusa distinction with North-West snows
Is enough of a future to take three four Jaceks not just two
—————————————————–to tango last
Clouds taken for kingdoms who else is there to equal
In world literature who else but one Don Quichote who else
I begin to envy insects if I am lucky to get buried alive


If to elect music I choose Knyiaz Igor every time WQXR
Carries the suite I am reminded to get the tape for
In-depth listening session a one great entrance this Igor
Wherever he may choose to linger en passant
For him land and folk rush to harvest les letters belles
Offer no character so far to match music with rhyme
In contrast to Nothing Fullness is rendered here in sound
So compelling one opens pores soul and flesh
For most expectant reception at the first welcome chorus

O it is song-landscape-mankind pressed into harmonium
After harmonium two three and four brass strings choir
Charged with joy everlasting well what’s man if not what
He or she shares with others – to share self
With them to share in their lot equally – one is quick
To connect composer’s name Borodin with the battlefield
From War and Peace is that where Russia staved off
Napoleonic invasion search the epic for any such one
As the man of the music who not Tsar Alexander I at Helen’s
Not Pierre with pince-nez traversing fields of blood
Not Prince Bolkonsky of the last leaf of grass
When the battle is over and life gets dearer for dying
——————————— although each deserves
None fits the shoes I see them shoes of Kniyaz Igor put aside
For bare-foot presentation on their outside what meets
The eye appears not much different from any other shoe
In the land but ogled inside if only in passing their
Gaping content opens into two narrow bottomless hollows
Like the owner wore heavens entire for the road
To believe beauty like the blind at the outset
Into impassable darkness is one but the next
To experience beauty on contact the blind way forward
No Igor is no ruler he is to marvel at to be proud of
To forget anything else exists outside his generous aura
A grand-grand tale to keep in heart for own offspring
His virtue entire in applause
——————————— in o-how-lucky-we-are
Mass expression at mere sight of Igor person a permanent
Guest of honor wherever Knyiaz found himself dining
There were too few forests it seems in forest-clad Russia
To cut road through for his majestic arrivals
Too few harvest Moons to wait on Igor at rest
He travelled lightly his calf-skin heavens carried
Behind the head-in-the-clouds blessing some whisper
As Igor wandered Russia barefoot the shoes in deposit
Have changed hands behind his back
On countless occasions pricey to cheap to penny-worth
Along successive visits through white hamlet markets
Even when he learned of indiscretion he would glow
Only brighter for the lucky swindler such was what is
Called ambiance to his manner blind naivety today
Here in NYC lingo trust capitol T bare to touch easy to hurt
When Igor shoe-gossip got out of hand folks fought long
Insistent indecisive wars for possession
Who would dare dreaming the pair together sole to sole
The boots if they had laces the laces alone would
Provide Hollywood today with scenario unlike any
Before or after such was the heat of this shadow shoe-war
Across Russia far East into Asia continental
And West as far as opportune secrets travel

No village could afford not to present Kniayz with the
All Russian Paradise Bird and each even the poorest
Thatch could afford more than necessary each pair of wings
A different take-off on all-Russian sunset-sunrise panorama
Note how the leather exterior of famed boots kept
Losing in market value with the upsurge of price
For the spicy interiors the lining immediate
To the skins of Igor’s foot how it was greeted on arrival
The Trans-Siberian carried them holy relic into tundra
————————Gobi desert Caucasus’ peak and valley
Just look how snow melted wherever trail was headed
One shred of the blessed intestine left along the way
How known only in tropics certain flowers took
——————————— to following
The foot-prints in snow in mud in puddles shooting
Green moist freshness into air the air hard as frost

The outermost human settlement under the North Pole
Sending sleds horses hot treats back half the way into arrival
As far as white tiger goes the predator needed only to smell
What’s coming and house-cats were more of a risk
If left alone with blessed foot-wear so much so as one
Old sage south of Muscovia put it the entire country
Have been regarded as inside the Igor’s boot
Smithereene by smithereene serene for short
Together sort of netting hold ‘round the rich fertile enormous
———————————desolate Motherland soil
Others swear they witnessed live crossing of Dniepre River
Igor’s left boot taking dives for bottom ahead of his stallion
Still others just shake heads like words lack in tongue
And tongue in mouth-space for the boy this was one
Great asset with the Knyiaz look at him up close
He’s twenty see him twenty thirty years later
And from a formidable distance Igor stands to have lost
Still more from his tender age the momentum nearer
And nearer and nearer
———————————and though this is untrue
About his generosity with the Orthodox Bulgarians see
They still gather to worship with his name on lips
In the Cerkiev he didn’t know existed much less have
Covered the expenses and although he has never been seen
To kneel not one witness of the myriad would testify
Just words but no heroic deed surpasses
Not that the guest wasn’t pious say kneeling was constant
In how he carried himself along O to feel one is necessary
————————— music spells all this out much better
Intoxicating melody lifted for Stranger In Paradise
Just don’t just don’t show me the smart-hat again
Or am I mistaking the movie for Dancing In the Rain
Igor moved outside male/female divisions
But he was far from a-sex quite contrary Eros of
Edible quality radiated from him when he dropped boots
For barn or palace dances the same when he looked
After the pair in vain two hours later the very same Eros
Many believe only better as in the myth of Apollo
And Chloe Chloe turning herself into a gnarled fig tree
Against unwelcome advance but here&now
———————————wherever Igor
Chose to thread the trees millennia in age oak linden poplar
Folded upon sight of Knyiaz Igor each into young
Immaculate beauty for pickings boys girls
Grateful the trees are no longer grateful no more shadows sleek
To run spies after Igor’s whereabouts of chance

Today’s bridges whatever the river they span it’s believed
They are one long welcome late since the perpetual arrival
Escaped fame and crowds pomp and circumstance
Barefoot for ease into music WQXR over moments ago
——————————— listen still
These choirs renewing praise breath to breath
These strings sunlight for vibe
These drums evenings his retinue cooked and ate
From drums mornings to beat them wake up the world is ours
These mouth-like plough-borne grooves fertile here a one
Mighty green hymn before and after Igor’s guestity
Like he’s forbidden to do anything else save guesting
Should one his attempt at anything else fail
as most do before deliverance
The sun would have to cover face with the shadow
Of the failed effort for fear of looking eye to eye with Knyiaz
Because any one failure be it imperceptible to others
———————————lo invisible also in God’s eye
Would have sent the boy way outside of human fantasy
Outside of comprehension someplace where Paradise Birds fly
When dying is easier then flying
Where he would quite likely end his journey if it were
Not for say a Siberian squirrel dashing him a wink
If not for the moist fragrance of April in the bud
If not for the bells’ alarum past horizon where he was expected
———————————on the previous eve

Man as festival in TimeSpace festival of men’s desire dearest
Davidmans Kreutzers Kozublevs Noirdersheans Oku Mhobutus
Anyone responsible do feel free to apply the winter near
Adequate foot-gear needs measures in time for first snow


Mt Washington NH 168 mph as Sandy made her own
The US beach Gulf of Mexico up the shore to New Funland
East Coast’s Sandy’s no one else’s for now
——————————— the US acreage gone miles
Of it from under the foundations of mostly $1 000 000
Sea-side villas the soil either pushed inland or swallowed
Rock forest highway 20 years of construction bubble blasted
Insurance business bound to drown too under claims
Countless home drifting out into open fury Atlantic
Not one Noah Ark warnings ignored Golfstrom losing headway
South/North and back to rapidly melting Polar ice caps
Still more housing taken for ride rows upon rows upon rows
Of perfect American dream stacked up torn shattered
———————————ripped open for inspection
What cheap lives inside wall paper of individual choice
The difference between one sheetrock castle and the next
———————————remember our July 4 cruise
Of the Breeze Point and Coney Island Luna Park
Little to amuse left standing nights lit by burning stoves
Gas pipes gas stations gasoline spilling out of fill-me-ups
One gain the fires keep eager poor from mass invasion
Skies over Manhattan a headache for engineers
Symbol of progress capital P a construction crane dangles
Broke over Columbus Circle midtown hospitals evacuated
National Guard 150 strong to carry the loony bin out
But just where to NYC Minute had no time to investigate
Deaths 38 so far on the weather map it always looks the same
A whirling dervish of a cyclone approaching
Two three states four at most each season but this October
The entire US shoreline in diameter hardly anyone
Got the scale correct subway system tunnels and beneath
To be drowned paralyzed but here in Brownsville
Just one single tree next to the Black Widow Shelter
Fell of all places right into a front yard where rasta
Parties went on and on through the summer no sleep
For our tenant till 5 am how lucky we are how lucky
I said tonight at our late Halloween bash in the library
Masks dropped We Are Blessed Here Sir Blessed
—————————————————-now what
Christie R Bloomberg I others line up to vote Obama today
That the President sits on the emergency finance
My Dear Stranger managed to call yes but in no rush to ask
How I cope really knowing well Jacek could use assistance
To speak nothing of her easy-does-it expertise
Food Stamps Medicaid PA $168. 00 a month suspended
Till Monday recertification not that I care much for full fridge
But the absence sort of like she is out there some place
——————————————————- say adrift
Warm cozy Connecticut office friend’s bed got her insatiable
Temper under covers finally no hard feelings
———————————just friend to friend
One night stands under pretext don’t count her diary doesn’t
Count either at 20 innocent beyond belief – must have been
Written for her nosy pap to find – no rush suddenly
I offer to make the trip to GC this eve 8 as usual
No says she she will call first she must sleep
Work tomorrow what did you do all week long sat home
All by myself visited parents nothing in fact
Nothing in the way of Sonnets In Reply meaning my answer
To Kolakowski’s What Are Great Philosophers Asking Us About
With the money I am to receive from Cracow court case
We contemplate to publish it under her imprint
To the deserving one belongs tomorrow
———————————Mene Takel Fares of my pen come true
I read it at KF last Thursday to Polish shock laughter bravi
———————————just three days ahead of
IreneKatrinaSandy’s landing now what Internet dead
J train one miracle still in operation alphabet’s rest a-gasp
No papers anywhere near by to read 4 27 am says the clock
That’s what joy what happiness of a day earlier comes to
Happiness blind to survive Dear Stranger no dear for now


This narrative here carries remarks on language
How vocabulary translates to deeds words mean the same
In every tongue but how particular cultures interpret
Words for adequate action differs
Friendship for example Misfortune learns true friends for say Northeners
And for Southeners if you want to be my friend don’t ever
Tell me your troubles
———————————Freedom Liberty Independence
Americans take these for home invention patriotic
Rather than world’s and if world’s then as US export
How are these understood by NYC Minute audience
Liberty seems easiest
————–at liberty to do what is the question
And the question at best returns I am always at liberty
To close or open eyes in front of executing squad of JP Sartre
And at worse say liberties are best taken plenty
And plenty not to satisfy own needs but to give the measure
Plenty image to have more than anybody else all combine
To flaunt it safe under the lamp post blue

Now Independence as in nations independent in will
On global arena asserting what they choose binding essence
How they view want and shape man of the hour
For mutual gain curiosity is advised and assistance
You want to be independent financially from others
How my companion explained meaning of bank’s name
On my first venture into NYC English
Stopped me in the tracks but I want to be dependant
Am I am dependant whatever I do
Dependant on your skill of explaining I thought
To choose well and trust these one’s to depend on
Of independent means translates to some sulphur plant
Or other deep inlands not much of topic on Mad Ave
The dollar to start meaning day’s labor back
Wherever the sulphur plant is located
At the end my end quote unquote reads
———————————best tip of the shift

This leaves Freedom to tackle as in free from what
As in free for what Nietzsche’s don’t tell me what
You are free from because many a slave with chains
Threw away what was best about them but tell me
What you are free for what you are free to do
The chains here are these on Michelangelo’s Slaves
The sculptor shared them in devotion to chisel and marble
Of means towards madness logic is the one to trust

Free to do what whatever is necessary give
The necessary here generous measure of interpretations
If Liberum Veto Polish for Finis Poloniae
Could bring the world to collapse tomorrow
Many stir to be the party of one
——————————— if necessary
Maximum from Myself Minimum for Myself works
Given Maximum isn’t smaller then Minimum
Tomorrow depends on applications past

Let me see now the dictionary the one my Stranger
Found in CP bushes for the Stranger entry
How unsettling a person not known
Seen or heard of before out of place not at home
In short someone better not to associate with
Or to help with roof overhead
———————————but when I say stranger capital S
Not only how we remain strangers to one another for life time
But also what a stranger one inherits for life
Self as a cave of which one is the first explorer
     ———————————live to learn
We learn together but a different lesson each
What we know of the other are results of perception
And perception and reality miss one another
As we try to piece them one whole
———————————understanding or doing
I choose to shape myself this or that way
Towards a stranger of choice why else straddle the drag
Love thy stranger rather than vile neighbor
Of the stranger expect heart breaks heart attacks heart failure
———————————from neighbor only more of the old

This kind of strangeness comes with asking who the other is
Curiosity alien to statistical cannibal
How little we know ourselves
———————————wife begs hubby leave the gun home
He won’t but he swears he will not put it to use
The next gas station short on supply and long on line
Gets the bullet he couldn’t have possibly been planning
Hubby was on his way to work routine

Certainly to dive inwards below what day’s need
Makes us take for certain opens for free fall the length
Of nerve and sense the daylight is troubled
By unnecessary hustle by toil and the night falls on the tired
Without dreams no wonder the same dictionary
Has opened on Risky when I searched for clues
How to take my Stranger my Amor Fati what’s next
When she says I want to be your dog
———————————she doesn’t say a pet

Actually in art of relationship remaining a stranger
Keeps contact alive adventurous as opposed to using
———————————to use
99% consumption 1% inventiveness or good ends
The nightmare happens when amidst human traffic
One doesn’t find anybody worth sharing
The pathetic Greenpoint this afternoon for one
Not people but X-rays of them blown past
Nothing to dive in after on the one hand remnants
Of the usual Greenpoint Polonia the sabbath witches
Of sponge and vacuum-cleaner Grumwald knights
For NYC scaffolds veteran experts of every trade and key
One eye glass idiot authentic oblivious
———————————of IreneKatrineSandra
Sandra short for oracle Cassandra of fire and ruin
And on the other hand out of the blue the female student
October fresh wherever in USA they come from
Fashion flamingoes amidst the everyday trash can
And bus stop chasing elusives few of them
To be read about in tomorrow papers for yet another
Angle on the empty white canvas avant-garde tradition
Humanist edu for most rather to be then to function
———————————if I read Harvard scarf correctly
But blind the way the US military outfit enters
——————————— a village say in Afghanistan
Peace-warriors take it same as these damsels
Of luxuriant victorious youth do when they rent here
From under present less resourceful a tenant
They turn head from wheelchair they sent out packing
For street corner near the avant-garde address
Fashions stalking after fantasy NYC
  ——————————— best brought back to boutique
While it took minutes short of two hours wait
Before B62 arrived for ten minutes ride to J train
Gals had a date with Sandra be the places to go all
Blasted out by weather
———————————two yorkies one spaniel to the heel
And none catching wind of anywhere next to turn
Pathetic lunatic like they belong to a secret rite
And were all on the call to the same temple or theater
———————————where their outfits meet reason
Than this fridge of a muscle guy on the bus
He would have me give him my seat
Fiv’ fucken’ days ‘fter sev’ yea’ o’inside ‘ucken’
———————————he got the same tongue
In replay as warning in the end if not for his pregnant
Skelet of a companion who yelled and screamed
The results for me might have been front page tomorrow
Along with day’s other body-bags winds of that magnitude
Have been long predicted but so far unheard of

SAT NOV 2 7 21 AM 2012

Hurrrah my Stanger is to take my home any hour now
With me to share morning shower or so she promised
———————————on the cell last night
She spreads the mythology of her flesh on sofa
And complains about the ladder in between us
Must be the Danger label the small black silhouette
———————————losing balance
She would best see it out of here for gone
My old faithful ladder worn for climbs towards light
These lamps she was so reluctant to pay for
———————————think of my eyes as yours
Clipped now high above the table where I write
Company and privy to my solitude as no other witness
I painted the top rungs blue for sky reachable
At hand for versing they hang above us like a double A
My candelabra of illuminations sorry they be for content
Stranger must feel uncomfortable seen more
——————————— then just naked
When she drops her wools should the lights go
Through her and out with no strangeness to negotiate
She would feel as good as non existent

Her diary I will return the booklet to her today
Faust returning Margaret’s love at last
It’s 1 14 pm already one her promise let empty so far
Can’t blame absence silent cell on IreneKatrinaSandy
——————————— indefinitely
Stark actuality being communications’ black out
Still in progress no Internet now TV too no signal
———————————no idea when I ask how long
Stagnant storm water sips slow
Next to the ladder WQXR comes dispensable
Though in her hand confessions she admires List
Best of List says his pianoforte sounds like entire orchestra
While Chopin’s instrument like solitary person
I shall explain how I hear the difference to my Stranger
Upon returning to her her soul of twenty
School prepares rather than helps learning
And learning she chose modus vivendi learning as a way
Of self betterment the human spirit in her charge
Doesn’t belong to her entirely as if it were entrusted
For the cut and curve that only she can give

The self betterment counts little if at all
If it isn’t addressed towards the other
Actually no other then another stranger
Can provide necessity significance worlds to grow into
Not that any stranger can too few do and most of us
Never meet these miss them again and again
So one remains worse shrinks hurts of useless potentials
My Stranger doesn’t talk what she does
Stands for missing wordage and either it is understood
Or she talks to no one she will talk first next stranger
La Femme Fatale in love with fatality the more
Of them the stronger desire guilt mercy for lube on repeats

Having but one explanation is self convincing
Two prove the third one is possible still
And the fourth one and sixth all to conclude
Though they all hold water truth may still be a miss
Strangeness to grow only thicker with seventh and eighth
Lying if this is her case justified made tolerable
By higher instance no matter how honest she
——————————— victim won’t can’t believe anyway

Of her Freudian slips I write for I read comes easiest
It’s not vanity though but sympathy compassion
Talent to share lot with the other stranger
Her choice is stubborn proud but at liberty to alter
Should the subject fail expectations
——————————— O come the moments
When the star long dead overhead and soul of the stranger
In arms mark the expanse of together


Every time and it happens only in heat of argument
Stranger asks what do I do for her well as long as she was Muse
I could do only what bemused poets do hold on
To my yellow pencils for dear tomorrow Muse’s grateful
Hostage slave and lover she brought dead man future yes
But with future came crashing in ghosts of my past
Throwing vicious shadows into face of aurora
Say Muse remained faithful to her mission with many
To accuse love of imperfections implies ideal at hand
I don’t do anything for you but everything for us dear
There is no we Muse turned Femme Fatale fired back
Overload of victims to her compassion no we
———————————register this and remember

After her Paris Bulgaria summer journey she returned
To NYC Dear Stranger I resigned myself and accepted
Most of her impressive wardrobe will hang
On question marks for me no matter her answers and anger
And that it is far better not to touch the fabrics
———————————worse search pockets and bags
I gave up the ideal for you was now my answer perfectionists
End up despotic pedants solitary or they learn to tolerate
What about even the Dearest Stranger can’t be known for certain
And now that Dear has been dropped from Stranger
I said I am being my best my fullest my most
——————–you to choose what’s for you in it not I
What I didn’t tell her though or did I a welcome
Change of heart in my chest Muse-to-Stranger
Against Muse I held every doubt pain fear premonition fury
Of my tomorrow I was at her mercy she better be gone
Nothing less than perfect if she chooses to show up again
For faults shadows in bright beauty I raved against beauty
Against love I wanted to destroy it before it destroys me
And now when Stranger asks the question I answer for you
Say how do we know before we learn let’s talk tomorrow
About it if I live that long but see my Stranger whatever I do
I do for love now love on principle capital L
What I believe principle demands of me
———————————in day-to-day survival
Take note I added along the line evolving from Muse
To Femme Fatale to Dear Stranger
Stranger isn’t the last stage possible
Marina specimen of octopus family next

There’s light of Stranger’s early summer in her diary
And it shone on her marvelous face bathing her back
To adolescent day for my quiet observant delight
After Faust returned soul to his love
——————————— his love held the booklet
For exam how do I look in the mirror I left in high school
And returned it to me a silent pact keep it safe
So it’s back in the drawer under the Crown of the Dead
Under the Sword and Angel Wings light of November wintry
———————————Wings turn in for warmer dark


Calm down begin collected that’s what the riddles
Of irreversible past do when say a casual ride home
On L train brings this or that burning why sudden answer
Ten years late the answer a loss remains a loss

What follows is a preliminary sketch for eulogy
The deceased still at large his days count
——————————– a year maximum two
Given best treatment so I have time adequate to round
My argument the crime in focus as rank as it is common
At least with the Polish speaking conscience
Accordingly my will here be when the hour comes
To bury the deceased together with the problem
Once for all with the final version
Under the mound of evidence bury it for good
——————————–say at least for burial record

Polish language got mentioned for no other reason
Then the name of offence as hard as I search vocabulary
It eludes me so much so I find myself thinking
————————————– obviously
Language can’t have word for what lacks in presence
But here is the deed of interest please consider
————————————–for my personal
First treasure the diary my mother wrote after WW II
In it she explains herself to her first love
————————————- a suicide eventually
How wrong consistently wrong he was about things
He didn’t know about her and was better left out of
For his own safety under circumstances
——————————–desperate not as much a confession
As a plea to be believed trusted nice philosophical
Four-line war-time correspondence between the pages
Washed blue with tears thank-you postcards
Brief for coding attesting her Occupation years’ integrity
A museum item the last but not the least

——————————– the deceased didn’t rob me
Of it for fear the son may die prematurely
Weeping heart out if he continues
Perhaps he heard me drank weep over interphone
At the newspaper office where I kept my heirlooms
If so he still has time to admit that’s how good intent
Goes awry try we our best forgive me Jacek
But no he would do the removal alone
——————————– in and out casually
If help was his objective but what did he do
The bad mean apple of the proverbial barrel
The bookstore his share of influence in the paper
He had miss Counter lend hands
To his design who believes a drunk for alibi
She showed mercy first eve of my absence taking away
From shelves only mother’s memoir but her boss
Insisted the next eve all other personalia
Of sentiment must go also
——————————– like to come once
To one’s own funeral wasn’t enough
I had to come to it again next day in fresh grave
Of heart bury still fresher loss

The home&office hand for hire miss E for convenience
Told me all this today we happened to ride same car
Greenpoint-Broadway Junction that’ not all
After the riot of yours mister Jacek the duo managed
To corner our news delivery guy for blame
Which the idiot took fearing for job to lose it next day
Anyway as he stuck to false oath
Good I didn’t have a chance I could have killed the fellow
Tomorrow hang noose overhead me anyway
It could have easily had taken two

In legal terms it was theft made to look brash
Cleaning procedure given the mess of my seat
And as such any detective could dismiss the charges
——————————– if I pressed at the time
But for the long established perseverance of intent
To harm rather than to steal
——————- O what art to his casual treacheries
What far sighted complex planning for the heftier
To the theft to his mean patience for opportunities
For webbing snares on immigrant adventure
Articles of Law much heavier with justice should be added
May the deceased rest on his guilt forever

To anyone who dismisses La Comedia Divina
From valid world view I say yes indeed this afterlife
For deserving soul belongs with pre Renaissance Europe
But in terms of answers who am I it still gives reader
Place either in Inferno Purgatorio or Paradise
In light of self evaluation
How others bear out my faults my virtues
——————————– that’s perhaps why
Old Michelangelo didn’t paint a hallo
Over the head of the judging Jesus each of us mortals
His or her own best accuser victim and judge
When the Day of Reckoning turns the face away
——————————–when it lowers eyelids

I do not have La Comedia at hand to see where does
The deceased fit with his trespass to pull red carpet
From under feet of talent is lamentable
But to cut loose life when it has this one lifeline to hold to
War time verse of love sure pays back in measure
How deep through the seven circles of Inferno his sin falls
Into what coma in it what exclamation what question mark
When hospital at last fails to prolong agony

Now putting myself in the culprit’s predicament
Why would I want to confess old wrong at my days’ end
Miss E repeated out with trash out with trash
Wrong beyond recovery be regret true pains to marrow
If the act brings nothing in the way of so called redemption
The Last Judgment and Verdict earning no more reality today
——————————–then say bids on antique auction
Indeed no reason stands

One question remains though why did he do it why dare
I ask and ask and figure and I run short for words
Polish the English Dictionary NYC lingos whatever other
Say certain things about humans better belong with silence


The dictionary opened on Risky when I inquired at random
For decisive term on my Dear Stranger she found the book
A disheveled hard cover in CP two nights ago
——————————–out to find comfort niche
And it was with this very volume in hand that I rode L train
With miss E one hour later
——————————– think of all words five pounds
Of them the Risky should pop up ask first do I like risk
Say no risk no obelisk what’s the risk anyway
A DOA before I deliver eulogy for beauty in her face at night
She does to me something the stolen memoir would pale
What could that possibly be no other way finding
But the Russian pozhyom uvydim live to see
———————————————–fact is
Just as it’s remotely possible mother’s memoir returns
The reading broke thief’s heart last hour pray in his hands
This very moment to be delivered me tomorrow
So the risky live-to-see stands toward surprises still to come
With Dear Stranger look she gave me what her poet’s house
Was missing most but herself
——————————– well as she observed she looked
Where to pee not for dictionaries back in CP bushes
She cries easily when having to listen
Inquires if I think she’s suppressed
Suppressed or suppressing if suppressing say what
If suppressed by who
——————————–say giving up on risky
What am I left with the past the news of the day
My personal case for cold evidence with this or that argument
With this or that internal trial all for the closing verdict
Whether in error or correct please forgive the same

Dear Stranger sleeps next room as I write this
I see though walls a dog is sleeping in my bed not a dog
Either but the bare breast sphinx from MET Museum
She is on guard for a precio she left it with me long ago
And now can’t find you get it Jacek return it to her
Say as long as I choose not to Dear Stranger stays put
——————————– everything else is risk


The world when one is no more the chair sunlight-bright
In van Gogh’s portrait of absence while outside the window
Any window yours mine whoever comes to sit by next
The traffic changes models and fashions in progress
Kind of the music remains the same the radio gets better
How else to picture the world when one is no more
Things obvious today a Predator why man vs man at all
In the wings only last night it seems the world still innocent
Of the inevitable toy dreamt it XXVI Century
Better still when reading you stumble on such-like mention
So and so 64BC to 12AD none of his 127 titles survives
Euripides 5 or 6 we read today are all memory tolerates
Of his prodigious oeuvre the existence though is undeniable
The life of the lost output the amphitheaters wild
Burning drinking streaking for whatever is forgotten today
Caused the wheel of day take this and no other course
Butterfly Effect stretched across History with myriad
——————————– butterflies at work
Predator obvious inevitable slow coming whether a fly
Is a fly no longer a question to ignore seeing oneself
With fly’s globes optional on your iPhone
With YouTube it will remind you here you are again
Should this be the case in the otherwise unpredictable future

Humans were but an experiment but with technology
Evolution took off for real Predators faster than light
On designer’s desk today will land in yesterday tomorrow
If it is possible to recover more than has been lost
—————————-this is how it shall come to pass


Biblical Mene Takel Fares was it just a warning really
Understood too late or were these three words the cause
Of what transpired or do they still await deciphering
Safe to deliver message come the need in his three slim
Volumes professor L Kolakowski of Oxford U manages
To refraze the problem his title reads What Do Great
Philosophers Ask Us Socrates to Heidegger and Jaspers
With Plotinus to close the circle round whatever they do
The philos first of all worry each question answered
Makes two to tango with next night two No’s in haul
For each next Yes and next like answering you leave
A lot more mess behind then room forward
For the tomorrow We to handle
Can we handle manifold the burden they
——————————–the truly great ones
Tried minds out and couldn’t process satisfactorily
Hoping No turns out two times the Yes as it should
Along this macabre algebra Mene Takel Fares the Collosseum
Ruin in my mouth which one in the row of countless is it
Grinned on the riddle I shall not hope I still persevere

Why should a sign beyond comprehension exist at all
To signify in letter what’s beyond grasp for senses
The occasion appears to me first opera on record the guests
At royal Jerusalem a choir of voices in discord as each
Rabbi witch doctor wise hat scribe educator and man at arms
Widows possessed by beloved spirit rhyme of the hour
Plus jesters of many a court voice out loud each
His or her reading of the writing on the wall
——————————–the King the terrible King must know
One didn’t need much time to elapse in this anarchy
For the Great Temple to collapse ruins attributed at haste
The Indecipherable come down to this
While the tragedy indeed it did fulfill prophecy
But one from entirely a different book of Creation

Which leaves the three words only ever more scary
—————————- humbling awesome insistent
Since sighted first no way anyone today can match
The efforts past what gives chills though say
You are bound to face rather sooner than later
What’s to follow this incomprehensible introduction
Everyday Bible lesson using 99 Cents for props
You tremble bad as you should given immensity of message
And how to survive it anyone else does it seems like better

What Great Philosophers Ask Us About the Us being the focus
The booklet three four pages to each chapter name
Has been written in emergency – to provide young
Post Communist Poland food for thought long suppressed –
——————————– the author Professor
Kolakowski before he accepted Wittgenstain’s chair
At Oxford has travelled Europe since his expulsion
From Warsaw U March ’68 when philosophy departments
Have been shut down across Poland by Dictatorship
Of the Proletariat makes me think of Marcuse at Berkeley Ca
Same Spring shit pie in face from hippie student
Makes me want to find again the page in the Republic
Where Plato no matter how much his heart beat other direction
Envisions a philosopher and poet two no no’s exiles at best
To find in Plato’s train of argument a gap inconsistency error
That my own humble yellow pencil may bring resolve
Just in time perhaps to save Republic Poetry Reason
———————————————-who can tell
I wouldn’t rush to answer I try rather than decide No
Like a clock master no I won’t fix time but fixing a clock
——————————————I will do my best
Even if No anyway were to defeat sanity of effort

Not the word of Truth that counts look be truths poles apart
From one another they widen the specter but the word
That binds one such as Solidarity to start with
If what’s lost be recovered twice the measure be it
——————————–this very first word to come be it

Butterflies of the past aside the hurricane Irene hours now
From striking NYC sharing few characters with hostile Iran
Brings several other so called natural disasters
Of the recent day under suspicion the bunker buster bombs
Of Tora Tora demolition by now dive deep below
Boldest expectations wrecking havoc as I write say the streets
In the very core of Earth sort of science applied gone
Where angels fear to tread 7 pm this Sunday eve
The entire commute tri state system shuts down for deluge
Flights cancelled Monday more of the same only worse
Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink
Of the Ancient Mariner FoodTown runs out of bottled Poland
The Ocean Hill facing the storm with blue tape leftovers
On windows from the Zenon several seasons back
———————————————————me I
Need to do quick shopping foot hurts attack arthritis
Brought on by humidity nothing scalpel-bound I hope
I must manage bread pasta ice cream what else
Few characters in common with Iran who knows what Irene
Holds in store for Wall Street Mene Takel Fares
If Irene hits bull’s eye will get rendered yet another reading
Sugar will get an ex-drunk if Irene doesn’t ice cream
Meats I have fresh and frozen
——————————–streets hold most earthquakes
In recent memory fake meaning man-made
Still imprecise missing the target more tests necessary
What Rome do we live in shouted Cesar upon reading
Young Virgil’s love rhyme in dread of realization
Left nostril scratched translates to general collapse of trust
Wherever Latin was spoken what in this paltry context
Means when one can’t possibly be certain a fly is a fly
Today any fly anywhere in the world UK permitting
US Air Force use all facilities necessary what is it
Until one smashes flying suspect but even then it’s doubts


45 mph winds so far for NYC with gusts up to 80 and the
Last word – let it testifie – has already been blow out
Of the opening line as I write this two full days before
The monster Howard no it’s Sandy Jacek before Sandy
Lands ashore six coastal states federal emergency ME
For Must Evacuate say that’s how Black Holes develop
What sweep to the windy spiral polar snow whatever the
Arctic madness saw so far in snows of polar winter
And tropical fata-morgana oasis after oasis of delusion
Wing tip to wing tip under global merry-go-round Sandy
——————————————–for the first word
Blown lost rushes in a train next line and the next
Born adventurer though Departure/Arrival blinking
Tablets be where to pray he or she doesn’t need to move
At all from the seat ask any and you will learn how little
Difference there is to seats actually any jaded adventurer
Insists going for it without moving guarantees best results
Yes clouds under wing-engine take breath and courage
Earthlings below roads lights Great Wall take heart but
But say what’s world on the outside there events happen
Merely happen while they earn name of life inside cranium
Memory where in to venture given free hand imagination
Below personal strata brings History to experience
Answers to questions no one ever before has posed
Still deeper below gapes at the brave diver abyss of gene
Homo sapiens sharing 98% DNA with an orange
Human-flesh-eating apes come even closer
But it’s what they put on for commute&office routine
What plays the difference
—————————upon returning to one’s parasol
One will leap over rain puddles like some or other
Extinct specie prayer on lips folks friends lovers ahead
Are safe after all say on awaking Buddha himself couldn’t tell
Was he a butterfly from dream or the dreamer
And what is a butterfly next to white river serpents
The knot of them at the bottom of nightmare
—————— where all blood threads are spun from
Like why would Mary Shelley write Frankenstein
Was it a portrait of her beloved Percy Bysshe poet-husband
Poetry being the monster that killed love for the couple
Shouting suicidal poets are the true legislators of the world
Oh if he shouted humanity here but no Percy’s world
Stands for TimeSpace takes TimeSpace under poetic law
Poetry goes farther than instruments of learning
Actually that’s precisely where from poetry takes off
For each poem-flight into territory outside the microscope
Telescope specter of knowledge to deserve laurels

10 26 am as of this moment now WQXR reminds me
Of IreneKathrinaSandy wind-whirl listen how it growls
Right outside pressing on the window panes hemispheric
The epicenter still two days from landing on NYC
I stand corrected two three hours from now
Should streets be believed about US military secrets
Kathrina disaster no elements’ blind caprice but a cold
Bloodied execution upon the native populace of a town
—————————————————— slated for
Redevelopment after Las Vegas casino-brothel model
Say streets are right doesn’t it follow that the military
In possession of such apocalyptic means should to start with
Secure remedies like seeing natural typhoon
Why would Pentagon rush to gain MMDs of equal gravity
For own disposal rather than the means to blast the eye out
Of the calamity before it strikes elementary isn’t it
I would be the last to surprise if one week ahead
I heard the US military claims humanity owes survival
Their secrets how in the recent past they have managed
To tame and do away with many a killer wind dragon
With earthquakes with tsunamis flood and famine
In the For-Your-Eyes-Only Homeland Security effort
PR image right on the target the military need
——————————– at least thrice the number
Of today’s personnel Israel at the ready for 30 days
War on three fronts Iran Syria Egypt
————-700 projected in loss life inside Israeli borders
More Jews here then over there says NYC street
If streets can’t be proven wrong or malicious
How comes the incoming carousel is allowed progress
15 mph is turtles still the outermost wind-speed gathers
Monumentum as minutes pass they the military
Should be held responsible for letting the disaster enter
The realm of possibility at home-shore
The military on grounds of in-appropriation
The means necessary to annihilate the threat one order away
Why didn’t they use them if they hide truth under the Fifth
It follows the military prefers not to use secrets
For sake of Secrecy Supreme a betrayal of kinds isn’t it
With $ billions in damage and insurance
Should the military in turn reply that the money
On the home front translates to extra employment
Not to mention art scene sprung afresh in Philly
Boston Minneapolis Brownsville on the strength
——————————–of war-time dollar
Well it’s hard not to agree the less citizenry knows
About military secrets the better for both parties
Both win if secrets prevail the comfy sofa one difference
To the battlefield folks watching Grumwald 1410 blood bath
From hills around have been no less safe from sword
Then we are today from terrorist attack while we watch
NYC Minute that’s how foes balance the measure
—————————————each a lawless act
One jihadeem on ground for say a school of sky Predators
The innocent tax payer in the middle
Look XIX Century Colas Breugnion the jolly earthling
Hang portraits in one frame both kings in war
For his very own granary-wine-stead Eric Satie WQXR
If man could be one alone left in the world emptied
Of other humans that’s how he would sound on the last
Surviving keyboard when the French monarch won
For a day or two his Majesty would face the window-light
And if the Prussian King had routed opponent out
Morning Glory was his to enjoy inside the ornate wood
If the victor cared at all to check on his spoils
Not that he didn’t care not at all quite the contrary in fact
Both foes gallant the spoils-to-be don’t suffer
The battle one grape
——————————–O how far how far we are today
From that sylvan afternoon of mankind to make sure
The treasured witness of History then had to stand on feet
The whole length of the carnage right below the hill
Grave risk to sit on grass against dying errant arrow
——————————–but today though we be
Seated deep inside love-nest sofa-potato style
Watching the WW III as it unfolds on NYC Minute
We are the pawn not the spoils a pawn in terms of
Kill my million I kill two of yours global exchange

Meditations the famous Meditations wrongly attributed
To the first reader they were addressed initially to enlighten
In affairs of human exist-stance the sense that two lovers
Of the previous era come again today to miss one another
Say twenty thirty years in age amounting to a sigh
——————————–see nothing is perfect
Roman Stoics argue judging between two Impossibilities
A coming into existence again
Give or take pantheons of light years ahead in TimeSpace
Is still much more plausible make it more certain
Then the B contention even if options at how to avoid
The same turn-up are google the atoms at play
Assuming modern science willingly or not supports
The ancient claim take chess game how many
Possibilities at winning and losing are there to
The check board a myriad a snowstorm worth
Of alternatives each differing the way snowflakes differ
Still the number is limited computers can play it
All out in no time at all I assume but for these twenty thirty
Years of missing one another in every next encounter
That’s how life is above games
——————————–Meditations I assume
Make that difference on impact and now think
Not only the Marcus Aurelius’ hand-book of conquest
And manner but meditations any which way
You interpret this term in practice any tradition school
Vocabulary criminals of conscience welcome the word
Meditate Buddhist-style empty your mind of personalia
While an honest journeymen per dolcefarniente pour penses
When the distance covered blossoms under cranium
In this frame Hebrew proverb with each death
Dies Universe entire holds fertile ground think of
All the lights to go out under your own eyelids
When you close them last time everything is thought
Animals experience matter but matter doesn’t
Experience them only human mind is capable
To be matter inside out with strings to play on attached
Thought being of essence the will holds the reigns
What course thought shall take the road signs are many
Enough many to mislead compass needle itself

I am not about censorship of thought under cranium
When I say will decides the course on the contrary
I advice novice to freedom of thought to lock inside
The mind like inside nuclear shelter that no insane
Irresponsible heroics break out for rampage real time
Take a tiniest nook there in the spectacle of thoughts
The way a kitchen roach watches from below or behind
Logic and the instrument to draw perfect circles
Function alike with logic though one cannot be blind
Unlike the circler logic brings surprise-surprise in results
With each consecutive application even if the subject
At the center remains the same one old point

Freedom of thought as a Constitutional Right belongs
With courts of Law while I here am into the inner daring
Courage with which one allows under his bone coppola
Memory congregation of familiar strangers
Take to whatever they please need aspire
Are capable of in F minor then in C then D
——————————–that’s how facts earn reality
Memory stage doesn’t differ much from a deck a-sail
The tempest Sandy soon to sow sand against the Ocean Hill
Look at the Raft of Medusa Gericault went for loony bins
When he disembarked the horror
Went for proverbial harbor-holes where to drink
With other ship wreck survivors our sorry luck

Dear Stranger I must return her call of one hour earlier
Wind outside puts me back in chair if I succeed
To get up at all against the press of wild howling
For the moment the paper curtains hang still in the window
This side of them the inner and on the other the outer
IreneKathrinaSandy wrestle perfect balance
O how the elements conspire how they work for me
Enough time ahead to find before the storm passes
What Dear Stranger keeps calling me after

In terms of eternal return the Faust story comes up
For the nearest one of the sort my choice now being
A the old alchemist to put his shoes on or B Mephisto
A soul a true human soul in question if a memoir
Committed to paper by a twenty-years-old virgin
Can be taken for soul Faust in me asking
Should I live for the girl I love or for Love idea alone
Love disembodied as I hold the diary for rereading
To return it or not to transpire before IOO Poems run out
And what if I were to cast myself in regard to the same soul
In capacity of Mephisto I would have to grant Dear Stranger
Three wishes God forbid with the first one she should ask
For extra million
——————————–well IreneKathrinaSandy make sure
The commute system shuts down across tri-state region
I have enough time now to study situation pro&contra
Her way my way any which way provided by precedent
Factual mythic fabled fantastic psychiatrist
——————————–the path should ride
Destruction up the continental shore into Polar Circle
Way into the coming week Halloween Tuesday blown
——————————–scattered across America
Say the military joining the parade of ghosts
Masks pumpkins mummies skeletons shrouds
Leading it as it were from behind the PC
——————————–at Pentagon weather-center
Goethe again what did his Faust do at first opportunity
Beauty Wealth Youth Power but only 24 to live
He dropped love plus pregnancy to street crime
Nothing much for Daily News today the tale
Remarkable though for woman’s stance Last Judgment
Begging the Judge to spare alchemist from damnation

Did the jilted femme beg for old treacherous fart’s sakes
Or for Love’s as in concept what Love is should be
How we amount to vocabulary entry in the meaning of term

4 02 PM

——————————–no choice inconsequential whether
To go to the library downstairs see storm maps on FB
Or is it better to give up venturing out or with what
Treat cure the occasion 75 cents iced honey bun
Or garlic-onion bagel one has to be careful look how
One madeleine cookie sets off Marcel Proust on death-bound
Journey in Remembrance of Things Past
——————————– the memoir
The memoir Dear Stranger has written in her twenties
Here it is let me take it out of concealing bag
99 Cents alright but surprise surprise made in USA
Fabrique aux Etats-Unis Hechto en EUA Mead Corp Ohio
I got the feeling writes young author in sharp rightward lean
That I am asking more questions than I am answering
A silent loneliness will reveal something that I didn’t
Know about myself why I am the way I am
——————————–analyze now
What pains in last sentence is the resignation
Why I am the way I am as if one were done for in advance
An item on sale display among loads of product
Not much to decide only to choose this or that one
Please Dear Stranger get the answer you care for
You are responsible you how answer comes out
Blackout total outside WQXR million households
Affected to start this NYC night with
——————————–dream reason application decisive
Like I remarked to my son when the three of us run
Together a while ago his number had I-am-out
Looking-for-myself for message mark my say I said
Trust your dad son you’ll find what you look for
When you look behind over your shoulder
On the last station of your search meaning step after step
After step one shapes in error and trial his or her
Identity the will at work whatever of freedom one wrestles
For use amid determinants and opportunity

Of the same generation both who do you Dear Stranger
Think I choose if I had to for the true athlete of the will
Him or you certainly not him the thirty something
On his record bicycle chasing Lady Gaga
By looks alone doesn’t he resemble detestable offspring
Of Marcus Aurelius from Hollywood Gladiator
To the curl sorry to admit and in his own eyes
Well he better does something soon about his conduct
The his-self the one he is searching for or he is bound to rot
Beneath Inferno if my son looks over his shoulder
Back at his heartless search late to alter one turn of wheels

I advice homework for any mirror-gazer a mere five-pager
Printed the year I was born in Cracow
Here in collection at the Polish Institute its author
A name pregnant in associations Wail Alarum Hauer
Out to present for Occupation survivor how humans
Put on face mask when inspected when they suspect
A plain cloth observer to any daily chore how we
Mask fear occupation or no occupation
For reassuring results best mask mirror takes
——————————–much the same goes for diaries
Virtues are forced upon us by our vice of TS Eliot
Let’s see again first random page inside the crimson covers
Put peeled potatoes through a food mill and add a little dry
Government-issued flour and salt is it Ann Frank’s
Is it Mutual Assistance Economy of communist collapse ‘80
Or is it the USA Food Stamps today
Serve with rotten fruit compote onions not available
Or oil for mold or dough
——————————–pity I can’t see girl’s face
While Dear Stranger wrote this cooking recipe
Bet a gifted stage director could have the three Macbeth
Witches prepare the same putrid meal
For spectacle entirely on its own merit
——————————-several servings each show
Each time a different tune to the spell
Another expression in features a hand bent in wrist
Much like the shadow-code hands played with fire backdrop
Across the valley of milk blood and sweat mountain
To mountain before the Bible got fixed stiff
——————————–tall tale to papyrus
Whatever the purpose of her cooking look Leonardo
Wasn’t saint either the liquor we sip today after dinner
Machiavelli of spirits what’s the name
Sacramento Vitale Annuzziati Dolci Bambino Caro Mio
Lacrima Azzura Sorrento Cento
——————————– da Vinci
Is responsible for fragrant concoction serve cyancali in it
Guests undeserving hospitable palazzo
And poison goes down undetected
——————————–thrice to try
The Dear Stranger’s diary let me first prepare lungs
Song of questions howling despair laughter of joy
Whatever ensues look read twice five even
Five times as many the same sentence is bound
To stand ever new for interpretation be brave
Not in the fear of God but upholding your sense of honor
Does it mean she made her’s this or that honor
——————————– handed down by tradition
Or made one herself for the first time ever-ever
In the solitary confines of own conscience

With the wind lament raging outside the paper curtains
It feels like dust the dust from all depositories of learning
Is bound to blow clean before Sandy hikes up the shore
Going for the fourth trial below the honor of curiosity
To satisfy the insatiable suffice shall Stranger’s deed
Tomorrow and after the crimson covers are hers
With contents to carry
——————————–whenever she cares to do so
Sandy as in a hurricane to blow sand over NYC
WQXR upgrading teen caprice to hell-knows-no-fury Sandra
Yelling banging one continuous thunder outside
Sand from Atlantic bed salts for nightcap afterwards
Her Queens window across Brooklyn to mine in Brownsville
Glass shards to glass shards if necessary cheers
——————————–Dear Stranger cheers Dearest cheers
IreneKathrineSandra Pole to Pole in diameter
The air violent but fresh darn intimate for marrow
Here St Mark’s Ave into Saratoga I lean into the wind
Far forward of the pavement foothold the corner half-way
For female convict gluing thick blue tape on windows
Cross Star of David Sword of Mohamed whatever may help
——————————–perishables endure
Bodega Black skin-head she doesn’t have to store safe
The weekend garbage winds do away better but she does
Neither rain nor snow should stop anyone from duty
If you ask how Greenpoint near-by is doing I shrug in replay
Polonia won’t bow a one stuffed pretense pride
For refuse unless Cinderella stiletto or something hits
A nail on a head or two
——————————–cheers Dear Stranger O dear me cheers


Koniec The End Fini Fin Das Kaput That’s It Konyec
Konyec and Konyeczno in Russian the End and Necessarily so
Koniec Koncem in Polish meaning one End over another End
Begins Finito without the Spanish high-heel next step
The one word in vocabulary I could do without
When it appeared on-screen inside cinema it was total
——————————–total irreversible one the only and last
But outside under open summer night-sky
With leafy explosions – now I know Lifey if I am correct
With the Dublin river it takes name after autumn leaves
Long before Brit cut down last Irish free tree for Britain
Britain-rules-the-waves flotilla – so with leafy explosions
Wherever city lantern held out against final darkness
The last existing word in the world seemed digestible
Like a fruit two hours of action in coming
No fold no stir no echo outside the window-curtain a chunk
Of deep dark heavy quiet where paper hangs torn from hand
Out to turn the handle up or down two years of comfort
Nothing palpable like what’s more real on the one same
Trash pile a shop-to-garbage familiar transfer
——————————–or this seemingly just
Another left-overs-bundle a new-born on inspection
Abandoned perhaps prematurely NYPD they’re experts

Expect nothing and Nothing won’t hurt it is not so
With expectations just one makes a hell of difference
With sensitive carrier Manhattan systems down
Progressive paralysis in electricity tri-state not a stir alright
But what of the IreneKathrinaSandra shore-show
The effects where no echo what’s the damage anything
To enter into 100 Poems stillness as never before in NYC
Nothing for precocious ear Nada Nihil Nitchevo Niente
No More as in the Sysiphus’ boulder dead-worn
Never here&now much damage to the area plus tidings
Much higher than expectations in its entire
108 years long service MTA suffered less then last night
The stillness indeed monumental in momentum
Every time WQXR plays I Vespri Siciliani overture
I melt into sunlight of this Mediterranean isle
One place on Earth to enjoy not having been born at all
A Mauser to carry though there’s no one to shoot
You don’t want to kill storks on Africa migration dying here
From exhaustion Nothing to last yet a week or so
Before matters of smaller gravity surface back in focus
Storm-bills mostly should tomorrow bring a single
Snow flake instead of the predicted Polars still NYC won’t
Have money enough left in city coffers to clean it

If not the window-glass I think I could lean hard
On the Nothing outside and it would respond only harder
But this heavy chunk of dark timelessness where curtains
Hang torn apart what to do with it next to the old timer
Radio it makes more than sense who should care what sense
Given the beauty of this somewhat irritatining somewhat
Irreprehensible whatever irreprehensible means Nothing
——————————–no fold to listen in on
No stir to suspect no echo to regret echoes that’s what
TimeSpace whirlwind amounts to every heart beat
——————————–an echo or even less
Bethoven Awareness Month begins tomorrow

No stir as in sleep longest possible let neighbor do
Familiarizing with IreneKathrinaSandra results first The End
The stillness as in don’t get up unless you learn you must
Fini Finis Done-And-Over-With right out there on the
——————————–other side of paper curtain

The End imagine first tongue ever to articulate the occurrence
Must have been physical pain when it subsided
Otherwise how to observe how isolate from the perpetum
Mobile of light-life this ominous event sit a new comer
To NYC Minute of the NYC lingo he yet to learn first See You
How is he to recognize where pizza ad ends and news returns
Scotch-tape pocket-holder morphing to Queens Br carambole
To Commish Kelly to Summer Lunch For Kids to White House
——————————–on summer vacation say in Helsinki
Over there man they do exercise man tax-exempt
What’s the story Jerry below will to learn
Booze back to prominence a portable décolletage cover
——————————– in blue pink and green
The new-comer will take the on-screen streaming
For one continuous narrative help himself
To Metamorphosis’ translation to make ends tie together
Where they dangle Poles apart
——————————–for missing link for meaning
Smile music returns Nino Rota Eight and Half of Fellini WQXR
Neither logic nor chronology is the motor in this masterpiece
——————————–heart is heart heart art is
Heart is a sponge God forbid life uses it to wipe after itself
Squeezed the heart-sponge drips tears the dark rock Nothing
Pales blue above the WQXR radio laundry-hanger antenna
——————————–dear me End of Nothing in sight

To illustrate this Reign entry here a massive question mark
After Leonardo’s torrential lead Flood sketches should do
How it wrestles itself into being strain vs strain knot for knot
Tit after tat given Earth globe for the dot beneath
——————————–End of Nothing in sight


The lantern of Life Ladies and Gentlemen the lantern
With which to find Life hangs at the entrance
First the two malachite pillars the old gate guard
Is gone but his tale remains Lot’s wives didn’t turn
To salt this green stone holds the grief
To last Eternity the young upon entry see columns
For two mourning virgins the old read deep
Into folds of lava below smooth round surface

The lantern hangs just a flight of basalt down
The flame inside it flickers above ages as ages go
The crypt could have been curved into night sky
Storing caskets from the past Ladies and Gentlemen
————————————– the caskets of the past
One takes the lantern in hand and tip toes the nearest
Box happens to hold toys such as went out of play
Just before one was born a wooden pegassus on wheels
Clapping blue wings for bravi a miniature solar system
To roll across the table and back at idle hours
A riddle that proves each correct answer wrong
——————————————— and vice versa
Not that these bore Ladies and Gentlemen no we know
They never do first toys but the wish to outgrow them
Is stronger the next casket might turn out to hold
Under lid a bicycle the color of perfect summer
Take it for ride outside and you return only curious
————————–what are you to dig up next what
If instruments of learning tools of labor perhaps
A rosary these are familiar with hands well worn
Still warm from touch in the lantern’s glow they do
Plead necessity takes advantage of them once more
Once again and a sympathy visitor gives in
Supplying noblest idea such a task as to blind
What tools are responsible for so far in History
They tend to perform perfect the thing performing
Is not quite the life one searches after if one tragedy
Is to be dying amidst a worn sheetrock stage set
——————————- dying the only true thing
Still worse would be to follow to the dot a role
Meant for puppet while the daylight around discloses
Ever younger face of Time faces fleeting with breath
Still another ornate or plain lid up here’s the New Year
A mummy of kind calendar pages for bandage
To be unwrapped to the last one the last of December
Surprise surprise how wonderment turns dread
Surprise surprise Ladies and Gentlemen best welcomed
Sans surprises of the sort then the next lid and next
The lantern brings to view secrets say so trivial
Banal at first one is sorry for the secret keeper
To have perished for them with them after them
Like there was no tomorrow it appears only too obvious
That one should live to hear cocks at dawn
——————————- again and again and always
That it shocks to think of the night no cock will triumph
Over for one given one lives till night that day
Lives till night that day Ladies and Gentlemen ‘til night

We are here to hear a fable not lament see the caskets
Hold costumes props insignias arms clocks good enough
For one more round of ticking the wax dripping wreath
Where have you lost heart son fortunately the flicker
Inside the lantern burns eternity for fuel one has time
To examine every casing in store without hurry
If double entry content stands for love more than two
Under one lid does for a cause uniting the living in death
As it did in life hero and coward in one tight embrace
Right next to informer’s cloak of trade
What’s a sack of coins say if coins are to rob every
Other thing in the world of last shade of worth
What are distinctions titles honors they are to flaunt
For formal functions for crowds at patriotic parade
But amount eventually to such stuff as one finds here
Splendor bereft of the earning deed or virtue
Thieves their last best carrier
——————————- now the papers
Volumes hand writing of distinct characters in inks
Shades of sky or blood ideas like this one loom
Where sunrays come together to stay put in patterns
A tapestry to hang where windows are lacking
The loom design requires a few finishing touch ups
Before applying for patent almost anyone could
Come up with missing spool or screw but for these
Two unfortunate words – almost anybody – one gets
The feeling someone next will do still better
And leaves the project for any next casket trove

Now my Ladies now my Gents when one comes
To land palm on the last lid one’s so frightened
Whatever one looks after might in the end
Elude the search one permits more time to pass by
Hesitating then the time spent so far
On previous discoveries no they weren’t the thing
One came here after one last lid remaining what’s under
To be found just ask ask and the answer springs forth
I Am Your Life declare the contents
If lips of a maiden they press on yours briefly
Just enough long Ladies and Gentlemen to fall head
——————————-over heels for kissing
Then Life your maiden is gone gone no matter how high
One turns the lantern’s flame gone only words in the air
Still tingle now this casket is yours alone sire yours
Life’s story Dear Friends worth no mention
——————————-but for that one parting kiss


Elementary built for compass into proposition logic
Surprises at every turn the sad mathematics
Coffin to casket to urn amount to life lost
In search of self realization no matter how keen one is
On finding inheritance worth the heart beat

The heart beat won’t give up Benziger name
Turns Swiss heads the way any MD knocking on rock
For tell-tale echoes would have and when heads figure
The patient’s name is Anita I am standing transparent
To the last question with my eleven room secret
Number eleven standing for no room for betrayal
In her stupendous flat 11th floor UES Park Ave address
What is it that makes the name ring true
Every other under roof hollow or flat
What did make stage or costume historic come to life
‘round Anita the double headed black Eagle of Peter
The Great from the bed’s golden canopy in the morn
Announcing day’s extension into dream or nightmare
Either the Tzar-to-be taking lesson in things civilized
In the docks of Hamburg or the Tzar back in Hermitage
Shaking scissors at history-length beards of Russia

Anita never have I met a person so unreal unreal
But authentic larger then herself the way her enormous
Rings sat loose on her fingers note her fingers
Nothing short of List’s size and press
Having tried and dropped history fashions seats
‘round the diplomatic table decisions on top
And bottom how they balance cuisine and sex
Under every climate both sides of the Circumference
Still starved for reality among shadows and echoes
Be these shadows and echoes revered and bowed to
——————————-for the last resort
She threw her gender under scalpel to get up
A new person feminine to masculine or vice versa
Doesn’t much matter today gems burn
Fancy the largest one of the priceless choice
Burn on my head when they rained down after explosion
Sighs the doorman at Anita’s last address
Glad to share intimate legend with her angelic guest
——————– the sparkles for fan to conceal the void
The dark bottomless well starving in her gaze
Having dropped rings wherever they fell naked Anita
Roamed her floor-through last of the specie
A creature half flesh half shadow still no name in books
Lost for air amid the planetary expanse
That the XIX Century landscapes provided on walls
Line of the horizon continuous room after room
After room around the set of period furniture
Goethe’s rococo desk in the center a family heirloom
On the side of Benziger grand grand grand father
The Hermitage Librarian
——————————-asking me the proverbial
Poet mauvre or something of EV for last mercy
The Manhattan below us all diamonds that night
And the sky too a bowl of gems tipping
Still her eyes two hollows burning bottomless empty
Weighted for black holes as Anita waited for answer
The East River right down under the Williamsburg span
Her plea her wish please help
——————————-logic now for all the gems
Anita would have left the poet if she swayed me
Once river-bound wouldn’t she lose the reason
Wouldn’t she shout help help again I am afraid she would
This time in vain in vain this time though in vain

11 23 AM

Duty executive say the sitting President has learned
His capacity and more the first term over
Now hopes elections bring victory his better
But given brash mouth suit for opponent
Must do utmost to hold on to the seat and seal
Sakes of US sakes of the race sakes of the planet

Pity I didn’t read to remember the four names
Atop the Tompkins Park sorry Virtue fountain
Faith for one what other
——————————-not stern Discipline
Perhaps mother of the brood Patience
Timid familiar everyday Temperance
How they avoid formal introduction
Diligent virtues making home
Pillar to pillar along the fence fronting
The imposing Prosectorium Academy
School of Surgeon on my way to school and back
——————————-back in Cracow
Outlines in wrought iron for wind to grope through
Virtues disastrous for most in application
——————————-take this one OD DOA
Ed for short Ed knocks on heaven’s gate
Must earn the entry first thunders the Almighty
True you didn’t add much to evil behind
But that’s not enough for eternal rest
Do three deeds of good then come knock again
——————————-easy as the condition sounds
Ed wastes the first opportunity
Up the steps he descends angel escorts atheist
That he faces his Creator
The poor soul screams no please
Leave me to rot beg you stranger help
——————————-but cries slip by
After all who is Ed to meddle in divine design
What follows on ground is just more of the same
Push a child across traffic for the mother
You are kidnapper molester what not
Plain helping hand gets hand cuffs
No matter how hard Ed tries his due
Putting little beauty with order of apples
He learns and suffers exact opposite of intent
A princess is kept from lowlife not because
Lowlife is necessarily unbecoming
But that she doesn’t learn her prince is no different
——————————-God forbid worse
Resigned Ed ODs again sees his wish through though
Trying alone deserves of salvation
——————————-be the EV of Ed’s futile effort
Screamin’ and yellin’ after his departure
Like loony bin deserted by doctor


Whether they stick in psychiatry manual or not
Names of clinical madness that group case by case
Particular cause and symptoms they are countless
Each virus-like infects with fear think of interiors
Much larger then light in hand when your footsteps’ echo
————————- informs of the dread outside the sight
While sanity if you look for definition is no where
To be found in the books not that I’ve been on the project
To define it find examples demonstrate it in action
But indeed last night the problem sanity got saner

There are two kinds the inner and the outer sanity
The outer sanity to begin this is the social contract
Paying one’s bills NYC rule Number One with how
One comes into money left to one’s discretion
Any means ways holds advances for adventure
Career for course d’existance the way Dantean Inferno
Inescapable for the condemned provides for progress
From suffer oppression to oppress
CEO with Death Installment Planning Inc
—————————————- for calling card
But should one fail the requirement one does remain still
Part and parcel with the Free Market capitol
If he or she wants or must stay here but now the case
Falls with psychiatric establishment for diagnosis
Pharphesi  Tremens Roure-Schertzer-Browne
Bauzeurr syndrome SSI Medicaid home attendant

This outer sanity arrangement changes town to town
Nation to nation culture to culture over there Tradition
There God here Profit but it’s let me think insatiable
Whatever the name it wants you entire head to toe
Birthplace to deathbed for byzantine ends
——————————-office over it leaves enough
Of the day to sail TV channels from Pizza Harbor
To Crazy Glue to Paradise Island under the banner
Of Freedom American Dream the vessel
Say tears suddenly overwhelm you but asked why
Only more tears well up globus histericus
——————————————- words elude
No words to describe still less to explain
Your tears Dear Stranger if you don’t know
Why tears overflow your office composure
This is this other saner sanity that cries
Inner sanity little attended though most deserving
As it yields to the exterior order order totalitarian
In instinct insatiable vain envious
——————————- of all things envious
Of the little poor sanity that weeps for your heart

About that inner sanity I say read psychiatric dictionary
A compassionate reader soon finds own mind a one
Treacherous cesspool of all ills in register
To be or not to be for bi polar hamletism
Money phobia the worse for good reasons
—————————–add the NYT Science Section
For diagnoses next week they are yours cover to cover
And the sanity the sanity of concern now means
——————————-not to fall a patient
To any particular one Khereker Grecht or other
————————————– sedatives being no cure
But keep them all equilibrium balance counterpoint
That’s Orient to the dancer the world belongs
Still better thanks to the dancer dances the world
Better yet how dancer dances dances the world
Soles the ground arms outstretched for balancing pole
Lending sanity profile of your own bent
——————————-enticing or reprehensible
You find out soon enough to alter to adjust if necessary

If you prefer see inner sanity for diamond in the rough
Unlike gems that one chisel-miss wastes in value
On sanity you can and better do labor day in day out
Nights preferred always starting from scratch
What has not been done yesterday will get done today
Beauty where it is lacking demands shape
Old wrongs to good young amount they must they will
—————————————————for heart beat

Still a different take whatever heart falls for heart keeps
Say you come to NYC all the way from X or Y or Z-ville
Whatever dear you leave behind heart carries
Out of 93% brain mass that science doesn’t know
What or how it works great deal of activity
Must be employed at keeping what heart chose attractive
Competing for attention with Manhattan skyline
Great heart’s love is great not the X-ville it beats for necessarily
And great love is great for achievements
To the once claustrophobic architecture heart adds more
Then necessary to breath rich air there in the sanity
Of inner seclusion air fertile laden with oxygen of joy
And reason anything that’s missing from sanity outside
Years decades of heart beat but you
——————————-please picture this
You find less and less time miss opportunities
Delay visit in the end forget entirely
While faithful resilient diligent heart continues

Sanity do not mistake sanity for normalcy
Normalcy drops custom like fashions faster than Laws
Get amended normalcy fits and refits the We
That functions here and now stress on functioning
It’s only normal to desire sanity the insatiable
Moloch outside or sanity at dance within the one place
——————————- one terra firma
Where madness at large balances for surviving
This one or that neither of the two dependable enough
To choose sanity of the inner kind over global
The first translates too often to mental ward bed shortage
And the sanity of the status quo whatever it grants
It takes away much more
——————————- say Casino NYC holds skin
Your skin my skin for what’s worth the chips
Taking care of skin normalcy of the hour
Skin with trade for conditioning you have to come
Into resources first – I don’t want to cause troubles
Announces a kid pushing candies on C train
I want only to put money in my pocket –
Then you have to spend according
To capitalist principle given massage your skin
Gains market value for the outstanding bill
Massage gives skin upper hand with traffic complements
Of perfect stranger skins tired sick self despising
——————————- sorry to trouble sight
Not that I preach the spirit but what’s a shopping bag
If empty yes it plays well the street
Vardi Dior Whole Food for sanity you are after
But back home the skin one wishes could go rest
In the closet for the night the city of closets
Manhattan this Moloch sanity storing manifold
Today’s population at prices no one can refuse
Fine with daring entrepreneur fine with skins
If not this one question who would that be
To open the closet and put the skin on
For office next morn see that’s the last question
The sanity on wane the inner sanity is asking
——————————- weeping for no answer

Solitude tastes best when shared but loneliness
It has nothing more to share then skin
The loneliness of Althezmer case to recognize family still
Having already lost to disease remembering one self
My bet how skin worked empty of spirit must feel like


Often as we passed by the boulder mother would remind
Son there are only seven rocks of the kind in the world
Four in India not only they grant indestructibility
Whatever is build on them the Hindi who come to Cracow
Worship our boulder for the ray an aura that lends us
All who come within the radius supernatural quality
Youth longevity wisdom whatever the wish or need

I am positive mother didn’t use supernatural in her Polish
A stone that makes a fable come true perhaps
——————————- if will be strong
and that’s how I would take the tale
with a spoon of salt if not for following evidence
a millennium old Cracow ten years earlier emerged from WW II
one unscathed town in the 80% ruined Poland
the sites in India were even older thousands of years
of earthquakes invasions fire
——————————-best of all
Of all the places on the planet the boulder
Happens to be sitting right in front of Collegium Novum
The neogothic arches supporting the claim
600 years of learning and education Faust studied here
His glass brick chamber still in the town foundations
Also Copernicus his statue the Universe in hand
Looms over the boulder the astronomer’s hand suspended
For lack of anyone who would take his gift
Or so I mused hours upon hours on the bench near by
——————————- how to make sure
The bench remained within the supernatural radius
Keen to receive the radiation doze to the fullest
When the wind blew Planty leaves opposite direction
I would take to walking back and forth along the inner
Edge of asphalt alley at arm’s reach with the curio
——————————- two three slowest steps of life
Nothing one would think twice about as far as stones go
——————————-if not for the tulips
They braced the legend in blossom
As if outside the clime and season blossom ever fresh

Whatever awful anything that I could not share
With anyone I knew or loved I could bring
The trouble there sit on the bench within the radius
Or if it rained not to make of myself a pity
For passing professor or student I would hide
In the grove near Copernicus’ statue and safe
From witness open up body and soul for fabled influence
A radar when it dear desires the arriving cargo

Not that I expected the stone to work magic
Immediate results answer where did I lose keys
Can ugly be interesting but I did believe firmly
Given mother’s story holds – and it didn’t seem it would
If one out of every hundred Cracovians
Passing the rock daily pay attention it was a lot
There were other boulders small and large
Down the walkway why of all this particular one
Or any at all Hindi or no Hindi – but despite doubt
The will to do to try triumphant over reason
——————————-I wished the stone’s
Mysterious energy lends me hand ahead
Once I step out of immediate aura last time to head
For the Copenicus’ gift in TimeSpace alone with whatever
I choose to be my task
——————————-let me ask myself this today
Half a century later in NYC was it sane of the boy
This reverence for the boulder for its fabled glow
Does anyone else know no doubt someone must
Keep the tale in circulation these days in Cracow
——————————-if beauty is on beholder’s eye
What about fables they expire when forgotten
Magic abandons stones to cobbles at best and at worse
Hands them out for stoning the belief in supernatural
The trust make fable work live is the word
——————————-whatever future brings

Was he sane the charming elph hard to judge
By the man today but see you can’t prove magic a tall tale
Other than by experiment that much the boy has learned
From chemistry class and if one were to abandon
The boulder with naiveties of youth
 ——————————-one better knew
Before late what one was doing two and two elementary

At the office’s doorstep at lawyer friend’s this afternoon
Listen a minister of Justice you shall one day be sir
But for now this urgency I come guilty here
I’ve killed myself and NYPD are fast on my tail
Please help find the corpse before they do
——————————-I forgot where I hid it
Does he think me sane home now with wife scotch TV
On second thought he should realize most his clients
Could enter similar plea if they had to
They need witness to decide they are victims or killers
Claiming innocence both ways my papers with PA in order
I can dwell on the problem for days now magic or no magic

The bolt being the lawyer must have had passed by my fable
Boulder best of life there by the Collegium Novum
5 years worth of daily opportunities studying Law
But I am afraid to inquire for fear he might not remember


Not that it’s October the month colored red for History buff
By Russian 1917 revolution why it was to be expected
The colossus enigma comes into focus in yesterday’s last
Presidential debate between Obama D and Romney R

If both candidates view China in between US and ex Soviet
Worth long questions and answers
One for potential partner the other for looming threat
How Chinese economic prowess weights on global future
Obama in the know and Romney self aggrandizing
The successor of Peter the Great and Lenin got certainly
Less than their nation deserves in terms of talk
One brief mention Romney the good old dead Uncle Ronnie
Went for it from under make-me-young-again scalpel
Kind of a Hollywood failure turned GQ model playing
Patriotic ear for Evil Empire tune while in reality Kremlin
Next to White House and Peking holds the third key
In regard to how the globe will turn tomorrow
——————————- say Kremlin certainly
Expected more of attention then has been given
To decide where to press its enormous weight next term
Behind the Chinese dragon or all American apple pie
Each of the two stand to profit from Dostoyevsky and Borodin
And profit they must from what is greatest about Russia
If balance is to be kept for many-polar planet
So making wise advances should have been the order
Of the debate but as I said one sole Beware from Romney
Was all Putin was made away with
An error of consequence enormous to be lived with
In face of the Muslim Christianity rupture

——————————-Orthodox bent
Christianity should it follows ally Russia with the West
Rather than Orient equally though the October on conscience
Pulls the giant way east of the Cerkiev
Way left and behind the Great Wall together the two
Historic empires are a wed-me offer an offer not to be refused
By the bride to the trisome a bride of equally ancient lineage
The young Nobel EU jobs being the deciding factor
How US foreign policy plays in Minneapolis and Detroit
Romney promises to take us off Foods Stamps
By the way of full employment forcing Peking to be more
Competitive meaning they have to make made in China
Less attractive in the Free Market i.e. raise price or else
Knowing well a promise will stay a promise should he win
——————————————————— and Obama
Having learned how limited are presidential powers
Counters that promise with roads and bridges
The realistic roads and bridges at home these deserve
War veteran here better than “building nations” abroad
It’s not much in the way of national megalomania
Almost insulting just imagine ancient victor Augias
Reminded of the sorry state of the stables
Where his Roman legions rest conquest to conquest
And the talking head rolls but fortunately
For the President the correspondence
Didn’t ring bell with American voter at least not here
In the Black Widow Shelter we were quick to laugh
At being taken off Food Stamps 40 million strong
And growing candidate Romney please be presidential
Admit jobs are set to still dwindle in numbers
Unless the longest war in US history turns endless

The Choice by Brzezinski Carter’s National Adviser
On my table spells global domination or global leadership
For the reader to consider and mull over green light
Given both alternatives for the American tomorrow
Any which way two thumbs up with GQ Romney
And with Obama say the eternal student sees catastrophe
If neither green shall turn red
——————————-but warning
Is not what America expects from first Black White House
So Obama sits there listens honest in vivid face
While the Wasp mouths on and on wishful snippets
Like GQ wants help Arabs built America like sure
America must defend Israeli borders otherwise
America will have to open her own to Israelis
Should the end of the world take turn for worse

October is the Russian month and the US auto industry
Is only as good as the employment it provides
Not that there’s anywhere new with each new model
To drive cross country or that Caddy is best
Yes it plays the lead opposite revolver in all American saga
But that sits hardly comfortable with a driven mind
Russia on the other hand holds November for card
How it will turn up hanging on this debate the less said here
The bigger the suspense over there and the mention indeed
——————————-couldn’t have been scarcier

Putin will survive the omission watching CBS in Kremlin
But made smaller then he deserves a black belt
Fit for dwarf gene he feels like this belt will snap on him
From laughter now that November is days away
To throw the weight of Russia East or West of Kremlin
Awaiting his order never before has Russian ear
Cocked as receptive to American talk whatever names would
Previous Presidents call it Soviet was Soviet to stay
So Chruschev or Brezhniev listened with disdain
To successive US candidates but Putin last night
9 pm NYC translated to 7 am Moscow Putin couldn’t sleep
In anxiety and now weights returning equal anxiety
To bed in the White House of next month results
Four years ahead to return scorn with extras for the winner

There are many things outside natural resources Siberia
That the US envies Russians War and Peace epic for one
The Great American still a vain ambition of NYC literati
The way Hollywood provides love for love-dead masses
Won’t work with pen the ink pen dips into has to be blood red
In tenor like Tolstoy’s heart for his people history and land
Not that the ink bottle got dry here for the capitalist cause
In fact it boils for the effect but unfortunately for the problem
It has been given tongue already and that tongue left little
For any Pulitzer would-be to stake on the claim
——————————- capitalism of the hour
Here views itself true in the terrific ominous mirror
Of Crime And Punishment by Dostoyevsky and it hates
The view Truman Capote shot for laurels
In Cold Blood investing his passions with criminal victim
Crime to be judged requires intent Raskolnikov
Intended to free Saint Petersburg of the pawn queen
As if Faust could rid the world of Devil
But the two all American drifters in a stolen Caddie
They took shots at opportunity for blind opportunity’s sake
——————————- after all
Gas monies could have been gotten without carnage
Say there is no other evidencing but terror
——————————-and you are correct
Terror to make sure they the two drifters exist real time
In the American Dream thinking nothing of the noose
At the adventure’s end flaunting ignorance
For the few precious hours it left them for the road

Crime And Punishment towers casts shadow into Russia’s
Red future a road sign best avoided for the inevitable crime
An innocent by-stander the pawn queen’s simple sister
In case of budding spirit of October Revolution
But In Cold Blood offers not as much a warning
As it spells out destiny for the innocent joy-ride America
If the all American driver remains
——————————-oblivious to the signs ahead

WED 11 42 AM OCT 21 NYC

Slow formulating questions I am late to ask
The candidates now at the last stretch of campaigning
Options still out there just find university campus
Where Obama and Romney are scheduled an e-mail
Delivers the question with humanist department
And the question is to start with gov of Mass
Your family spilling onto stage for heart break finale
All American one wants to applaud health uplift manners
Permit too pale a tone perhaps to stand for the nation
Too numerous too given lamentable shortage of jobs
With Thanksgiving approaching which of the two literary
Felons would you mr Romney invite to your table
——————————-if you had to
The compatriot drifter from the scene of senseless carnage
Or the Russian of your Beware remark just out
Of his claustrophobic hole two floors above murder

Global diplomacy sits to the table mates as they come
Bound by resolve when sitters get up again the world
Will cheer embrace enjoy necessity absolves
But ‘round the family table at your gubernatorial mansion
Your death-sentence home-boy I presume
Would get chair only for the English we share
——————————- though the truth be
Your charming wife would have his plate replenished
Every time he opened mouth for talking
Definitely not a person to hang out at liberty of ear
Even if you didn’t know first thing about PD record
While with the Russian choice say should he dare
Introduce his crime with his name at the door
——————————- you would go
For the feast curious welcoming alert I presume
The difference between the two guests obvious
The opportune driver robs human dignity – Capote
Traveling like a father confessor across America
To press the criminal for one last redeeming grace
——————————-finding only pity in his own heart –
And the Raskolnikov guest he sir adds good faith man errs yes
But for conscience good intent we the all human We
No less guilty then he is forgive even if he doesn’t deserve
Yes forgiving betters sir please read the novel
——————————- before the dinner eve arrives


Tearing down the Iron Curtain gave Ovid’s Metamorphosis
New lease on validity how one and the same deed before
And after stands altered in content even if the deed
Has never took place for real no I didn’t hit the functionaire
I got scared early enough in life to run rather
Then answer punch with punch for fury in my fist
Verdict guilty before crime is committed will do with lies
For the missing paper work and the guy undercover
With security outfit has had his orders to stand my victim
Witness and accuser for sentencing to half year term
The best of generation if he could he would swear I killed him
To get me lifetime right at life’s outset
The International Women’s Day March 8 back in ’67 under PRL
The Court in Cracow has located the arresting operative
——————————————————-his name reads
Bookworm or Princelet in Polish depending on angles
The guy whom I owe my bio starting that fatal holiday
Claims stubborn I did hit him twice in the face
No I didn’t I run don’t even say this now Jacek insists
My lawyer today it’s heroic these two slaps
Medalworthy indeed in light of Court’s final decision

Medals yesterday at the funeral Mass at UES Loyola’s
Life time of heroism loyalty style a man has made right
Any and every time and place with his presence
Three Isabellas and this toddler of a girl the offspring
Most precious 6 centuries in the family planning
Now facing me at kiss length for deep silent tense while
The time in between switching on the lamp
And the lamp going actually on stretched long breathless
Light holding back on the bursting
———————————–that of all the mourners
Not that any other tears were shed at the wake but the girl’s
So that of all the guests one scruffy puppy should have bit
This very darling and bit on luminous forehead
———————————–the dead weighted in for caress
Nursing her in arms the mother lifted a studious eye brow
And who invited the person mom was dismayed
Hearing a commoner though a descendant of heroic peasant
With Kosciuszko has been spotted at the Mass
———————————–six centuries of European history
To the names under roof but EU Nobel didn’t quite stick
Would young adventuress be eligible for ObamaCare abortion
If rape took place indeed USA today
How to face the court of conscience if the procedure
Got reclassified if not criminal but ethical offence
Imagine this wake without your presence
Quips like what’s a male to a female
———————————–a troublesome addition to his gene
Myself pressing the sacred theme for the gift to EU
The Rape of Europa in my rendering
———————————–not only have I succeeded building
Into myth intuitively an interesting plausible riddle
The god’s secret and human’s guilty conscience
Next morning I have answered it as well
———————————–as if that riddle was a true
Authentic dug up from deep-most recess of History
Delighted with my own mind works
That Europa did not yield to divine carnals is logic
It’s the broken word on her royal conscience
But it isn’t the answer Europa could have had squeezed
Zeus for more than just the crown in flesh trade
And god would no doubt grant her eternal life
For yet another promise but she didn’t ask
———————————–the Queen didn’t she held
Olympian eternity say below human dignity and delight
Short lived they may be let them
Why the answer remaining with each mortal separately
The one preoccupation for the Eternals
To occupy themselves in idle intervals
———————————–when nothing on Earth happens

2 25 PM

The house majority was staunch Republican
Voting Democratic this election though
Affiliations of little consequence for my purpose
Issues to be dealt with are what matters
As for the two Parties yes but only in so far
———————————–as they come better or worse
Equipped to work out practical ends no more agenda
To them then equality for Democrats and individuality
For Republicans to stand for not the individuality
That buys Law for breakfast but individuality
Of the Platonic mold alert and responsible
To ills of Republic with perfect citizen in view
And equality not only in face of blind Temida
Or vote count but to start with for instance
This question why say a poet has to pay rent
But landlord doesn’t have to buy poetry
So that the trouble tenant could afford the bills
Minimum wages below living minimum
Are no justice either still how many must make do
And remain innocent of criminal trespass
There should be a federal office in the Freedom Tower
Where to apply for pay check the job of choice
On one’s personal initiative sense of duty responsibility
Necessity so on and so forth mission accomplished
Or failed the same apply form to fill and substantiate
His last debate with Romney the President wasn’t himself
Whatever he says the rest is silence sounds louder
He has to recover gait today if second term is still his will
Don’t ever say Mitt in the seat would not buckle
Faced with global Knot of Tomorrow
———————————–anyone else would as well
Wishing dearly for betters to turn up for the position
Is any honest President’s best bet


In the otherwise dynamic sky-high promise&option
NYC labyrinth there for a countless urbanite
Build up with time stretches of asphalt distance
Flights of stairs vistas so far unexplored but better left that way
Solid static dreaded for most like a sentence suspended
Which with any stupid slip of attention
———————————–say you miss a dead line
The form substantiating your recent PA file calls for
Emergency reapplying toe the line as it drags feet
The tired myriad and no Cinderella stilettos
One foot forward every quarter of hour for the first
Office window in the succession of desk stations
Where to sign for Food Stamps Medicaid rent subsidy
Your feet have covered the go-stop-wait-go stretch
Heel-to-toe enough many times in the past
To carry now the drag etched into the mental map of NYC
Just a detail or two short of real thing so when a morning
Comes to once again repeat the experience
Doing it in thought alone suffices to floor a bull
———————————–shoe strings won’t tie up
The knee the spine the neck bridge refuse service
———————————–mind puts heels forward
And the inevitability must be postponed until tomorrow

Heavy with remorse age put me to sleep last night early
While the Black Widow Shelter had the library TV on
For the Presidential debate at Hofstra’s ten hours later
WQXR reports Obama takes on himself alone
The four American dead 9/11 this Fall in Benghazi
That’s what Presidents are for to take blame
Get impeached lose second term should the home front
Or fronts abroad threaten the status quo America
It’s not going to sit well with undecided electorate
———————————–Obama’s sense of responsibility
But may improve on his image overseas the image
Of the one Black seated in the Oval Office
A student seemingly in the thicket of WH pros&experts
Watching the Osama raid in Pakistan live on TV
The landing the bloody search the rape of bin Laden wives
———————————– to stick with American vocabulary
Like the Prez has had no choice but watch take backlash
Should anything go wrong with incursion
And this just ahead of Mozart’s Requiem
———————————–I don’t need to take the tale
Personally to count my case part of eternal story
The tale how mediocrity incarnate Salieri managed
To appropriate this deadbed masterpiece for own oeuvre
To dash Europe how he loved Amadeus
The very Amadeus who had him write down word for word
———————————–with last gasping breath
Burn in Hell forever verdict into the closing chorale
Foreman the Chech born Hollywood import
Trying best to make the Dream Factory valid in arts
To try next the Playboy saga shooting it boots on
———————————– cigar burning bed at the ready
For the home front struggle the Constitutional Freedom
Of Expression the proverbial next door girl en nude
The pre Internet America devoid to the last nook and cranny
Of beauty Louvre style the style aplenty every little hamlet
On the Old Continent but in the New World
What do we have here outside XXX Times’ Square
Apollo ten space suits on for the Moon mission
Aphrodite mannequin for the SM fashions WV
Even the Protestant Cross sans the crucified anatomy
Nudity barred in SF as recently as of last week
The nudist beach on the Atlantic here in NYC ‘70
———————————–is it still in service
The weekend playground for unfortunate 99%
Littered rotten feet deep into colorless sand
Got only filthier with bodies out of touch with graces
Esthetics below 99 Cents to stir appetite in salty haze
From which any seasoned Continental palate
Turns head the other direction towards the cleansing tide
————————counting waves how many will it take
To restore to the shore pre human shell and star fish dignity
Never the answer drifts in never never again
Mind the underwater island size of Texas of insoluble plastic
Nuclear waste gnawing from inside at lead containers
Mere hair width from spilling out
———————————– it’s beyond belief
A lousy Coke Classic shall be the one item
Mankind has added of its own procurement to Things Aeternal
But on the sea level it’s a fact matched by no Requiem
For durability weather it is wiser to pay today or tomorrow
The national energy bill 65% of the world megawatt
Consumed by 2% of the population the meat on display
NY Brightons needs clinical suntan for strip tease
Cutting down on the expense would sure add a vote or two
To any Presidential drive Republican Democrat the same

I don’t know did the recent proposal sail or not in Albany
To check PA applicants for marihuana residue
The logic being if they afford smoke they must first
Afford living like on the one hand the city
Does collect fines on illegal smoke and on the other
Like the quintessential American how-to know-how
Run dry for home gardener no it didn’t inventors cut
On corners on bath tabs on leg room to make space
For the green star personal grove
———————————–the NYT on the use
Of the solitary in the correctional system what say works
Desired ends A the solitary as punishment 6 weeks inside
The proverbial two by four for one mail stamp too many
In possession of this or that convict B the solitary as precaution
With other inmates’ safety in mind or C the solitary
As the first elementary step on the way to stand chance
With the free and the brave on outside
———————————–no Plato read supplied
Not one can be with others unless one be with oneself
The so far illegal leaf for the solitaries’ daily prescription
And therapy may quite plausibly send this or that
US Jean Valejean when his sentence runs out
On the way to major position with town administration
Coleridge’s sorely incomplete Khubla Khan for precedence
After all imagine first do second is the course to take
——————————————————no other
Whatever the objective only adventures blind require
No preparation learn your lesson after it’s over
To face the challenge home of the brave and free
How much a month please else exercise bravery the city
Doesn’t sleep why should hero in you sleep away the opps
————————–this or that treat on menu for insomnia
The knee the spine the neck bridge refuse performing
But they will they must do when basics win flesh
Over the unpredictabilities of ever dawning tomorrow
To toe the line the line built in for constant in the otherwise
Elusive America 500 Myrtle Ave Brooklyn a family thick
For every second petitioner to continue around the corner
Way up into the dread shades of the gray in my C line descent
And brick chimneystack exit NYC narrows
Mispronounced slightly NYC stands for Nothing in Polish
NYCosc for nothingness for absolute void
Vanity Vanity and Vanity Above Vanity of King Solomon
Family thick the endless AM patience squeezing in
One client at time not that I am to claim Mozart’s Requiem
For my own when I add my case to the line
But true the music presses on lips when comes to specify
Reasons behind the application Homo Verboten
Would send Security flying in for arrest before I could
Explain take this Hundred Poems’ Reign here
To imagine myself without this duty is impossible
———————————–and the world without it an emergency
Too perilous to just wait in line for things to fall apart
Which they proceed to do as I write writing in a way
The secretive tailor may try stitching together the coat
That falls apart faster than the needle tempo

We the We of desperate patience squeezing in
No we shall not feel shame unless guilty of false claim
That we stand in line Food Stamps if allotted
Do fill up the empty fridge in Brownsville Bronx SI
But first of all Stamps buy the basket states’ excess produce
Employ the farm and office staff shore to shinning shore
How can the dear US work if 100 million pays
For the remaining 200 my therapist lifts eyes for answers
And I say well that’s a healthy family proportion
One kid per household besides capitalist wars abroad
Need volunteers fed well at home numbers
—————————-dwindle at the recruit station
How handy the NYT outline how the current EU
Came into existence the post WW II ’50
First the workers of coal steel and power sector
Unite ready to stop production at moment’s notice
Should the Cold War boil over
—————————–the pacifist pact to suffer disarming
In transit to the so called Common Market a ’60 competition
Opposite the communist Common Economy Assistance
Where on the first voyage to learn principia of profit
35 cents a Mobil gallon in the US carrying the same price
For one liter west of the Iron Curtain in Europe
To full blossom into today’s troubled amalgam
———————————–shame on you NYT
The one-realm-continent dream took the scepter
From papal hands AD 700 Charlemagne in St Peter’s
The one mounted statue inside the Basilica
To be carried since by aristocracy through conquest
Marriage annexation lease PR above national interest
———————————–of any inclusion
My telephone rings like it’s my turn this minute
To press case in the PA office and I am nowhere
In the line next number please yet another one ring
Like I am to report at Woodhull’s simultaneously
What if my test returned a dire warning
Now or never again like this despair this wailing constant
Inside the hospital walls is wailing for me this morn
For me but in my absence too late and too early the same
The ravished scratch-the-plaster wail
———————————–I don’t need the trauma room
For trauma it’s with me this wailing since I’ve heard it
On my last detox stay there over two years now
Like mythological Ecco goes insane for every
Urban flower and weed brought in on the siren 24/7
———————————–like there is no tomorrow
When no more capital NM exhausts postponements at last
And clicks Over for all times to come
Zeus of my Europa myth be-secrets immortal shame
To be reminded of it every time a living mouth opens
Wailing for the same no more each no more final though
Down among us mortals Woodhull any other clinic
SRO desert motel solitary my own chest emptied of it
Years back the first outburst I guess pray the last one
Pray in vain never again to trouble dear Zeus’ ear
You have it gathering in you pray Zeus is myth
Deaf tale would you for peace of mind could you
———————————————–next please


Sigh after angelic Keats each thing of beauty is a joy forever
As if Rilke didn’t open his Elegies with a cry beauty
Is just the beginning of dread in Polish translation terror
But after Ginsberg’s terror coming in through walls
Of America dread sits fitter to retain in only the last shimmer
Of what remains on the eye of beholder

Beauty the beginning of dread imagine boy perfect
An imbecile though you beg him beg on knees to keep
Mouth shut but he won’t he can’t what of beauty then
That’s still far from dread what’s to dread in dress
As long as vacant on display and even later on after one
Or other client puts dress on and likes it still dread is too
Too heavy a term dread to use a simily
—————————-is fine the way neutrionos are fine
Myriad that drifts through what to human touch remains
Solid impenetrable dread is the very substance of what looms
Outside all around the radiant self cave
One little true light breaks out
————————–and the stuffy glow of NYC nightlife
Recedes into shades threats dark premonitions
Fire escapes dead ends alarum barbed wire
My way of seeing beauty don’t look for it in the laurels
Look in the long taxing run beauty happens
Takes time effort talent a character to shoulder dread
The ongoing battle between dreams the world outside
Trapping any which way America calls the style free
Into its own and you if you believe personal folly better
Stake your life on pulling the world inside yours

In other words if not beauty one would not dread
Sans beauty dread alone would be like matter
Before the first eye realized it by perception this logic
Leads one to conclude if one preceives dread
One must carry inner flame a flame say from the torch
Of Prometheus a flame as if it wore eyes for glow
Weeping unto itself for the view

I carry such one flame in my heart and it is not
Poetic license Bear Mountain overlooks Woodstock from the
North still in pre Columbus slumber the vacationeers
That Fall  gone just when a thirty something urbanite arrived
For sylvan solitude to dry out after laudramats of EV
A fly of Septemeber landing on the gluey sweet rim
Of my mint getting drunk and buzzing the poet like a first
Experimental miniature Predator nights getting cold fast
My houselights the only in the wide gray vacant landscape
Whatever flew outside crawled jumped dragged
Kept squeezing in for survival so much so seated
Next to the fire I wrote covered with bees ants spiders
Butterflies moths the table and the papers too
Floors the three layers carpet of wings armor stings
Dependant on a bee allergiac to collect Mountain wood
Thin burns quick thick branch is hard to get
The natural stash of dry run shallow into step forest
The outer pine depth of the sunlight’s reach lower stock
Gone long before I started looking I had to climb
Climb for the high bastard two three above it
From there to calculate the point
—————————–where the wood would break
Under flying kilos then jump to it palms first
Misses would throw me right or left for long free fall
And if the branch remained merely swayed I collected
Whatever other flammables fell with my landing

Must have been the silence the first icy morn why I woke
Sharp sudden thin and piercing I couldn’t tell at first
Something amiss from awaking the barely perceptible sound
The insects emit en mass my tenants
As they tightened the circle ‘round the fire
————————slow continuous against against as if
Not a scratch now stiff quiet I felt like a Snow White
Taking to sweep the dead multitude out
—————————-winds where they came from

Speaking of the flame inside the heart the red
Salamander letter S glowing bright on a rock slab
Just down the doorstep nothing else of color under Mountain
Twenty three small black eyes in all on her
Only two for seeing the rest a misleading pattern
Against predators the creature allowed a homo sapiens
To close palm around then to carry it inside
I let the queen of summer tribes as I saw my last guest
Of the season into a glass jar arranged gardens
Fed crumbs wasps greens rice the Queen wouldn’t trouble
Grace incarnate capital S red glow heartbeat transparent
She stared motionless out into deserted Fall
————————–like the salamander was sorry

Last flame of the season salamander run no chance
With high circling eagle in gray vastness towards winter
I saw her off a blink and out of sight she slipped
But in the heart here she stays S incarnate aglow
————————-my light my flame my heartbeat


A thought worth any penny where there is will there’s a way
Applied to the following emergency I asked the human
On C platform Broadway Junction three night in row
To move bundles from the seat I needed
She could cry thief if I did that for her the woman lifts
Her face like a question mark too heavy for age
A one more bag to her tired pile whatever of youth
Is left in me imagine it technically possible to pour it
Into predicament of the next passenger and with resolve
Joy of good use curiosity pure trust
Handle the pain obviously beyond her means
—————————————–whatever brought her here
To wait on the bench for waiting to end finally
Since no train pulling out made difference dread
Anywhere just thickens resigned to having no where
—————————————–to go on
From Broadway Junction the last stop in her journey
Convenient for rare public toilet
Crowded with October school pushy loud innocent
Of the dread they the kids rush through

The breath to breath heroics to sit calm contained
The world is good the best pray assume
For if it only could if practically possible the world
Would have certainly had been better if only for that one
Haven dear to depart for
—————————————–sit believing good propels us
Each one lost in dread groping for guiding hand
Sign word next last chance so we miss one another tenderly
Take ever smaller space
Suffering does belittle the Wonder kind of heroics
She is gone now I looked both platforms after the bundles
The kids of October they also are gone
they the school for the night

That’s how rust bites into the Crown of the Dead emergencies
Left unattended duties but impossible to carry out
The school to return with tomorrow to the dread
—————————————–thicker for the night behind


NYT quotes Open Europe source in London liking the Peace
Nobel that the Old Continent received this year to a life time Oscar
For a has been actor throwing in for balance suggestions Europe
Needs new myth for survival tempting vanity in poet
Go on lend your pen to lost case take pic of yourself nude
A one more to a storage of casts from high antiquity
—————————————–for illustration
While the fact is one myth any myth is enough these circulating
Sure hold fresh blood for spent spirit otherwise
What myths would they be the reader’s wanted
Let him sit in the Black Widow Shelter NYC USA
For whom say Rape of Europe reveals significant secret
Mission destiny so far indecipherable now given
The decoding necessitated by emergency
Familiar herb reveals new uses with ills’ progress
While in fact it is the US consumption culture that starves
Starving for any fit myth here and now in Brownsville
——————–if it isn’t to go on suck dry bones of the planet

A has-been an actor O Europe dear why not
A whore accepting false honors NYT predicts euro fails
Union out of bounds it just won’t work
The way dollar does here in the US federation
The federation of what I ask of family farms
Into property empire for sale both sides of the free way
——————————McDonald’s to McDonald’s
To make sure you get in Arkansas what you expect in Ohio
A narrow welcome forward motel national park gas station
Guarded over on the other side of fences by a trigger happy
Proprietor perhaps speed limits differ mile to mile
What else not much to compare just count how many
Languages make up for Europe’s each a national experience
Reaching back what five six millennia in record
I carry the scares you gave me you carry these
Of my sword for one common history our never again

Dear Stranger to the rescue
She’s on her way to the Black Widow Shelter
Whatever I ask of her Muse or no Muse any longer
She provides twice the medicine necessary
———————-ten fifteen minutes more my patience
Twenty maximum twenty five


Europa the first Queen of Creteans the Isle where Logic
For birthday present gave itself eternal riddle
He who said all Creteans lie and he was one himself
Did he tell truth or only remained true to trait
The Web seethes on the Nobel quick to interpret
The distinction along the titular Rape in financial terms
Greek beauty taken for ride by the Bull of Wall Street
—————————————–sadistic ex Nazi the tamer
But the rape term is out of place to start with
The Abduction fits the myth sans violence as in abduction
When one gives in like logician to insoluble problem
Passion expecting nothing and everything the same
What’s in sacred tale for EU today O Crete talk
My Dear Stranger won’t she’s tears this moment
She’s tired wants needs something she doesn’t know
What it is or should I like this one mathematician
In need of name for the infinite number what is it he asked
His toddler of a daughter in passing Google she replied
On to catch up with mobile toy and so it stays Google
Google doesn’t have room for pluses it’s always larger
Then the biggest conceivable number
—————————————–now google this google that
NYT for the Noble Europa for the myth one Pompeii frescoe
Shows her bidding bye bye to three robed females
Herself au naturelle easy on her Zeus beast of burden
Set on departure for the Mediterrenean nothing short of personal
Personal in a least part at least shall help
One Britt’s upper hand cool one Argetinian’s hot temper
Plus looks and my own ears to the trisome
Ears disbelieving how these two went on agreeing
Over my head finding America guilty of planetary brain drainage
Should I feel like the kidnapped Queen
—————————————–from yet another myth’s title
Look up my Reign Manhattan Island the New Crete
And as for kidnapping say I couldn’t believe Ginsberg’s Howl
Came here to check facts in case the poem holds
It does and it doesn’t both Americas in trauma for Aeolian air
One guy takes to importing it bottled for Halloween wake
The other talks the way his rhyme breeds it forth with breath
—————————————–occasion permitting

Google doesn’t have anything whatever happened
To the Queen past crowning let imagination feel for options
For one the Nobel broke ice for the night to come
Between Dear Stranger and I two Europeans
Cracow and Sofia in Brownsville USA along penniless Athens
—————————————–Barcelona Dublin
Itching to cut out of the S1000 000 Prize personal shares
Of honor what in the rape to salvage for applications
She was of noble lineage yes but genealogy held no attraction
For Zeus though that she was human this to gods
Is a puzzle beyond experience death how we handle
Not being I love you though she must have said
Having refused Zeus on Crete her favor till this very day
Cretean virgins both nurse and hurt old fishermen
Hurt again weeping angry if one lucky steals a siren’s smile
Antiquity is in love with Europe but the young woman is not
With antiques she loves Zeus though
As the god deserves turning into a shower of gold as he
Did earlier and with success for one Danae would not
Bear him pleasure with rich spoiled socialite
She let herself be abducted by a bull and a bull she embraced
When they reached destination yes but there
Just as she pressed lips on star between the horns
Zeus shed bull’s white skin hooves et al then back
He pressed lips on her an impotent for one last hard on
What pity you couldn’t stay the beast I love you though
Europa was careful to assure of sentiment the would be rapist
One doesn’t become Queen of Crete for asking alone
Or for iron virtue Zeus would hand her the throne
What would he get in return a promise knowing Queens to be
Which Europe swore to keep once the crown was secure
On her temples did young monarch keep her word
She had to must have tried Queens don’t break oaths with gods
Europa was sensitive blame the crown she pleaded
She was only logical the god had to admit when explained
Why it fails to deliver how the crown exerts on young cranium
Pressure enough to beach a bull as Creteans put it ever since
That it should bow still to any inconsiderate believe me
I love you though let Zephyrus carry

History doesn’t know the promise Europa kept it to herself
Zeus prefers not to remember whatever his fare
Something we should try to reconstrue we the EU today
Logic what’s god’s secret what’s human’s bad conscience
—————————————–love though in between the two
The Crown of the Dead shall review every e-mail entry
Old Continent’s future hangs on your lips be careful


Why write last will today patients are given radiation
During surgery this helps some to get on back sooner
With life between Dvorak and Vivaldi
—————————WQXR 6 43 am I am Am as in the young
Resolute bright hours before noon like the Apollo my fresh
Canvas a boy of sunlight curious but awed stumbles
Into a dusty dead fly display through the back
Drop gray plastic curtain the eye glasses at god’s feet
Standing not only for the proverbial eye of the beholder
————————————but first of all for the glass pane
The one seldom washed that separated us two noon thin
Between Am of immortal myth and Pm of my brief tomorrow
This side of the arrangement back in Cracow
Where the Mikolayska Street playing on Christmas generosity
Bends gently like a hand in wrist down to let on the fortunate
Mortal everyday’s many gifts now I should write my will

Yes I must the street side of glass pane people vanish
Sooner then shadows they cast running after wind blown hat
Into incoming traffic first things first the line
At the PA Senior office on E 15 Street add yourself to it
The sooner the better to make sure your next month rent
Gets paid and food stamps come that your health plan
Covers the inevitable Woodhull appointments
This one for sure the Mythology Daily so far four canvases
————————————goes to Cracow a one easy entry
Hung them in the eatery corner of St Ann’s and Jagiellonska
For Collegium Maius freshmen not that
The paintings are anything museum quite the contrary
Let this one or that one get discovered unawares kind of
Studious months into staring absent minded
When Am light breaks in through mind’s natural shades
Triumphant since time immemorial
————————————over the spoon to mouth
As I say this is the easy entry Consul Skulimowski
To watch over the NYC Cracow transfer the rest of my
Painterly oeuvre about two hundred in all
Sure deserves retrospective before canvases disperse
————————————why not the Christie’s hammer
Quarter of a century of brush work plus remnants
Of LSP summer pleinaire in Myslenice
Take them any one and every body but about the rest
Rights to the paper estate to the sea of ink the pencils
Gone golden shavings flesh back to word indeed
No body but no body comes to entrust these post mortem
Free of worry for the day after the lawyer
With whom to formalize the will to oversee eventual finances
Profit from painting to pay for typing up my pre PC
————————————into my wordpress address
Works like the three volume Poronione Arcydzielo
Cienie I Ale Jutro II i the Inevitable Guest III
Terra Firma Livelines EV shorts the cold hell of ‘80
Declared a national landmark starting Monday
How Did I Become Myself Grande Improviza Screeplay
With My Father Poznajmy Sie archives of NDz
With the Copernicus U in Torun and Kurier Plus in Greenpoint
Sonnets in English Sonnets in Polish on Muse’s retrivable
My Dear Stranger to read this Hundred here only
————————————after author follows his betters
As she promises when I ask what the Crown stands for
On this or that running issue what have I forgotten
Leave my WQXR on more beauty even when no one hears
The hand that writes this here not that the lawyer insists
Both of us hold the same dear U for Alma Mater
But $ 120 000 upon signing off anathomy for science
Deserves consideration elementary warns the detective in me
120 000 plus what you get in Court retribution
Make one taxable asset declare the income and there goes
PA your rent at the Black Widow Shelter’s way up
Or the annual lease $156. 85 per month voided in short
What now appears a bundle with countless zeros to bank on
Counts for change in view of any regular Manhattan rental
Given your money phobia Jacek it’s back to streets for you
Zeros to no end for wheels the rest of the journey

Which may be just what I need I muse if I am to succumb
To as little regret as possible love of life is a killer
What else do I need to include in the will minimum for myself
Maximum from myself this key opens the one and only
Tomorrow left possible to the keeper the final scribbling
Of Charles I for clues when the monarch asked for double
Batiste shirt if I trembled he said before beheading
My subjects would think me a coward then in hand
Familiar with NYPD for the handbook on handreading
Wished his off spring fares well my own off spring please
The cavaliere fancy to sire first with every woman
Of my love then with every of plain liking for good measure
Good gene to any deserving insistence
—————————second toe aristocratic long granted
Then with national representatives races why not
Try the mythological goat also what did that bombastic
Orgasm bring into the world seven that I know of
Plus two where infant graves are dug
—————————————-don’t they deserve
They do the brush the pen that have given Poland
Today’s shape and dream these address in NYC English
Wherever poetry reigns every soul in search of pasture
And now they go gooo toooooo blank blank blank
Alex or Sophie three times three lousy times did father
Ask his 5 Ave oldest that he does a thing for him trivias
Of symbol of sentiment of simple necessity
Under McCarren oak tree and son did each time
————————————make dad wait in vain
And Sophie say if I sign off to innocent ballerina
Photos of my happy parents Cracow circa ’47
Mother would do whatever to protect Soph from learning
Who they are to her or the twins in Iowa City the lawyer
Would have to locate them then the Puerto Rico two
Maria Vasques the mother I met these once only so far
Blind drunken chance a taxi ride up town together
————————boy 14 already the girl 2 older no names
Also the Helsinki issue with Esqimo hippie
I fancy young man at the wheel in Iceland
Behind the case against banks and the constitutional
Amendments after his nation has been robbed wholesale
In recent Wall Street gamble even if I were
To receive Nobel posthumously and the man stood to learn
My name from the news he wouldn’t know what makes
His blood run blue that’s how mother and I have left matters
Just before he was delivered to part in style
Who else no more that I know of what to leave them
They already have gotten the best of the father
It nurses and they nurse it puzzled at best as to why
The folks at home talk nothing in tongue with youngsters
Since puzzlement wonder question are what
Makes them little Jaceks girl or boy let them all sue
————————and anybody else willing for that matter
For whatever they deem worthy perhaps that’s the one best
Way to leave my inheritance in the escrow with lawyer
And have the applicants mail in bets reasons
Justifications why whatever it is they wish to claim

As far as the Crown of the Dead is of concern I am in no capacity
To decide on its fortunes it best be brought back
Where found the Grace Graveyard Jamaica Queens NYC
To be buried there with the sword and the Illiad
Disaster under the Angel Wings birthday plant from Muse

2 13  PM

Across River Into The Woods’ Shadow suggestive
That this translation to Polish is it doesn’t bring to mind
Hemingway’s original English quite likely
I’ve never read the piece but the title stays
Since I’ve heard it in high school like a gem that glitters
Different with changing weather with lighting arrangements
Seven casual words called for forget classroom adventures
Then for first date to drift from Virgin Rocks for the Zoo
In the Wolski Forest then with claustrophobia onset
After Life Is Mechanism lecture the title worked spells
Prison’s solitary giving way to pastures of heaven
Popping into attention whenever most useful
Holding for weary soul cool shades of Impressionism
Promise of afterlife repose past Lethe last swim

The paper estate boxes and boxes of my literary quest
Hold such like gems I dearly believe plentiful enough
To reward manifold each reader even if one were to stop
With first random paragraph – to settle first for good
The matters with brush work – the ten best sold paintings
They find in apt 406 the day after go in revenues
To the Common Ground my hospitalians
At the Black Widow Shelter no reservations
If the funds are used to turn the green wooded lot
Top of the Ocean Hill near by into Gulla Park
————————————Gramercy kind but open to all here
Across Saratoga Ave and into woods’ shadow go
O what a great go O bro O sis O what a dear great go


Gulla Park OK in name with me but for the statue well better
Then the founder’s put among the grove someone your shade
Of Black dear neighbor the candidate to come readily to mind
One XIX Century NYC actor his story listen
————————————Frideric Something or other
The slave joined a famous Brit Shakespearian on tour
With Macbeth here read NYObserver of the week
————————————about the Astor Riots
City poor pelting the rich theatre with rocks with fire
The last time US Army was called upon to shoot US citizen
From this Frederic went on to the Continental fame for his Othello
Leopold I the Emperor of Austro-Hungary pinning highest
Distinction on his costume then the Tzar of Russia offering
The eletryfying presence Hermitage limelight
———————————————the journey eventually
To bring Frideric to Lodz in Prussian Poland of the Partitions
The perfect Othello to die there onstage
And for lack of prearrangements there to get his slab
Another story itself how one Jewish girl during the German
Occupation back in ’43 found shelter from Auschwitz
Under the grave’s leaves of October
———————to remember for life foreign name of her savior
Now a Pittsburg lady wife to the power wind mill inventor
Finding herself under the wing again during the gala
Opening of the Globe reconstruct in London recently
The auditorium chairs there bear names of the Bard’s
————————————troupe across ages
Fortune willing she sat the premiere in the seat of her ghost
Benefactor his rather erect the statue in Gulla Park
————————————and no not your guest’s the founder’s


The issue at the heart of my will say he or she remains
Still in the wraps Dear Stranger opts for little Apollo
The necklace casts her dream in expectant glow
While she slept tonight the European Union received
The Nobel Peace Prize must be the first fifty years ever
In Europe’s history nations there live in peace
On the commute the Stranger to deliberate on presidency
To arrange for the child residencies of Bulgaria Poland
————————————of UE optional or of the USA
The problem the honors may come to nigh I warn her
She or he if we get our wish won’t swear allegiance
It’s in reason pure dear and not that the oath be false


Don’t Let Your Identity Get Stolen fad in TV and subway ads
Win the planet but lose your soul a mind is terrible thing to waste
Don’t allow your voice be smothered by noise of Sir Spender
These bells ring when I read the warning
  ————————————–but what the fine
Print says your identity is isn’t anything of the lofty bent
Fine print alerts to theft of ID credit card bank numbers
While along the subway benches sit shoulder to shoulder
Victims of theft too difficult to prove but devastating more
I for one among the passangers left with what of them is of no use
Labor on unemployment market having to find a buyer or vacate
The seat the Black next to me helping himself to the bottle
What else what more was stolen from him I do not know
But the sleak tall foaming gangsta that stood knife in hand
Against me on EV stage one night during the Graffitti heyday
He greets me now for the one last buddy of his prime
The stolen goods having a lot in blood with Homo Verboten
Or the poet white head cock in black leathers that only gutter
Vocabulary was left him for self expression last New Year Eve
At the Poetry Project and what do the other pen pal
And his crutch of a wife in Florida shades miss so sorely
From their inner frame that they did the ustmost to avoid
Spotting me right next like there was only frame
And no portrait to them pretencious pity to be seen through
The musty pony tail dared few months ago advise me
To drop Muse for sakes of seniority old fart
I hope the military academy keeps their edu safe intact
And the “you cannot lead from behind” of Mitt Romney this morn
Falls on strategy ears to stand stupidity transparent

Shakespeare of Second Ave drag queen fashion yet to come
Bard alone left from the proverbial burnt down theatre
In his last clownish tatters and make up while west of 8 Ave
Every other man in the Village dressed up MM or Gestapo officer
What has had been stolen from the humanity of landlady’s son
At Gem Spa that the twenty something hunk
Unleashed his exotic fury on the tatters
Tearing at moustache and beard of Bill’s living extactness
————————————–third floor $80 a month
Kicking hell out of rags poor hell screaming why why why
Please stop while street witness ran opposite direction
Me hardly a match for tropical fury scared if I move
To assist old versifier my days in the building are counted
Certainly the perp didn’t read anything Shakespeare on the cover
Or he would have to take folios personally somehow
To rage like this blind to age and greatness and pleas

What wind what wind old Poland used to sing what wind
Steals golden thread from the loom what wind is it
Can daylight be a thief also concealing from view the best

Theft of identity in existential sense among the party
Who remain selves to marrow most are the actual thieves
Stand a van gogh as much as he can down two cherries
In one martini first he never has a chance to learn
What has gotten wasted in him and second competition’s out
The art market chancier one talent down
Schnabel sending me off to Ginsberg for my verse and Allen
Unknowing who sent me to him returns me to famous Julian
—————————————————- for my drawing
Then none shows up for my make it or break it eve
Like I should stamp dirt flat on my grave dancing
Which by the way I did
————————————–yes I did just that night in night out
Car hoods my stage along the curb with NYPD watching
The USA boxing team for partners in the Danceteria
Punches thrown precisely into the quick empties around me
From inside the champ circle that only a few days later
Was to plane crash near Warsaw on the way to a match
With Poland dancing like to ignore the rain is the quintessential
Lesson on the way to America of grandest expectations
Dancing like Michael Jackson was mere puppet
Which pathetic Michael was along with the whole noisy genre
Dancing on my own grave for its magnificent flower
The night at Warhol’s Academy the ultra avangarde
Dylan to Smith Sonntag to Allen Andy to Hearing to Basquiet
Brando afrodeities of the hour the model corner
Plus the would be survivers these to mourn the night one day
And I given to the last solitary tango on my grave
Alone on the floor this one drive for dance
————————————–to move so fast so fine
As to become invisible to weave skins into the bare gears
Of TimeSpace and out of this world I go
Only to awake from trance one last reveler under candelabra
Drums voices of the party still vibrant in the dawn
Half naked wasted down in between two enormous statues
Night and Day of Michelangelo from the Medici Chapel
Myself their sole new born in proportions
————————————————– DOA
Death I assumed you hear them still the in crowd but can’t see
Oh they are all dead indeed mere 20 years later but the dancer
Oh I wish they sit eternity out there and watch Dyonissos’ triumph


Give NY News Minute fresh esthetic and the day gets fresh
The subway commute would be taking
Through a town different from the town this morning
————————————–just balance
The numbers the US soldiers lost in Afghanistan Star Wars
Techno against the ancient turban fable as compared with the
Number of car accidents daily carcass the land at home
If you don’t want to inform the public of the war proportions
How many locals die for each fallen peace warrior
A minute in the News folk the world over die a myriad deaths
In dreams for this minute do for it things they would otherwise
Never have done like dying a myriad deaths real time
Any side of the frontline it’s impossible does nothing better
To announce take place in NYC then what we get served
Over morning bagel the slasher rapist perv mantra
——————————————-I am not saying crime
Will subside if commish Kelly gets less air
But give attention to deed absent yet from the Minute
Something to be looked after to be found by news team
The way a head hunter scans the crowd for exceptions
A news item that would bring desirable copy cats tomorrow
Like there must be more to our town then gets focus today
Not that NYC Minute should discover Grand Central Apollo
On par with the Belvedere but certainly in the flowing
Fabrics of city life events minuteous take pattern be it truth
Beauty nobility worth notice if not admiration
Obama vs Romney debate goes way over the bread line
Along the Tomkins Park fence in broad daylight Monday
Why not investigate the sorry file for common denominator
The why’s and where to’s
—————————–when the line handouts in hands
Disintegrates back to where each wreck came from
For the night do they stash themselves into black trash bags
That they bring into line for sustenance a minute
———————————————–for instance
To shed reason on stark similarities the first Moon module
Bears in materials and frame with the vehicles
Of survival that the homeless land in nooks and crannies
Of the capital of capitalism why search for intelligent life
Anywhere else in TimeSpace each soul here is the cosmic alien
————————————–or how one handles clinical madness
Patients in the Presbiterian Mental for adequate English
When does illusion turn delusion
Untold heroics to make it from the loo back to bed
Where dream awaits concluding NYPD hot on trail of murder
You a murderer must hide the body before police find it
—————————-only to discover the corpse is your own
Not only from the interview would the viewer learn
When to apply the term madness to his or her own predicament
He and she would be handed example take cheer courage
I would get a TV in my Black Widow Shelter for the segment
What has brought a Red atheist to God when he arrived
From the October Soviet in the land of the Brave and Free
Rabbi priest pastor and Muslim cleric give them themes
To debate live Jesus to start with how each religion views the
Cross it’s the Cross what fragments faith and where faith
Must come together if peace on Earth means a pact
————————————–and not a subjection
Ad time is cheap against the obvious returns
Examine the American Dream through the new comers’
Experience poets compose for Poetry In Motion
Let them rewrite everything else on display
Landlines are dead the Hudson is blue
Order cake online And eat it too doesn’t it ring familiar
Let them eat cake of Marie Antoinette to the hungry France
How sad in the context sound the teenage rhymes
About the Thanksgiving leftovers on the rear end plackard
Intellible there to the rush hour throngs how can that be
A woman two years away from pension talks English
Maximum two pages out of the half million vocabulary entries
Investigates Manhattan restaurant turf
On the side of the exploited often illegal dish washer
Exacting on the owner fines in $ hundreds of thousands
Along the city regulations bribing say only natural
How one handles the off the books gain against pro duty
That’s an everyday conflict body and mind
Why not set lenses on why it is lost how won
Everywhere near by wherever one ventures NYC
Take today’s achievements in the field of optics
————————————– how with them
History yields novelties worthy airing tomorrow
How bunker busting ordnance brings 1000 and 1 fables
To nigh proving right the ancient proverb there exist
Only fables and if destroyed nothing is left to live by
In the Syrian conflict Turkey will do the utmost
To prove how valuable an ally to NATO old Ottoman Empire
Can be do not let NATO pull you in O Europe
————–what about the psychics no one needs to believe
But why are they ignored plain useful with the Turkey
Question on the table they who talked dead tongues
For the dear living in the Ansonia Hotel auditorium
One barking with the canine choir on WQXR recently
Dying for caress the name of deceased puppy slipped
In paper slip under the medium’s touch
Why should it remain a past time fancy with few
Permit it play a basso continuum to daily statistics
Not that I hold Zodiac in no esteem but the utterings
You should live by markings you wish every one else follows
————————————– they do deserve repeat
Solitary answers to questions we suffer today en masse
They could certainly improve on the day’s outcome
Homo Urbanus lives in three realms symultanously
The physical corpus for nature capital N prehistory inherent
Then the walls the labyrinth around ran by handshakes
————————————–by hearsay by opinion
And the third the news realm NYT the World While It Turns
So why not Diogenes with his daily lantern
The way one gets Canova’s alabaster for the bouduior
Why not saints again this time to help us understand
The modern self-styled martyrs why they see our Western
World for evil why they need to see it that way
The issue cannot be left entirely in Security hands
If solutions are the must yes I still stand by my concept
Elect not the President but the issues for handling
————————————–first things first
The opening stanzas in this mine Reign not to insist
On mine if anyone else’s idea towards effective government
Sounds a better bet the unemployment how to make
The victim precieve it for biblical blessing
Of blessings it is hard to tell what they imply in practice
See the Communist economy failed on this very virtue
Rather then consumption goodies it supplied work place
For every one one needed wanted it or not
Nothing like forced wasteful labor to help one reconsider
Drowsing dreamy if perfectly expendable under orchard apple
Why is that not in the NYC Minute rather then the dives
And surges in numbers politicized for the vote
I do my best people I would do even better trust me America
Contest of promises when little of substance can be done
The unemployed are here to grow in number and problem
Short of philosophical remedies only war abroad
Would provide secure job at home front
As it appears for many the Obama’s health policy
Does away somewhat with bad conscience the every day
Dilemma for too numerous live the day on empty stomach
If one is to afford necessary medication or feast galore
For this one day all the fat in the ads
————————————–then succumb to disease in it

It’s 11 12 am what musts do I must short notice
Call Greenpoint PSC my How To Paint exhibition
When to take it down see my Napoleon Unitas therapist
8 pm as always on Tuesday since she is back with the office
To meet my Dear Stranger under the Grand Central Zodiac
————————————–what else to see dentist an emergency
If Dear Stranger is to go on laughing at my quips
It’s like having miniature Colisseum ruins in mouth I say
When she fumbles the Consulate car collision survived
————————————–see it that way my love
What else no library movies to borrow
Or return weeks since my lap top refuses to play CD’s
What else the sorry joys of recalling an appointment
Two hours late into the schedule O spare me what else

8 29 PM

————————————–the Pulaski Day Parade last Sunday
Unfortunately it walked out of my calendar years back
As it did with the rest of NYC the biggest annual
Demonstration of Polish pride outside Poland
Marches twenty blocks up the Fifth 30 000 strong to no more
Then at best a few hundred tourists caught crossing the Avenue
And no NYC Minute to record the event why
In the city of parades it’s the second oldest well they still
Show off Impala for American trophies
————————————–solemn with the old country colors
Like I said why don’t you put hearses with famous patriots
Into long asphalt intervals between one veteran flag
————————————–and the next
Say do Poles travel the world only to long after homeland
Write on high banners Between Us Poles the World Revolves
The Planet Is Bipolar And So Is Each Pole
Plant a Pole in Sahara Pole Remains Pole
No other US ethnic minority has a Royal Millennium in record
————————————–why not stage it for the Parade
Grand daddy of Holywood Matejko on wheels
Truck after truck down the centuries there are so many
Polish schools in the tri state area many wars fought
Most lost but the final victory be ours Saint Hedvigde
Our Queen and University founder Ladislaus
Of the Warna sacrifice against Islam how timely
Copernicus his choice to learn or to believe and NASA
Down the timeline Liberum Veto how easy it is to buy
Votes against anything and anybody be the sacred common
Ground at stake heroic mode for national survival
Wars pitting Pole against Pole the one one headed
White crowned Eagle among the three black Imperial
Doubleheaders cavalry against Pantzers dr Korczak and father
Kolbe a must then the miracle the defeat of Evil Empire
————————————–as good old uncle Reagan
Put it Pope with the parish Solidarity with youth
Life size stills for the length of the Parade formal
The show could turn live for the afternoon in the Park
Polonaise under the stars everybody rather then
Pretencious excluse moi Waldorff Astoria
————————————–but Waldorf Astoria
It is and will so remain for as long as at least two Poles
Live to keep tradition it is for them that the Manhattan traffic
Be held still the length of the marching

You are dreaming Jacek dreaming the media on our Sunday
Will stick with last Bronx robbery even if local Polonia
Stages 600 years of Jews in Poland for occassion
To put the insinuating “Polish concentration camps” fraze
Of the press here in historic context for young darlings
Solomon and Rebecca and David
————————————–look if anyone should complain
It’s us the Poles rather then Jews a permit to built in stone
Like nowhere else in Europe they were protected
By the Crown soon badly in debt with money lenders
To nurture Torah teachings but tell me of what service
Were they when the Kingdom gave way to partitions
Is little to say they changed with the colors
Over the nearest Rathaus now Russians now Prussians
And across the Vistula Austrians while our own best
Never stood a chance
————————————–like didn’t they bring Hitler
Upon the twenty years old Poland not that this is
How things really went down but still that’s how Poles
Were explained the invasion and 5 years of living hell
Cavalry against the Pantzers for honor

Even if each parish tri state took to illustrate one year
Jews spent in Poland across the history capital H starting
With 1364 I bet a million media sticks to a rape
Rather then roll the show live for viewer
————————————–why if I say how I see it
You may think me anti Semite the proverbial drunk Pole
Out to blame pathetic misfortune on Moseic guest
Like give them back now the pre war property
Silesian coal mines these that they put out of business
For Belgian competitor
————————————–pity I say in earnest
All said we know each other like brothers it’s not
That we must love one another but still pity I repeat
For the sakes of shared experience
————————————–it’s past 9 already check please
By the way how’s your art Jacek I need a nice painting
For my daughter something she would live
Her happiest days with the check please the check
Think about it brush in hand Jacek thanks bye bye have faith


O what a day so far and it is only 9 17 pm first at the crack of dawn
The easel the rain I painted into Manhattan Greenpoint Ave corner
Should suffice that I be called posthumously the Master of Gray
The innocuous display of texture and rhythm in brushwork
Opening up for the underground passage between the descend
Into the G line and far on the horizon the brick chimney stack
For the exit in the eve the Thank You Andy show in Chelsea
You showed us what artist can be and how to be one K Sharff
A court jester of modern art you did what you weren’t supposed
To do de someone or other star of ’80 now and again out of the in
Crowd a head pops I haven’t seen you years Jacek why
Busy painting what’s missing on gallery walls my answer
Worn period pieces themselves the in crowd characters yes
But hardly individuals absentees far outnumbering
The remains in mourning one Dear Stranger refused to smile
Demanded I see a dentist when I laughed or she won’t see me
And I had this great news on my chest not that I was out
To shout for joy still the court verdict from Cracow
Declares me legally the victim of political persecution in PRL
Goes on to state that my art writing and painting paved way
For democracy and independence in Poland today
By particularly personal manner of carrying myself the verdict
Must mean the dancing Dionyssos hippie
My looks alone were what freedom looked like for young Poland
————————————————————-sort of truth
My lawyer lived he lived to read this to me and he read it twice
For solemn word craft
—————–all dressed up now and no one to have dinner with


If the Crown on my table or any true crown for that matter
Translates to reigning as in subscribers are still free to follow not
Then the sword next to it implies rule as in subjects obey
And the difference talks volumes in the way of Christianity
Vs Muslim apocalyptic tensions with crown word is free
And with sword law and sacred
————————————–thus explaining by Obama on UN forum
How freedom of speech in principal is superior to actualizations
Vide the video insulting the Prophet recently
Standing a central value to Western world did little
To calm the Mosque and emergency Marine takes post
Wherever stripes and stars are flown in the lands of Mahomet

I am inclined to think the sword next to the Crown of the Dead
Bore scares along “mon chere Durendal’s” of L’Chancon d’Roland
As Charlemaine’s knights retreated under Moor resolve
Providing the new born Holy Roman Empire
With the immortal Song for soul AD 700 to 1948
The year I was born when the entity has been dissolved
East Prussia today Poland’s Mazury Malborg Castle
For a century or so an abstract in absentia of titular monarch

No one to put on the diamond suit of the Emperor
In Dresden Zwinger now and on display in the MET back ‘70
UES widow gems loosing sparkle in envy
Since August III the Strong Elector of Saxony and King of Poland
Wore it last for fireworks ca 1700 naked under the carat

Dear Europe I don’t like to think the air you breath today united
Brings Rome to lips Rome of Nero over the catacombs of faith
But if Bulgaria appeared Zimbabwe to my Dear Stranger
Then Paris of her short visit must have seemed Egypt
Cairo volatile suburbs a metro ride from Notre Dame
You don’t need Israel bombing Iran any new flare up
And they are inevitable along the front all the way to Islamabad
Can result in the Old Continent disintegrating
Back to tight national borders against migrating terror
An outcome seen not without a glee on Wall Street
Military market hot and no competition for futures

How to steer safe off this turn of History no the Crown of the
Dead Does not have the advice but as long as Crown holds against rust
Let’s rest assured Crown’s subjects on the other side of realm
Do everything dead can and will do
————————————–to turn swords to plough

11 23 AM

I like to watch my hand not that it is mine for delights
Far from possessive I marvel how it moves in sunlight
Now again since the alcoholic swells of arthritis have long
Subsided into narrow concaves between bones the upper side
Of my palm grace excercised free of purpose
————————————– how instant unerring is the hand’s response
To the will borne under cranium what fab engenering connects
Heart with finger obedience rooted in mechanics older then
Jacek Prehuman but if I be said to fall pray to narcisstic folly
Let it be clear Narcissus didn’t fall in love with himself
He didn’t know who he saw in water but through the boy
Young humanity animals so far in self contempt and loathing
Fancied flirt by Olympians for the first time ever took heart
To itself at large homo sapiens in love with homo sapiens
Who is to blame that the attraction proved fatal
————————————–certainly not the elph in tears
Beloved in turn by Echo every time we say Narcissus
Be it mythology course therapy or hearsay
————————————–Echo adds Iss Us Isss Uss for warning


My hospital-provided cell doesn’t ring six something am
So when it did just moments ago it was emergency obviously
Or a finger slip somewhere on the other end of connection
May it be that the Court decreed status calls the hero to duty
Dear Stranger’s number lit up
She had a nightmare was in tears she dreamt she and her parents
Giving me a farewell party I was leaving
Of all the places for their native Bulgaria the soil of Orpheus
And when I left when phones stopped ringing
Everything around the Dear Stranger turned numb
————————————–like out of a loaf
Of bread she molded this figurine of Jacek talked wept to it
To no avail mute that’s how the world around was to stay forever

I’ve told her in the way of financial retribution I may get more
Money then told at the outset of case in Cracow look
Don’t cry why don’t we go there all together Sofia Sicily Malta
Stay with Knights Hospitalians or Africa Mediterranean beach
Bums by some Roman ruin but words bounced shallow
Upon the current that under them run deep dark and deaf

Few days ago she fancied she will be this distinguished
————————————–attractive lady
A privy to the best kept secret of the age I hestitated until now
With ascribing her self visualisation to any fitting circumstance
Death to two strangers introduces two different nightmares
For Jacek it is eternity of stone sysiphal boulders shifting on their
Own from place to place do go wherever in between
Where sense of going is missing the same aloneness final
Final though infinite wherever the lee way beacons amid stone

Hobble then man to your easel on it the canvas fresh
In yesterday’s gray ultramarine and pale yellows awaits
The brush to come full in detail Muse’s portrait
The Dear Stranger included in the threesome of faces
The one staring intense from the hair tangle
Heavy behind her head second a dawn glare deliciously
Open and empty for day’s unpredictables she stares
Into a mirror in front
———————-to look back deep into space behind her
From the reflection the face the third one the one Muse lights up
A nocturnal lantern for the love in arms
————————————–when she visits today
The Dear Stranger must hate by now the term visit
She may rest assured no I am not leaving her empty handed
When to Bulgaria I go or still better dearest
Let’s throw this day at the folly of whatever best Manhattan
Can stand us on a date blind for tomorrow let’s see


I am not read enough but it seems XIX to XX Century
Literature Balzac across Europe to Dostoyevsky
—————————————- took social realism
For springboard problems most foul to apply reason
What should the best possible society look or feel like
What are poets for if not to dream us Tomorrow
The Polish Positivist School envisions glass architecture
Sees potential Chopin in every fiddling orphan
Extolls caritas by literary didactics
—————————————-good poor wife
Cuts and sows smaller and smaller hubby’s waistcoat
To conceal from him how overworking and misery
Take flesh from frame how short the days ahead together
What’s good about it I protested in my homework
If the fellow couldn’t see he was dying wife should have been
First to alarm less burden daily and more days to carry
And as far as teaching good well wouldn’t it be better
If it was he the timid office nobody to get up nightly
——————————————————tip toe
To scissors thread and needle stuffing his last attire
With cotton balls pockets of news print what not
As he himself kept wasting in bone and muscle
So much so that eventually it would take
The beloved spouse days of talking to the vessel
Before she realized it won’t listen or move ever again
It wouldn’t be the Positivist School though with that end

Why this fourth or fifth grade Waistcoat read came to mind
Gaudemaus Igitur world wide academic year declares
—————————————-Alma Mater welcomes
October of fresh pencils upon us
What to study remains with the student to choose
But education as duty should provide forum
On what human means Apocalypsis or Third Millennium
Internet took over the professional rest

And as far as the Crown of the Dead is concerned
Say life remains the only source to learn from


The therapist at Unitas put cassock on the fellow
And he is father confessor of the olden
—————————————-self help in place of repentance
Napoleon by looks resigned to cure wounds of imperial make
One patient at the time himself incognito
—————————————-first the ill needed medicine
I quipped but now it’s medicine who needs us more
The longer he thought the louder he laughed last session
My alcoholism his lifeline office PC
And if I were to shoot my Waistcoat movie
He would be the perfect caring nocturnal tailor
Shy to fault wearing his mantle thin transparent
On sad mortal solitude
————————my alcoholism
Helping myself to the grave my own foe’s best assistant
Capitalism makes me responsible me guilty me ashamed
When it fails to provide for expectations loftier then cash
Prescribe ‘em Prozac and leave the System alone
Pharmaceuticals free for the Octobrists of Tomorrow

How easy I told him it is to imagine we switch seats you and I
If years back into my EV misery I took job with welfare office
To continue receiving PA filing away cases worse then mine
Checking factuals the history of neighborhood
—————————————-record by record
How it handled bancrupcy of NYC the violent decay of EV
Not that I wanted to stay blind to it no
It was painful enough the brief outings my bread change
Swiped in the bread line madness given address it won’t keep
Roaming the abandons of Second Ave subway project
I have nowhere to go mister by the Astor Place Imagine cube
Soul of the city crumpled in giant clench discarded for trash
So more of it 9 2 5 5 days a week would not as much help
Dream America as bury it for me together with sanity
Poetry was all that I could provide tragedy with so they stayed
The yellow pencils these one finds around schoolyards
This month the easiest harvest
—————————— would you like to swap chairs sir
Yes maybe not

No I haven’t seen before how a turtle looks naked out of shell
But the feel of bare creature I get it every time I say
Something to the therapist’s personal liking he kind of luxuriates
When tide sweeps over palms entwined for head support
A Bonaparte humbled look alike loony bin Europe steady
—————————————-at service to the Crown of the Dead
After a careful though furtive eye exam
He opts for reign long for generous sessions tomorrow

OCT 4 1 04 AM

Or that other chap the one in tattered uniform blouse ca ‘40
Tompkins Park stood misty thick that October afternoon
—————————————-the benches alleyways empty
Brunches heavy on asphalt still dropping leaves and rain
I alone near the battered fountain of Virtues
So it was just obvious when he sat right next to me
That the hobbling veteran has been hard pressed for consuel
Do I believe in afterlife of the soul he kind of uttered
But lost remote in thought as though to himself alone
Not much left to the soul then day or two of breathing
I found myself in no position to deny him reassurance

The soul I begun is born actually the moment the body dies
So far one is only pregnant with it now soul sails on its own
It is the consequence one’s lifetime deeds remembering
And that soul lives as long as it affects the going day
Which is to say forever
—————————-the veteran lifted faded sights
Pulled nearer please continue the so-called hell
Awaits the soul when it is evil to recall no saving grace
The soul learns its past from all the PoV’s involved
Why’s and how’s of pain and waste it caused
And is only glad if and when it gets forgotten
Lost back in that reliese from the self into the sourcepool
Of souls’ primoroidal essence
—————————————- what about purgatorio
Saving graces earn the soul the hope of forgiveness
Soul alone learns things it didn’t know about itself so far
Be these graces honest though erring if they nourish light
Of the going day with anonymous piety
——————————————-and paradise
The veteran was getting impatient the paradise
Is here too all around the souls of the dead before us
Full active gloried in verse in paint in marble
Names to be read from calligraphy of branches
Sort of grief is short joy is everlasting of Beethoven
The going day worth the eternity of what humans suffer
Owing to resolve duty and beauty of deeds in flesh
Forever themselves good souls and rejoicing

Forever themselves good souls and rejoicing
The veteran felt at home reached into his breast pocket
Pulled out a tattered wallet and out of it fingered forth
Several faded but mint state photos his uniform age
Showed one to me and asked if I recognize the person
I thought he was meaning himself the young officer
Next to the glamour babe with battle tank for props
Now next to eternity of soul life but he pointed to the woman
This is Ingrid Bergman on the US Army tour
Munich’48 the veteran nodded he too believed
In thereafter her pharmacist and guide he sees he said
—————————————-shadows all the time
Living shadows mute as they waver in and out of city walls
Nights especially reassured the veteran didn’t waste one minute
Got up checked buttons and left hobbled out of park for lost
———————————————————- the encounter
Didn’t end there though running back to my Gem Spa house
I stopped by to read Ingrid Dying Daily News cover
Above a splash photo of Casablanca actress
My first screen infatuation she had still hours at the print time
So there I was wishing dearly into the rain
My afterlife guess work true that her soul goes heavenly straight
—————————————- if only for the heart of one Cracow Jacek

OCT 4 3 67 AM
What does one know of Muse not much like drinking thirsty
One doesn’t ask where does water come from and when one asks
When mind takes to connecting dots to filling empties
—————————————-with guesses
Stitching the whole together with a question mark for needle
Muse flights of inspiration so far solidifies into a stranger
Strange the way we all remain strangers to one another
Dear stranger though to whom I owe this day
—————————————-there are many other strangers
They fill functions along opportunities conspire on behalf
Of my success or failure we help ourselves to the same
Party plate at Columbia U or soup kitchen in Greenpoint Baptist
They constitute social entities serve end designs
Make street crowded or empty one missing ten others apply
But Muse turned a stranger she remains one alive among them
————————————————————- irreplacable
An adventure unpredictability built into tedium
Adventure fatale pray for the length of sentence
—————————————-the little time she has for Jacek now
Between her Connecticut office commute herself alone
And parents given to pink dress necklace sprees
On lagging credit intense for America elusive
The grand America Mad Ave dresses up for
Gold chains the weight of sin and a Cinderella flat for trying on

That’s how I should display next my Emergencies and Metaphores
—————————————-canvases brushes on her account
Next to the best of jewels the world affords
Yes if the SoHo store would let paint compete with diamond
For eternity then date my Dear Stranger for pickings


The Black Paradise dream of a Cracow boy comes true for him
60 years later in Brownsville NYC in his docu bio
Mike Tyson says of the ‘hood kill or get killed for dear breathing
But the Brownsville of his teens remains today on city maps
Only in name and repute the sky overhead
Hanging like one enormous color changing star fish now
Aglow over lots and buildings vacant all faith ministries
Ebenaizair Seraphym Cherubim of the Morning Star
—————————————barbed wire chains and locks
Random bodega Afrodeity parlor laundrymat
One weeping willow where Haitian garage shades
Along fence flower candle altars for this or that smartie
—————————————caught point blank in red
Star fish a NYPD helicopter searching the night stills for perps

The walk from Rockaway Ave C station on the one end
And the FoodTown mart on the other with the Black Widow
Shelter in about half the way in between them
Good twenty blocks in length altogether my daily routine
—————————————over a year today
Just one single venture off the familiar path
Down the East New York below St James’ Ave
—————————————one thick ethnic Sunday
What was I looking there for yes the turpentine
In vain hardware stores few and closed for weekend
Themselves in need of emergency facelift
Toddlers dropping jaws and crying
—————————————back from her Europe weeks
Muse complained old Bulgaria felt like Zimbabwe
But I live in Zimbabwe I said the best of Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe USA Cinderella stilettos $5 a pair

Mike Tyson he must be missing all his punch lines
As nothing has been heard about his recent Broadway debut
Would he recognize in me if he happened on Jacek around here
The guy who pushed the champ into a champagne pool
————————————— for the breast bare siren bubbles
Early into the Meat District art fling and who next night
He invited to a party to send me flying the loft length
With a punch he was sure would put me out of party commission
—————————————if I ever saw a man scared there he was
Running ‘round throwing beer bottles at the madman me
Cowards don’t remain champs long Mike they just don’t
And if he did recognize pale face today for his oracle
I wish he sat for my audience as I would sit for his if need be

I am safe here in the Black Widow Shelter safe no art gallery
Will announce ever again for me the inevitable exmit
From the ‘hood on the up swing as it did happen first
In the East Village of the Graffitti craze in Williamsburg
Of Latinas whoring nights away for rents and crack
While young film industry came snatching home turf
For Neo Montrmartre as is happening in Greenpoint recently
The Baptist Church busy handing out emergency pantry
Kick ‘em out first then call cops compatriot on compatriot
In what was the capitol of Polonia outside homeland
—————————————if and when it profits

One must have had been in the past able to see the Atlantic
From what’s called today the Ocean Hill
The few blocks with corner bodega for the magnet
I save a dollar if I walk instead down to Fulton Avenue for Tops
The kids here stick to pay their candy with my change
And the corner fatty does she talk to me
Or her head set
—————————————she needs 75 cents
Poverty behind walls clenching dear the tools of survival
Black Paradise dream for my last address
How do I feel on the Hill say the White House Obama that’s how
Just add one more P to my Permanent Resident Card
—————————————and I have ID to prove


Head long aimless exploring adventurous forays into NYC
Death at the end of each one teach volumes teach skills
—————————————as you survive
The sum of breath length brush by’s your sole claim
—————————————to existential achievement
New Year’s Eve after party heroin drop
4 of July gang knifes NYPD after a whore serial with line
Of shallow burials to his record a subway episode
With guns out on both sides of crowded flare up
—————————————what not
How to’s tough stand God is Great in Arabic
Reserve with which to turn next impossible corner
Muse’s new pink dress-for-less a no no
Fulton Ave up Saratoga to the Black Widow Shelter
The lesson though most vivid in my mind
—————————————dates back to 1990
The corner of Park Ave South and East 39th the one
Where the long ave tunnel surfaces again with traffic
Early dark the Fall rain floods the 7 line out of power
And I late before I hit the street from PS 1 Goya exhibit
On to the Polish Consulate on Mad and 38
A great actor and a crony of mine from hometown
To serve NYC Polonia the choice Romantic verse that eve

It’s past 6 already and I have to take a shuttle to Queens Plaza
From there whatever goes Manhattan transfer to any Lex
And get off at Grand Central
—————————–6 blocks on foot from there
To the party I should have had sued NYC at least tried
For sakes of every other New Yorker
The tunnel mouth not much to notice while crossing the Ave
Turns invisible entirely with night fall rain or snow
The full speed van feet away when I saw it
midway across the Ave
Precisely the situation I’ve been preparing myself for
Since my first unforgettable car run past 100 kph
Jumping in mind the last moment before impact
Above the vehicle’s hood leg bones safe
I landed back on my feet after several salto mortales
—————————–high into mid town illumination
The van pulling back to take me emergency
Thanks but no I am late I dismiss the driver
To hear Devil Devil Devil as the pedestrians across
The red disperse run and shout in panic

Feet firm on the Ave asphalt and the shouting
—————————————no I wasn’t at all sure
If the foothold really exits if it extends for me real time
Getting to the opposite curb down two blocks and corner of 38
The high life club building solid ’40 throwing
A tempting path down the marble steps for choices
No thanks Polish Romantic verse my destination tonight
Each doorway each town house lantern down to the minutest
Detail the sidewalk cracks and litter underfoot
—————————————I’ve been absorbing the way
Long years of Consulate gala and now I was at loss
Perhaps the street ahead was merely a final projection of the brain
Grey cell mass spilling actually out of my scull broke split
—————————————still by the Park South tunnel
Soon to be collected for DOA there
There was no way checking no matter how I saw it
The midtown tumultenious morbid looming for reality
Or afterglow
————————the afterglow memory stores off perceptions
For the inevitable emergency like the victim’s body under knife
And he half way in heaven the heaven of ardent faith
—————————————be one a believer
In the heaven faith delivers now in return
Via imagination exercises of it with prayer on lips
—————————————gone into splendors of last breath
Thy Kingdom Come of Muslim of Jew of Christian
—————————————the East 38 last stretch
To the Consulate the dying brain does project the same
The street vendor if he answered positive
—————————————yes sir you are here sir with me sir
It could have had been as well a trick brains play for their last
So only when I got inside the Consulate foyer
Did I manage to squeeze out dear question am I here for real
Mister Jacek must have had already one drink too many it sounds
Observed the Secret Service duo and they’ve got
Like protective of the stair case up until I explained
Touch to verify which they had to do anyway
————————————— checking for weapons
Mister Jacek you couldn’t have had come to a better place
Glad to announce they are the Medicus MD folk all
Up there for the event
————————– I dashed up newborn kind of reassured
But doubts didn’t stay in coat check
The Apollo Room packed the one vacant rococo chair
Much too much of a fable to sit on
I did though like I would on my palms but the show
No my brains couldn’t have had come up alone
With such authenticity such gravity
What has turned out a social catastrophe
—————————————my personal edification final
Instead of poetry the actor throwing at the unsuspecting patriot
Age old thunders Norwid how bitterly disappointing
To search Paris Polonia for a human being
—————————————Musica Morte to the note
NYC MDs cutting figure a la Matejko’s beyond reproach pensive
As they landed chins on knuckles eye brow at attention
To no less then 45 minutes long tongue lash
Best from the annals of national conscience
Solidarity Pope strings attached
—————————————and of the acting best
One would think no other profession but exactly the medics
Need reminding of ethical duty one would wish
Norwid’s correspondence made medic a doctor in true sense
If any one guest still needed the procedure
But when I waved an invitational hallo towards the first
Familiar face while the crowd moved out for wine
When the elderly gentlemen plus spouse joined me
When they heard my story the collision the persistent doubts
They too took me drunk provocateur something
The chap Queens Hosp director didn’t even look me in the iris
—————————————abandoned me for the Homer Room
Table made in Poland galore to pick bow taste
Chew pensively pick and bow again
—————————————stately impeccable
Having so much to say line to line over the spread
But for the good old pickled ham mouthful having to resort
To panthomime antics sorry it’s really really yum yumm

I don’t have the Oct Gallery Guide but I am sure come Thursday
It’s worth the ride to Chelsea other then that it’s Kouros UES
Once I’ve put that Chopin garb on for stage it shall serve me now
  ————————————— real good the ’12 – ’13 season
This Russian Orthodox Icon event talked on WQXR
Monthly shareholders’ conference uptown
Date and place to get next announcement if it isn’t too late


The corner G line descent under green lamp post
An orange glow puddle for the landing
The street past wide turn trucks beauty salon awnings
A tall factory chimneystack down the distance
Here you enter and exit up over there
—————————————views this ominous
Corner of Manhattan and Greenpoint for starters
Outline the outermost reaches of the metropolis
Half-life brick dusts away ochre into fuming void out there
Where from only an empty MTA bus returns


The biblical Tree what does the forbiden fruit symbolize
The fatal picking must have taken place on Sunday
Divine knowledge according to the Serpent
Clerics see it secondary to obedience apple banana cactoo
Does just as fine to prove us humans unworthy
Over a drink science compares the Tree
To what school globus is to the grounds underfoot
————————————–a spheric TimeSpace model
In it human fate has been decided and lived out
Well in advance for unfortunate apple lovers
To learn we must do but what we do we learn regretting

Darwin on Galapagos was the last living man
To set foot on the Garden’s remaining hold
Fauna has had not yet learned human burden there
And welcomed the scientist with curiocity unlike any ever
Before or after
———————-including his British Library lecture
To say free of fear is one thing but the trust the will to learn
Blind still to the lesson that he Charles stood for
—————————with his diet of forbidden fruit Theories and rifles

Marx in turn has no problem explaining the Tree for symbol
Of private property the laws and punishement attatched
Sacrosanct to capitalism ask curiocity obey
It’s bound to break the rule there is only so much Earth
To own and much too many who want it
Earth belongs to all sorry belonging has no place here
What all of us are to share on equal foot
In short the Tree stands for class injustice
————————————–while proletarians freeze
The ax rots buried in the roots laughs Marks
That’s my advice and call if we want to survive til Spring

In doctor Freud’s opinion the forbidden fruit
Hungs for crime never committed to explain as punishment
Why life feels like cruel sentence
Labor army prison while orchards bloom and burn

————————————–doctor’s forays
Into the biblical Eden
In the Tree’s shadow that’s where my patients shelter
Apple biting deafens to thought under cranium
While outside in the sunlinght functions law
To be to function to live three states of existing
To be as in to take space to function as in to do as told
And to live as in like there is no tomorrow
Like there is no tomorrow soon to prove itself fair to fact

If indeed one’s mind is a garden be each one different
Still the same old biblical Tree stands central
Providing fruit to choice curiocity or obedience
In our every day goings wherever on earth we happen
To live in the Judeo Christian set up

Price on every NYC apple standing in between sustenance
And hunger think of hermits visionaries holy fools
The urban outcasts of the olden back in the wild
————————————–these fed stolem bun by a raven
In Velasquez’ magnificent landscape in Prado
While two men debate the Word
How to apply it and practice

The biblical trespass the knowlegde fruit
Brought us mills of hell Manhattan Project Hiroshima blast
For the Tree set afire Big Apple consumption
————————————–world wide to suffer today
Newton apple’s curse he also must have eaten of it
Grave with gravity’s hunch by the graveyard
But the fittest interpretation of the apple symbol
Is to be found surprise surprise in Polish
————————————–zwierze and zwierze sie
Zwierze meaning an animal and zwierze sie I confess
Let me spill my soul out for you rather
Animals are innocent of conscience
How vast the story of doing and learning in between
————————————–the how to of becoming human


L’Etat cest moi King Sun declaring himself France
France gets up when I do and getting out of bed he never did
Before noon one man alone in own room in Versailles
Three times the projected number of dwellers
Baths pissoirs still on the drawing board fashion absolute
The rococo wig three and the rest of the attire seven villages
Licence to craft exclusively with the Royal Taylor

L’Etat cest moi another declaration in that tenor
Poets are the true legislators of the world by Shelley
An exile in Italy for views or this one office nobody
In Tsarist bureaucracy who proves himself by logic
To be the monarch missing on the Spanish throne
In the Diary of Madman then Stalin medals heavy
On his coat when he panics between one subject matter
And the next solving problems that ail
Revolutionary Soviet and the humanity ahead

Now Hitler Adolf on a weekend visit to Eva
————————————–Moloch recent from Russia
The foot of naked hostess conducting in the air
The Third Reich military march on the record player
Her boyfriend baby grown old in bed
Given to pathetic prenoucements for stand by historian
Puppets dwarf and courtesans while all around
Outside the castle below the clouds sfastica tanks conquer
And Gestapo runs Europe Drang Nach Osten hunging
On Furer’s lips when Goebbels mentions Aushwitz
It doesn’t quite ring a bell with deliric maniac
Too close to family familiars for comfort
Press of horror on walls around the weekend get togheter

Solomon Schwartz my neighbour in Black Widow Shelter
Ravaging the library PC’s out of use
————————————–in short there’s much to be afraid of

As for the Crown of the Dead and this reign of 100 poems
If most subscribers and they are few and far in between
Mock the effort let them the fact that nobody follows
————————————–doesn’t free the Crown from duty


Liken your heart to a store of words dearest in vocabulary
Words most deserving of ardent lips
You gather these early in youth
———————–from theatre stage from cinema screen
Eager once you are out and on to your 24/7
Days will provide opportunities plenty to use them
To give these words life of significance beauty justice
On paar with Oedipus Rex’s Lear’s the Invincible Prince’s
Imagine yourself past sixty open a dictionary
And find them there in print mute the words of heart
————————————–what pity
Words if they found no application
Never to be used now to be orphaned soon unsounded

How did we happen upon one another none of our trio recall
Art life East Village late ’70 one wild party that’s how
A Jew a German and a Polack we never so much as mentioned
What grounds we shared for foothold
But it was obvious for the tense quiet between us
Every time Great Greg turned on The Suite For The End Of Times
Three instruments in lament composed in Auschwitz concamp
By I believe Samuel Barber

If we Great Greg Berndt and Jacek the Mad Poet
Could between us come to living terms over the WW II
There was future to civilization
Communism Capitalism Berlin Wall Peace on Earth
With NYC for stage we were tomorrow in the make
And we never as much as blinked take it easy

Painters three one to afford art supplies and roof
Taken to write art criticism for a banking paper
Words they breath air of the hour on living lips
While Great Greg pulled into scene his college detatchment
Not that he wanted to they pulled right behind him
How the riot of the school will fare in big tough city
Asking me on the sides what did I do to him or for him
That he manages his inscrutable temper and mind
—————————————————-relatively OK
My answer should have been Great Greg looked at himself
Through my eyes not that he was easy now far from it
There run this spoil-it-for-others streak in the jolly fellow
It made him wear ugliest footwear he had for the brightest
Gallery occasions indeed a Gregor from Kafka’s Metamorphosis
Insect rags troubling light for a seeming secret of shame
A secret given to intrigue to rages quick to bottle and joint
Hospitable but like a trap a clinical case in sweats
Having to order coffee from a stranger a coucrouch indeed
Watching humans for killers of his kind
————————————–if I called 911
When he collapsed then waited idle for medics
Great Greg would be with the dead ever since that night
11 floor loft across the street from the old NYT address
The traffic rammed wall to wall the elevator taking forever
And he a limp fainted mound of flesh on the floor
Going crimson to blue to black

I don’t remember did we call Berndt later that night
The German lived in the same building running rentals
On two floors below Gregor’s
————————————–construction tool obcessing
It must have had something to do with Hamburg
His home town war ruins and guilt Berndt worked power tools Renovating consecutive live in work spaces from rough
And where did he not saw where did he not hammer
As well as in his art a feat of strenght focus and touch
A caress like he needed forgivness like he attended wounds
Given he used heavy duty drill boring tiny incisions
Into the paint layered on canvas loose galaxies of dots
Changing hue depending on deapth
————————————–hand firm not to puncture through
I think his paintings the last of Impressionism and on the level
With the best sensitive luscious like Time Square mists
Like matter one degree above absolute zero
When atom to atom linger six seven feet apart and twinkle

Though neither Great Greg nor Benrdt ever mentioned
I believe each one got paid a bundle when the mid town loft
Building  was sold to make room for Disney hotel
Berndt ended up several years on the garage block
In Williamsburg Greg in a Chelsea condominium
And I their care free Polack poet guest nocturnal
For 1000 and 1 night many times over
Say they could have always said no to my self invitations
What else could I have done but call and they knew it

A perfect nobody next for wine at any opening today has all
The flash lights on him or her tomorrow
————————————–fame misses me so far
Was the general drift but it won’t next time and next times
Came crashing on the gallery crowd out of horn of plenty
Vienna Paris London Village 50 000 a month SoHo
The Fellini night at Area with shark acquarium and siren
Mastroianni running from celebs gone bonkers
One Ginsberg seated by the table alone for once

A year or two into his Williamsburg garage renovation
The staple of trendiest parties dustman in a dust car
Berndt suffered a near fatal fall 16 feet to concrete floor
Each bone from the waist up shattered
For the next year or longer carried supported by a scaffold
Of intricate structure immobile in the cast
So the renovation lagged one AA compatriot of mine
Getting paid up front stealing booze and gone
This must be why Berndt didn’t invite me to the post
Renovation bash at his new locale well it’s late to be sorry
Not that the eventual tragedy that night would have been
Averted for certain but still it’s hard to picture
Great Greg getting loaded as he did if I was there
To fall through the same sky lite 16 feet down onto the same
Concrete our friend his host has hit short earlier
The difference Great Greg landed on feet broke bones
Upwards to his waist and for a year or two has had
To be wheeled around when he wanted art life

If he was always on edge itching to let loose spite
Now in wheel chair more then ever Kafka’s namesake
Greg held me responsible for each rock and crack
In Chelsea maze when the vehicle shook his frame
Screaming cursing at mercy of a seeming sadist
Like he was afraid the city wheel chair folk may like
My services otherwise and hire dear Jacek away for lost

Neither of the two paints since the accident Gregor
For morbid disappointment how art life turned art market
Last canvases stored in his bedroom
Wild arm lenght gestures of color in twilight
Signaling emergency despair with no hope for answer
And Berndt well I haven’t been but once in his recent dwelling
A schloss secreted amidst barracks behind Woodhull Hospital
But during my birthday eve when I asked about painting
He got dismissive offended like to do art fell out of style
Like getting by was art enough now to discart the props
Brushing off his sleeve dust of evergoing renovation

Friend in Webster’s Thesaurus crony supporter
Ally companion intimate associate advocate comrade
Mate patron acquitance chum defender
————————————–say yes over the decades
NYC provided our trio of losers would be’s hunger on’s
Inspired free loaders not the fittest but survivers somehow
With ample opportunities to exercise
————————————–the term in all these rich subtleties
Year in year out into Third Millennium
Next to go where others of our day and crowd have gone ahead
Suite For the End Of Times underfoot the friendship


Pumpkin like the fabulous lanterns in the Tompkins Park
Eves when they pour golden glow into the intricate calligraphy
Of tree branches remain with the elusive America
Magic that delivers less then it promises
Spells incomplete the dots to be connected by your heart beat
The more dots connected the more to go ahead

And the file under the spell the hunger line in wait along fences
For delivery truck to arrive with pantry grown long with them

Black Holes O what a fine simily about the matter
This side of light if sqeezing into Hole’s long compress
TimeSpace undergoes what a new born brain does
During the intitial outing pain igniting thinking process
That in the tunnel pull or out on the other side perhaps
————————————–our longings here find fulfilment


It’s past 7 am and day’s fortune shadows on the window curtain
Are still long coming if the day won’t have to do without
WQXR predicting Autumn gloom this Friday and tomorrow
But a week ago the same hour the dark character
In the window across the table where I write
Stood open for entries for inquiries breathing in sunlight
The entire incomprehensible mechanism of TimeSpace
To make me wait now longer for visitation
In first shivers of creeping winter
————————————–the small table lamp
Sheds as much light against the bleak procrastinating dawn
As knowledge does within the vortex of matter
————————————–but that timid resolute light
Talks heart to sharing heart beat with kin solitary souls
Michelangelo of the Sonnets raphsodising over the dung
Heap at his doorstep the glories of his chisel
Buonarotti blind impatient with them
But they of the bowels outside
————————————– weren’t they the same
Who collected Florence snow for his monumental Dante

Old Bach on cello in winter beseeching the rising day
To bring long awaited guest this time
Then blowing small lunettas in the window frost designs
To look out the forest road outside snowed impassable
————————————–long to nowhere


Particles of electricity missing in between us that’s how
Sounded our three or four effors to connect on the phone
Muse’s and I last night vovels alone her voice
————————————from about beyond receptivity reach
And as far as my cell goes I plugged it firm
Checked the power charge no results
————————————vovels blown empty gluey
Like bubles in void missing one another for sense
Muse wants to make sure I see her weekend night
As if the trip wherever the vovels came from
To my Black Widow Shelter hung in balance

Next to the Crown of the Dead on the table Iliad of Homer sits
A pocket edition street buy here in Brownsville NYC
In it good thirty fourty pages of text are gone cut empty
Where to stash illicit stacks that’s where Muse’s vovels came from
————————————missing one another for sense


Taken for what it is 1776 tall symbol the Tower of Freedom
Is a tale long before the first tenant shall move in
To start with the WTC owner wanted twice the insurance
So now that he lost suit it pains to see downtown
One solitary spire raising not two
—————————-after all freedom means choice
As if America could not afford it
Worse got cheated on again
—————————-reasons why the Tower
And the Memorial Park dragg years behind the schedule
Sit with unions protecting jobs on tight market
And lack of interest on the part of prospective renter
Square foot astronomicals plus fear of 9/11
With one third of it still to go up

A floor or two left vacant for freedom’s emergencies
Will sit well with the symbol but any more then that
Would leave uneasy impression America is not interested
Or worse that America run short on the spirit
Or worse that America protects options against the optional

If the Tower is to stand for its name it needs theater
—————————-fire debate on the issue
How to pull fire out of the military scenarios for one
When a YouTube clip a call from mosque or synagogue
—————————-puts them on the table
An ongoing Theatre of the Nations festival
What freedom binds what freedom does us part
Free of rent and charge bed and board for visiting play
Where otherwise freedom woud stay empty of content
A public park on several floors would put the city
—————————-winters especially
On even foot with Babylon of the Hunging Gardens
A good helping of stories above the legendary Wonder
Designs replaced like stage sets for the season
Gardens in the Stars Maze of Wisdom Paralel Botany

How to construe space free of interior/exterior division
—————————-retaining both dimencions
Minimum for myself maximum from myself on gate arch
And fountain of Gratitude for heart

Why not put into practice here the School of Athens
Raphael’s Rome fresco door to the auditorium an open invite
Chapters from the Republic for sessions
Each nation of the world to present here their claim
To human heritage a court of sorts a court of good advice
Would fit into few rooms most welcomed
Where petitioner could present his or her impossible case
And be sent the shortest way out of trouble

History of freedom it only obviously deserves a niche
—————————-where to play
The Tower tradition London style
How what and why the idea suffered and suffers for exhibits

—————————-Homo Verboten too thrown a life line
Several elect volunteers for resident specimen
NYC at their feet literally
To set out into the so far uncharted territory of human potencial
Free of constrains that would otherwise hamper the journey

Only if all reasonable needs and necessities
———————————-that arise from freedom idea
Were satisfied and there would still remain any empty space
Only then could the Tower of Freedom stand
———————————-and stand proud
For exceeding all expectations


The lesson submit or go back given a newcomer
From socialist economy nearly forty years ago
On the Rotterdam McDonald tobacco company summer job
About the merits of capitalist assambly line
Won’t loose gravity as long as Free Market thrives
Gains in immediacy as there’s no alternative left
—————————-to go back to today
In brief it spells you don’t help anyone here please

We had to earn a plane ticket for my pregnant girlfriend
Amsterdam New York and McDonald harbor plant
Pays 86 guldens a week best on student market
Me loading tobacco leaf by tons into a super sherdder
—————————-at the start and she
Thirty of so other hands down the line of production
To stuff packets of cigarettes into export cartons
The Sailor’s Cut with that round float for resque status
—————————-the Third World’s choice
I would load the shredder twice the capacity then rush
The length of the barrack to catch the final product
—————————-from spilling on the floor
Where pregnant she lagged badly behind the general tempo
That’s what you get when you answer Help Wanted ad
A polite warning one day and your last check the next
If you persist mixing personal with work ethics

The word ethics hung there in air between us
The boss and I in his office suspended on a question mark
And till today burns for me like wire inside a bulb of problem
Work in its true sense is ethics incarnate
To help of first order among duties so if so called work ethics
Collide with human ones the human
—————————-and the Crown of the Dead agrees
Human should and need gain in primacy

Another issue that could find forum in the Freedom Tower
What should it be Death what did Death mean in age
———————————of Memento Mori
And what does it mean in age of astrophysics how civilization
Exploits fear of death and how that fear can be ameliorated
Just broaden the realm of life to include the so called inate matter
And death looses ground an eye blink in between
Before atoms and stars return into this exact configuration
That spells today any and every living name
This logic though isn’t without dread and danger
—————————-if all that a personal death
Amounts to is a mere eye blink why not serve it at whim
Of necessity and expedience no strings attatched
Not much harm done if any
—————————-there are known to have existed schools
Of thought whose disciples did world as much harm
As they only could on purpose under the assumption
That thus they will drain dry the well of evil all the sooner
Believing source of the good trickles humble but eternal
But there’s little or no room for sentiment in astrophis equations

As far as bare pain of dying goes the first problem to solve
Is affordability of pharmaceuticals and free Internet medic
At the same time pharmaceuticals need be watched
Should drugs be used to numb senses and mind to social mores
Rather then help try necessary experiment at large

From the vocabulary of ethics the term shame deserves
Its day in the Tower on emergency basis if it is to remain
An active part and parcel of ethics
———————————in the popular mind
Applied to sexual conduct it has been discarded
Wholsale with the knee lengt harness of past fashions
Wholsale with shames of loftier transport
To be ashamed for light for instance
———————————for what light presents talent
Shame of one’s own ways error lie
That propels a heart towards self improvement
Shame for humanity that leaves one with no one else
But one self alone if pride is to survive the day


The coat I wore on stage last night says it all today
Limelight sweats heavy sticky cold
I am spent Chopin after his last public recital
—————————-MUSICA MORTE is history
Performance public easely three times
The number of mourners at Frederic’s actual burial
Sparing the illustrious ghost no praize at the after party
What a great actor I am how I managed
To play a poet put breath into mouth
———————————of a long dead musician
Bring him alive to pain
And still retain myself my NYC self in the role
Meaning the 99 Cent Made in China reading glasses
As it played out with the hat of by gone Paris
——————————– in my finger theatrics
How telling though I observed in Chopin manner
Polonia News all but absent from witness
Not that I didn’t invite ask appeal to responsibilities
We owe the tool actually just moments ago
I read in today’s NYT how one of that sorely missing few
Best one among the invited number
Disappoints in touch skill whatever in his movie that starts
Showing in the Village tomorrow

I didn’t need to act all I needed was to make
La Belle Epoque social around me invisible to audience
In other words bring the party in by a solitary pantomime
The very manner I store in my marrow
Well rehearsed and tried on the flying carpets
———————————of Manhattan high life
Let loose the experience for these long intervals
When Nocturns walk Paris sans words
Violetta Koss played them for theater
Before I would read the next entry from the memoir he
The ailing composer might have had committed to pentagram
—————————-in between the last of his oeuvre

Death how does one handle death at breath lenght
Life in light of seeing it going going gone with each in and out
Writing Musica Morte this is exactly what I attempted to learn
The answer or method whatever the results
Of my poetic expedition to be assimiliated
———————————-for personal use
As for the clues I chose Nocturns Preludia
Not his juke box mazurkas polonaises polkas
But soliquois when he is alone tete a tete
Death as it wears fleeting moments for veils in between
Young dandy and the ultimate
Veils of fabulous light and stitch one after another
Amor and Psyche do kiss after all and tables serve as pianos
If by Homo Urbanus we are to understand an individual
Dependant solely on his or her own skill for survival
Without the generous Nature for free picking
In the hostile hour
—————————-captives of Labyrinth indeed
Then Chopin fits the shoes to the pain in the strings
L’Espirit d’Epoque suffering industrial Paris
On expedition with Sand Marx and Delacroix
Talked by his paramour and Karl into composing
L’Etiude Revolutionaire – the Industrial Age
A liberty from the biblical curse of labor in potentials
Turning out a doom scenario upon men kind –
As it is played today for exercise at Julliard’s

Putting on Frederic’s shoes for his last venture out
On his own is a detective kind of undertaking
To construe the suspect when he gets out of sight
All the available record for leads for how to
—————————-my Frederic goes to the park
It’s early April the neighbourhood spills out
Onto the fresh scarce green in festive spirits
And Frederic finds himself in paradise
Les Paradises Artificielle by Baudlaire for reference
But when adam and eve kiss near by the tree in early flower
TB dandy jelousy loneliness at throat
—————————-likens himself to God of Creation
That in the whole incredible World of His make
—————————-Eden magnificent innocent harmonious
He the God should now be the one insufferable solitary sore
Wouldn’t the world be better off without
—————————-yes comes the answer
That kind of poetic mathematics Chopin

All is not lost fortunately I did secure camera after all
Shot far from balcony the docu sure lacks in close ups
But if what I see tomorrow on screen comes half way
Even only one third true of the last night’s stunned appraisal
MUSICA MORTE should be on YouTube immiedietly try

9/11 2012 NYC 11 O7 PM

just as TV adds time to our daily schedule time extra
time parallel time next door time Preparation H and pizza
——————————————there are events in each life
that take space outside the puny 9 to 5 in time biblical
touching on the impossible on the unthinkable
the shadow longer into future then Earth’s
the oldest refrain though for common denominator
vanity vanity and vanity to begin with dust to dust
when deepest terror takes shape

and the dust sat foot deep lead heavy grey and fine
——————————————on NYPD cruiser
this morning eleven years ago
as the vehicle pushed up 9 Ave through the throngs in dazed rush
streaming away from the catastrophe’s epicenter

absence as enormous as sudden and ominous
——————————————as the one WTC left in the skies
when towers collapsed loomed for divine intervention
and intervention double to make certain
no doubt many a doubting zealot sighed with relief
grounds of faith given blood for mortar
and no doubt many a sworn Green had a day in the right
cassandras in tatters fair early warning proven true unheeded
and no doubt many a street hobo einstein laughed and wept
for bitter justice of the obvious come real
no doubt the catastrophe brought to numerous a mind
how it feels the night after currency devaluation
to wallow insomniac on the mattress of worthless cash
for the day the entire NYC was a surviver
—————————-breath shallow for fear
the air’s radioactive biological war fare while each of us
New Yorkers cushioned up to the TV in his and her shelter
like the news of own demise were to come next caption
week long ultimate repetitious Andy Warhol on the screen
the collapse again and again confronted for proofs
with the window view with the tail of smoke
——————————————visible from TimeSpace
rising over the rescue operation down town

for a 9/11 movie the central plot would have to involve
devotion versus duty confrontation
—————————-on the one hand a team of twenty
martyr suicides executing the plan years into local prepare
but one single conspirator missing from the final call
dire bond enduring what America offers aplenty each new comer
and on the other hand professional duty
firemen and police when one has to go in out of where
no one returns so far

the movie would have a Polish cleaning hand for lead
owing to her nightly shift Wall Street neighbours save on CondEd
basking in the Twins’ illumination
herself an illegal working on fake SS number
—————————-the 60 something provincial family spare
keeps away from office equipment would not touch a PC
for obvious risk but others them working the shift with her
who talk Amerikansky them you could take for bosses overtime
how they went about buttons and switches Xeroxing printing
off the office data whatever the business WTC stood for
leaving ash trays for her to do
——————————————what was she report
she would be one living soul in the hall of Rodin bronzes
when statues start to drip molten she would rush down the stairs
like fire on its own with the flood of drop jaw flames
gone to remain with unaccountable others absent
absent from the list of victims today on the marble railing
——————————————around the memorial pools

FRIDAY 14 OF SEPT  ’12 NYC 7 29 AM

events biblical in scale with 700 years long lifes of virtue
and consequence breathing still in the same air
the going Friday takes in lungs chasing after or escaping
——————————————————–reality at hand
the shadow these cast into future are so long so deep
the next most important event in human life
personal death vanishes into that shadow for trivia
like we do really need new science the science of Chaos
with its butterfly effect proposition to render to each of us
at the emergency hour the necessary measure of significance
even if one will not understand the answer in time
why live why die what does existence serve or amount to
envied be they with gift of faith for they enter
last breath each into the make believe heavens

it’s like walking into the WTC that morn business as usual
an exercise of sympathy natural for literary mind
in shoes each single victim wore for the day
be she a cleaning hand a code setter under oath whatever
be he on whose hancock hung tons of gold
to be shipped overseas
————–one more one less to the statistics
what impact on policies that run the globe ever since
would that make none to each comes the answer none

take now Kirk Douglas playing Hollywood Spartacus
would he guess no he wouldn’t how could he have had
—————————————— sweating make up
that way ahead twelfe years into the Third Millenium
the mob in yesterday’s attack on the US Middle East diplomacy
would be repeating the very answer his trapped slave army
gave to Romans when Romans searched among them
—————————————— for legendary leader
I am Spartacus I am Osama I am Sparacus I am Osama
——————————————one cry for all
no it does not bode well for History yet to be recorded no
blessed are they with gift of faith they enter last breath
into make believe heavens for real

the US military presence in the region gaining fire&men power
as we speak the last thing the White House needs now
would be ousting of Assad in Syria or Israel hitting on Iran’s
nuclear threat or farther East – the candlestine
money wars gathering momentum – China turning hostile
on the finance market over a few Seven Seas islands
99% of American savings drained bankrupt overnight
—————————-the next hour WQXR news practically
as far as sensitivities nurtured on Shubert’s Unfinished Symphony
are concerned dear dream the unified Europe first to suffer
——————————————wreath of immigrant Muslim
should the news come true
one big bloody plus in Wall Street futures how handy

and as for the Crown of the Dead
unlike most crowns this one does not desire more
—————————-does not then it already has to speak for

FRIDAY 14 11 06 PM

not many New Yorkers remember today the city
before the WTC twins began their short regency
——————————————over Manhattan skyline
and even fewer lived that regency day in and day out entire
much like a moth slave to their glare
nowhere is absence more condensed since they are missing

a heady fable these three decades rather then history chapter
for the eyes of Marx in me to turn proletarian to consumer
for the eyes of Freud in me to turn Manhattan into one
24/7 laboratory how Solidarity responds to competition
and for the eyes of Darwin in me say the regress evolution
a urbanite crab in shame in tears how hard it is
to be human surviving how to do good beyond means

as for the replacement of Trade Center the Freedom Tower
still includes free market but aspires to ends
——————————————higher then mere profit

if the recent Wall Street melt down is of any indication
what trade was handed world wide from WTC
now every new comer and tourist will have a riddle
for entry into the capitol of capitalism
the difference between Liberty as in the Statue
and Freedom as in the Tower
is the liberty to do as one pleases with one’s freedom the answer
yes it may suffice though the little it says the execution
of the right how it varies with each personal story
to what call responsibility replies

soon after WTC opened for business NYC mayor Koch
running a bankrupt moloch on empty slapped dog owners
with fines if they left the poo on side walk
that’s where one ended in shit if one lifted eyes overhead
to marvel at the rooftops of cilvilisation
————————– ————–a thieving hand for help
Koch failed as far as improving city balances went
—————————————-let loose
strays took over the island
packs in hundreds garbage can to garbage can after edibles
they roamed the nights still for an eye blink
————————–whenever WTC light blast caught them
except for my own shadow no other human one in sight

AUGUST 21 NYC 10 27 PM

Paintings worthy of the art distinction need to surprise
And the surprise should go strata deeper with each
New inspection painters of such works are said
To be born brush in hand same goes for composers
If the music deserves cultivated ear and same applies to poets
If the rhyme even if it’s tight irregular or missing altogether
Sings the song we recognise but never have heard before
Among poets there are drama queens and tragedy kings
Lyricians sonnetists philosophical or plain sentimental
But when I think of my vocation in verse a prayer
Is the form I was born with on my lips

Pity for the form I was born over a century after God
Was prenounced dead by philosophy a pipe dream by psychiatry
And proven plain wishful delusion by evolutionists

Pity for form and for myself also because in times of need
——————————————————-when I needed to kneel
To bear my heart out in gratitude for life and mission worth it
There was no body out there for whom to bend my knees

There was no body out there for whom to ease gratitude out
I like they say must have been born with it on my lips
And these lips of mine for lack of anything better kept returning
As the years went memory to the form of prayer
Dead form to start with kiss and plea charged it with lymph
Painters too know how the golden proportions of Hellada
Long a museum item gain new life from inspired brush or chisel
The same way musicians bring to relevance old note books
But the prayer it needs to address for luck of better term
Some higher authority in my case a being that’s responsible
For all the reasons and causes of gratitude on my breath
Gratitude pressing ripe and deep and sweet in my chest
Even there where others curse life and write phone numbers
Of the Law with shit on cell walls even under the oak tree
Of my Greenpoint destitution where trust and faith in humans
Received near fatal blow from hands of my dear first tongue
The tongue of Solidarity of Christian compassion
Even there and then gratitude welled up in me
But even more destitute then I was for no one to receive it

Once alive orphaned homeless the prayer form found ground
On which to kneel in need alone of God God I pray you exist
God you must there is so much to be grateful for down here
Under fatal and lucky star be nothing God but ear but be

In all the dictionaries happiness spells happiness friendship
Friendship love love and wrong wrong but when one tongue
Translates to deed in accord with its particular culture
Friendship for example it might be entirely different from deed
Of any other tongue tradition one says in need
Meet real friends and the other if you want to be friends
With me don’t tell me your problems truth has even harder fare
Some want it their way others are curious
How a portrait painter sees or writer understands them
Art for some is a decorative investigation or therapy for others
If huge empty canvases are beautiful it’s only because
——————————————————-they screen out what’s behind
God I will check what they say on Google about God tomorrow
For me God is the gravity of my gratitude and prayer


Uboghovyennie god like by will in Russian word of the hour
In the White Russia Paris of ‘20 with Nicolai
Prince Bierdayev lecturing disinherited aristocracy in exile
How one can use dire circumstance for self perfecting
The appeal struck tender note with me as it should
With anyone in grave need of existencial value to his or her
TimeSpace visit
————————-I had a methapore what happens or should
Light that for luck of any other option
————————-turns gradually into what it is dear after
But the play from which this metaphore remains
Has been wasted for trash by one mad NYPD officer
Corner of Greenpoint and Manhattan Avenues
How I can’t recall the title of the heroic sorry soliquoy
It sure has had something to do with the lantern
That my nasty Diogenes carried lit around day light Athens
Searching for a person worth philosopher’s praize
As long as Diogenes kept searching Athenians stood accused
He was a living insult to the Parthenon
——————————————————-nights especially
One by one incognito a beauty salon owner in widow black
How her services bring her clientele a look twenty younger
That’s like making Old Witch look Snow White
And be taken one to a butcher’s wedding for maiden
Others came a judge a flirt a fortune teller others
And every one of them
Has had to leave transparent in shame seething rage

The philo slept nights in an empty barrel
Right outside the city walls next to where strays and vultures
Fought over garbage edibles his lantern a bother
Everywhere else and that’s where furious Athenians got him
Hammers to hammer horse nails into the barrel wood
That the old freak’s blood did run red like wine
When they send him rolling and screaming
————————————————–mercy people mercy
All the way down the rocky cliff to sea shore
What’s more I forgot how I did manage to show
————————————————–bare goodness
Goodness in search of goodness
Blind unaware of its own essence
————————————————–misled self deceiving true
It was only the audience of this one man staging
Who was to realize this blindness for terrible virtue

The park was too cold way into December and so windy
The stars and stripes by the Automotive High School
Made my nights out there under McCarren’s care impossible

Let it suffice to say the play has been written nights
Two perhaps three weeks of nights in the dead heart of
Greenpoint a boiler room basement
Bare cold dirt for floor and roaches for cohabitants
Blessings still given the puzzling luck of any other option

Antique marbles in the Met these missing most
From their initial beauty make me remember lost play tenderly
Pity the audience that now has no Diogenes
How much more must be missing marbles not as much
As perishables like paper or whatever writing was done on
By say Eurypedes of his 128 tragedies only eight remain
For one museum van Gogh how many Vincents
Remain forever anonymous lost to absinthe destitution
That way my lost philo play pains with older noble losses
The mad officer warning he will shoot if I try anything
Like I was some Houdini chained to eight other arrestees
Officer refusing to pick up the bag with my papers
Sanitation truck for publish or perish
But the cold of that dead beaten dirt ground down there
In that boiler room of the Greenpoint heart
————————————————–O it got better
Of my marrows while I wrote and slept on it
And by the Crown of the Dead it won’t leave my system


God like by will and homo verboten they come one and the same
Tonight in my mind Plato’s Republic makes the point
Bloody clear why philosophy
————————————————–otherwords conscience of the culture
Sets its practicioner for scorn trial exile death
The city where every inch of the set up is property
Where property gamble empties minds of all other concerns
That city tolerates no questioning or doubt about justice
No mirror in letters for record
Fine music and argument they put sheer abstracts above reality
Be that reality best man can do and afford

In replay the interviewing editor from the Polish Daily
Has received from me his article sketch not as much corrected
As much supplied with my own views
————————————————-on my person and predicament
After all how much of me does he know a lot
A lot and a precious little truth is always larger then knowing
The point of contention being whether
In my blessed seclusion of the Black widow shelter
I focus on my self or within myself within myself being my side
Meaning within myself I carry and watch worlds
Long gone from memory of others with them for most
Within my scrutiny drains life remembered for understanding
Too late to right the done day for bitter dues
While editor’s on my self implied personal selfserving ends
In good stead perhaps take good care of yourself good fellow


Karl Marx his positivist proposition circumstance
Conditions consciousness stands fully refuted in my eyes
This one sorely regrettable example
The sand box at the end of our quiet Kollataja Street circa ‘50
Gave us Andrei and I plenty to built or bury together
——————————————————-in games kids play
Outside parental shadow we feared for life in front of the same
What to do when A bomb explodes street instruction
Soon to grieve for Layka the first earthly creature in Space
While the dog stared from Cracow’s daylies oxygen left
For an hour or two and the sputnyk beyond retrieve

Stalin built us school with gymnasium stadium and orchard
Dogs of the Prosectorium why did they howl wild with pain
Helene Schneider our first dear teacher then Arts’ High
Renessaince ideal to nurse for own
———————————–we should have had Marcus Aurelius’
Meditations for summer discussion pity
Andrei one grade above in his swell suede loafers
Cutting long way short across mud and snow of thaw
Cracow Stockholm America one trail and fare for both
————————————————————but look
When I must point among my NYC troupe of characters
One opposite of mine
———————————–my old faithful friend Andrei makes the call
To the last vile viper on his tongue
To the last treacherous querry and joke
To the last smallest deed necessary sneared at and ignored
For pranks skill manner and brains
—————————————–pity our teachers
———————————————————-to think
I could have been his way today for the same streets behind us
Feels like a near miss with a fatal accident

That’s how much is to be said messrs Marx Darwin and Freud
For conditioning la bête humaine into desirable social
And the Crown of the Dead well it holds breath on the issue


Just as the same 20 something alphabet characters appear
And reappear while forming words
So do the vices and virtues as they construe each human soul
Nature mind frame or individuality call it any name
Day time especially under the dictat of must’s and have to’s
That differ say from Rio NYC Moscow to Peiking
Each town giving preference to a particular personal trait
In its dwellers
but in sleep when social constrains are shed
one enters dreaming like light the darkness
bodies tired though sleep without dreams until rested
and most of them don’t ever have leisure enough
movies are a tawdry stand in for them and films fill the void
only best that artistry can
one such film shines out for example
the incomparable endearing Children of Paradise
back in ’45 the Paris of Liberation
woke up to a shaven head for conscience
so to repair spirits of Le Ville de Lumiere de Gaulle
had best minds of the day assembled by Pathe
with clear goal in focus please
a dream for insomniac France
just for acting alone one is in for gratification
the teeming streets of La Belle Epoque
Jacques Prevert doesn’t serve make up cancan entertainment
he has written the script with the pen Victor Hugo
left by death bed serving human comedie
in scope of familiar characters comedia buffo
to de Moupassant all confronted with Naked Truth
each one to end up compromised or in compromise
tragic actor for empty declarations
notary public for vain murderer
proprietor of the theatre for failed career on the stage
even she Naked Truth
has her heart for poor mime young Barrault alone
but for her veils pays a possessive patron
and Barrault with his otherworldly face and panthomime
he has to make do with wife and offspring
when not acting dumb and mad

dear life how strange I should see myself at twenty in the mime
open and sensitive to the marrow truthful to pain
just the hippie head that welcomed the directeur of
Comedie Francoise for the Teatr Polski in Wroclaw
during the Theatre of Nations Festival back in ‘74
the next to the last photo in his LIFE PIW edition of ‘78
my age today Barreault to strip himself of costume
to the last wrinkle of his thin loose skins
o where are the snows of yesteryear

lucky me with two weeks to go before I go on stage myself
with Musica Morte mysterium Chopin’s ghost
first person a few precious breaths away from journalist
or historian that Children of Paradise should fall into my hands
in the Public Library the best for the last from the trove
of films I remember from youth all others seen by now
several times except Nights of Cabiria strangely absent
from shelves Barreault to emulate when I emerge
that Thuersday last day of calendar summer
from the netherworld back to the party realm Paris 1847
bows kisses pleasantries shamagne more bows then piano
then shampagne all towards revelers invisible to audience
before I begin my soiliquoy with outloud chuckle
laughing over an entry
in a historic memoir about Frederic drunken
to move then on to my own music

not that I haven’t been on stage before now to audience room
dead empty now to public riot or riot on stage for real
when actors refused to stick to the play in performance
once with audience running any which way
when a live rooster lost head to ax on stage
but managed to dart out for last mad run around
myself sounding the final coocoo ricooo for him over panic

as for the Crown of the Dead next to Muse’s birthday plant
it is glad to preside today not only over the sword’s
dismemeberd guard but also over its blade since it returned
to my immiediete possession recently
a blade scarred for many a battle
from tip to cross bar ardent Saracen make
by far worthier meditation then the Met Museum armoir
fakes quite likely props for parades at best

and as for the enigmatic shadow spells on the window paper
rain one lightnigh bolt now noon sunlight
the curtain calligraphy is reliesed of its advisory duties
Muse has returned from Paris Bulgaria
sister wedding sojourn took over the sofa near by
but still doesn’t at all seem comfortable fitting shoes
she left here empty one month earlier

and as far as the next four years go the White House faces
problems biblical in scale as both parties in the mid East conflict
look for support in the US policies and at home front
jobs stand for rights
the Crown has no say in democratic elections but Muse
she is heart into things as they stand today
and promises the President best of her thought tomorrow
scared for life with the sword and its tell tale bruises

NYC AUGUST 10 2012 5 47 AM

Yesterday’s verdict the Court in Cracow Poland 30 years
Into Solidarity’s bitter victory two years into legal proceedings
Found Jacek innocent of all the charges
That PRL Polish People’s Republic of Communist July Manifesto
Made me suffer in my hippie summer for crimes
That should have had been viewed as I see it today
————————————————for the promising first flowering
Of the new system in terms of the long awaited New Man
Curiocity to wander footloose
————————————————on lands free of barbed wire lock and key
And Cracow Cracow of these years say the fabulous Sesame
Would have had scarcely more to offer young eyes and mind
The wedding buquet lilies of the valley on a princess
Three centuries dead just the same sorry sight as the buquet of
Them picked two three days ealier in the Botanical Garden
And now gone wilting in front of home’s empty oak frame mirror
—————————————————————–the Slaughterhouse
AM’s Prosectorium churches for history buried in dust
The Envelope Factory bluer then skies from blue paper
Edu edifices every one by night when empty and quiet
Where to learn and prepare for mature duty
Library wisdom applied to every step I took forward
The sunray fingers parting curtains for passage
Jaw muscles pumping will into dream
All’s well that end’s well kind of responsibility
Not happiness for call but necessity
A necessity responsibly chosen where to apply precious life
Art high school edu easels for cross and brush for salvation
Ending with emergency sentence 6 months behind bars
Worse of the ward for cell mates but tattoo designs
Saving the lofty elph from rape

Only here in the US in the land of the free and brave and armed
To defend their estate from strays I was to marvel
At roads lined with orchard trees they make curiocity feel at home
Anywhere hitch hiking eyes took me
Fed cherries in May and golden juicy d’Anjous in August
With countryside on both sides a welcome to curiocity
When it lits for distant horizon and when it tires aches for rest

Once a convict a convict for ever what did I have for self defense
Choose your duty badly be duty forced upon you
Say I took post in the Envelope’s Boiler Room to watch over
A myriad meters clocks and alarms load coal in if low
Open steam valves when pressure in red zone
And rest assured the entire plant this true church of the Modern
With almighty assembly line spilling sky out in neat blue mail
Envelopes for correspondence wishes dreams questions
The news one can’t bear alone
The entire magnificent Envelope
Machinery of Imperial Vienna would fly
————————————————and fly rather sooner then later
Scattering work force body by body across Grzegorzki Cracow
My self to share in the disaster a dreamhead landing solo
In the school playgrounds from the inevitable explosion

My post conviction life every day and night of it under scrutiny
By any means at PRL’s disposal my joie d’vivre
In flower power regalia owes countless beatings arrests searches
Skin head shavings vile searches provocations
Order’s high heel on poetry’s throat a great deal to no other
——————————————————————then Charlie Manson
His killer reputation stuck to long hair anywhere long hair
Has been worn east of the Iron Curtain stirring city and country
Folk against foot loose hobo where but one day earlier
He was greeted for airs and news a messanger from the world
At large lo country folk used to see me for a cosmonaut or a neo
Icarus out of the proverbial blue when I walked into this or that
Hamlet village parish farming co-op on my way
For the Way’s sakes curiocity for clues and now
—————————————————————–since Charlie
Got headlines running rocks were hurled
At the wayfarer filth threat and injury with alarum ahead
So to make the road burn underfoot then refuse escape

The term Homo Verboten begun coalesce around me
I thought long hair the reason and kept hair growing
Precincts for barber’s
—————————————-to grow hair again from scratch
But now when long or short hair is no more then it is
Verboten stands with me for what so far in human evolution
—————————————————-has been kept out
In any and every human from Know Thyself
The last white realm on the planet remaining
—————————————————-from Age of Exploration
That both you and I carry deep and dear for hope and treasure

If the Court in Cracow grants me financial retribution
Due today the PRL’s freedom heroes for life time of personal loss
And tragedy what will I do with the money
—————————————————-for one
On her return from Paris Bulgaria trip and she is set to leave
Next Wedesday Muse sure wouldn’t mind
See my welcome back smile filled with implant lancasters
Cool grant per tooth but then there lives in Greenpoint this Al
Dental technician a bony fellow withering by the hour
For lack of client he offered services free of charge

The sum total nowhere near the astronomicals Wall Street
Makes a day it wouldn’t go anywhere far
——————————————-if I invested say in my pet dream project
The Copernicus Street hospital complex
Death has been conquered here kind of human triumph
Made now Death’s Museum what else just follow evolu formula
Minimum for myself maximum from myself and you laugh
Any a cash award DOA should it come at all

All’s well that ends well not a thing ending as long as one lives
Whatever the heart beats for
Back to capitalism homeless Poland needs roof
Clinics for heroine adicts therapy for paranoya nationalis
Edu for whores what not
Little girl in need of eye lid transplants
—————————————————-so the one the only practical idea
Shapes up forms a fund my retribution maximum $15 000
To cover costs of publishing and distribution
Of a collection with best answers to the question what if anything
Of value personal social historic or any other can you
—————————————————–you the responder
Declare secure for gain and posterity
From the PRL 40 years long experiment and experience
Should nothing worth saving be found in the return mail
The loss be beyond words beyond measure
The Crown of the Dead for witness please
Meaning of History depends on your reason honesty judgement


A nightmare loss of memory last night
—————————————————–where is my home
—————————————————–I can’t recall no where where is it
Beg some one else perhaps does know
And the eviction carnage in Texas to wake up to
WQXR am news the officer shot dead
—————————————————–on delivery
The gunman one more someone dead four others wounded
Brevity then Strauss

—————————————————–whole wide world a claustro
When home can’t be found in it
Like Alhaisamer’s first take on brainy Memorex city
That’s how homelessness panic runs deep a mere inspection
From the NYC Health Dept in the Black widows’ shelter
And to the bottom of each cell and atom in me I tremble
Should the Crown of the Dead end up back with head stones
Palo Viejo my nurse

Is it coincidence how each new US military intervention
Vietnam Iraq Afghanistan Middle East tomorrow
—————————————————–sends NYC rent sky high
East Village of 80’ Chelsea of ’90 Williamsburg of 2000
Greenpoint as I write this this morn
—————————————————–province with artsy ambits
On family trust allowances
Arms profit taking over the ‘hoods from ethnic labor
They call them flats in the WSJ the hundred million $ palatials
Top of the capitol of the Free Market empire
Rental $80 a month today 2300 darlings playing Montparnasse
Boutics dealing fashion rags $1000 a hole
While the Polish Puerto Rico Black Mex America babies et al
——————————————————-whores out
Nights on up scaled streets for survival heroin vodka crack
For anasthesia NYPD their damned shadow
And jail time their see ya’ tomorrow

East Village SoHo Williamsburg past and Greenpoint today
One key person to open memories for each
———————————————-here goes the neighbourhood chapter
Yes going going gone from rugs to riches alright
———————————————-but look at the rags
A case to study his suitcase stuffed with books Ovid History
Of Time Introduction to Algebra years of effort in them
———————————————-corrections to the original text
Worm work on clarity of argument equation and rhyme
That’s the EV of ’80 for me as the graffiti art gang
Pitched tent in Tompkins Square Park settlement of evictions
The Squatter Wars with NYPD tank and air and media cover

Inland banks reposessing family farm America as ban on exports
To communist Russia was declared and loans
Against the projected income led to bancrupcy courts
Junk yard bus for tin town shelter
Pennsylvania Welcomes sign where to draw voltage for upkeep


Some weeks into this reign I offered Muse advisory role in it
Whatever the Crown of the Dead finds impossible
You Muse will solve as if it did matter really
——————————————————-from who or what
To take advice divine madness statistics common sense
Against the utter unpredictability of what’s to transpire anyway
So now that Muse is in Paris her functions remain entirely
With the white paper curtains
—————————————–two curtains that breath on the window
Across the room where I write this
The entire wall is definetly Japanese transparent geometry
Of Kobayashi’s Samurai Rebelion sets
—————————————–the day ahead sunny clear skies up to 94
The window frame right on the other side of whispering paper
Will cast shadow on it stage a play
Of shadow and sunlight
—————————————–I like to and am used to read it
For one gigantic caligraphic pictogram
—————————————–as the paper shadow dances
Day’s breath in and out for spiritus movens
—————————————–the character is clear to read
Solemn in prenouncements and irrevocable
But the message encoded runs too fast for understanding
Still I carry myself superior to great Alexander
To the Gordian Knot he brought sword
While I to the window character of equal intensity and content
I pull up a chair for meditations

As of now the shadow character sways in between having
Nothing much to communicate and dolce nonexistence
————————————————————as it takes air
In and out now dissolving in diffuse glow of the morn
Then coming into sharp focus to dissolve again

Meditative baroque clavesine WQXR one question upon another
Too lucid to answer having no answer to start with
Like the world was one great surprise unending wonder
Exclamations bent in awe for question marks

The sunny luminescence 9 am brings construction hammer
Drill and saw into the court yard the Black widow shelter
———————————————-is a museum architecture MoMa
With a yellow library cube suspended in between wings
Mexican crew works in silence and this silence
Isn’t of the tired sort gasping loaded with loathing
It’s pensive tense Azteq Mayan enigma to fix here
Complex trouble in the water electricity strata
———————————————the pace easy on breathing
So only the sound of actual tool against the task contact
Arises a side way performance
Necessity of minimum incision not at all disturbing
Whatever plays on WQXR as the sunlight has landed just now
On the upper horizontal beam in the shadow character
And is about to spill lumini below on the paper curtains

———————————————the strip of sunlight
Turns the character into one huge square face
Transparent eyelids down as if to say that the face
Belongs to someone who’s on watch 24/7
———————————————-lucid calm
And now not one face up front but a pair of them in profiles
Mouthpiece to mouthpiece one open in silent spell
The other lips torn apart a one graceful flux
Kiss reproach moan lie wish plea as the paper curtain
Parting for the narrow outside view sways in and out
And the shadow caligraphy takes to the day’s duty

No this wasn’t Muse on phone from Paris no
2 pm I have a visit from the Polish Daily
———————————————-may this reign gain subscribers

On the Judeo Christian plan the window character
Frames the biblical Garden square
———————————————-take the shadow play for features
On a large single face and this is the Creator’s
A tangle of furrows for His mighty forehead
———————————————–and now
As the curtain parts take each half for separate profile
Lips to lips lips to ears pas de deux
And they are the biblical couple A&E under eye and ear

As for the Crown of the Dead the realm of the living
Is what remains of the Garden what of it survives

Now apply Ovid’s Metarmorphoses for reference how to read
The shadow character and the two are only too obvious
For allusion Muse a late blossom way down the line
Of Orpheic blood comes to rescue dead poet

As for the Crown of the Dead the realm of the living
Depends on the word from his lips


Muse wherever she is
Muse is awaking now sore from week long office and NYC
Norfolk Conn commuting
—————————the opposite of care agape beauty
What is it not evil no
Numb tired tedium is
—————————– but me a brokenheart I hope
Muse’s lighter for the burdensome adventure
Art history Jacek’s done&over with
It’s two years now since Muse made her debut the triumphant
First step as she changed shoes from street wise
——————————————————–to party proper
Standing tall on one foot fingertips on the other
—————————————————–while our eyes
Eyes scanning evening for options met
Met and locked for long hold like two hooked question marks
Pulling opposite directions me letting myself be taken
Whatever I amounted to that August eve at friend’s birthday bash
A grave yard desperado searching sacred grounds where to let go
Of breath for good
———————Muse took that breath of mine for keeps
Until the morn next day
Perceptive to every uttering of mine like ears were her whole
Existence if God doesn’t exist Muse were soon to make atheist
Pray He does because
—————————-because it seemed
Only divine impenetrable Grace could explain the bicycle
Aphrodite why she chose to chain her vehicle to my misery
For a night that was eventually to last so far two intense violatile
Years our incredible We in fireworks of everday what’s next
Quick sand underfoot in answer me spilling heart out
For avid ears a heart of blood crimson alcoholic and bitterly thick
I held no secret whatever made the lass laugh
Weep or dream but her laughter tears and dreaming
Intense daring generous soon had me
Curse every single hour day and night going past without her palm
Her light fragile hand in my arm
To guide suicidal wreck of Apollo from Grace Church’s
Solemn grounds out for some or other ethnic dinner Jamaica
Queens to the Met Museum galleries in Chelsea to the Forbidden
Garden Night in waterfront Brooklyn
To a lecture or concert at Kos Foundation
Or to the Art and Sciences Institute where in my so far
Incalculable carnal fascination I was to discover surprisingly
Timid constants
—————–the way Muse Xeroxed my life worth of birthday
Poems in English a dream to restore sense to a cause
Lost years years earlier

No dream comes ever true never especially a dream yearned after
For life time of hard sobering disappointments
A ridicule to nurse at the end of any bio but then lo and behold
There she was Muse at arm’s reach
Muse to depend on a yellow pencil across her lips
——————————————————-setting herself up
Against ignorance spite sleak hostility
Against the Greenpoint of Polish beauty salons vodka vile gossip
They would rather see verse perish than read it
Against my own lunacy
—————————-spiting when I should have caressed
Hurling insults when I should have knelt down in gratias
Why Where How when I should have been grateful for lips sealed
Muse betting talent and pride and youth
Against the zins of fashion that elect to print a single word
Per page excercises in poetic impotence rather than the pregnant
Birthday verse the gift of my breath and pulse to NYC English
————————————–at the moment in history capital H
When every other fraze in it rang fuck this shit or I don’t care
A party animal fed up with flying carpets eager to win
For poetry ears of the capitol of vain envy
The ears as far as Internet goes the ears of the grand silent Beyond
If need be
——————against the intricate conspiracy of dunces
This perverse age tried gag on true human song
My Muse bend her heart on accomplishment the way
Some mythological huntress might have been bending bow
For string and arrow
————————bound by proud though shy spirit
To persevere for as long as necessary towards desired outcome

And here I am the outcome sober lucid for the year past
————————————————–this Saturday August 4
NYC 2012 a corpse two summers ago pumping acid pints
For self punishment in McCarren Park
A catastrophe easy to avert avoided for frank rhymer
He so good he help his own foe
——————————–how aching now
For her week long absence
Muse’s first weekend solo adventure an adventure
Into independence since this lost nymphet in her twenties just
Yesterday but a fabulous mature female specie next morn
What happens when the proverbial femme fatale learns love
Her memory all mad sorry conquests
Euridice of Orpheus Shakespeare’s Juliette Nietzsche’s and
Rilke’s Lou Salome
—————- she moved out of her parents’ Woodhaven address
Into the first one ever of her own
A share in Astoria
Manhattan across the River for views
—————-to live alone secure from manic visionary
Under the threat of 911 call if I show up at doorstep
Scared for lifes mine and her own
By the very life that she did her intoxicating wild
Dutiful necessary furious passionate breathtaking
——————————————————utmost for
Courting trouble for suspence eros risqué
Subway tunnels movie houses two vacant seats away
From the next movie goer behind the French Renaissance
Wall tapestry in the crowded Met
Bold honest in finger acrobatics for trespass dearly welcomed
All these our fantastic one on one anything please
Anything but to bring back her grave yard lover a breath of life
And from then onwards one tomorrow to the next
Week to week to week April August January the future capital F
Come Spring we our We of myriad arms and caverns
We promised ourselves to run a table at PS 1 Book Fair
The We of passion blind to consequence for the
Moment of joy just passing O the world was laughing entire
With her lips of myth
——————————-a laughter to get drunk on
—-[[[[[[[[——————-laughter at tales of my doom
Tales of the experience one would rather spare her
Old wounds taking sense from her tears
Jacek wishing dearly the heart rekindled kills me in her arms
Before Muse leaves for sweet combat elsewhere
As the Crown of the Dead held inevitable to start with

Me wishing dearly the life regained kills Jacek in her arms
Else if Muse were to muse one day on adventures other
Than ours together and followed irresistible horn
Out of our embrace for lost I would be left right there
Where Muse my Muse divine
Happened to find me back with shadows bones subway tokens
—————————————————and nowhere to go
Lo worse than that
———————-her love now past and a memory
In light of her Samaritan accomplishment Jacek to view the town
At hand the same dreadful claustro that it was BM
——————————————————-before Muse
Far worse yet since her heroics proved palest fear correct
Hollow Men of TS Eliot from poetry to here&now
If I had friends like yours I wouldn’t need enemies kind of trap
To handle from now on alone me a tenant in the Black widows’
Shelter this Dell laptop here with my fingers on alphabet keys
Muse’s first present now like the proverbial red carpet
To heavens it will unroll word after word forward
Under my fingertips for as long
As the precious air Muse breathed into my scelets lasts

Her countless gifts her offerings double the medicine necessary
All sheer joie d’vivre and honest profit so far
I must trust whatever’s her decision
—————————————-to call or not to call me
Out for city date before sunlight dies down
As always before also today whatever Muse chooses
Shall bring me sheer goodness no doubt
And I utter “me” here with regret with affront to my solitaire
As I would to a convict one undeserving of mercy of truth
Of any even the shorstest one tomorrow for breath


August the Sixth 67th anniversary of the world’s end
Not that all has gone past hope no beg no
The final page in the Bible this one long day now beg longer
Then the Week of Creation We the offspring of the Eden couple
Beg no the majority of us Earth’s civilians taken hostage
Ever since generalissimus Franco unleashed murderous techno
On Guernica town ’36
———————-Hitler soon to continue the assault
Aushwitz chimney stacks scattering millions of souls to winds
With bones’ snow like ashes
 ———————then the Big Boy to drop A bomb
Hiroshima erased in a flash
The biblical Tree of Knowlegde grown monstrous psychodelic
———————on its’ fruit explossion
Filling TimeSpace with boooom
———————tolling victory for some
Funeral rites for others we the heir to both to watch today
How NASA lands our science on Mars

1 02 PM

What’s life’s meaning life’s sense most ask and the remaining few
Hard at work smile giving life what it misses of own effort
Fix one alarm clock for Eternity’s sakes
And the locomotive under the semaphore outside gains destiny
Cargo passangers every ticket and soul
——————————————————–but to what end
Let’s tomorrow sort this out or the day after
Days to no end say just yesterday they these days to no end
Seemed as certain as the days we have gained so far for memories
That’s were the going hour gains maturity reveals meaning
In dear rememberance of things past
Heart to shadows given gives them hand of light
Say again just yesterday it seems that the days to no end
Days ahead seemed certain
But today’s anniversary marks the moment in TimeSpace
When time our human time has lost that certainity
Future in ruins first ever to face
————————————what has been learned
Can’t be unlearned unless by the means handed us
By the very learning the survivers though if any other
Then roaches won’t call it luck whatever they inherit
If say Israel loses patience as it says it is close to

Give Emperor Hirohito of Japan 47 years ago a moment
Not the loss of Hiroshima Nagasaki lives but the manner
Samurai honor has no room for killing innocent by stander
If Imperial Guard succeeded in coup d’etat took Emperor hostage
To the effect that the capitulation of the Empire
Would not be declared
———————–the Imperial Army millions strong
Set to confront invader on Japanese soil
Military against military
——————————–seppuko rather than surrender

Think now NYC this day back in ’79 two and half million strong
We streamed three Avenues wide Humanity and History
And Prehistory circus elephants evolution down
———————————————to the first life
Not as much to protest Nuclear Age
As to demonstrate Harmony and Beauty and Peace
And Compassion and Forgiving and Understanding
And Tomorrow Sacred
Achievable on tenth of the arms race expenses
—————————————————-war obsolete
Theaters of all cultures dragons begging mercy Death declaring
Itself insane myself at the head of the day
Adam a scelet and a scelet Eve ballerina
In danse macabre pas de deux under an enormous
—————————- parachute globe of bits and shreds
It flew above us exploding and colapsing like apocalypsis
Nuclear mushroom right overheads

As for the Crown of the Dead I dare speak no more


O what a lovely Tuesday eve is lost Pablo Ziegler’s Quartet in CP
Our friend with Piazzola’s pensive nostalgic tangos
We would have opened white wine Argentina dream you
For love’s destiny if only Muse tired from office weren’t
On the 7 48 pm Metro North now back from Norfolk Conn
————————————————————-plus sub 7
O what a lovely Tuesday eve is lost Pablo Ziegler’s Quartet in CP


Here are three films Japan’s Longest Day Gate of Flesh and
Hiroshima Mon Amour if any one wants to see the Pacific War
How it ended for the Japanese Empire
How any other would struggle
—————————–the first employs rapid
Docu style takes and cuts with the Imperial Guard for story
As they stage a pathetic eleventh hour siegde to the Palace
Seppuko rather then surrender when they learn of Hirohito’s
Decission to accept Potsdam Declaration

Gate of Flesh goes low life carcass and vermin
Culture when the spirit suffers conquering order
Gravely wounded samurai pride crawls for survival
Nooks and crannies of brothel starve market and booze
There is little art in it but crude absence makes
The crowded frantic filthy humiliation hurt all the truer final
Since not even one personage
Dreams once in that claustro set about tomorrow

Drunken Angel for the unconvinced a Kurosawa Mifune debut
The set same as above plus an oozing bubbly cesspool
An MD dropping career for duty his best patient Toshiro
Lungs shot no hope to live only pride one dies as they say
Standing both drink
———————–hard to tell which one is the title’s

The third film by French Resnais from ’59 by all measures
Deserves to be a must see on the subject matter
——————————————- high school must world over
The post Hiroshima Japan a young happy husband architect
Meets a happy wife an actress from Nevers France
Here to shoot pacifist picture if any film should survive humans
This is the one the only film ever where language
Plays the feature poetry of essencials questions and answers
Briefest possible for the short time left them
As the shattering tryst has the end schedueled before it starts

Ask why should any film at all for whom survive us humans
And the answer is simple fish when it crawls out of the sea
Life back to depopulated lands would grow ears all the sooner
For sheer curiocity such is the beauty of words in Mon Amour

Questions two strangers ask in bed together for one night
Words like fingertips to touch wounds
For voice over while the camera in wide sweeps drives 15 mph
Through the ground zero ten years after the blast
Authentic footage and Museum for opening sequence

History is made of empires past civilizations extinct
Cultures on wane force fed foreign competition
But these three films happen
To capture such one agony in detail and scope that involves
Every single soul living since on Earth
As for the Japanese they stake samurai pride in hope
Their loss shall turn gain for human epic at large eventually
A warning heeded by the world’s would be conquerors
Before they repeat Alexanderian there is no more worlds
————————————————————-to conquer
Against the radioactive curtain

MONDAY NYC JULY 30th 2012 8 43 AM

Romeo and Juliette doesn’t the story cry update me yes it does
And the occasion well one should have had thought in advance
After all sports were no more the part of Greek Olympiad
And no less then physicality is in human beauty
Theatre poetry dance and festival love sharing equal in the laurels
What would the orginal drama lose if London’s Globe rebuilt
Were to offer world the tragedy’s modernized version
Shakespeare this time Shakespeare and Juliette for the title
Juliette to remain underage forever
—————-a lily bud to blossom on balcony to moonlight
While in act one she watches a travedling troupe of players
Guests for performance in the castle getting chased out
Into wintry night by her own lordly father stage sets in splinters
Loaded on wheels for fire on the road
——————-in the realm hostile to beauty

Resolutely naive she reasons any and every one
Older then her father is wiser that’s why the elderly talk
Seldom and never yell or insist or go into tantrums
And the fellow running the vagrant troupe
Was a good ten years her dad’s senior as youthful though
As any lad if stage required his true scruffy
Graying hair shine golden and soft again
————————————on her way down
From the marble perch the vines Juliette holds on to break
And once her sensitive sole touches marble yard tiles
There is no going back she will be Shakespeare’s forever
Whatever the man makes of her with rhyme and costume

Bard is paranoid who are you yes he has had to go an extra mile
Into trouble and danger for many a stage maniac in the past
While they joined his hobo consorts along the trek
Around England so Juliette has to cover her blue blood
With servant garb alone from now on in fear for Bill’s dear life
As she a sole blessing to ancient family is aware her dad
Will impel Throne to issue warrants after daughter and theatre
His life in Will’s own words short on future which she turns
Impossible now Juliette will make it
———————–or whatever she fears
Is left of it in the calendar of Law
    ——————————-worthy intense like her own
Young passion and resolve there is no role for her in Macbeth
And for long stretch of road the troupe dishes the tyrant king
Out to rowdy red neck folk so girl’s eyes will be on the author
Drunk as he gets given to improvisations rages joy and grief
—————————but she’s ideal Ophelia when the Spring
Flies petals onto thawing brook in Scotland
Wedding whites wet in death the nymphet’s graces win
Shakespeare’s stare every time she lets cottons slip to her feet

Somehow the road the troupe travels takes this love story
Hamlet after hamlet town after town old year into new
From 1600’s down into our own tumultenious XXI Century
The pair walking NYC SoHo streets yesterday afternoon
Navy fisherman’s hat on Bill’s head eye glasses in hand
The man pockets NYT weekend edition from under
Subscriber’s door on Prince Street ogles Sports Section
For the Olymic count China four golds France three
But the US just one a crass swimming flop
And his Juliette well O dio mio cries after her a cabby on the red
While summer heat wave blows the whites transparent
For her splendid triumphant feminity beneath

It so happens that the cabbie drives a passanger to Lincoln Center
And the passanger is no other but Juliette’s own restive dad
His ass burning for shame after the kick his hotel fling
Left him with past morn when tip turned out a pittance
Dad though doesn’t recognize daughter as he steals
From the two urbanites in passing only what cheers him
Namely the vague assurance yes it must be possible it must
Just look these two now they are kissing
Perhaps the next hotel maiden will drop pay check for the sake
Of experience Viagra and generous pull on tomorrow
And returns with hot extras what dad has lost ages earlier
With mad delectable deserter of a daughter

It’s not opera concert or any other kind of performance
That dad has in mind on his way up town
——————————no he didn’t so far
Catch the showy culprit of kidnapper red hand but yes
Dad wields enough connections to wind up the entire art world
For trap should the playwrite try making a buck for himself
With dear daughter’s suicidal bath for streap tease
How little does dad know it’s years now since Bill has dropped
Weary quill for caress of youth and now shields aspiring actress
From treacheries of stage
O just to listen to the versifier
How he melts when Juliette choses to place her palm in his arm
Your palm secures me life in this cruel world of dying
My future was in shambles none when you joined remember
And how he growls underskin at cabbie’s mere O dio mio
When she lets bard alone and strolls ahead or behind
See through in her temptations for any one’s steamy glance

Just listen to them follow them a while and listen
I am a glory of men kind incarnate no hero in memory bears
In his proud frame scares more deadly in intent
Then this flesh and bone here my own Bill bares his chest
When up from bed alone I stand mirrored for self exam
——————————but you
————————————you Juliette
When you care to bring your beauty next
O spare me
This glory of mine deflates to a sorry wrinkle sack
Of a beggar grinning for smile with this one wish on mind
Wherever we happen to be tomorrow
Pharmacies there should stand open and free of charge
By the way how much was the Osteo Bi-Flex you got me Juliette
It really works yes it does I too feel it she assists meekly
But stears clear of the price you poor pen of plays rejected
What matters the medicine won’t work miracles forever dear Bill

And that’s how Romeo from original play returns to the stage
Though this time the stage is set for Bill alone in audience
A mere shadow of a balcony
A fire escape near by where the couple
——————————————-sets for the night
And any and every one handsome sport barely glimpsed
Earlier on streets in subway car or at a café
Now troubles graying Bill terrified insomniac
Next to his sleeping beauty in dreams a run away once
A run away forever he remarks bitterly but shakes his head no
No the proverb can’t hold true not this instance
Then lits up night lantern
——————————-holds it high but away from lovely sensitive eyelids
To meditate til dawn on perils and prizes of love
While she sighs and turns in sweet slumber
Would she let herself sleep my Juliette if say the gymnast
The one we’ve been watching in Washington Sq Park
————————————got a lucky break from salto mortales
To take mine Bill’s place in bed next to her eager temper

Sans imagination it is said and said again men would remain
Apes and the world would stay prehistoric
——————————– but Bill grieves
Grieves for the unspoken lo unspeakable reverse
————————————-to the lofty truth
What tortures imagination deals heart in love for instance
First to suffer is languge ask Juliette on her return
From solitary city veture ask out of pure poetic curiocity
Where what who and so on and words in answer
If any come at all mean anything and everything else
Then their face transport
How imagination furnishes for lover each even slightest sigh
Of the sleeping dear one with dreams and kisses
—————————-from which Bill is absent
How it forces in plenty to fear when any and every
Faintest natural worry brings mind to brinks of insanity
How words nursed yesterday in the ear for joys of tomorrow
Come around by night to let dawn shine on death mask
When to be means her morning kiss that might never happen
And not to be a vial at once the pills downed in one gulp
Before dear Juliette awakes to her daily mischief
O how damn easy it would be just to open mouth
————————————to swallow medicine for death
And bid grinding imagination good bye
Should not the same imagination leave a glimmer of hope
It may be wrong mistaken about Juliette’s secretive designs
And even if it isn’t wrong all said as everything else fancies pass
Only one say two in countless opportunities taken chances with
Live then on man perhaps perhaps perhaps
This is how the whole world today negotiates our tomorrow
Perhaps perhaps


We the six billion strong the We growning towards seven
Each single separate human entity in it whoever one happens
To be and wherever on the planet a German angling
For salmon in the Irish Connamara rapids a Palestinian
Digging tunnel under walls of Israeli border
A Chinese splitting DNA in state of art secrecy a US citizen too
Taking bowels to an outhouse some place in Minnessota
From Thanksgiving feast
————say aren’t generals the same
Humans as bankers investors brokers
With eye for quick safe returns
Privacy amendment discarded with sentimental trash
———————– as the military orders predator flights
To scout the globe for secrets of use of value
Given green light for both options to dominate or to lead
By the National Security Adviser Brzezinski in his handbook
For America’s millennial role

Look around wherever whoever you are
The fly just in through the window wasn’t carried by draft
It isn’t a fly to start with and it is on a mission
guided from Langley suburb
An eye that reads your hands’ intent before you yourself
Learn it
————————–an eye wired for immiediate destruction
Of anything and everything in cross hair
If brass deems it necessary


Warsaw ’44 five years into WW II German occupation of Poland
This is the day the pre war Polish gov in exile in London
Called home for open uprising against sfastica
————————-to unfurl on whatever
Was left of Seym or Royal Castle the Crown Eagle flag
Before Red Army nails there Hammer and Sieckle

As the zero hour nears on anniversary clock no Pole alive today
If you asked would be quick to answer was 120 000 dead
Over forty six days long battle worth the failed effort
And what dead they were what beautiful dead
Straight from underground studies to one pistol per three
The remaining population hospitals factories convents
Driven West and Warsaw town
Razed to foundations a maneuver on Hitler’s part
To slow down Red Army for winter as it swept towards Berlin
While Reds watched from the other bank on Vistula
How Germans finish bloody job for them

The few drop flights over the fighting capitol
Originated in Italy after US Army took hold of the peninsula
Half Europe to fly over the firing enemy still the most casualties
Were suffered on departure each plane a one huge sensitive
Cistern of fuel for a round trip plus cargo
A gust of wind and the wing hits dirt three planes for every one
Successful take off pilots all Poles

Down below the uprising raged ceasless and loud and futile
But what the Crown of the Dead hears the loudest
Is silence the silence that opened and closed
In air above a barricade poet when sniper snatched his life

What’s rich I know second hand from one Huntington Hartford
Fresh from St Paul and Peter’s Ma young scion inherited
Atlantic Pacific Tea Company the third wealthiest man on planet
He said Jacek I was as crazy as you boy
But I had money minutes into the initial nocturnal visit
At his town house round the corner from Park Ave South
Two frivolous nudes flanking his bed
——————-the noble wrinkled weakling
Used on me his best entry I slept with every Hollywood beauty
You know Marlin Monroe others but your face now young guest
Outshines them all and he quoted Iliad the thousand sails
After Helen of Troy
—————long white hair combed and carresed on his
Bare chest his face drawn but fresh in the eye curious
Lit for practical joke Hunt must have been well into eighties
His fortune now but a legend two court
Appointed lawyers keeping his miserly last seven millions
Under guard for inheritances
————————–to make sure he doesn’t spend it down to the last
Cent on coke God forbid before coke kills him

About eight billions today at disposal of a graduate as unprepared
For finance how to run the transcontinental giant A&P
The first chain stores ever as any BA who forgets with graduation
What he had learned Hunt walked into Hollywood
Of the dream factory with the idea he will built the new muse
Cinematography a chain of palaces worthy best art and spectator
Los Angeles Times’ archives look there for the social catastrophe
Back in the Fifties the night the shampagne and cavior Hunt
Threw open the door to his premiere edifice and spectacle
How the grand seven tier chandeliere designed to gleam and
Glitter in darkness overhead with reflexes of the screen
Crashed down onto the audience the moment lights dimmed
To send throngs bloodied and screaming in panic out
The one good thing Hunt has salvaged himself from the disaster
Was wife Marjorie hired out of a crowd of would be’s
to sell Cuban cigars and Marlboro
A young paintress of realistic bent to her brush
To whom for the wedding present Hunt was to open a museum
The Hartford Collection on Columbus Circle NYC
A flop and a cruel one worst then cinema theatre fiasco

It went to cost him one cool billion his curvy assistants
Buying in Europe old masters whatever was on the market quickly
For walls other then his wife’s fakes for most Rembradt
Tieppolo only Salvatore Dalis were cerified originals
As Hunt commissioned the exiled Spaniard
To paint Columbus Landing In The New World and other
Such masterpieces of Surrealism for the very occasion
As stated in essay of his pen Hartford Collection was to provide
A bastion where God would be defended against abstraction
Ponderous slap dash insults to sense
Lichtenstain’s mirrors that reflect flat perfect nothing
No matter how long to stand in front
Marjorie’s urban and Alpian landscapes what painting should be
The inner soul to mingle with the outer world on canvas
And this time fakes were to bury Hunt’s noble intentions fakes

Hunt would smile you learn any which way you do the thing is
To stay course what’s marble Diana in rococo style anyway
When I could have had a floor crowded and alive at fingers’ click
Dianas venuses cariatides of Corinth upstate
Accent and manner uptown East Side
Magazine publishing my next move a coffee table monthly
For intelligent subscriber the one who would rather reach for
Quality then watch baseball pizza and beer TV
———————————-but what
————————————-was I Hunt sighs
To read what my staff wrote and printed when I could watch
Them little wet greedy monsters
The swell undertables with Lady Liberty
—————————————-in the harbor panorama
And print what they wrote they did and what they have printed
Soon run us into red with the Italian distributor
Consequences as far as my other pet project Paradise Island
Be the Island worthy of its promise below million need not apply
A second youth kind of resort in ad campain
And look a stupid liquer licence it was denayed again and again
Draining stinking cash but not delivering
While guests started arriving to leave soon for whiskey shot
Any other island in the Carribeans

That’s what riches are when you don’t earn them honest
Easy inheritance to go as easely before you learn first thing
About accounting or taxes Jacek mad as I was with my fortunes

The town house the last remant of wealth an open welcome
Basement archives up five floors of collectibles
Mirrors Byron Conrad furniture high style nooks and crannies
To the roof where the spentdrift chose to have his sumptuous
Bed chamber arranged with Renessaince carvings
Myself given a room ground floor the green room with carrara
Apollo best Hellen marble this side of Atlantic
And the presidential desk a gift from President Nixon to Hunt
For his advice to White House in matters economic

I lived there free and cozy three or four years green room
Until the night when a gal in her thirties stormed in
Pussy against Nixon’s desk under white vinyl
Claiming she is Hunt’s wife Lucy Flakey whatever her name
Miss Hardford though to prove
————————— soon later alabaster Apollo
Was gone other pricey objecs d’art  Cook’s first edition
Hunt sending me out after stolen stuff
Manhattan auctions art galleries receptions who is who
It didn’t last I had no time to come across anything more
Then trails about lost Greek god before I was out
Of my room at Hunt’s altogether on wife’s insistence
I am out or she calls 911 like she should not call police in
On herself to start with a coke queen sleak and cold as ivory
Back after the order of protection against her expired
Out to dig into remains of Hunt’s empire for white powder
Leftovers from orgies up the nose of permissive hubby

If you know how much life costs ya’ you wonder
Is it worth the paper in terms of dear joy dear happiness
I must say I squandered forune million a breath
To get me only miserable few lungfuls believe old friend Hunt
No difference if one breaths without a penny to his name

As far as the Dead are concerned the Crown owes good old Hunt
Him among many others the place on the drawer
———————————–the drawer next to my writing desk
Next to the birthday plant Muse gave me broken in two now
By yesterday storm next to Iliad with pages curved empty for bills
May my eyes lay rust on the Crown to rest while I stare at it
Away from these words
for change alone with duty Muse gone
Heir to Orpheus’ blood after winds far away from ours
However gentle is light here in touch the house of Black widows
Fell out with her lately as the Crown of the Dead
Long advised me the day is in the wings

TUESDAY JULY 24 NYC 2012 4 03 PM

The fabulous Seven Seas in the Orient from where Marco Polo
Sailed back to Venice with news of civilizations
Other then Christian placid and walled from disturbance
In spendor and riches surpassing any in the Bible
The Seas known novodays to the world literati for Lord Jim
A captain in Conrad’s compassionate novel
Certain his ship is a wave or two from sinking he abandons
The crowded sleeping cargo and swims for nearest shore
With news of tragedy only to find ship in the harbor
Passangers alive but his own person banished from profession
To drank infamy wherever sails are unfurled or rolled

Conrad was a capitain himself a Polack of twenty something
On a trade vessel under British Jack around the time
When Royal Navy introduced steam to the armor
And the Seas well they were pirates’ looted hull and surviver
Left to fire sharks insurance salutary mention in the Times’
Then there was the crew his own to handle
Convicts who otherwise would be shipped in chains to Australia
Robbery murder theft for muscle and what they were
Carrying aboard wasn’t sand that any one would
Get idea to unload it on shore short of log destination
Silk tea opium spices precious pigments from the East
And rifles cannons Industrial Revolution opposite wind
In barter for the magnificent treasures
That’s what they carried below deck it didn’t take much
From Conrad to see himself fed to the tides
Along with duty to the crown Polish pride and honor
Every time he heard floor outside his cabin creak underfoot

The wind blew for the young captain only in so far
As the tough rowdy crew stayed put under his command
But the dead weather when sails hung flat on mast and qiet
That’s when Conrad got ear and respect of his men
Talking what eventually would end up his novels
A ladies’ read in high circles for stories of fate and courage
Making hearts under muslim beat for Mistah Kurtz and ivory
Before British modern lit adopted him for father
The unsettling lie in answer when the lady at the end
Of “Heart of Darkness”asks for mad Kurtz’ last words

And today that the Seven Seas of Orient should splash cyber news
For the sudden outburst of tensions on shores around them
China Philipines Korea four others lay claim
To the waters oil rigs ready for placement under naval armadas
International sea traffic at risk the US Pacific fleet stranded
Captain Conrad to the resque a tale that could calm bad brew

Chinese economic giant depends on oil for home employment
For cheap export abroad the Confucian coin they mint them today
State of tech art $1 on sale in Greenpoint 99 Cents
Bamboo sandals school supplies aspirin USA made in China
Denying China lion share of the Seas translates to additional
Quarter in price per pencil on needy men’s market abroad
Translates to additional millions of unemployed work force
And everybody knows what unemployed work horse kicks up
Each to each’ necessities to start with the Conference of all parties
To the dispute gains in agreements the underwater grounds
Divided and fish secured for each fishnet the signers of the final
Pact pose for the world to take cue from the Seven
————————————–competing interests in intrigue
The Russian capital offers oil below production costs
But no the Orient stays the course
Counting their own refinery network gives go
To cooperation in other fields the outsource Eldorado already
For Western enterpreneur it stuns Wall Street
With evolutionary proposal namely to supply the needy
Of the planet with basics free of charge if the hemisphere
Opens up luxury market to their export –
——————————-on the one hand
The pact goes home where it will be applied
To practice per person and on the other hand it lands
On the table at the UN in NYC where every other interested side
May present their stakes there too the pact sails for approval
Not one vote against the global oil business betting
On licence to drill how the chips will fall soon comes the day
Sun shines on maritime harmony on flags trade and waves
Harbors trive shine like jewels on the shore string
The Oriental historian can rest from caligraphy it seems
But there is wind always the wind in the wings the envious god
In Greek myth of Hiacynth and Apollo here Zephyrus
Armed with tricks school of 007 stirs up
A tsunami three times the size that washed over Japan recently
A radioactive catastrophe barely averted
Seniors in Hiroshima scars volunteering muscle

This tale will overlook the immiediete human loss sorry
It sticks with the fate of the rigs with the wells miles underwater
How the crude pushes and spills out of the Earth’s bowels
A floatsome in volume beyond the fable means
Of handling storms anylonger and storms used to be fables’ steady


Apollo and his Muses were they seven eight or twelfe not much
In the myths to learn about times they spend together
Among themselves alone on Parnassus
When Apollo didn’t chase after mortals
Sowing hiacynths with tears Cassandra refusing him virginity
Will bear proclamations futile mad or relieving Midas
Of golden curse till this day donkeys can’t forgive Apollo
For giving avarice their ears to carry
——————————–well as Muses go I have one
But of Orpheus’ blood blood as old as Olympiad
One actually likes to think Olympiad came into tradition
For him alone the poet mute from the Underworld he saw
With dear Euridice among the dead refusing his love’s living gift
O mortals perhaps rhyme returns on his lips
At the sight of Greek beauty naked and the kingdoms at peace

The Underworld truth of mortals and Euridice’s choice
If Orpheus fell now for one or other nymph and he must have
At least this once he followed desire like animals do
With whom he was talkative and understood
Lost to lunatic immersion with focus on something
Way beyond the visible temptenciuous factuals at hand
Given to lust but blind oblivious to the partner
The way male and female shake off brief joint on Ch 13 Nature

That first Olympiad of antiquity main event the marathon race
To be won by one Diossos the journey from far around
The Mediterranian that the boy run on foot
Guest of chance and discovery and learning harbor to harbor
Night after night had earned him victor’s wreath
Wreath and festival goblet of wine
Diossos with lutes with cymbals in echos up to the Pirranaes
Thick green wreath to shade his face from sun as he held the wine
To his lips and emptied the goblet in one long thirsty flow
O gods may this Olympiad win over wars one pain in the glory
When the happy lad paraded himself for the poet
If he walked in front of mirror and didn’t see him self in it
That’ how old famed Orpheus looked at olympic youth
Like a sacred cow that would take victor’s wreath for feed
Vacant in the eye marble in grevious poses
If he moved at all men keeping distance around
As poet alone remained seated amidst vivacious Hellen throngs

WOXR tomorrow at 5 30 pm carries Bethoven’s Ninth live
EU anthem from the Olimpic stadium in London for the opening
Of the Games a fleet of them in memory Rome Los Angeles China
If I go to see the ceremony I go see it in the
Forum on the Third And East Thirthenth in EV
—————————–eyes for the Crown of the Dead
On the way to pick up Campral in Greenpoint
If the festivities last past eight Muse will join with beer
Orpheus’ blood for strings as in a lute as in strings attatched
And if I don’t go now that Muse tells me over the cell she
Has other engagements for the night the Crown of the Dead
Forgive if the ancient poet’s stupor should claim me
Let the festivities begin come Diossoses of the summer shine


Diossos of Algeria Brazil Canada Denmark come shine
Inside the sport arena you stand for no one but yourself alone
Alone against the challenge that’s why classical Olympiad
Shed tunics sandals and distinctions on the benches
Sunlight and wind go as you will your outmost
Kingdoms marveled at triumph swords aside peace
Upon Hellen lands and seas made everyone glad spectator

Take Phydias’ famous Discobole here is Apollo himself
Throwing the very discus that will bring death to his beloved
Competitor elph Hiacynth mortals’ first pride
Now dress perfectly naked god in gear of a Yankie or a Red Sock
That’s why base ball isn’t Olympics no matter
How many homers in score that’s how I tried to explain
To a Black teen in my Brownsville Brooklyn
London absence of his American idols he shot right back
Soccer isn’t any better and they play it
Why don’t they play two balls instead of just one boy says
Or even three to improve on results

Diossos O dio mio Dio’s SOS come wherever you come from
Dio’s SOS as in god needs rescue I hear in that name
Feet beating on sand where sand meets tide wet but hard to sole
I hear oars row cutting waves pull and push
Diossos O dio mio O dio mio Dio’s SOS


The famous Chapel on the Arena in the Italian Padua
Takes name from the Roman gladiatorium where it stands
It promises little on the outside in terms of architecture
Like these crude rocks that only upon splitting present
One in a blue moon the inner sesame of crystals
Inside the Chapel is a dream of any artist come true
The edifice given entire to one brush and design
Depicting story central to human epic life of God on Earth

Friend behind the camera shows the Chapel plaza empty
Though he says he shot the entire docu in two 15 min sessions
That’s how tourists crowd in to breathe the azure air
Of the frescoes they the fresoes form nothing less then a soul
A lofty tragic soul of medieval Europe it floats weightless
In the Space Eternal given to the change in weather
And to the change of heart as faces reflect the sacred story
Giotto was summoned to paint this by one pious Scavonne
A merciless usurer with his client for the sin’s atonement
Cobalt from exotic India the source of blue paint
Selling gram for gram with gold back in 1302 well the blue
Nowere else on Earth is bluer then inside the Paduan wonder

In the line of processions artists historians and tourists
That push solemn through with years since the Chapel
Opened gates for the founder’s funeral Charles Darwin
Stands out for the ironic though curious superiority
In how he carries his investigative cane about
In Italy on his way back to London from Galapagos
Fresh from discovering adaptation responsible
For the dazzling diversity of species the evolutionist
Might have visited first the caves of Lasqueaux
Where early humans painted the animal kingdom for kill
Using sacrificial kin’s blood for red and now in Padua
His feet sound on the gladiatorium bone yard Darwin stood
Face in face with a story similar and all too human
How man stakes life to hold there’s more to it then blood
Adopting death for securities much like a prehistoric cave
Richly appointed here with brush and make believe but a cave
Nonetheless as it was in the beginning

He laughs Darwin does for all the species ever alive in timespace
At the idea that the bones of prehistory
Archeological proof of evolution against Creationists
Could have been in fact – as one sect in Ohio
Posted on the web – put there by God as bones to start with
Fake bones to test faith tempt folly
The way a murderer plots to cast innocent neighbor
In light of suspicion probability and motive

Marx puffing on opium fortified leaf of the Imperium is in no mood
To scoff at the throngs with his usual religion is poor men’s
Pipe dream as he toes into the Chapel on the Arena with them
For all he saw high on the blue vault his sumptuous beard
Made him look like one of Giotto’s sitters as the painter chose
For the models to his breath taking fresco what Padua
Of his day could spare for just plain sitting idle a misfit monk
A bride needling her wedding whites a pilgrim from Golgotha
Heading back home in hope and prayer home stands home waits
His beard as white and torn as Karl’s own in the traffic

About God all that can be said Marks observes is in the name alone
Every next word every next story however sainly it be
Appropriates the optimum to circumstance makes the infinite
Possibility shrink for the actualized trivia give and take
A handful of fish given happens profitable in returns
He cleans his spectacles Karl
And smiles under closed tired eyelids what he can not forgive
Karl cannot how capitalist exploitation deals to the exploited
Jesus for Justice how it pierces human heart for life
With the same cruel needle it postulates that provides
Taxing eye for the entry gate to heaven
Paint blue the golden halos in the Arena Chapel
In Berlin young Karl belonged with painters
And what you are left with to view is a story of any and every
Town and country set in human memory the Cross
Symbolizing for an individual the dependence on others

With doctor Freud in the Chapel the Cross stands for effort
The effort Dark Age Europe of winter cannibalism turf wars
Knightry back from holy crusade laying waste for hire
Undertook in order to harness the plain raw pain of human dying
Severed limbs torture chambers battlefields
Screaming for mercy cholera taking toll
Make sense of it use it in fact for design civilitas
For the so called salvation of the so called soul
Jesus the God suffered unspeakably more for mortals’ comfort
—————————————————————————just look

His aggravating “Moses” just out – father of psychiatry finds
His patient stoned to death by chunks of the Tablets
The Promised Land in letter at the foof of Golden Calf –
Freud views Giotto’s fresco spectacle for proof to stark hypothesis
Go by faith alone and you are dealt reality verdict accordingly

Professor Pisani author of the book on the Chapel
Titled it “The Code of Giotto” but in his voice over falls short
In the way of the best selling “Da Vinci’s Code”
Where Magdalen’s role and whereabouts of Jesus’ blood today
Are at issue may it be that the criptic message of Giotto
Is coded into the depiction of Hell on the altar wall
River of blood a flood of red flames it pours
Monumental heavy with graphic detail
Out of the side wound of the Crucifixion carrying out
Of the dying body whatever pain torment and ill it suffered alive
To rest from it all one must leave it behind
———————————seems to be the message
The manner by which one parts with the vale of dying earning
Post mortem the soul its rightful place in eternal design

Dante weren’t they close the poet of Comedia and Giotto
Professor Pisani shakes head to the question yes they were
Who was first with his masterpiece the quill or the brush
The quill that takes reader into the eternal afterworld
Where poetry accords a bishop couldron of infernal sulphur
If bishop deserves no better for his ministry in Padua
Or the brush a devoted witness to Jesus’ earthly journey
Bringing street to partake in the miracle and Passion
After Dante in exile folk cried to one another in terror
Who is he he has been to Hell to Hell and back so authentic
Sound his Italian rhymers while seeing Giotto folk put on
Their best like God looked back at them with x ray eyes
So exact was his brush on their manner and features

The accent on the pains of agony has lost its primary function
With invention of medicine with aspirin opium sedatives
Not that right this moment there out there some place on Earth
Someone isn’t losing blood alone
Holding severed leg in hands pain beyond
Like a knight left with vulture for priest in Giotto’s day
In the biblical dessert by the Dead Sea but it only takes now
To find out where that someone is located
And drugs of all kinds and makes fly for all the earthly bliss
Man can endure still in his misfortune dying made easy
Gratitude bidding hell unnecessary and purgatory and paradise

Gratitude professor Pisani a tied tongue for an Italian caressed
The word for time like it offeres key to the code of the title
How to read the frescos next to NYT on iPod gratitude si but why
And that’s what I bring the Crown of the Dead from the movie Gratitude and why – looking at it now for the old water pot it is


Greeks they had myths to every flower Socrates did them lashing
With Why of his contemptuous eye and tongue
Romans had Latin the executive arm across the Empire
Carrying out Caesar’s order until caesars ordered
Them selves divine mad with vocabulary
Gladiatoria and arches gone to ruin like they belonged
With the Week of Creation just few centuries into the Dark Age
When the Chapel on the Arena opened masterly frescoed
For illiterate cannibal European tribes to learn
Who they are where from and what’s their future like
Holy Mass at the altar of Last Jugdement to evolve eventually
To stage theatre consecutive shows to abandon central drama
For lifes increasingly marginal
However hallowed their status to begin with
To morph on recent camera watch into films like “Bicycle Thief “
Like “Howard and Harry” like “Au Serve Balthazar” films that
Make Giotto’s grey donkey tell own story
Life’s incredible useless loot to die on among sheep and clouds

Films aren’t the same with the movies movies have comic strips
For go blow for blow goes the action Boom for Baaam the tongue
Entertainment sans Art
Compare Fred Astair and General della Rovere
The first one prances in rain to the war drained audience
Technicolor high life a tawdry fake a flies free flirt
In America of one shit hole per every crowded tenament floor
And the other a General by the strangest of luck
His director takes focus to people and rough actuality
History of painting for inspiration not the go of strips
Actor to carry visual narrative across day and night
Guided by frame not speed of the story the change of heart
How a one small time wheeler dealer under Franco
Dies proud exemplary death in ranks handed him by blind chance
How the story unfolding on the screen locks on the street
Outside the cinema as far as I am concerned
Hollywood movies make me feel I need shower afterwards
While films of the European school well not the shower
Makes me head to the bathroom but the mirror
As I grow richer in angle and wrinkle for every Night of Cabiria
For Ivan the Terrible for the life and death of Giotto’s grey donkey

Movies with all their load of lenses and union lighting they
Are ill equipped to render the focus character inside out
How the human bustle whip cart and trade appears to the bearer
After all what’s the living gem of TimeSpace if not the eyes
Be they beast’s or poet’s one Fellini in his 8&1/2
Renders lenses human they don’t follow action they see
And seeing tells of the man his heart
Digging out of director’s block back to the orphan clown
And crew of players while they busy themselves
With occupations marginal to lime light real until they catch
The glimpse of his eye pen does the job incomparably better
The inside out of the pocket some call memory others soul
Writers the industry feeds on them on both sides of the camera
Balzac in front and Balzac behind the lenses
As Balzac would wish to shoot himself today Goethe
In love with Lotte Marcel Proust suffered
By patience incarnate Celeste starved Hamsun eating
Manuscript for paper mache lunch in the unforgettable Hunger
But don’t do not go see the latest from Robert de Niro
A street trash of literary ambition doing NYC shelters
On the star’s drank breath not once words rhyme or puzzle delight
Or obligate to view his role in light of King Lear’s or Inferno’s
True star drunk Robert is to the marrow and writer not one flash
All drunks grind the same it’s easy
—————————– why mention
For a tear jerker – and it had all that tears need except pen
Familiar with experience – it failed to squeeze one down
My partial cheek two hours wasted the worse of it the loss
Of pregnant subject matter no I don’t recall
If in his “Death of Virgil” Broch has the old laureate drinking
Virgil travels the Imperium seated on coffer his life’s verse in it
And it talks talks every time he opens mouth in the novel
Before NYC shut doors closed for the burned out literary adept
Save shelters’ save clinics’ what episodes a skilled scripter
Could have weaved into this hell bound adventure
Should I be furious with Robert for drowning the matter
Before it could come full as the subject deserves
Polish proverb you sleep as you prepare lies
It was so easy so deserving to prove it in this movie
Make it a film indeed but what does Robert lack the heart
Heart for them who are called upon but not chosen
The silenced majority
Best of the born to perish one New Yorker poem each for orgasm

Not that I fall or crave after tear jerkers the Crown my witness no
Matters of reign press for time but just to demonstrate
How our old fashioned pen holds superior against moving image
When it comes to carrying the inner plan out
Read this one post factum narrative in the National Georgraphic
Back issue with Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis profile in it
And history of the Plaza Hotel for a box office bust
The story is a fiasco two young continentals
Will be the first to climb one record mountain peak in the Andes
This they do a solitary duo no matter how far and wide the vista
In description minute and taxing the way up tries the reader
Along with the climber the cliffs of ice and rock
Scaled hammer and nail with the peak
Nowhere near and the abyss below ever deeper windier
Clockworks of it days nights the hour just ahead impassable
By the time triumph throws the two into embrace
Clouds of early winter amass a black storm way below them
There is no time to lose on dream camping
Proverbially easier the way down proves slower then up
Snow building on eyes the climbers trip grope and slide
Day in day out and the night again depending on one another
The alpine cord binding the pair apart across the steep white
Icy darkness but for one careless slip and the narrator
Takes a flight down the long treacherous length
Then hangs suspended
Hopes the guy above pulls his weight back to safety
While the guy loses foothold must cut himself fast free
Narrator flies an excrutiating long fall
Crashing through ice caps and floors of white hard darkness
Into a bottomless vertical cript and is saved by the rope remains
As it holds him in mid air amidst the glimpses of perfectly
Inhuman silent immobile cosmic winter
To realize his left leg got shattered open above the knee
Many must have dangled as alone before and since
Only few lived past and still fewer with the verbal means

Readers breathe relief assured the author did manage
The answer how though will put endurance and compassion
To trials it would be so easy to let sleep take life
To sleep into the dream of Hans Castorp of the Magic Mountain
Leave icy corpse for posterity to dig into
And the nights to go through on the shrinking hope
The friend lives and waits in the camp below
These nights were five maybe six perhaps seven with the dead
Weight of the leg to drag along a torture to each naked nerve
The freeze would do away with it in no time but no
the reader weeps for sanity
For “solidarity of solitary souls”
The man presses forward forwards on ice licks
Lost found to get lost again
Safe the sleeping bag weights ounces teeth on the first plant
Below the snow line left with enough lungs
All frost bitten fever delusions and loss of blood
The other while packing camp hears distant cries for help

Dry in style precise descriptive the narrative exacts justice
To the Andean winter O what a splendor our Earth entire
Whatever the personal peril so it should only profit to learn
The two with that rope in between them have majored
In philosophy at Oxford’s the summer prior to expedition
And today hold severed pieces in knot of friendship
—————————for the heart against impossible tomorrow


Syria doesn’t exist for itself in US news not much
About the country is printed except that it is a party
To the old ongoing conflict with Israel on border
Tense under Assad father to son presidential transfer
So the term Syrian model in the yesterday’s NYT struck a note
The way Muse measures the depth of forest wells
Shouting in a sharp short cry and holding breath for echo
What model I ask myself and nothing comes back in answer
Left guessing I see Assad regime for mortar its function
To hold together ethnic and religious minorities one nation
While relatives of one or other group suffer US intervention
Are subject to injustice biblical in scale see Arab Spring
For the Sphynx it is as far as outcome is of question

With Russia China and Iraq standing tough for Assad’s
Survival bloody months now into the uprising
It’s only natural that any one who cares should ask
Try to figure or fathom the best to do in circumastances
Putting one self in Assad’s predicament the White House
Planning with allies how to contain the remains the elements
When the present order collapses the emirats pouring dollar
To arm the Syrian rebel and US intelligence the know how
What in his sane mind can Assad be holding onto what belief
What self imposed duty bent on staying in charge of the state
That the fate of his recent predecessors doesn’t seem to him
To him in person enough of a warning History turns for Syria
A page today unlike any ever for the lenght of the Bible so far
Hour after hour against apocaliptic threat but what’s written
On it remains indecipherable what to do no matter
How many generals and judges gather around advice

Or is this the ultimate in claustrophobia no place on Earth
To evacuate for from the father appointed mission
Not that Assad is clinical the Earth entire is but a cage of late
Birds in it cry loud and clear it is getting smaller

Interpretations vary why the stockpiles of chemical weapons
Are moving across deserts to use or to keep controls on
For humanity’s sakes the Israeli military given role
In containing the dangers with advice to act only in the last hour
Of Assad’s hold on his army isn’t this ultimate in claustro
Cold feet and only one shoe to put them into

What edict what order at home what offer to the world at large
Could still calm resistance and turn the West around
Behind Assad Assad throws himself about for clues
There must be one there must be there is
But every idea returns defeated
Peace for Israel bread free the army to rebuild the damage
Or the all out war in the region
His uniform a costume no one will care to send to cleaners
If he fails to find right words

History with its epic post factum tempo held dynasties in power
For centuries to add one page to the volume
But news our day to day story of the planet has no such patience
News lives but a day but one day for each deserving subject
And for the witness of lenses for the world wide TV presence
Vie frantic just about every nation and person in existence

His NYT headline obituary on the editor’s desk for weeks now
Assad has practically no choice but to ask UN for safe conduct
To Russia where he is not particularly welcomed then hope rebels
Don’t get him before the emergency session be Russia strong
On its political commitments to his regime Kremlin cannot afford
Not to respond to mail from Hague’s International Court
The advice – present this one question loud and clear
To be answered by Law
——————-from now on for all in power to adhere to
How far can the ruling body go in defending its legality
Against own citizentry’s rebellion – given Assad for fare well

Assad should live to tell his story and perhaps
Only on this very condition – the Court should decide –
He is young enough that writing it down would amount
To the better half of his years with insight into the ruler’s lot
Unlike any to be found in the US presidential library
Or any other one on record the Court
Should provide the auto chronicler with sets of questions
Down to the worse nightmare he ever slept through
To the day of his best intentions his political credo
Problems he might have otherwise not touched upon
But which are of gravity for governing bodies tomorrow
Be he a new sheherezade answer for each next hour
Questions the world will ask for one his head mute is worthless
To posterity so many of them there already
And then for curiocity’s sake let’s be human learn
Nothing like the opportunity ever before why waste

Spilling mind on paper isn’t easy even if one has next to nothing
To blame one self for in one’s conscience
Give Assad a chance to grow white over his own story
He certainly won’t grow white a la Whitman singing himself
For hobo joy of self realization should white fall on Assad
One instant like on Macbeth how would he answer why
If it sounds like Neo Inquisition Assad is to explain himself here
Under sentence and not under accusation or threat of any
Additional punishment for truths previously secret
Let’s his pen spill them for humanity’s enlightenment
For his own betterment as the convict
Would have to reflect upon himself when among the lords of day
By decree he shaped fate of peoples now a witness to unforetold
Consequences the tomorrow news is set to bring with coffee
Scrambled and rye for the rest of his living days

Objections to this verdict may arise from following grounds
As long as Assad is alive the power structure in Syria
He inherited from father and molded to his choice
Will have good reason to self preserve dig in as his years
At the helm become revealed down to the presidential menu
Whatever argument might Assad bring to justifie his policies
It is certain to play tender or sour string with populace
Translate this to the situation on the ground and split nation
Is a given threatening to pull the country apart
As might be the case anyway Assad dead in Russia or a jail bird


Two no three years are gone this hour next weekend
When I revist what I am used to think of as the last
Remaining corner of the biblical Eden a farm near Emmaus PA
Fauna majestic woods waterpool by the spring in ferns
A barn that could house and sleep three Globe Theaters a night
And almost as old stone cabin mating chapel for spiders
The house that burned one Christmas now in modernized replica
There among faces familiar dear and new to celebrate
Le Jour d’Bastille a poetry festival Guillaume Apollinaire’s ghost
To host the extravaganza alone I’ll go there
Orphaned by Muse if I risk at all showing up mute
Mute with sobriety and sorrow for the night of moths
I mean the moths on the ground floor ceilings who shift
The dense fantastic paterns the spread out wings construe
Above the library lamp and lectern

Moths my ominous companions what else did anything else alive
Human canine or poultry
Survive the siedge sack fire and ruin of ill famed edifice of Law
In fact the cornerstone of reign absolutemont
Stood empty seven or eight inmates
Awaiting royal pardon from His Majesty’s visit
Should Louis XVI take shelter here against Paris rebellion

Orchards outside the porch that’s what earns the farm
Biblical frame peach pear and apple
For time immemorial feeding on its own fruit
Taking every fresh spill of buds
With ever deeper sigh in strained snappy sinews
That’s where I come this hour next weekend
Explore what remains of Eden sans Eve
Adam back from urban exile spent mute and old for her want
Crap apples in moonlight dew for groping
While inside the house die hards sing with novice
Whatever dear Guillaume intones come whatever will

Guillaume the poor lunatic bastard Polack by a tramp mother
Opium for the Holy Ghost of Apostolic languages
Picasso cringed in envy for his French
Had the poet invent name Cubism for the art that in
Spaniard’s Stammer was meant to cut eyes like glass shards
Poured him full glass when wealthy American Gertrude
Sat for portrait a feast for L’Bateau’s loafing transients
Ran him for errants to the Louvre when short on franc
Market was hot for miniature sphinx
Then had divine lunatic denounced for stealing Mona Lisa
Deportation to Poland in sights which in words
Of buddy Jarry meant nowhere war at best
Laudanum in the Verum trenches
But look how memory works across guernicas of WW I and II
Communism Brigid Bardot fame that on his dying breath in ‘74
Pablo should call out after Apollinaire Guillaume Guil

One short a cell call later the Crown of the Dead rejoices
We have a Sunday to ourselves tomorrow Muse I and the city
One more a date fatale before rust grinds this reign to dust


Among the Dead of the Crown poets are easiest to come by
Central Park for afternoon before I meet Muse
8 pm at the Library would no doubt bring out of wood work
One Jan Lechon a soul and fate akin to mine
A pathetic suicide in the end after a shampagne lunch
To climb to the hotel’s roof top on W 57 Street

With the Bastille weekend near I should prefer Voltaire
How did his smiling reason take 100 Days of Terror
Or did he die before the Encyclopedia took to streets
Of course he didn’t to last in spite well into the XIXth Century
Church and cloister carnage must have horrified him
More then the Lisbon earthquake these shaky grounds
On which he set in verse the proof against God’s existence
But for personal reasons it’s him again
Tall jerky outlandish Lechon with his pouch who happens
His poems are of noble cut but sentimental
To his mother country he wrote in Spring he wants to see
The Spring not Poland
————————-French to the r for diplomatic career
And literary life in the pre war Paris in the post war NYC
Lechon found himself an exile even among his own folk
A puppet for ladies’ afternoon at the Institute
Thin worn tragedy to pose for in sorrow and compassion
To his uncertain status of war refugee
Adding his criminal secret a lad just about the legal age
About whom nothing better had been whispered then sport
Lechon’s file with the INS holds a library of letters
Concerned citizens sign annonymus
Soviet Spy Ex Vichy Anti Semite Jew Dangerous Deviant
Not that society didn’t spare efforts to secure lodging
For their oscar wilde the sport sat on the flat
For his own revelierie took it over black mail threats et al
Good old Lechon out for the Park time
Benches in Fall eyes searching mid town skyline for dear Europe

Given hundred dollars in the eve next morning
None was found on him and hundred bucks his day bought
Today’s one thousand no he wasn’t that night at Café des Artistes
Nobody else but he alone knows what or how or why
But for the sensitive strings attatched I do not ask
He sure have trusted as poets do in music that tames the beast

I rather talk Voltaire just as for the July Fourth I consulted
The Choice a hand book for the US to rule or to lead
By Carter’s National Security adviser Zbignew Brzezinski
Green light for any one of options
Against his perspective on the projected American Millenium
Use Voltaire’s perspective on let’s say
——————————the US peniteniatry and psychiatry
Didn’t the wit examine prisons and loony bins of His Majesty
To blame the horror on excess of absolute reign
Would he again close eyes on the mob should the world
Record two million US inmates plus mental patients
Be freed tomorrow en masse
In light of Temida’s proverbial blindness
Like convicts were during the heady summer of Paris Revolution

If the American Fourth marks Peoples’ victory for independence
Tea tax the main tools of British oppression
They were not into freedom per se American settler
As slavery attests and Indians

While the lofty call of Liberty’s colors on Paris barricades
And scaffolds flew proud for a dream
Dream to come true once Justice social Justice
Puts on trial private property elite and declares ownership
Beyond professional and family necessity prosecutable

Once ago I got carried out of the Polish Consulate for the mics
Of diplomatic espionage telling a Japanese guest
The story of the China table Mary Leszczynski Queen of France
Under Louis XV used in Luneville her ladies in wait
Painted minature into small dessert plates here
Les Pompadourettes surround in tight circle the center
Where within the largest golden disk reins Her Majesty Mary
All inserted still into a small round salon table top of the period
Fortunately the NYC did away with public smoking I observed
On crowded Polish nights the royal cheek served for ashtray

Seen through the thick burgeouise window Paris Commune
Of ’48 came and went on lips of citoyennes while Marx
On visit from London talked Chopin into Etude Revolutionaire
And inside the budouoir with ornate window curtains
A student talked love to hostess comforting her insomnia
Without one touch the flashes outside casting them for deadbed

In succession October Rev in Russia acted mainly against WW I
Conscript death trench to trench with industrial capitalism
Secreted gems killing heir princess as they ricocheted
Off the walls with executing bullets
The feudal Tsardom they had no proletariat to speak of or for
French 100 Days of Terror given free reins under Stalin
That dragons of exploitation never set foot on sacred soil
The Age of grand Revolutions contained and over
A Century still in search of name unfolds
The pistol shot in Sarajevo for starters
The Modern to sweep monarchies from existance
All the way across History – Emperor Hirohito to abdicate
From godhead in shadow of Hiroshima Stalingrad Aushwitz –
Down to the WTC catastrophe of 2002
’68 of Human Rights Prague Polish March French May
Kent U and Chicago the flowers of that summer blossom today
Scared for true colors given the laws that govern what’s terror
And what’s not with Homeland Security in jugdement

Monsier Voltaire Darwin Marx sires excuse moi herr doctor Freud
One short surprise cell call again and this time it’s Giotto
A film maker friend in NYC from Padua to show his docu 5 pm
The frescos that broke Renessaince grounds thus goes this eve
The subtle autenthic daily light not heaven’s
Monk sitter market riff raff for faces in the story of Jesus
Rust on the Crown of the Dead holds breath for the session

FRIDAY THE 13th NYC 1, 15 AM

Man chooses the way man dies OK if for himself alone
Unable to escape death man is free to arrange for it
Given an ample choice how what for and why

But if blood shed in name of Justice since Ya Shall Not Kill
Were to hold red for eternity the oceans today
Would wash Macbeth amaranthine on Earth’s beaches

How dear in that context to the Crown of the Dead remains
The short lived dream Solidarity left for XXI Century
The best to remember by the XXth

In name the answer to the Human Rights Helsinki ’68
What these stand for Solidarity for any one person taking root
In Conrad’s “solidarity of solitary souls’ and in historic

Magnitude an earthquake that is far from settled
Things that could have been aren’t history should poets write it
What if let’s say having liberated herself from Soviet dictat

Poland invited Scandinavia across the Baltic then Austria
Hungary and Italy to form a zone given to social experiment
Solidarity for spiritus movens apart from US SU alternative

What humans would they be “neither spitting nor spat on”
Even the Crown of the Dead cannot administer
What it desires most to see before rust turns this reign to dust


Let’s fablerize History a heart beat or two and hope
Like all fables this one too provides us the History’s kids
With what kids get out of fables
——————————WW II the Russian front
At the expense of over one million lives
Stalingrad survives victorius
And the German Pantzer finds no strategy to enforce
Furer’s furious Drag Nach Osten retreats with heavy loss
Trainloads of wounded Wehrmacht heading West
For occupied Poland their arrival in Cracow
Marked by wholsale execution in the Kobierzyn Mental Complex
Ash from Aushwitz for summer snowflakes

On entering the first Polish town Lublin Reds declare
The lands from now on belong to peasants and industry to State
Christian Europe suffering loss of realm to atheist Star
Polish pre war Gov in exile in London panics
Orders Underground to liberate Warsaw the capital
Before Reds replace sfastikas there with hammer and sickle

Each passing day for the next six weeks about a worth
Of WTC catastrophe gives life in doomed Uprising
Reds watch from the other bank on the Vistula
How Germans do bloody job for them
And Allies in the West well they stood to gain ground
Against Berlin as ruins of heroic Warsaw
Slowed Russian advance for the winter

In practice Communism means Poland is ours to share
We have to rebuild first the ruins
The single largest land holder in the country
Catholic Church musters ambonas prayer and tradition
In the name of God and Jesus Christ to gather the fold
Against Class Justice

Economy 10th largest circa Cold War ’60
Produces employment the goods a by product
For distribution equal however low the pay roll
Housing Health and Education open and free
However long the hospital lines however crowded
The constitutional 7 square m of floor per person
Ascribed a pivotal role in the calendar of Marxian progress
The nation and with it the Europen mind
Suffers and struggles for breath on existentional plan
Having to function inside 5 Year Leaps of Industrialisation
Stripped clean to the bone of divine conditioning
Then not without a say in the matter
How did a bottle of home vodka compare with Johnnie Walker’s
In the store of almighty dollar man under God gets gold trim

Gdansk ’70 Solidarity is born over the dock yard corpses
Endurance on the empty the proletariat
Clashes with the Order when price of carp fish
Sky rockets before Christmas
——————————Down With Censorship
They demand the nominal runners of the country
The Holy Mass on radio for objective

What was to follow across the next quarter of the Century
Made a dazed spectator of every strategist and oracle
West and East of the Iron Curtain as Free Market
Swept out of rights true owners of the Communist estate
Descending on the unsuspecting folk in disguise
Of Democracy and Freedom gates and locks cutting short
The paths that only yesterday took horse or bike
With open arms homeland true to the name

Yes Solidarity won the radio Mass did liberate nation
From Soviet dictat deserves the honors
For having put the Cold War ad acta
With about zero casuality but with victory came the price tag
Its birthplace shipyards in bancrupcy court
And no investor interested
——————————the theft that has taken hold
Of History after Solidarity’s electoral victory
Was to swallow eventually entire planet
The Party apparatus ceded rule without bloodshed
But under the laws of reprivatisation and capitalism
Took for own whatever the Communist 40 Years of Labor
Amounted to on auction block in Zurich London and Wall Street

Moscow Polit took note registered how comrades in Warsaw
Got scot free with the loot and soon enough bearing in mind
Two goods saving the civilization from nuclear suicide
And personal awards to bank on the Secretary Gorbachev
Dissolves Soviet Union declares Communism criminal
And retires to international lecture circle

A stranger to capitalist realia in their feudal past
Suffer the privatization edict much the way Polack did
They sell shares when architects of the market crash it
Give or take few Red veteran generals of WW II
Handed poison or suicide
Given the bloody protest in the Duma
Pride in Russian for the Lower House of Law
Given Dostoyevsky how his Crime and Punishment
Returned to Leningrad streets with the old St. Petersburg
Name for heroic town on the Neva

The meek the tired how they remained meek wholeheart
Welcoming Mc Donald’s in place of home pierogi
Shares of the venture made rich overnight the US stockholder
Wall Street just couldn’t fail to register
Profit for drive recognizes no boundries geo or ethical
And soon enough on the American soil too takes place
A spectacle similar to these in Poland and Russia
Here under name of housing bubble
The take over of land and dwellings by mega real estate
Spawning transient towns around federal intersections
The farmer dispossessed in the land of plenty
Beets beyond means the beets he dug previous Fall
At $3. 99 a bunch of three now at the mall

The legal codex of Free Market so byzantine
No one but them understands the architects of economic
Melt down not only did they have immunity
Written into profits America of We the People
Tires for loans to Wall Street that the system stays afloat
God forbid the dollar should sink altogether
Leaving the events of the NYC ’74 total black out
For global prognosis when the poor en masse
Took to storages and streets a rampage without precedence
In town’s files making animal of each urbanite
Either frightened for life or greedy wild for loot

Now for the fable insight there behind the Iron Curtain
Of Cold War grew up a lad a dream head given to wondering
On what side of the Curtain the public sat and on what the stage
He didn’t mind sitting two hours through Hamlet
But settling for spectator’s seat on the plan of history in the make
Wasn’t what his soul lived for
——————————an exile before he knew why
In looks Apollo Orpheus with words
Jesus by every deed he found himself soon at odds
On both sides of the Curtain trapped into the demands
Each social contract imposes contracts hostile to the gifts
His heart stored with each beat for war scarred and scared
Civilisation the biblical Tree of Knowlegde
Raining nuclear ash and rubble for apocalipsis
In his sleep life
———————-the lad was adamant
Either the world accepts demanding gift
And gives in to cooperation over competition
Or the world as we know should brace for firework finale

NYC lad’s new home town a pre Marxist Dickens for most
Of the architecture and soul dashed to impress the new comer
With futuristic WTC
—————————then one day years into Third Millenium
He was to share the bitter ink well with historian Gibbon
Writing the Rise Rule and Collapse
Of the Twin Towers downtown capitol of capitalism
As he lived it across best years
Of his personal fable
———————–Ginsbergian Moloch trembled
If the new arrival were to be taken to exemplify
What happens with man under no private property contract
Bright with trust curious open to the pains of learning
To Be and Not To Have in answer to the title question
In Erich Fromm’s invaluable hand book
Minimum for myself maximum from myself incarnate
Moloch was in for a to be or not to be effort
Rushed to reach to the very nest Solidarity’s Gdansk
Where such dazzling humans are bred took over the port
And ship yards bankrupted them for sakes
Of the British tanker industry all to bring the expectant nation
Back to the school of hard knocks
——————————————game for investment gamble

The Crown of the Dead welcomes each mortal equal
And passes no jugdement on what transpires
As different from what should have had
Though the Crown may beg rust to make impossible reign short

The couple on bikes one week arriving for Bastille Day
On the farm let steam off the chest this is not our country
No place to set camp nights of the journey
Even the Bible says leave generous skirt of your wine grove
To weary a vagabounde

Wall Street ordering safe room in cubic miles
For predicted seizure the globe over
One Iceland dares to put capitalist banking industry on trial
To find it guilty on all counts

5 PM

How technology in invention flies binding treaties
For paper banned from battlefield after WW I
The killer gas stays in business under lock and key
In seclusion on captive civilians of the WW II
Aushwitz the wretched crux of the XXth
Inhumanity by human design
It stands now for Law
———————–Never Again but lo and behold
We enter the Third Millenium en masse humanity
The planetary nuclear gas chamber
45 minutes to live
Should the apocalypsis button go

Means they have life of their own
The Crown of the Dead attests
They crave action independently of reason


O you festival spirit head lights push in through woods
And the night presses on the horizon armful of curious stars
Swim suit galore in Eden’s last remaining corner
Musicians no louder then bird song cicada or moth
But you spirit how pale you grow at this thought alone
Should Muse be here
Aphrodite in her would be hard pressed to give in
To bacchanal trances the way Muse throws her undies off
And over the Crown of the Dead for bed time

Oui she would be a Madame de Pompadour here
Among them the fresh innocent joie d’vivre en nude
If I was a Watteau for the Day
With the delightful nostalgic sensuous departure for Cytherea
Guillotine awaiting the court in sights
—————————————on the isle of call


As loyalist military pounds on Syrian opposition
With waves of refugees sending shock and rage across region
Presidential days for Assad are counted the manner
Of his departure up in the air will the tomorrow news
Bring a one more gutter mouth into focus out of which
He is pulled bloodied and trembling like Hussain and Ghaddafy
Or will he manage to escape uprising into arms
Of one or other symapathetic protectorate to await there
Mail from Hague
—————of deposited tyrants Shah of Shahs of Iran
Sails into mind first the bloody Peacock Throne
Aboard a luxury vessel on high seas
With no entry visa in passport where to disembark
And start over no country no island
Had anchor room for ailing Resa
The Hague International Court but an idea these years
The yaht could take fresh cargo but had to and was free
To sail on ad aeternam
———————and there let’s leave Pahlevi
Storms swelling underfoot while he looks at himself
With eyes of his crew
Hands used to screwing bolts in the torture cellars
To depend on for the sea of exile ahead

Next in succession to infamy were Caucescu and his wife
Communist duo running Romania under Soviet
Kind of honey mooners couple
Standing aim for the People’s execution platoon
The closing shots in the epic of Communism in Europe

Ultimate power one may say is the minority of one
In the US the president is barred to consult a psychiatrist
Though if there is anybody deserving the advice in the country
It’s he the minority of one making decisions for the majority of all
His lot what all decision makers learn – On Being and Nothingness
By Sartre for illustration how in writing it a Jew
Found shelter from the outside terror the Ordnung after Jews
Where decision meant a minute to minute survival
Who to trust who not to can trust be relayed upon for dear life
Why would a person not do what profits lie betray cheat –
How difficult to take decisions are to begin with
And how irrevocable upon consequences

Just how irrevocable upon consequences decissions are poor
Louis XVI had plenty of time 48 seconds in research results
To contemplate just after the guillotine
Head in the bloody basket listening to general cheer


Shadowblades in thick blinding heat of summer
Our glad to meet you crew of eight aboard we set sail
Out of Westgate Marina on generous wind
Heading into the holiday festivities watch fireworks
At anchor a witness
To the effects of We the People at most spectacular
Water architecture and sky sharing the wide dancing horison
The Statue right above us green in white flutter of sails

Living on water makes any weather perfect to the eye
Most anchors under stars and the weather that afternoon
Couldn’t have been kinder turning all the sky lights on
The sun in clouded glory over inland New Jersey
On the left and on the right above the distant shores of Brooklyn
The Moon if dead matter be impregnated large and intense
Crimson to the point it seemed about to burst for the opening
Fire ball in the spectacle to follow
Then of the predicted storms a wreath of lightning bolts
Kept skies busy late into the night a one continuous sentence
In calligraphy gnarled dazzling but too quick to read all around us
Above the globe’s slow spinning rim
But left the NYC 4th of July sails dry save for one passing shower
On our way back washing away traces of the elect eight
From the whites of the hull to the last foot print

The actual fireworks at 10 pm O like a living gem they’ve burst
Set off in the dense long narrow arc of lights NJ to NYC
All the way up the River
To the GWB the Freedom Tower for the crown jewel
Atlantic tide and Hudson current wrestling beneath the keel
For precious reflections
a one perfect day
Love poetry in intent plan and effort
For the birthday gift
To think these lines here could have been written not at all
Have I stuck my glasses’ earpiece into my dear eye
On the way to the table just moments ago
And see I am sitting now accused by my Muse beloved
Accused over the cell call We no longer the case
Out of festival blue of having forced her yesterday
To partake in that cruise against her will
Come Saturday she goes to beach with her father
Will bare for all to see what she claims to be a print of my palm
Above her elbow the elbow that was ours to share
A one more arm to the all consuming embrace
Our passionate We
Like I deserve trial jail and ticket to hell all of a sudden

Happy Birthday America
Plan then execute plans to the letter have seven heavens help
And see this is how much happiness can be made certain of
Sorry be the Crown of the Dead


We as in We the People the We worth the inevitable labors
Of each single heart involved
We the responsibility and duties that enlarge each heart
For all other ones in the engagement
Whatever project brings them unison beat
The We between a twosome or so in love
For mutual assistance in the steep adventure of solitary selves
A break neck leap in any case
We as in the sum that’s larger then the components’ number

As opposed to the We into which a myriad solitary I’s
Have gone similar way the weary anonymous masses
Get hurdled into commas in the History Book
While the individual in charge of the funeral
Wins eternal spotlight for conduct of the danse macabre

As opposed to the We from which there is no way back
To ministries of the Self the We within whose confines
Individual identity is lost like shadow to a soul in Inferno
The mass We with Ubermanch Superman Party mask for face
The We of gangs who crush eye glasses first
Then leave victim for radicule the grand whale of the We
Not for one breath satiated with feasting
The We of the West the We of the Orient then of religions grand

And humble the terrifying change of meaning within the We
As in nothing human is alien to me of the Renessaince
Trusting the angel in us to start with
To end up sharing in despair the lifetime disclosure
Of news and experience the way a smart assassin
Might hand over loaded bodybag for you to carry
The way of the We that’s wind up for a one sided gain

As opposed to the heroic We on the solitary shoulders
Be the mission mythic fire Law or biblical agape
This is what the lightening bolts of the NYC July Fourth
Wrought strike after strike into the nightfall
This one single word We Qui to We with each new repetition
With each new gnarled flash and curl adding
Another meaning to it another jolt and abyss to explore
Another heaven lit another interpretation another omen


Be the crew most undeserving what’s happiness
If not the wind in sails look dies the wind pride of the flotilla
Turns to raft of Medusa madhouse
That’s what memories are each a separate deck episode
Dead sea loony bin gasping for breath of sanity
With dying each struggles alone it’s future where We happens
The wind that blows through Odyssey’s rhyme

Orders the captain hurls how they organize
The crew either we together sail
Or we sail nowhere and our captain
Was cut for the post behind the wheel to the last muscle
Carribean sunlight for marble
Took us off with his Polish Latin kurwa into the wind
Cursing whore in the face for dispensing breath like blind beauty
To any sail on chancey seas like it could be better
To sail into the Fourth of the We one deck and mast elect
Be the crew most deserving the spoils

The pathetic giants of Coney Island mastodons pterodactiles
Of technology in service of fun my palm at Muse’s elbow
One doesn’t need oracle to see them burn and blow and rust
The traffic of the Verrenzano’s for Olympus over swell sail
Liberty for harbor colossus
More flame to it then in Troy Manhattan doubled for the asking
The Homeric stage set stupendous in proportions
For the enigma looming massive one Teatralny Bridge a tanker
In the Hudson bay our captain’s wave alerts to no answer
At night after we failed to locate the banner on iPods

Dare kurwa sleep our captain sized up the arrogant silence
Like why in the world would anyone want to doze away
The occasion insult America or something
But what the Crown of the Dead saw for the vessel’s
Sleeping crew and cargo are dreams
Containers of dreams to be unloaded on tomorrow
Where dreams do ship from though we couldn’t find on iPods


Take Plato for Manhattan walking tour and at the nearest
EV tattoo shop Buddha pops up his proverb
Heart is a garden take care what you plant in it
Like one could know before learning

In my day only animals and whores lent skins to design
Observes Plato human beauty naked for truth
And in mine I say thinking my day behind the Iron Curtain
Owing to tattoo I lived through jail hell untouchable
Designing them for convict
Tall ships cross bones with New World for compass

His Republic looming over our minds for perfect city
Yes it did open potteries wide but only on festival days
Where to have brush continue on flesh the story
That starts on the amphore of choice wine
Dancing our mortals gave muscle and breath to gods

One question poets be not permitted in your perfect town Plato
Why I inquire its perfection would work on their shortcomings
And either do away with the poet altogether
Making chap light for lost pretense
Or by influence have him come as close to perfect
As humans possibly can
—————————————you see I picture perfect city
As one communal soul for its dwellers
Architecture sans divisions between in and out
Conceived with harmony coexistence for gains
Curiocity for the air
A healthy plentiful sea at bay under raising Helios
Be the minding day given to solitary or activist adventure
What possible harm could poetry cause perfection

Markings of time however glorious marr it replies Plato
And lingers pensive finger on weary lips
All things are a flow is not what gate stone should spell
For entry into the Republic

How telling though I remark that we should learn at all
About the perfect urb from no other but penship
And I bring Coolrigde’s Kubla Khan for example
The serene majesty of the town decreed abandoned
Incomplete for professional duty of the MD in the poet
As night call came from a dying neighbour

Say Coolrigde let the call fall on deaf ear and held on
To his quill to give immortal shape to fleeting vision
Could man at odds with sworn ethics invest verse
With anything but the drama his decision wrecks
On the perfect the plain fact how little a medic can do
About death of no counsel

After all how do you dear Plato see your perfect town
Come into reality without architect behind the design
Even with the truly great ones outcome is a gamble
Le Corbusier set your dream to work for City of Brasil

Back in ’50 model urban tomorrow
Opposite of WW II death camps sort of
And look years went by decades and it stood vacant
There for the asking and vacant still
Airy transparencies portable divisions
Colors adjustable to effect waiting today for lenses
To shoot whatever remains of lofty intentions

Just as in caves man looked in vain for shelter
From element and beast so in the city he finds himself
At the mercy men a prey to one another
For reasons countless in comparison with say white tiger’s

Just like there is no way out of Dantean Inferno
The one choice the damned has down here
Is to suffer oppression or thrive on it
Suffer for human thrive for horned advance

If the C line won’t take another casualty and lose power
Before they board the car from opposite ends
Chances are we encounter the market competition
At the gross two subway beggars at each other’s throats
And if it does if the subway gets stranded between stops
After all
Let them earn honest dollar entertaining lost hour or two
Before power returns or resque troop arrives
They could as well have pulled blades
——————————————————-the right to own
Set loose from respect for others’ entitlement
I open the Republic back home
The private property law cannot give without taking
And what it gives is homelessness debt or claustrophobia
The planet soon to be evaulated for auction
Dear Plato your advice listen amounts to obey
While the ear the ear longs for music to follow after

Count how many take offs have failed calculations misfired
On our way to the Moon
Why then abandon ancient dream citta nuova three islands vie
For honor to house the necessary research A Manhattan
No one under 18 entry fees up front no weapons
For adventure worth all Hollywood thrillers strive after I
Whatever it dares
Given anonymity and mind boggling options
Criminal Law to be taught before it goes to punish
Altered if need be human circus in short
Minus generous hospitable Nature
B Cuba an experiment in Social Justice minimum for myself
Maximum from myself be your own witness
Sworn to testifie in truth how you manage transcend
The individual in you for the community’s sakes
From the I to We between beach break and beach break
And C Borneo for whatever bell the name sounds in promise
Where to seek refuge from hostile borders
From vacant rentals cold to disinherited street life
Where homo verboten in every other social set up
Would be welcomed aboard by curious like minded settler
All nations contributing on credit against the outcome
Should they find results applicable at home

On recent visit to McCarren Park the Crown of the Dead
Finds the New Deal pool open again for baths
Shakespearian red back in ’70 for ethnic beauty wars
Not for Greenpoint Pole Afrodeity of Bed-Stuy
But regrets nothing has been done about the public loo

A sore inside Sunday sunlight where naked students bake
Strange art students NYU architect wait in line hold noses
Like they don’t register the inconvenience for a call to duty
Why not on their own flood the mayor with blueprints
A temple to Necessity with fountain of Gratitude for altar
Where “on argument mixed with music to nourish virtue”
The McCarren vast fields lending it uncompromised exposure
Homer homer resounding with each victorious strike


Face the Gordian Knot the load of prophetic tangles
And soon you figure each singular thread runs in it
For life lost on curiocity and patience given the task
Of untangling the majestic sleeping enigma
And you either follow suit or take to sword
Given worlds to conquer and die lost for home town

Now face Mene Takel Fares as Nabughodonosor had to
No one will tell you what these mean doctor cleric sage
You alone have to do correct deciphering
Or the walls of your realm crumble on you for grave
Stretch the realm to include Athens Jerusalem and Wall Street
And clock runs out on the answer hour by precious hour

News by precious news against the enormous outside press
On the realm’s Southern front Asia Middle East Africa
Where the Modern
Takes root much against the sacrosanct custom
Palestine question mark burns inside the Knot for fuse
Mene Takel Fares appears on biblical walls in spray

Offer Borneo relocation to parties in Palestine Israeli conflict
And neither will move unless the Rock or the Wall
Were to move first a feat not at all beyond means of the military
Should David’s Star pull planet into post apocalyptic millennium

Next to the Crown of the Dead on the desk near me
Rest what remains in my keep from possibly the oldest
Sword between the Oceans its guard bar and handle
Few thick wooden splinters and lose curls of leather string
That held them thight for battle the curls verge
On calligraphy but the meaning flowing through
Holds the hand suspended eager and idling
For clarity of the message while hours precious hours run


Happy BirthdayAmerica the Crown of the Dead amends
Heart’s wish a beat may you find your experimental nation
Fitter name Argentinians Equadorians don’t speak American
Of themselves though by the right of root why don’t they

Unless Happy goes indeed for continent Galapagos to Alaska
Now what does happy mean to you on your Fourth
Into term American Freudians read I Am Rich
For the drive charge
We go by one Constitution each for own particular end
Live frontline where Rights and Law converge
Seek after Justice what side of it depending

Law sets the stage where to exercise Rights
Much like Coney Island Amuse where to have fun of life
But that’s not the kind of happiness the Crown minds
To wish you next Wed anybody America


Out of all the entries for my Miss America private title
I elect one Kristina of EV here is why goat milk
Too much of it in her blood didn’t earn small town gal
Much zoom New Years or weddings at St. Stanislaus’
And dance she worried for her prescription glasses
They slipped easly but
To leave them at the table she might never find them
So bad she was without and shy
Dressed for bare necessity with that sorry I exist air
To her person thirty something she took husband option
Off her to do calendar to fill the vacant slot
With additional patient a home attendant in the old EV
She knew every medic by name while ambulances
With years improved on time and equipment
The Tompkins Park die hards she didn’t refuse change
But to have any crash at her St. Mark’s two rooms
Though many begged none prevailed
Back home she prayed dear Jesus please forgive me

She had that telepathic talent to materialize
Where and when she was most needed and gratitude
To be of good use shone about her face like a halo

To Miss Kristina the Big Apple turned helpless face
Face of ills in need and pain
And attention could not be more sensitive then her’s
While to me her talkative dinner guest at Teresa’s
The same Apple turned cheeks of high glamour
Adventure opportunity starting 6 pm at say Leo Castelli’s
The heady unpredictability of tipsy Manhattan
So it was as the saying goes only bound to pass
That one early morning wherever the night dropped me
I had nobody else to call and ask for favor
I needed shoes badly I would meet her in the Park
Even if I had to get there bare foot

Wherever the night left me it was well worth the night
Kristina beamed over breakfast held glasses to my soles
Left $40. 00 and address where to get best second hand
Next day morning
When I called again with the same plea
Shoes on their impossible last plus her forty gone
The city windmills to blame the woman still felt sorry
For what I used to call paralysis of the will
Throwing myself at mercy of the city chances
But as far as the shoes to get went this time
I had to do with just ten a five two singles and coins
Magic how the same pair would appear done for
On empty and fit still enough
To carry me through at least another go
Once change landed in my pocket
A subway ride these days must have been 75 cents
The third time she intervened Kristina brought me shoes
Herself must have planned for the eventuality
Adding an ardent prayer for lucky trails

It wasn’t any plan to have drinks with everybody
It was apetite for the city that would have killed me
My dinner stories were Kristina’s other life
America outside the death beds she made daily
Where my shoes came from
Fork over potato pierogi at Veselka’s she would arrange
Shipment of paints to Solidarity Fine Arts in Cracow
Through a vet with a say at Grumbacher’s

——————————————–must have been late that night
Euphoric whatever happens
When I’ve run into her propped on the meter where am I
Blue bruise and tear weeping tears of dread
Afraid to go home some nights earlier
Lousy addicts broke in crushed her bifocals
Robbed stole medicine to the last pill
And got lost long before she got her head back together
The telephone cable cut
Yes she was treated at St. Vincent’s couldn’t help much
With descriptions pills that she needs to live
Her Medicare card gone even if the store manager
Took her on her word the insurance would cover
Only half groping blind about the East Village
To borrow brought Miss Kristina face to face
With the unbelievable
She stammered unlivibiblable
Years of neighbourly how are you’s weddings
Funerals do this do that for me Kristina
But when for once you answer
Answer and must ask
Help me get new glasses please I am scared
To sit home without seeing and the streets
Still worse
—————-you find polite understanding
Excuses most of them honest and sorry but that’s all
How can that be anybody why

Presidential health plan won’t restore lenses to Kristina
Unfortunately but the Crown of the Dead hopes dearly
The Supreme Court finds it constitutionally correct
The 4th of July present for her deserving kind


Darwin Marx and Freud
Holy Trinity of the Modern
Let’s touch on moments formative to their science
And our day shall see its future before it is too late

Evolutionist on virgin Galapagos how the species there
Knew no fear of man did it occure to him why
Didn’t he Darwin who knew bloody well how cannons
Mills and galleys thrive why horse gets the whip
Didn’t he stand there alone in terror with human essence
Met with curiocity in shells scales and feathers
He must have he must have trembled
Old habit pulled at his knees but what sense was there
Praying the Atlantic to forgive him the inevitable
Wild dogs of Ukraine two centuries later
Slaughtered in preparation for Euro 2012 soccer cup

Marx young Karl on daily stroll to the British Library
Negotiating sorry pass through the street misery
Of industrial revolution fingers in ears for quiet
Didn’t he have had enough at home
Kids pulling whimpering at his ankles he needn’t
Begging refuse do the same if he didn’t want to end up
Screaming himself before he sits down to studies
What makes humanity work the way it does
What needs to be done that we the grand We of man kind
Making responsible claim on tomorrow
do not fall pray
To the Dragon Apocaliptic Golem of science and tech

Now Sigmund doctor to the nightmareing Empire
Nouvorishe dames of Vienna his field of research and magic
The mustard gas of WWI adrift though brash waltzing
Opium for therapy and mythology for our noble ancient
Incorrectible fatum
Not that every one could afford the distinction
His Bonaparte patient didn’t wait in line for diagnosis
With gutter bones with cannon caster nurse with fear
How to make it to the next bread ration
Trench and factory fodder there was little room
For Oeadipal complex in destiny for conscript
Doctor’s discontents borgeoise way above the proletarian lot
Take disappointment lips on the shampagne bubbles
They read his Moses along with the Daily Courant
And order another serving for courage

Among them the Trinity of our age only one believes
Good will and sense
Humanity capable to shape general destiny by need
Dream and duty Marks the other two resigned to purely
Determinist concept why life is as it is why man will do
What long was believed to be possible only for the Almighty

Even if they are wrong how else could the Crown of the Dead
Choose but to hope Karl makes the tomorrow victorious
His faith alone dearer then his Capital and Manifesto

If Life in general is run by self preservation instinct
From any bug making do inside crevice cliff on Galapagos
To the unemployment lines of tomorrow
To survive Life will have to do away with modern men
Our self realization drive manic blind and deaf to warnings
Just as the giants of prehistory had had to make space
For even larger beast in the making
Man cave to Hiroshima saga so we have to vacate
Earthly premises for creatures still larger
Then we are finger on the apocalipsis button
Larger in mind then in means this time necessarely
Or roaches will inherit radioactive kitchens and waste
Perfectly oblivious to Galileo’s long surviving lenses

That’s where eternity of light aeons and blink of an eye
Stand equal the enormous journey Life would undertake again
Starting with insolent roaches that the TimeSpace
Can gain back self conscisness lost to human folly
Otherwise it too in its inimaginable reaches and workings
Would remain as good as non existent voided
Which is unthinkable to the Crown of the Dead

Take the first urban painting Las Meninas by Velazquez
If the painter works inside the represented enclosure
Who is the one that looks at the scene the royal couple
A mirrow informs from murky distance
Henry IV his Queen easly to be taken for semblance though
Of anybody who steps in front of still claustro scene
If the dim interior contains human tragifarse full range life size
Not unlike the Madam Tussaud’s stills
It’s us you I whoever steals living glance at the painting
We are the true royals here our breath on spectacles
Handkerchief ready blink of an eye and eternity the same
One beat in the universal clockwork before it would ring
The wake up call again for joie d’vivre this time let’s hope
Our tragic folly too serving somehow Life’s purpose
If so it shall be be it yields the reason while the Crown
the Crown pleads don’t


One simple venture into town success seemingly assured
But one returns home five hours later on the last nerve
Once again one’s trust proven blind wrong
How could any camera pro go wrong with the abcde itenary
Set out in clear terms for the final edit
Unless he took the job intentionally to screw its objective
Then the CD movie deposited for return
Into the Library night book slot on East 23 Street
The late fee clock to tick ad infinitum against empty pockets
To top it off just one last C line stop ahead of Rockaway Ave
Someone have ended up under the train
And power went out until the tracks would be cleared

Precious time wasted aside why would anyone
A declared admirer of the work I chose want to ruin
Voluntary commission when the popularity of this Crown
Is at stake how dare he to sit me in his mausoleum apt
For show of his offence on flat screen TV why did he
His assistant wife first love a stiff at first sight
Is she the answer an interior deco pro gone pedantic
On the living room with the Presbiterian H mental clinic
Conveniently right across the street outside
Take best guess for fact seeing his better half suffer
The hubby plots to get me involved in therapy
Let go off it O I would like to please
If the incident weren’t to touch on issues
Crucial to reigning
Hamlet for reference
What would we hear from the Prince
How would tragedy unfold different
If the traveling players decided on stage
Whatever the reason to forego his instructs
then there are
Towards the end of Tolstoy’s War and Peace chapters
Where the divine generosity of author’s pen
Dwells on the problem any battlefield order runs into
The battle runs faster then horses and before the order
Reaches the address it is either long obsolete
Or the mouth to mouth race has so distorted the intent
Madman might have been wearing general’s plumes
To the exact effect on the course of day

To add irony to harm the longest take running in the flick
Focuses on Velasquez’ landscape
The one with two saints abott and hermit
Abott to put to practice what hermit spells of divine vision


That’s how Bonaparte must have felt facing the Sphinx
When news from Egypt get my ear
Nobel laureate Weizel requesting the US engages military
In Syria for sakes of the innocent hostage
While the people that the country of his heart
Holds wholesale in barb guarded custody earn not one word
In humanist’s appeal
it’s Thursday two days after
The vote results were to be disclosed in Cairo
But they hung still up in the air
Allah or Army
Like storm that brews mute in still heavens


Now it’s Darwin now Marx now Freud for company
Whenever I take my day out for urban adventure
Manhattan the Capitol of capitalism for the soul
Of the modern Universe
The island the evolutionalist says amounts to Galapagos
Of our specie man feeding on man insatiable appetite
The weak sell the strong earn at any cost
One can’t survive without the other
Karl sighs every time we run into likewise bearded delirict
But remains fascinated with the tour de force
Illuminations over head
One can scribble nights away outside he observes
The Freedom Tower scaling up the skies emptied
Since the WTC ominous catastrophe
Freud in turn sees Manhattan for the perfect laboratory
And applies breath to his glasses
Provided chances and options bad and honest alike
Man realizes his freedoms here assured relative anonymity
Should he fail miserably or succeed in fear in loathing

how it happens
How a piece in defence of Ottendorfer Library
Back in bankrupt NYC ’80 got editorial scissors works
How soul of humanity having nowhere to go
Turned to me myself at loss in town for help
How I let hungry Death pocket my bread change in line
For view in the mirror and dread of the fact
How trash cans rushed one night to my resque
With Confucius’ candle advice how on my long watch
The city from sorry ruin rose into one stupendous stage set
Soon the price of the entire planet
To be decided and put on display at van Arpel’s

Let’s take his ideal urban republic next time to Times’ Square
It takes only seven minutes the Espresso Book Machine
At McGill Jackson’s to print us a copy
Of Fromm’s “To Have or To Be” for reference
What side of the question the ad fire works do burst for

Not that they don’t burst for pure spectacle of it for others
Take them two fresh arrivals airplane luggage by
How they gaze
Kissing suspended when mid town Manhattan
Leaps into subway view for the soul of the Universe
When the Queensboro Bridge sings the welcome


Pictures that capture l’espirit of the given town in flash
Doisneau’s Kiss love’s brief in blurry traffic
What’s more Paris
Bresson’s Young American what’s more Rome
Streets laughing at a virgin
Now NYC a flock of birds taking rest in sky
The lucky bunch the ESB construction crew
On the beam perched over low urban horizon
Wherever NYC Transit runs the photo pops into view
What’s more New York then daring

Irish pubs on Coney Island Post Office wall behind the Cashier
That’s who we all are at our heart of hearts cliffhangers
Perhaps only the old Greenpoint reads the pic over beer
These smiles like guys didn’t know first hand 3 out of each 5
In the trade die on the job not a single life line in view

For heart break King Kong in us plays into the picture
Wherever we come from we must shed old skins
For America or flies it is and ten times hell underfoot to go

NYC JUNE 7 2012

E-mail backlog in thousands 487 strong on FB
NYC last four decades worth of toasts
Everybody one for one who was anybody
With days remaining to the party
I feel best inviting seven perfect random strangers

Say two via Yellow Pages
As if our house didn’t have its own
Emergency muscle and equipment
Next door widows breaths away from eternity
They’ll love Jonior’s cheesecake
The first three that answer yes to the invite
Out of the stash where most numbers
Ring puzzled who are you’s
Forget him or her who did the scribbling
Napkins tickets invites torn in two
Names left to memory and long lost
Your chance now yours
You missing mass in astrophisics’ lingo
A roach tours ashtray
Like we tour Collosseum at own risk
Revel in the dark should ConEd
Show up earlier with sheriff chances are
One by the Pazzi Fountain in the Met
The other as opportunity affords
In any case
There is always the couple of student brushes
From the first gallery just opened
In Brownsville Brooklyn
VV flesh section for eleventh hour extras

Random choices unpredictable results curiocity
Future in short
To celebrate years to come the choice or years past
Who these left me

Harry heads guests’ B list
For our marathon Newport race
Sunlit laughter our feet beating that fertile ground
That at heart makes men Hellens of the old
Post mortem transplant lawyers
Ana it’s not purse that makes me nurse
Her delicious offspring plus power editor her boyfriend
Miss Joseph Black Madonna at Woodhull
Bonaparte at sixty my therapist from Paris Poland
Lee and Sophia my other half
As in philosophia as in Shakespeare and Juliette
As in dad and daughter history and tomorrow
Bernd his green eyeglass frames aglow
His English as German as it was the day he set foot
In NYC art world from Hamburg
Epigon Impressionist power drill his tool
Alex my son giant out to find himself
Latus of the Daily the Brun couple with lenses
Resica of the Greats
Ginsberg for hallowed absentee detatchment
My memory going guy’s name
Bati his dog’s Barnaby world champion
What’s the name of native Australian weapon
What’s her name the unearthly chanconeusse’s from Paris
If she’s in town

Even if she is should she sing Coleurs in her unearthly huest
Of voices the party I am going to miss dearly
I wish ensues same eve
Out there where from comes the rusty crown I inherited
Suicides my age top statistics no wonder I’ve searched
Grace Church historic graveyard for well versed company
To stumble on the old rust bejeweled water pot
By Rufus King’s head stone
And leave crown in hands for steep puzzling duty

Mornings since Rain or Shine only too readily
Translate to rule by orders or by example
Palms remembering only too well
Punishment of edu rulers
Fingers that run fiery pen in defence of don Quichote
Luminous blindness what’s more human
World without it
For his saint relic helmet errant knight
Wearing barber’s soap basin
Not that voluntary subjects carry out Crown’s wishes blind

If they did if the dead could do precisely as told
Forget guests whatever they wish me birthday Friday
Rather what I wish that party eve the world be at large
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
This be deads’ gift to me
The millennial welcome festivities of 2000 ongoing

Not to leave out any one guest of ours disappointed Marina
Whatever the final arrangements
The party my birthday present from Muse my Marina
My Grace Church graveyard date fatale
Brownsville is nowhere should no body show up dear life


The Greats the envy of coming generations
Acted out tonight for gallery crowd
Grandpa God on the Eight Day of Creation eliminating
From his landscape canvas excess particulars
Modern Art and Metropolitan his wife’s dowry
The woman’s as adamant at getting him walls there
As she is keeping ravishing brush under protection

The Good Morning America last interview with Capote
Truman drunk sobbing how he got rail roaded
Out of Manhattan high life for frankness
Publisher demanding $7 000 000 back
Consecutive volumes to Chameleons cancelled
His pen to expire eventually on $11 000 00 property will
For his lover

Statistical US writing pen earning about $2000 per annum
Includes the hot head majority that make zero each
And I am not talking the published clan
They win grants
And end up on library shelves for study
Gains precious few against waste of read time
I am talking the guy
To whom poetry turnes in pain unnecessary
That he restores meaningfull future to writing
Words dictionary a dime
————————————the dime he is short of
Whatever his minimum
Be it postage for poetry contest entry

Come the lucky dime it goes anyway to pay
For return mail like magazine swore allegiance
To mediocrity and pretense
Against the lightning bolt calligraphy

Just as college libraries afford their collections
Every possible printed volume
So campus museums afford visuals
The Hartford Collection fiasco one billion dollars
Lost on fake Old Masters has turned art starved US
To new demand what to stuff culture centers with
A stopover in between Toys’R’Us and Coney Island Inferno
For nation in search of itself sneakers style

That is for art gallery wing to sort out
How to produce local classics the mega dimmencions
Declared American
Campus lawns to outfit down towns and malls
Bare walls for minimal art passe
Good old brush work belonging with spent Europe

The other week on our venture to Metropolitan M
Muse Marina found her lightly hands engaged
Pushing wheel chair in it sat God of the Eight Day
Outfitted for bronze casting
Modern and Met his wife’s dowry
Protective wife she had his Israeli handsome
Ex assistant catch our threesome
Before we have reached Steins’ Collection
God eliminated him out of adventure with gesture
He would never admit to his brush
Marina Muse back at the handles

God fancies himself where early Matisses hung
Laundry fresh for wind and sunlight
Soutine’s bare meat landscapes
De Koening’s loud brush lashings
Rather then to hung with home moderns
Pollock his drinking buddy in Cedar’s OK but Kelly
Where to find seat is easy
Unless Australia sleeps there fly in time lap

Crux difference to paint with paints or color
Accounts for the solemn quiet where tourists doze off
Paints are expensive alright but colors are precious rarity
Blind visitor quite likely can divine empty black square
For masterpiece
Man of eye callous as Frank’s ear was tone deaf
Will register what painting presents mere fabulae
But for harmonies for balances pure
Inherent to particular brush life
They remain oblivious

Equal access law applies to visitor wheel chair
Easy passage and to contemporary art itself
Apocaliptic load of iron balanced on breath
In billion dollar Serra spacial
Spells doom and duty still clearer on 3D Internet
His 20×20 feet black oil stick drawings
See them for banners of utter defeat to human toil
Suggests the ear phone museum guide
Art dependant wholly on hearsay in value and merit
Easy on student brushes
When lucky rider of art waves gives up his or her ghost
Jean Michael’s way of
And leaves his signature for gallery profits

Sort of color by numbers to emulate for high minded
Mission yes anybody can sing and dance like Madonna
Oh that democratic feeling that’s absent
From most other fields in capitalism’s storied capitol
Rome is ruins today but Roman envy is no longer one on one
For each mozart upstart waits here and now a legion
Of salieris what to approriate from inspired novice
And what to waste with him

Marina at the handles and God in the seat
We rushed through Steins’ no time to linger what carnival
A troupe of diners they were
Apollinaire Jarry
While Pablo dragged his portrait of Gertrude
For her ample provisions

Years pass what’s missing grows only dearer
Dreary to God who envies a human
Ah if one could only eliminate from his work all
That stands between mediocre and worth
The eye of subtlest perception
That’s the sigh from the museum wheel chair
White head nodding to dated fresh of Matisse
Modern and Metropolitan his wife’s dowry
Muse Marina at the handles

Picture yourself any body now in my lot
If you chose brush for your want
The dead for studio assistants every canvas Muse
Invests $40 00 in at Utrecht’s earns hundred fold
When signed in projected returns
Stress the projected factor and you are in the red
Unless God intervenes on behalf
Of the miserable heap of paint tubes out of which
Drawing from beyond yourself you squize
Lucid delight and surprise canvas after canvas
to fancy that God intervenes in deed is easy
phantom to what end God intervenes a riddle
if he does at all
drop the brush he may take side of weary tubes
save on art supplies
do yourself a favor please no gallery will buy

himself glowing green for green hues you get
out of your trash tin shop
left to guesses why God doesn’t return your calls
since the Metropolitan tour
the Crown of the Dead decrees
don’t let your brushes dry up turpentine’s $16. 00 a quart

take this sad epizode to heart for cheer
out there where the Crown comes from
parade their inadmissible circus a couple of ’80 neos
his drunken loud filth giving St. Mark’s nights a wake up
he is killing her this time
her meaning the loud mouth fart’s angelic company
a half wit smiling to threat and insult
while in her mind
she must have treaded
multum paths silmultanoiusly
they vanished out of EV soon after her surprise show
one June weekend on the Tompkins Park fences
whatever happened to the nusence pair
the pain here they left behind stares from EV walls now
of all the painters Watteau comes to mind
lightness en passant precise what reads in faces
ardent with incidental detail
Park’s pumpkins of lanterns aglow in the twighlight
For Park steadies’ hallows
Pompei frescos gone second time

Search the EV walls and I promise you won’t find
One but one painting by the half wit angel anywhere
Living rooms bars the New Museum
You would recognize it without having seen it before
That much be sure of for invites try


Job American style as pictured
In Wages of Fear by Clouzot of ‘48
The year I was born Europe ruins unexploded ordnance
Just one good shot at it
A shot paid enough to get off job market for good
Characters in between rough elements and chance
The four lucky drivers
Trucks explosives and a road of hurdles have minds set
On personals for the go
None talks the catastrophic oil well fire task at hand
Who brought it about left to viewers’ discretion
The inventive fatty given 50 deaths in punishment
None to make the end of the film

American style job but the film itself is art the kind of
That’s absent from Hollywood production
Locals at their casual the leads with hands on experience
One camera for easy on site transport
For telling narrative of angles

No auto ad today equals in heroic monumentality
Clouzot’s tire rock and sky black and white close ups
Mythic sisyphal strings attatched at play
Shocking brutal in their common day detail flies included
Flies absent to the last one from Hollywood studios

The flies on honey traps Sunday
Above any proletarian dinner table communist block ‘50
Communist meaning labor as hard as the one on screen
Post war rebuilding
Pay though next to no pay check at all
No hike away from fate possible

I watched Wages first time back then
With eyes that saw film for reality condensed
Intense like monstrance kid’s globes bulging in terror
I watched it again for my birthday present last night
To see if the dear boy is still alive in me today
To find at my age there is little more to me then that lad
The way NYC puddles bury trash of day in the sky reflected

The other movie I looked at a 2003 docu flick
Myself that very Fall for subject
Hard to imagine any one who saw it on TV Polonia
Would want to switch shoes with the on screen dead end wreck
Despicable bitter true to the soles of his way
The one saving grace to gross raving
Shines like sky through trashed city puddle the few close ups
Of canvases his brush dancing to music
Different then traffic’s
Manhattan the sky line across the River for back ground
Times Square ad run throngs Raphsody in Blue for credits


A historian so exact on human predicament
So unforgiving
The world stood still to render his venomos pen idle
No news for literary back lash
Say about vanity what’s due still it carried him
Out of material shortage on to a task on probability plane
How would do the world has he never been born

Each human sharing equal responsibility
For the common output future his modus operandi
The ambitious historian strived after hero ideal
Content with minimum for himself maximum from himself
In returns this tale is all that survives his works


Take newspaper page small print world for background
Its ads address largo your wallet in person
Hellen of Troy incarnate tempting old Faust in you
For baubles get it or not that’s how one stands behind
Morning news tomorrow cause and effect closed circuit

Not that Hellen needs any superficial trimmings
Fact is the more is spent on additionals
The closer she appears nude to the old Faust in you
The golden cage design on her simple white gown
Goes first $3 780 00 at Saks before taxes
Next off goes whatever flimsy else she may wear beneath
Then her stilettoes they put beauty at stand stills
Every other step she takes
Who in his sane mind would need Met carraras
Helen unties the over the ankle sweet beltlets crouching
Her hands linger around the clasps lazy
Shoes’ price broken to piece by piece cost list
Would make each silly lock Rolex expensive
As it should given what one gets when beauty
Steps out of time bounds bare foot
Even if the splendid wreath of blond bridery is not hair
Her natural own this is the only artificiality
You permit her wear long into the dream morning

If you give in to leisure fancies and offer Hellen a ring
Let’s think what you really get for her finger
You employ a chain of labor starting with Bulgari clerk
Who picks the precio for client then security at exits
Gem cutter and gold smith right next
Then the transcontinental storage plus transport crews
The feeding frenzy dealer and wheeler in between
Bosses guards locals to clean seclect and weight
Down to the last sweaty muscle digger at mine’s bottom
Half the globe away not that Hellen’s hand needs it necessarily
Yes you employ but at below the living minimum rate
That’s how the world news stand when you buy it
The option end it all at once looming within reach
Fire works of sort only final

And we are not even talking so far your own account sir
The portable soul of urbanites today
Not its worth exactly but the story how it happens under
Your disposal let’s say you are among the lucky few
Who profit on Madoffs International rip off
Who pay Hellen precious due as tax write off
Her smile is not trophy to add to achievement portfolio
It makes you forget what’s really in it
Credit card bills to execute on you dire decissions
Signing pink slips you can’t hand out yourself

Hellen off to her photo shot for tomorrow dailies
Rather sooner then later old Faust is bound to treat his skins
To botox his cranium to transplant curles of youth
Drop by boutique pharmacies dentist massage parlor Orientals
Phone Extasy connection
Though thou’ this is on the wallet let’s leave its carrier
At the fortune teller’s curtain will he enter or pass

That’s how we make world news tomorrow
The option end it all at once looming within range
Fire works a la Troy yes sir only final


Job the name alone sends shivers down my spine
Earn lose regain kingdom again again again
Virtue’s effort’s burial
What lash of tongue appropriated it bible
To wage labor
——————–marketable skill at mercy
Of demand
How to sell oneself for free lance and crafts folk
Job to do something you don’t want
But must
Job market’s mean on shoes
Better jail again than no no no of out times

Any sane human should avoid such foothold
And many do indeed legs crossed at Mad Ave breakfast
Bills delivered monthly to trust fund
Exploit many employ few

That a job report should bury stockday 200 points deep
Short sales’ optimism to blame
American work force 8, 2 % need employ
Spaniards still worse off with 20 %
But then the Mediterranian blood runs easy to siesta
Pensive heart beat
Lo I’ve been to Ireland when no one had job
Potato field size of the table by Polish coal fire in pub
5 Irish pounds per 20 pound load
German tourist gone fishing
Leaving Herald Tribune behind
Connamara villages prehistory live
Sheep drop under bed for heat
Or abandoned cold wet stone for America

Machine the first one what grand hope
Dolce far niente soon to be regained from biblical curse
But look how word sabotage took from wooden sabots
The Dutch worker threw them into gears of Progress
Why obvious

Polish Hill experience with the Living Theater
The troupe performing for Pittsburg industrial
Stations of the Peoples’ Passion
Bank Priecinct Millgates Slaughterhouse Church
Class Pyramid the last show before Denmark ticket
Curses threats pierogi pie in the face
From laid off locals

Production outsizes many times over
Earth’s every imaginable necessity
But necessity can’t afford tomorrow
$1. 28 a Cambell can buys Americans here choice
Whether iconic Tomato or Chow or Beans
Two left out cans dated for short shelf life

See White Sails the Channel 13 cut of Orson Welles’
First ominous take on Hollywood movie career
Forbidden to unionize
Native family fishing red tape fine arrest
A fleet of skin and bone fishermen sails rag tag vessels
From Rio up the coast all the way to NYC
They would give up cruel cause
Could they afford import Bumble Bee tuna and salmon
Seas are tough
——————Welles was sent to Brasil
To shoot ads Carnival Copacabana
So checks bounced as soon as studio saw first take
Scelets at the edge of frutti di mare plenty
Gnaw you on dry oar
——————and what remains
Of the project
Has been financed by ambitous novice himself
Gone bankrupt several mute reels left for record
So what if he stood behind the idea of continental
News adressed protest
Silence makes the silver print docu look Homeric
And that pathetic drowning
Of the heroic captain of the fleet at feet of the Statue
Throngs on shores thousand thick
Little to compare with Hidenburg disaster but still

One dear wish
That’s what I believe I share with Orson
The wish to find distant shores in festive lights
Communal feast over netfuls of spare fish
Returned back to sea life spared for life taken

Now a math hermit NYC of the hour
Obcessive phantasm drains his sleep of rest
Money a wind tossed worthless bank print
What to do
What to do if wind should blow real time
How to prepare population for check free existence
No cash registers in stores
Would farmer plough on joy alone
On being indispensable
Would transport run
How to make certain they would
It’s inevitable unemployment
A by product of means’ development will rise
Just as each pair of hands working land in US
Feeds two hundred soon world wide
The same pair employed at production
Will do a thousand idled by Progress

With what to replace private property craze
Should banks fail to provide profit
Engage yourself rather then employ for compass
The math crank stumbled on games
Fear greed vanity how to accommodate habitual passions
Where with what promise give them grounds
To exercise personal human adventure
On enthically sound foot
For curiocity’s sake work wise look for position
No one else takes possibly no one else but you
Understand how indispensable it is to the whole
To act on necessity
—————————-how sacred
no wisdom
No expertise no telescope has enough
Many eyes to see past today
Math gone mad against the tall pressing task
Highway coal transport leaving river hands
The near by industry for alternative
The river left to one solitary stubborn oar for sense


Trying to fall asleep that’s job when you can’t
What would Sysiphus do if fateful rock broke in bits
Accept man for state of art grinder matter to thought
Flesh to word
Still in his rest dreaming giant would be at it again
Wits and sweat and repetition

Why would man condemned to life time solitary
Want to learn languages
For one to find if indeed matter is indifferent to spells
To the very last spell humanity holds true
Prayers do coincide with earthquakes with revolts
Other then that say to learn what’s in the word
What does for instance joy mean
Butterfly Effect what’s job what’s work
Bugs to kill them or study

Studies crave application results find happiness in use
Ask old Faust and he won’t answer
Busy shoring up breached sea wall

The Oriental tsunami for its magnificent centerpiece
A traveling exhibition from revolutionary China of Mao
Carried white silken banner Mao’s name in gold embroidery
On it resemblant of traditional dragon
The dragon in his words was out to devour capitalism
I a dove heart lad worried for the stomach of the eager beast

Since heroic basso Paul Robeson held me in his arms
For family album pics on the way to Moscow cold war Fifties
I’ve done my home work on US Blacks what freedom means
For liberated slavery
And what slave trade did to Africa
To dismay to add disappointment was the Shah of Shahs
The open roof limousine he travelled past OK
But what about Seven Elephants Muirs Peocock Throne
Given life in thought memories drip fresh blood

Work force that serves the capitol of capitalism today
Shops in 99 Cents made in China outlets
Reading glasses do look AX or better but who needs them
Where price tags hung unnecessary
Canton coins for collector below minting cost
The imperial terra cotta warriors take Time’s Square

10. 27 AM

Mexico handies plus security in my kitchen
To install additional power port behind fridge
Stocky mute Mayan muscle cheap sober diligent
They trust revere Progress divine
They don’t check the fridge if it works
It doesn’t
it’s left for me to replug back the cord
Before I sit back to Sunday Post
The piece in it next to the Queen’s 60th on the Throne
On sex slave traffic Mexico to Queens NYC

What earns jail here
South of the border is taken
For express rags to riches
Male Mexico isn’t quite white or black gals’ cup of tea
US military stationioned post war in Japan
Couldn’t trust a geisha
20 Bowery babes for each 3000 yanks $3. 50 a shot
News big on patriotic pride
How is transient labor NYC today any different
8 virgins 3 pimping bros
$25. 00 a token they earn labor saves the difference

Headline sex scandals here only add fire to fire
At $4500. 00 an hour any hymen goes
With fresh hymen drugs get in
Gang wars che guevaralitas
As luck would have it the demolition contract done
In biblical Eden and heroin haven the US military
Sets sights on Latin America coca leaf in cross hair
To win chewing habit for star and spangle gum

Health Dept lobbies full force behind C fortified bubbles
To secure American headache for taxable medic
For pharmaceuticals against smuggled remedy

Drugs though are life line for the US Justice sector
NYPD doesn’t worry about lay offs back log cases aplenty
But jails two thirds of world record 2 000 000 inmates
On drug related charges
Give or take $50 000 a year per convict
Plus lawyers’ lot on laundry payroll
Any loss in share value on the Dow
Should coca invasion be completed decisevely
Could drag market below 10 000

How only logical next to means of mass destruction
Given licence and prescription drugs guarantee
Best returns next third comes insurance biz
Fortune tellers its covert agency
You don’t believe Tarot still why not take precautions

Unlike prostitutes who service own ethnic client
Coke goes up the nose outside Queens
Wholesale to retail leg of transfer
Accounting for ten fold price hike
It beats surely in profit Tiffany Bulgari corner
Why let’s see
Halucynogens they afford the poorer Mid West
What the wealthy few enjoy in Europe and India
A break out of the corn and bean boredom of plains
Inner architecture in the make or ruin

That’s why ChRL enjoys favor with the State Dept
Communist party outsted it would open door
To opium deluge beyond Homeland Security defences
Read Baudelaire’s “Les Paradis Artificiel”
For balance if this scares you
Read Proust listen to Chopin

But crack what’s to it worth fortunes
A momentary reliese from trappings of the day
Anything goes on high
Twice the sweat persecution paranoya for downers

JUNE 5, 2012

For the length of general well being Chinese
Historian of long ago left in scrolls lengths of
Empty paper to mark time flow
These aren’t rain drops these are tears
That spot blank stretches for the eyes cried out
Well arts how handy
When news bring no news a hapy day indeed
Fine is fine if caught smoking weed in public NYC
Smoke arrest tumbs trial bad record good bye
Best alone
Alone for all the incomparable joys of blowing life
Into deep memory theater
Unlike any body else’s yours
Fab given time maturing
you began as guest
To the world now the world
Is your guest mercy a scelet of cavalry dad
Wastes mom’s pay on races
Whatever happened grad bunch of loonies
What dreams gather
What duty
What could have been
Lost to the labiryth of metropolis
Bar maidens galore the roof top
Crowd by dim glass telescope
To see Venus carried
Across the sundial low over New Jersey inlands

It just hung there a dark speck against skies’ fire
Why bother
If it weren’t for all that goes with the name
Poetry how it charges otherwise meaningless
Particles of matter for fables

Seven years since Venus repeats the show tomorrow
Then a century a century must elapse before she returns
Munch’s Scream a $104 million face of the century just past


Given the clock work global interdependence
Workings of any and every state exact hardly predictable
Outcome on the whole let Assad of Syria resign himself
To be voted out of power in general elections
His nation is bound to get mired in dire divisions
What course to run in regard to Israel to start with
Army in disarray bled by internal strife
Arsenal inevitably fallen into zealot hands
Setting Nagev alarms red
Blinking feverish already for preemptive strike on Iran
Syrian lands back for Syrians burning

But should Assad hold on somehow to bloody seat
The worse to be expected of it
Is today’s status quo upheld over his victims’ corpse

If fate of the Palestinians is as grave to Arab nations
As fate of Israel is to the Western block
No surprise each side has victory in cross hair design
Victor paying price in heart wrecks
Press for concerted effort on both sides instead
Assad’s departure should coincide with dependable
Concessions towards Palestinian soveregnity
This would buttress presidential vanity
And disarm much of the arsenal he would leave behind
For grabs listen

a man exactly the age of Isreal has days to live
he knows polar lights still lightening of tropics by heart
he flew in to Warsaw Poland from Oslo Norway
for last randevous with his best years
home of two doomed uprisings a one vast mute gaping
scull studded ruin the Polish capital was say playgrounds
to him life itself that it goes on at all
a surprise and puzzle working hard spells on the kid
the puzzle sounding like clockwork choking on bones
the surprise blood ruby red joy turning blue in terror
Reds did rebuild the Past Old Town and Castle
Solidarity forced them out to take care of the Future
“the solidarity of solitary souls” of Conrad Korzeniowski
damned pain like no other before today to my pal

lost on his last legs in bright commercial stage set
by the Monument Of Jewish Ghetto
he gasps for air with Gaza Strip his throat
he chokes on the plane wreck
that buried alive nationalist cabinet of RP
right next to the graves they went to with tribute
hospitals do business or line cancer on
from now to posterity in wait

Just like one night my pal managed to charm
Innermost never before prenounced individual truth
Out of a naked cleric in his bath tub
One epizode in crowded endless hippie improvisa
You tell us now will you please
You players of Star Cross and Crescent Moon respectively
What you hold for your dearest day
Past or future whatever your happiness happens
Should you choose to stay mum though
Fear the suspicion you sow clients of mental institution
Get sedated but what to do with sick masses
Elites nations for Assad another load of corpses underfoot

And don’t ask why before you share your secret
If you lie your deeds will reveal it be it as it should

JUNE 3, 2012

To die on the isle Delos birthplace of Apollo
At night undisturbed there by mortals ever since
This will doesn’t it make me Greek enough
That I search the Wall Street Journal for clues
What’s Hellada to do about Euro
Stay with it or return to the talent by gods anointed
Currency of value worthy the pains of earning
Much like Oedipus Re to make irreversible choice
Blind it be like every man is about tomorrow

Gods don’t die but denied sacred dues they forget
Who they are and age into madness
Much like a Chinese math student making ends meet
9 to 5 at ShopRite cash register does
In “Stroke of Genius” with Meryl Streep the witness

No gods don’t die they live on to envy us our dying
Praying for death while they penny beg the Labirynth
Look meant as prison when conceived by Dedalus
On the profit driven king’s order
Today this capitol of capitalism rents
For astronomicals a month best view&shelter
But they the Olymphians
Repackaged by Freudians as complexes
Phobias and syndroms in tatters crutches stench et al
Beach bum diogenes park bench tales

No you don’t see them crowd the Met in winter
Where warm to glimpse past glory
The marbles Hellens back home cry eyes out after
Of their heritage robbed blind
By international art market
Fed pharmacy they doze off in libraries
Forehead against book opened on Homer
In hospital complex numb deaf they count
Consecutive record homers
Get processed for play ground trespass
Suffer themselves unworthy of air they breath
Curse own birth
Collect fashion posters for mattress

TV news here how they seethe showing a Greek
Postman of 47 on S57. 000. 00 a year retirement
Any Park Ave widow’s wet dream
As compared with 64 years old retiree in Minnesota
Having to make do on just half that much
Forget being ever tired
Like Greeks don’t deserve it
Like Americans don’t they deserve even better
The question what do Greeks do with the cash
Given pizza&drive ads for answer

Unless Delphy oracle declares else
Stay inside Euro zone please going back to talent
An adventure my heart does beat for
Doesn’t mean you will be free to do any better
You would alienate yourself from heir civilization
Just as Galilea is alienated from Christians
Banks rule where your bailout returns as profit
Do what Prometheus did for the blind and cold
Maximum yourself
Zorba the Greek shall keep arms wide open
I’ll join in the dance on my way to Delos my word


Given time’s flow this Monday likens itself in my mind
To the poor stretch of an isle from “Hamlet”
Too small to contain graves of all who have died for it
And it is with Prince’s “O how all things inform against me”
For advice what risk I would face otherwise
That from hands of the dead I dare accepting
Crown and Sceptre rust their gems and design
So be it stated for the record
Before the rusty laces turn dust
May they aid my reason in reaching intended address
Whatever the going week for hundred weeks from now on
Brings to attention O I promise best of myself
To apply to the pain worry and hope in the news


First snow of ’78 in East Village
Could have well served US dream factory
For sequel to Reds
But NYPD mounted out of the blue
Were charging for real you could tell
The way local urbanites outfitted for
October style revolution gave way
Two confrontational decades later
Soviet Union was to declare itself history
So when May Day yesterday three graces
On University Place handed me Occupy paper
Spring announced itself fresher
Than Botticelli’s to the world of our worry
You carried yours I hear on WQXR
With trust any arrests only bring nearer
The day rust will have its say with chains
And I well I had an appointment to keep
If I don’t want to end up back a street trash
With my aversion to money
Sickness as clinical as any other phobia

Desperation drives us the same opposite
Directions within experiment called Democracy
You dream for what I depend on
With my subsidies Medicaid and food stamps
Minimum For Myself Maximum From Myself
For daily guidance your swelling heaving crowd
Homeless for all the loot of real estate scam
How Washington seemed to point for you the way
Towards fortress Wall Street Social Justice
Before Criminal one should claim its first victim
Not one call for trials of Madoffs International

Subtle alphabet of our Heart handed to XXX’s of profit
Song of our Blood squeezed out in whining why’s
Dream of our Soul force fed back to soul
Reason blasted out of our Mind with ads
Joy of Eros tired out of our touch

And how overtime law&order held key through
Fares locked under surveillance at ready
These guys eat each for ten demonstrators
Not that many of them weren’t uneasy with weight
Of armor evening on the subway especially
Five of them averting one another’s sight
In one end of the car and a wreck or two with
Post demo props in the other to give what one
Hopes to receive sorry if I am blind to any
Better option lead me please where we deserve

Yes money should be distributed and jobs awarded
Not governments should be elected but issues to solve
Yes the child of Chaosmos is now responsible
For vast unpredictable parent not that you aren’t best
America but are you best you can be each of us
Is the answer lead please where we deserve

And deserving we are please I have forgotten what
And deserving what to start with certainly ours
Isn’t the best of all possible worlds or is it
Any order is better than anarchy claims Goethe
If God according to Marx is poor man’s opium
Than his pipe dream was Proletariat I’ve seen Solidarity
Sold to Free Market piece meal betrayed for pennies
From within all in all it seems today banking business
Will survive any May Day given prostitutes
Of the world for impetus and protection daughters
Of Pretty Woman’s cinderella whore given the afterlife
Justice of religion given next month bills to pay
The one last choice left for Tomorrow worth breath
Of the Spring leads inwards misery keeps us one
Riches these spiritual especially make us each alone
Glad let’s hope to be unlike any one else
The way Happiness grows in volume with each separate
Case assistants to one another We of which
Each human heart dreams or it isn’t human

May Day in the capital of capitalism a freak show kind of
Against the luna park sky line of Union Square
Soon you will be sold tickets for I am afraid
You stray train of humanity
Dreaming the Impossible for iPhone tourist record